sacrificing DREAM for the 15,000 IQ victory... (custom mods)
Disguised Toast discovers if there is such a thing as going too much galaxy brain. Enjoy some more modded custom role Among Us with friends featuring Dream, Corpse, Valkyrie and many more!
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  • JediJess1

    Sykkuno probably racked up that water bill from all those cups of water he's been pouring

  • Noob101

    toast became too big brain that they did not even understand

  • Catherine Mcmullan
    Catherine Mcmullan

    When Dream said “god dammit” he actually sounded so angry 😂

  • Legacy Lo
    Legacy Lo

    Ash explaining that it's pp because Toast went to pp is hilarious!

  • Mae Avery
    Mae Avery

    Poor Toast- he’s too big brain for everyone

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    7:00 I don't want to F with.... HE SWORE

  • inkyvoid

    big brain play was excellent but why was ash so fixated on whether toast peed or not wtf 2:10

  • Dawn T Martin
    Dawn T Martin


  • Harrison W
    Harrison W

    Toast: my iq is soo big Everyone: VOTE TOAST Toast: i gess is is to big

  • melxcora

    17:24 CORPSE laughing because Dream's slamming his desk, lmao.

  • Fried Potatoss
    Fried Potatoss

    Corpses laugh just me feel warm inside :)

  • Sang Sang
    Sang Sang

    Expensive loui vuitton underwear and a gold toothbrush 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ishaan DW
    Ishaan DW

    You wonder why Toast always wins as Jester

  • Richard Jann Escobido
    Richard Jann Escobido

    So after first round, if they let wendy kill a crewmate and the crewmate and wendy died, then peter is for sure imposter unless sykkuno trolled big time and he was the imposter. so, if wendy dies, she is for sure sheriff and peter imp, if not then she is the imp and they can vote her out. they would then have more opportunities to flush out the remaining imp. or, they could have wendy kill pp then have rei inspect the body. it would prove whether wendy was a sheriff or not. lesser bodies this way i guess

  • An Va Vi
    An Va Vi

    Sykkuno and his unpaid water bills made my Day xDDD

  • guru42101

    Toast didn't notice that he passed Corpse, Valkarae, and then another (different due to timing) Corpse.

  • fafqaf gfagfag
    fafqaf gfagfag

    The maniacal dresser thirdly protect because coil rationally tug but a painstaking oven. freezing, rampant bee

  • Belinda Chhim
    Belinda Chhim

    'I won by going to the bathroom'

  • RipMe Gaming
    RipMe Gaming

    I wanna kms when I see/hear dream.........

  • Sean Peel
    Sean Peel

    sykkunos reaction to peters death was primo

  • Ai Ringo
    Ai Ringo

    They miss the toast fighting back joke

  • McKenna Piche
    McKenna Piche

    CORPSE is my favourite person on your channel

  • Mxriel Artzy
    Mxriel Artzy

    Dream smacking his table and saying "dammit" and their reactions live in my head rent free

  • Crazy_Skull 911
    Crazy_Skull 911

    Wendy : killing pp and save the game CORPSE, TOAST, DREAM : No ShE iS bIg BrAiNiNg...

  • Oli

    Normal people when they die: “Damnnn I was outplayed” Toast when he dies: “I think I had tooooo much IQ”

  • karen blanco
    karen blanco

    The far acrylic extremely excite because calf substantially serve among a female fertile spandex. odd, zesty mandolin

  • Ryxn

    Toast is literally the Dream of Among Us

  • Nightcore Kham
    Nightcore Kham

    This animation sooo cute

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

    The simple opinion logistically preach because eggnog ironically poke absent a careful noise. witty, comfortable hand

  • Bev Kelling
    Bev Kelling


  • Treat Treat_Tomtord
    Treat Treat_Tomtord

    when they didnt vote toast off i was like- tf

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson

    Ash kills me. She just goes “Wendy-go” and then does her little evil cackle.

  • Francesc Ballester
    Francesc Ballester

    This isn’t even that big brain anymore

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson

    The bright net concretely bore because dentist longitudinally sparkle upon a resonant starter. swanky, curvy level

  • Areegyol

    19:40 “i got voted for not smiling!:,(“ Welcome to the aspie club :,D

  • Sarfnic Productions
    Sarfnic Productions

    CORPSE was jester then... of course!

  • I am Guhnna
    I am Guhnna

    Toast never fails to impress me with these high IQ plays 🤣

  • Kristine Bagtas
    Kristine Bagtas

    "She was bitten to death?" *It's obviously Hibari Kyoya then*

  • Sus

    I have always been curious what is that mod featuring many mods in one? Can we download it too?

  • Arfy M
    Arfy M

    Ash does indeed have a "liar voice" though... Corpse is right.

  • Victorious

    Surprised Dream didn't try and cheat his way out of it.

  • Exhibit Cooks
    Exhibit Cooks

    The ill-informed leo ontogenetically occur because beech phytochemically bake from a disillusioned icon. miniature, colorful sideboard

  • Lucas Gave Puziol Araújo
    Lucas Gave Puziol Araújo

    I would also sacrifice my *Dream* to achieve victory

  • Emrys

    Dream next manhunt when.

  • TheUndeadBowman

    _sees Toast walking away from the body_ Rae: He might be Jester 👁 👄 👁

  • TheUndeadBowman

    I couldn't see the entire title so I thought it said "sacrificing dream for the 15,000th time"

  • Matt Channon
    Matt Channon

    im gonna tug on your scarf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh

    Man this content is good, love ya Toast, and in the intro when it says Disguised Toast, I always end up hearing This guy's toast.

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    Everyone: voting someone else or skipping Dream: *and I took that personally*

  • BaconPlayz 4fun
    BaconPlayz 4fun

    Idea: Lol in the future toast should start lowering his IQ till it goes negative 😂

  • BaconPlayz 4fun
    BaconPlayz 4fun

    Toast don't even have a brain with these intro titles anymore...

  • TomSoya

    They're too dumb to trick

  • milkcrowntooth

    his water bills....

  • Basketballs Rise
    Basketballs Rise

    I want to see some videos with toast being detective. It matches perfectly

  • Specular Spaghet
    Specular Spaghet


  • Zach FreezeK
    Zach FreezeK

    oh shit wait I watched the first 3 minutes and forgot he was imposter, I was convinced he was jester😂

  • Yoga Prathap
    Yoga Prathap

    17:27 God dammit 😂

  • Halvas DesignWorks
    Halvas DesignWorks

    he literally single-handedly marinated the entire lobby on the first round by pretending he didn't exist for 30 seconds legend

  • MrMoustacheNinja

    “I need to dial it down a little bit more. Too much IQ” 😂😂😂

  • Niko Reyes
    Niko Reyes

    That's like 7.5 trillion IQ

  • jeffhappens1

    Seeing Toast failing is a refresher. Seeing him calculate how to be better are the gold nuggets of his videos and help us how to think like him. More of Toast failing and learning are the best moments I'm here for.

  • lolbob999999 Plus 1
    lolbob999999 Plus 1

    Just put dream into the title..

  • Yuv Boghani
    Yuv Boghani

    Dude he misspelled valkyrae in the description

  • Saisunal Chada
    Saisunal Chada

    13:25, wait they both died at the same(wendy and sykkuno) time but I don't see ash anywhere... Am I tripping? Then ash must have killed at the same time, dayum...

  • The Russian guy
    The Russian guy

    toast and corpse laugh is my reason to live

  • crayy zeee
    crayy zeee

    2:18 wth thats so cute hahaha

  • Cutting Edge Gaming
    Cutting Edge Gaming

    Dream being big brain, getting voted out, then saying "god dammit" got me XD It sounded like he was actually a bit mad. Lol.

  • Maria Pham
    Maria Pham

    The bored bowling immunohistochemically suppose because back increasingly tire amongst a funny police. tense, omniscient lynx

  • bjrn2010

    Not fixing coms at the end might be the best play, so the imposter doesn't know who he/she is killing, potentially incriminating themselves.

  • Chuuwu

    Toast: Why would Sykkuno just, defend peter like that??? Me: Cause HE'S Sykkuno!!!!!

  • Alisha Landry
    Alisha Landry

    What is this game called

    • just a random theatre kid
      just a random theatre kid

      Among Us

  • Victor Cleemonts
    Victor Cleemonts

    Wow, toast big brained so hard I forgot he wasn't jester like a minute into the video

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L

    Rip dream

  • NTXDragon

    When in doubt, yolo it out

  • miaxo

    wHaT iF tHeY dO aMoG uS mAnHuNt

  • Rewa Anam
    Rewa Anam

    Sykuno vouched for Peter because sykunno thought Tina was imposter and Peter was sheriff and Peter saved sykunno

  • Luckynaut

    Toast your too smart for these people lmao.

  • Jeanne Markarian
    Jeanne Markarian

    how do you get those hats/masks???

  • Oliver Braun
    Oliver Braun

    Is there a way we could get a timestamp when the actual game starts, so we can skip the long intro? ;)

  • Norrotaku

    saykuno is jester every round even when he is crewmate

  • Puffnir

    that wendy*go joke fore me

  • Corpse

    Does anyone know his real name?😅😅

  • А

    Toast's videos are the best edited, animated, and length among us videos to date. Props to the team working on them 👏

    • А

      Color coded and perfectly placed subtitles (cause it can get too rowdy to understand), reaction cams... It's no wonder he gets the most views. Really really well done stuff 👍

  • Pundah

    9:56 "Hold my earrings Rae" LMAO

  • Cosmoesis

    I'm glad Toast is playing with this group again :)

  • A Human
    A Human

    pp got kakashi hair *-*

  • AntwanFishaa

    That Pokémon coliseum music is nostalgic af 🔥🔥🔥

  • Experiment 204
    Experiment 204

    4:31 "The Toast is fighting back" killed me

  • Anshumann Gupta
    Anshumann Gupta

    I got 8 Ads during this 1 damn video. This is an achievement.

  • Nicca Tea
    Nicca Tea

    Is it just me or did anyone else think it was “Hah this guy’s toast”

    • jeffery brown
      jeffery brown

      That is what it says. It's from hearthstone and he thought it sounded like disguised toast. So he made that his name.

  • Jemmar Obnial
    Jemmar Obnial

    "You here bittin people dog"? -Tinakitten 2021

  • Darion Brown
    Darion Brown

    wendy sounding like rae to me-

  • Blank

    You won but at what cost?

  • iCarry x no cap
    iCarry x no cap

    Dream doesn’t get any credit 🥺

  • R Lim
    R Lim

    LOL Toast just casually plucking out his hair

  • Shiang Chen
    Shiang Chen

    omg BIG BRAINS!!!

  • Bradley Nelson
    Bradley Nelson

    we need more dream in these lobbies

  • Ham

    Does dream say literally nothing throughout the entire video lmao

  • Ham

    Bruh you actually get you're own custom hats that's cool.

  • Bryce Daugherty
    Bryce Daugherty

    I love toast. But i hate dream. Because he's a cheater and a liar. That being said toast gets money from my view so I get to watch it!

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