SpaceX launches Dragon cargo ship to space station, nails booster landing
A brand new SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the Commercial Resupply Services-22 mission (CRS-22) from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida on June 3, 2021. Full Story:

The first stage of the rocket landed several minutes later on the 'Of Course I Still Love You' droneship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Credit: SpaceX

  • Cristian M
    Cristian M


  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang

    Blue what?

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck

    Love, love, love all the exciting things going on at SpaceX!! Keep up the good work, guys. A lot of people are rooting for you!

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck

    Launches rocket… check. Deploys satellite… check Lands 1st stage… check Getting camera on drone ship to stay on during landing… needs some work.

  • JTKMX565

    This is so ridiculously fake. Give me a break.

  • Mark L
    Mark L

    If you know any flat earthers send them this link.

  • Ben Hudman
    Ben Hudman

    Leave it SpaceX to make the extraordinary routine.

  • LONS-Peter-Krysztofowicz

    I told you not good idea

  • C.Y. Hsieh
    C.Y. Hsieh


  • C.Y. Hsieh
    C.Y. Hsieh


  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    £7 thousand ..?

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    Fucking 9..?

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    Why north Corea stop rocket missions ..?

    • Blue Eyes
      Blue Eyes

      Too lazy

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes

    Fundation LGBT + gay ;)

  • Nate913 Channel 2
    Nate913 Channel 2

    How do you get these views or cameras during the live stream? Is there a website?

  • Shaun Ruben
    Shaun Ruben

    Why didnt the drone ship footage match with the first stage footage? Seems like the drone ship footage cut out after landing but there was nothing on deck while the first stage had already landed... odd

    • Shaun Ruben
      Shaun Ruben

      @johnbiggscr Fair enough, it looks quite a bit out of sync to me. It's a bit amusing the fact that Spacex has some of the best engineers in the world building the most sophisticated orbital launch vehicles, able to send thousands of lb's of payload into space, return said vehicle safely to earth, landing on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean with near pinpoint accuracy, just not very good at editing ISnets video's.

    • johnbiggscr

      If you watch you will see the stream from the right stops several seconds before the left shows the rocket would come into view. It’s the same effect that you get sometime if you are streaming online. Video doesn’t go all good/sudden blank, what it does is stop streaming for a while, showing the last good data it had, and then comes up with lost connection.

    • Shaun Ruben
      Shaun Ruben

      @Roger Wilco I at no time called it fake. I watch the vast majority of the launches and this just seemed off...

    • Shaun Ruben
      Shaun Ruben

      @Roger Wilco not sure what you mean by "normal people". The footage doesn't match, seems unusual.

  • Jan Fogarty
    Jan Fogarty


  • Jan Fogarty
    Jan Fogarty

    I like it lionlamb.*

  • Jonahs Gang
    Jonahs Gang

    There was another launch this morning crazy they only launched this Thursday

  • George Meladze
    George Meladze

    I can watch this stuff forever.

  • Mission and Ministries sylvester
    Mission and Ministries sylvester


  • Mission and Ministries sylvester
    Mission and Ministries sylvester

    The Holy Spirit have been part of almost every major Mission and Ministries Schedule

  • xnakama

    Spacex launching everyday?

  • C Charles
    C Charles

    I wonder if all this going into space is causing all these weather changes, why is it called dragon?

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      Rockets hardly contribute to climate change. Its basically nothing.

  • Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe


  • Raju Kattamuri
    Raju Kattamuri

    Space x great job

  • Raju Kattamuri
    Raju Kattamuri

    Great nasa saintists god bless you

  • Sampson Chan
    Sampson Chan

    humanity advances bigtime when booster landing becomes routine.

  • Rod Oficiati
    Rod Oficiati

    30x time sound barrier...

  • 12mrmajestic

    I still think those grid fins are amazing tech. I would love to see these close up!

  • RickTheClipper

    SpaceX delivers launches as if they were buses in a city. All the competitors shall feel blamed and ashamed

  • k v
    k v

    *pieces land on house* Engineer - forgot to carry the 2

  • k v
    k v

    So they built a craft out of space bags. Seems legit

    • Colorado Forest Beings
      Colorado Forest Beings

      Yep and using the same green screen ball for 40 plus years now. Quite amazing how stupid people believe this to be real rockets in “space”

  • M.B.G. Music Production
    M.B.G. Music Production

    The special effects in these little films are brilliant............Industrial Light & Magic must be charging Musk an absolute fortune!

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      There's no special effects here. Might surprise you but this really happened.

  • Balamurugan Raveendran
    Balamurugan Raveendran

    Did anyone notice a part tell off at 3:18. I was like whaaaaat

  • Gary Sharpe
    Gary Sharpe

    Way to go

  • Danny Bresciani
    Danny Bresciani

    can someone please explain why the signal always drops out as the booster lands?

  • Jeff Riles
    Jeff Riles

    They made that look easy

  • KPH Tv Official KONESANS.
    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.

    The more they do it the easier and safer it gets

  • smiler

    What broke off at 4:38

  • Blue Azola
    Blue Azola

    4:00 wow!! The earth is really flat!!! AMAZING!!! N O T ! ! ! ! if any1 want to decapitate every flat earthtards on this planet ......let me do it!!! i want to elimate all these stupid humans beings that weakens our progress & bright future 😤😡😠🤬

  • Connection Lost
    Connection Lost

    Try not to use a word so similar to "fails"

  • Rick Fountain, Jr.
    Rick Fountain, Jr.

    NASA screwed us for a lot of years.....

  • david perets
    david perets

    still take 24 hours to dock with iss! why no one asking me how to do it faster? so i ask myself how to step up to do it faster, how about 30 minute for the all process? from launching to docking! it sound imposible!? so let's start thinking together. i just return from smarteveryday (channel in youtube) that give the all process that used today icluding docking time (30 minute) after the dragon will reach the iss orbit. so what missing to make it faster and more spontanian? let's first smartest the dragon and the iss to be able to connect between them. the dragon before start to launch need to know where exactely located the iss, to calculate the entering into his orbit in the right point (that should be something like 1 km distance from the iss, i dont have that data) with right angle! then start the docking process that take 30 minute (today) but it could be faster if we add a devices half in the dragon and the other on the iss, when the docking started those devices (framework that have 4 Moving pipes (4 meter long each one) for entry and exit) to move one to the other 1 meter in second what will make the bonding between the frame after 4 second! speedy! after the bonding the connection between the iss and the dragon will be fast another few seconds the process will be end. 10-15 minutes to be into iss orbit another 15 minutes (max) for connection = 30 minutes! sorry about my dumb language

    • david perets
      david perets

      @Roger Wilcothanks but My suggestion is around launching not rocket, when to launch and where to meet in space (location points), this will reduce time and costs, And will probably raise the technological level they should be opened to ideas from outside, you never know !

  • First Knight
    First Knight

    Non of this makes any sense.... Musk made electric cars to stop global warming but fires dirty great rockets a touch hippocritical

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      Rockets contribute almost nothing to climate change.

  • tracey adkins
    tracey adkins

    Tip for Jeff Bezos: At least blow up something, TRYING 😂

  • Gehmortal _
    Gehmortal _

    Im stoned af, and bruh, watching this shit is ridiculously amazing! 🙌🏾👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️

  • Ron Coleman
    Ron Coleman

    When do we get to launch "Flat Earthers" into orbit?

    • johnbiggscr

      @Colorado Forest Beings the irony being that a pressurized container has even pressure top to bottom….and our atmosphere doesn’t. But you won’t try to explain that because you are an idiot.

    • Colorado Forest Beings
      Colorado Forest Beings

      3:13 you are a moron 😂 keep dreaming fool

    • Colorado Forest Beings
      Colorado Forest Beings

      You have no vacuum of space and believe on fantasy films hence why you can’t demonstrate gas pressure without a container next to a vacuum. 😂 keep dreaming fool

    • Mike Crownshaw
      Mike Crownshaw

      As long as it's a one way trip hopefully soon

  • Joshua Newby
    Joshua Newby

    Let all flat earthers watch this watch how quick their opinion changes

  • Sapphire Barnett
    Sapphire Barnett

    Will never get sick of watching it land on the bullseye!

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green

    Never gets old. I love the views from up there, it's mind boggling to see our world from that distance.

    • Mark Green
      Mark Green

      @Colorado Forest Beings Ohh yeah I forgot, the Earth is flat, how silly of me. 😒SMH...

    • Colorado Forest Beings
      Colorado Forest Beings

      It does not get old because is the same green screen. Duh

  • Hinn Ong
    Hinn Ong

    Could someone please help explain to me why in some videos it seems like the 2nd stage is moving anti-clockwise to the earth and in others it’s moving clockwise? Was the video mirrored? Doesn’t make sense even if it’s cameras mounted on either side of the rocket... thanks in advance!

  • amit ydv
    amit ydv

    Unbelievable! , amazing technology 👍🏾

  • The Ecotron
    The Ecotron

    That shot with the booster separating and doing the boost back manuever is GLORIOUS

    • Pamastymui

      Wait till one will be able to recover the second stage.

  • Chandrasekhar P
    Chandrasekhar P

    I believe the earth looks flat for Flat Earth dudes😂

  • Albert van der Heiden
    Albert van der Heiden

    Try to imagine that a super heavy booster try to land and two arms swing in position just under the grid fins. Firework RUDs are coming

  • Preveg Santhosh
    Preveg Santhosh

    Flat earthers?😂

  • Dorian Atkins
    Dorian Atkins

    What once cost NASA a fortune to do, SpaceX does on a shoestring budget.

    • johnbiggscr

      Because space-x are standing on the shoulders of giants.

  • SavedBy GodsGrace
    SavedBy GodsGrace


    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      No, it's real

  • darren irwin
    darren irwin

    How are the flat earthers going?.lol

  • Greg Ibar
    Greg Ibar

    Wondering how much DOGE will cost round trip

  • Greg Ibar
    Greg Ibar

    I wonder how much DOGE will it cost for a round trip?

  • David Katzenbach
    David Katzenbach

    @Cale Phillips your just a troll I've seen you making the exact same replys on 4 other people's comments probably alot more if I was to keep checking all you are doing is trying to get a rise outta ppl its sad really pathetic little troll. Probably down in mommy's basement looking like that episode of South Park that old gamer going around killing all the players lol thats you bro haha grow up your the one who's got the problem shit you can't even come up with more than 3 things to say over and over just replying to different ppls comments fn losr get a life

  • 1moredayof

    Incredible view of the barge during landing

  • BoredPilgrim

    Jesus Christ Saves Jesus Christ is returning very soon and is the reason for all of the things that are happening on the Earth right now. This planet is on borrowed time. Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried in a tomb, and rose from the dead 3 days later to pay for the sins of mankind to give us eternal life and forgiveness from God. EXACTLY how to be Saved by Jesus Christ, the Son of God: 1. Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. 2. Believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Biblical References: 1. Romans 5:9 2. Romans 3:23 3. Romans 6:23 4. Romans 10:9 5. Romans 10:13 6. Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 7. John 3:16 God bless you, peace be with you always. Thank you for your time.

    • TheKalle45

      If your guy had ben really exist, then he´s death since over 2.000 years, and I don´t have to show you how peoples look like who are death since 2.000 years 🤔 The only reason for all that good and too much bad on earth are WE, no one else.

  • Simon Anthony
    Simon Anthony

    No mater how often I see this, it remains unbelievable ! To think, soon I'll see people on the Moon again too. We took our time about it but it was worth the six decade wait.

  • Sello 1
    Sello 1

    I watched it live 😎

  • joel birgen
    joel birgen

    Where does stage 2 engine go after separation with dragon?

    • Alhassan Kiwamdeen
      Alhassan Kiwamdeen

      It re-enters the earth but burns up due to heat

  • Alex Prokhorov
    Alex Prokhorov

    As much as I didn't like Wernher von Braun, I don't like Elon Musk, I didn't like Korolyev, either. May you all fail. You shell never get to Mars.

    • Alex Prokhorov
      Alex Prokhorov

      @David Katzenbach Earth is flat, Mars is ours, you shell never get to us. PS : we got your internet from Starlink

    • David Katzenbach
      David Katzenbach

      Aw are you jealous or just a hater looks to me like were well on our way the day will come and you will probably jump on the band wagon but thats ok all are welcome it will be for all of humanity ;)

  • Bobby Chang
    Bobby Chang

    SpaceX rocks.

  • wxb200

    We need more footage of the Boost-Back Burn from the 2nd Stage. That.. was.. AWESOME!

  • Dan Bires
    Dan Bires

    Nice shot off the boosters the whole time. All these cameras but none on the front. As you can see no stars in space. Also get some go pros with lens correction. Same shots nasa will show you. Just a tiny piece of the back off a booster and what looks like earth.

    • David Katzenbach
      David Katzenbach

      Its not a lens correction problem its how the cameras work there are plenty of videos explaining why and I hope you're not a flattard there's plenty of ways you can see for yourself its a globe don't be stupid listening to all those conspiracy theories

  • Colorado Forest Beings
    Colorado Forest Beings

    Only morons believe in this

    • johnbiggscr

      @Colorado Forest Beings few things… 1) you confuse gas pressure with atmospheric pressure. 2) it’s not NEXT to a vacuum. The pressure and air gradually decreased as you gain altitude until is so thin and low that you end up with a what? Hint….starts with v, ends in acuum. 3) a pressurized container has even pressure top to bottom but our atmosphere decreases as you go higher. You can’t checkmate when your level of intelligence can barely manage chutes and ladders.

    • Colorado Forest Beings
      Colorado Forest Beings

      @Ethan Roberts hey idiot, where is your demonstration of gas pressure without a container next to a vacuum? Who mentioned the object in the sky called iss? Here come more excuses pear head??

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      @Colorado Forest Beings you know, the ISS is visible and can even be imaged at night using a telescope. These Dragon spacecraft can be seen attached to it. Not only that, but Starlink satellites are visible at night too. Nothing fake about this.

    • Colorado Forest Beings
      Colorado Forest Beings

      @johnbiggscr hey here is your checkmate, show me a demonstration of gas pressure without a container next to a vacuum? 😂 ill wait for you morons to come up with millions of excuses and explanations without being able to provide what am requesting. MORONS

    • johnbiggscr

      @Colorado Forest Beings sure he knows the definition of moron. In the dictionary, under moron, it says ‘see Colorado Forest Beings’

  • mkarthikable

    @3:25 What is that aluminium foil behaves like heart beat.. 😮😮😮

  • Justin H
    Justin H

    CGI garbage.

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      Nothing CGI here

  • hex

    Can it fail its so boring now watching it land.

  • Shubham Patel
    Shubham Patel

    What happened to second stage engine, how we will recover it

    • subright

      They dont recover it. They build a new second stage each flight. It either stays as space debris or burns up in the atmosphere if it somehow re enters.

  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told

    Flat earth society just went offline and silent...

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen

    Those old black and white Sci-Fi movie spaceship landings have become real. Truly exciting times we're living in.

  • Showrov Ridoy
    Showrov Ridoy

    Jeff Bezos definitely watches these launches to copy them...

  • Ryan Lai
    Ryan Lai

    Does anyone know the why the camera on the barge ship does not show the same cloud cover or downward exhaust of the rocket? Are these cameras synced and filming at the same time?

    • Wesley Deng
      Wesley Deng

      No, video from the camera on the barge is always delayed by a few seconds. You can check out previous landings.

  • FryBagInc

    You people keep advancing like this I might be able to get into space before I pass. Please please please

  • Teofilo Mina
    Teofilo Mina


  • Bhaskar

    Oh, now I know, earth is a hexagon

  • Dan George
    Dan George

    Space is fake. Wake up to the lies! Stop giving NASA billions. Research Eric Dubay channel on youtube! Recommended Channels to search for on youtube filter your results to search for "channels": 1. Eric Dubay 2. ODD TV 3. Hibbeler Productions 4. dmurphy25 5. Flat Earth Millionaire Find the truth for yourself!

    • Dan George
      Dan George

      Debunk this:

    • johnbiggscr

      @Dan George you get the ridicule, and contempt, you deserve. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Dan George
      Dan George

      @TheKalle45 Yes I agree with waiting to teach children about this subject matter. When their adults and have completed school is probably when I would disclose that information and they would have to research themself. You recieve lots of ridicule with this topic. Edit: Also I don't think the religions of the world are correct, they have been corrupted over time, but I still think we had intelligent design.

    • TheKalle45

      @Dan George There had ben, are and will be allways some peoples who ain´t just able to see behind the horizont of their earth, still a disc. Stay in your small holy world and picture the world as you want, but don´t tell your kids your kiddy fantasy and don´t keep them away to see the real great good, bad and many times amazing and fantastic world. Amen.

    • johnbiggscr

      You just confirm what I’m on about with those videos. And you think a video from a guy that literally drinks his own piss (dmurphy25, also know as allegedly Dave, look it up) carries weight?

  • Lori Valadez
    Lori Valadez

    Lots of stages. 🤔

  • Juba Yuva
    Juba Yuva

    Flat earthers, where are you? BTW, this isn't NASA.

  • ChRiS AnGeL CoStA
    ChRiS AnGeL CoStA

    Its good to be living during Elon Times. ;)

  • Hush Whisper
    Hush Whisper

    *The following is happening in our World and no one is noticing.* 1. Armageddon is about 4 action events. 1st horse, Bow = *Send* it. 2nd horse, Sword = *Strike* it. 3rd horse, Scales = *Split* it. 4th horse, Fire = *Sear* it. That ='s Our planet for the last 2 years have averaged 3.23 Rockets a day into space. That's hundreds of rockets we've *Send*/sent up. We've sent close to a 1000 Rockets/with Elon saying he's sending another 1000. They are *weapons* designed to stop "Wormwood" in the book of Revelation in the Bible. All Telescopes on this planet are pointing in the same direction. Elon is building underground tunnels in major cities. "Wormwood" is going to hit the PACIFIC OCEAN. *EVACUATE*. All the ELITE TOP COMPANIES ARE EVACUATING THE PACIFIC COASTS...SO SHOULD YOU!!! 2. "The mark of the beast". Take 3 6's and place them in a circle and you have a virus warning symbol. But the Mark is the VACCINE. And because it is a global problem it will demand a global solution. *The Vaccine will be given Airborne and it will land on your forehead and hands.* It will try to alter Chromosome 7 lamb1. It is during these moments where the Bible mentions: *You will wish the mountains to fall on you.* And this is also the moment where the Bible mentions: The "few" and the "many". "Few" will die from this Vaccine (millions) and "many" will live (billions). This vaccine will cure all diseases BUT it will not remove the Pain from any injuries you receive. That is the moment of the "delusion" mentioned in Revelations. If you get a cut or any injury, the pain will never go away, they just keep building up. You will wish the "mountains to fall on you". 666 (six - sick - sicknesses) *Six species of human corona viruses are known* , with some species subdivided into two different strains, making seven strains of human corona viruses altogether. Rev. 13:16 is referring to those who DIDN'T make the rapture of the church (The not "born again" PEOPLE). 1st Horseman is the Bow (SEND it). < That Horse rides as we speak. All the Rockets this Planet SENDS into Space are Weapons of mass Destruction targeted at "Wormwood". For almost 2 years now our Planet as sent almost 1000 Rockets into space and now we are averaging 3.23 a day. Elon just boasted within the past month how he intends to send a 1000 more. BEFORE those ROCKETS touch "WORMWOOD", 2 EVENTS will happen. 1 Event will be the "RAPTURE" and 1 will be the "AIRBORNE VACCINE". < BOTH OF THESE EVENTS HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME. < The "AIRBORNE VACCINE" is the reason it happens. I have to stop here and explain something. Our Souls are physically attached to Our flesh by Chromosome 7 lamb1. When a Person (truly) becomes "BORN AGAIN" Chromosome 7 lamb1 CHANGES. So now you have 2 different groups of People on the Planet. Those who are "born again" w/the altered "lamb1" and those who don't. Now having said that. When the "AIRBORNE VACCINE" lands on your forehead and hands, it's going to try and alter Chromosome 7 lamb1 AGAIN. When it does, ONLY those who are "BORN AGAIN" will die. Those who don't have the altered "lamb1" will LIVE...and be able to buy and sell during the TIME OF THE ANTICHRIST. The "BORN AGAIN" People are people who have God's Holy Spirit INSIDE THEIR SOULS. *God's Holy Spirit* isn't on this planet during the 7 years of the antichrist. His Spirit is raptured from this planet BEFORE THE 2ND HORSEMEN RIDES!!!!! (I'm throwing pearls, you better be getting this).

    • johnbiggscr

      Still nonsense no matter how many times you spout it.

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith

    Brilliant brilliant! That shot of the drone ship from the booster, getting closer.... But, PLEASE put a camera on another drone ship parked nearby! It's frustrating to see that camera cut out every time 😠!

  • El Fez
    El Fez

    SpaceX is doing everything NASA had promised to do for 4 decades now. I will never tire of watching these boosters take off and land. Routine? Yes. Boring? Never. Thank you Elon for making the space sciences exciting again.

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson

    Why are they burning all this rocket fuel, when someone already has the technology to go from underwater into outer space in less than 1 second, without any emissions from the vehicles power source? The pentagon has already stated that this is a proven fact from decades of gathered data, yet it claims "there's no evidence that it's alien technology", so someone has it, why don't we? Think of all the carbon emissions being created and the increase in global warming these rockets make. Why the heck isn't the military shooting one of these things down to steal the technology?

    • UnBuiltTree Roots
      UnBuiltTree Roots

      Ah yes the highly advanced UFO that could have life in it sent from a unknown civilization. Lets shoot it down and kill whats ever inside and provoke the power of technology far superior than our own.

  • Joe Eoj
    Joe Eoj

    7:57 lie- wtf?

  • RtB68

    Pffft. So fake. You can see the strings...and you clearly saw the earth was a flat disc.

  • Reg Wonham
    Reg Wonham

    The heart beat was Jeff trying to get out

  • Reg Wonham
    Reg Wonham

    Why does the earth and exhaust look in the same focus

  • 3DPDK

    A real visual treat! The camera on the first stage usually cuts off during the landing burn. We haven't seen too many landings from this camera. It really shows just how tiny that "postage stamp" barge deck really is in that huge ocean.

  • Children of Light
    Children of Light

    To Nasa on the second stage at 4.35 minutes a small piece of craft breaks off just letting you know

  • AP

    Good commentry

  • L.L S.
    L.L S.

    America has nailed it again.

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