Vines We Almost Forgot
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Vines We Almost Forgot

  • Big Aces
    Big Aces

    1:35 r.i.p

  • German Romero
    German Romero

    Tik tok elite? My respect for Ethan 📉📉📉

  • Joel A
    Joel A

    4:38 Lmaooo

    • Joel A
      Joel A

      6:56 he came out of nowhere


    7:30 me after getting bullied by racist

  • Adrian baisden
    Adrian baisden

    but tiktok is trash tho....

  • Nderitu Brayan
    Nderitu Brayan

    That kid at 3:58 damn😂😂😂

  • FuzzHomie

    3 best sidemen right here

  • Mr.Coconut007

    When Ethan caLLed Harry a Tory. im Crying a singLe Tear. is this Death.

  • ryan roberts
    ryan roberts

    When he said jack grealish it sounded like r2d2

  • the cold hearted hot guy
    the cold hearted hot guy

    I choke on my food laughing at this

  • PenelopeWhiteat

    you gotta watch Arthur vines compilations

  • Noorah Al Ghannam
    Noorah Al Ghannam

    Cody koo

  • Mady ki vines
    Mady ki vines

    4:39 Who else wants JJ to react to it?? 😂✋

  • RandomVibes

    Unpopular opinion: I preferred and vine to TikTok,

    • Didn't ask g
      Didn't ask g

      didnt ask g

  • bry boii
    bry boii

    2:03 *"I'm gonna steal all your stuff aha"*

  • DBS 21
    DBS 21

    6:44 reality here

  • Ritik Tandon
    Ritik Tandon


  • Itz MoUaDh
    Itz MoUaDh

    tik tok is just shit tbh

    • Itz MoUaDh
      Itz MoUaDh

      @Didn't ask g nice name

    • Didn't ask g
      Didn't ask g

      agreed but didnt ask g

  • Gandhar M.
    Gandhar M.

    hell no, vine can never be topped

  • x.grace_the_ginger.x

    do daz vines next

  • Inverse Echo
    Inverse Echo

    2:18 is when I cracked up 😂 😂

  • Nightshade

    I'm a disgrace to Britain. I'm a Brit who doesn't like tea. I have failed us all, I'm so sorry-

    • Nightshade

      @Tiago Matos I know ;-; I'm pretty sure it's cause I don't like anything that has caffeine in it (I haven't found anything I like anyway) but, uh.. I've betrayed all of Britain, I'm so sorry xD

    • Tiago Matos
      Tiago Matos

      You.. you MONSTER

  • E


  • Ashley Anne
    Ashley Anne


  • veks

    yeah i probably forgot these vines bc ive never seen half of them like wtf

  • king of doodoo
    king of doodoo

    vine is at least 100x better than tiktok. and thats a facts

  • Aidan Bicer
    Aidan Bicer

    what’s the name of the guy at 3:19 i remember him

  • Ezequiel Arias
    Ezequiel Arias

    Jesus loves you repent he is coming soon repent before its too late he loves you all he died for us

  • The11thPanther

    Dont disrespect the goat jack grealish

  • TKM

    imagine vine if came back

  • Tom Mead
    Tom Mead

    What’s the song at 3:20?

  • Koliko CVastro
    Koliko CVastro

    vine was better than tiktok, tiktok is dogshit and unfunny cringe people trying to hard

  • Caliniho37

    Can’t be having this Grealish slander

    • wolvehampton wanderers18
      wolvehampton wanderers18

      Lol ikr when tobi supports a club with bruno penandes who dives whenever he gets tapped in the box

  • bhow

    5 ads in 3 mins this is an outrage

  • Charlotte Yaxley
    Charlotte Yaxley

    Sidemen reacts with Ethan, Toby and Harry just hit differently.

    • DetJoshHD


  • ArcadeGum

    Subscribe to my ISnets Channel!

  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire


  • Puffs

    Comedy hasn't gone anywhere since 2012

  • Capitano

    Half of these aren't even the classics

  • B Dunphy
    B Dunphy

    Vine ran so TikTok could drool on the floor

  • 1anonly

    Whats the song called at 3:18

  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson

    What is that song called where they all sing

  • Sammy Garcia
    Sammy Garcia

    Tik-Tok is still shit and it will always be

  • Rachel Russell
    Rachel Russell

    Road work ahead I sure hope it does

  • arun patel
    arun patel


  • Spray Pain
    Spray Pain


  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

  • Chris Eli
    Chris Eli

    I keep coming back for “when you successfully cancel KSI on twitter” it cracks me the fuck up

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh Byrne

    7:21 anyone notice Cody ko here

  • Tripple Six
    Tripple Six

    Why does harry wear a pizzagate pullover i see that logo and color

  • Last Vines
    Last Vines

    Fu dhdnd

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      You're so great ??

  • Last Vines
    Last Vines


  • 88 UWU
    88 UWU

    We need the Sidemen to react to the sidemen vines again.

  • Racc

    Bruh where du fuck is daz black

  • Athyth Suthakaran
    Athyth Suthakaran

    the titanic remix vine is better executed than both the original remix and the original song

    • Athyth Suthakaran
      Athyth Suthakaran

      Dare i say, SIX SECONDS OF HEAVEN

  • stayweirdkids

    tea in the shower = Tory

  • Rayyan Sayeed
    Rayyan Sayeed

    21 savage reacts well

  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall

    Wait it’s not normal to drink tea in the shower?

  • reyez

    3:18 I know I'm not the only who started saying it with them 🤣🤣

  • Calvin Corcoran
    Calvin Corcoran

    One of the goth chicks in the thumbnail is a teacher at my school now lol

  • charlie edward
    charlie edward

    Do more of these!

  • ohhellno x
    ohhellno x

    the 469 people that disliked are tories

  • Notthefilms Fam
    Notthefilms Fam

    if you dont know reggi we cant be friends

  • SkullGames

    That was too short cant lie

  • Parvathy VJ
    Parvathy VJ

    Bro watch @4:45 and hear what Tobi said.............u will be shocked

  • scout

    Fuck tiktok vine is Better

  • Joshua Kohn
    Joshua Kohn

    Ethan "Comedy has level'd up" no it fucking hasn't

  • Jonah 776
    Jonah 776


  • aydin bulut
    aydin bulut

    Tiktok or Vine? (Iam team Vine)

  • Daniel Grange
    Daniel Grange

    Harry: "That's me when I'm drunk." Flashback to when he headbutted the floor during vs European holiday Sidemen video.


    Why is Harry wearing a Christmas jumper ? 🤣

  • Riku


  • Okay Buddy
    Okay Buddy

    This is an elite trio

  • Pineapple Rain Productions
    Pineapple Rain Productions

    Do another one of these

  • Issac Denzil
    Issac Denzil

    whats the song @3:20???

  • Kunal Tanwar
    Kunal Tanwar

    You guys are using tiktok 🤢

  • Soop Inc
    Soop Inc

    Tik tok is Vine on aids, crack, heroin, etc Change my mind

  • Eve Whyman
    Eve Whyman


  • Someone

    Harold throughout this whole video: confused unga bunga

  • Jason Grieve
    Jason Grieve

    Am I the only one who thinks the chick at 1min looks like younger Talia ?

  • Breaking Dead of Thrones
    Breaking Dead of Thrones

    Vine > tiktok


    vine crawled so musically can walk and musically walked so tiktok can run

    • Oshri Dasa
      Oshri Dasa

      so many languages but you chose to speak facts

  • swiggity swoner
    swiggity swoner

    So no one noticed that cody ko was there?

  • RAH ROY!
    RAH ROY!

    4:32 nobody except the OG’s of ISnets will remember this, like this if you are an OG and don’t lie to me

  • Quindon Zdihan
    Quindon Zdihan

    They should do a Evan mb vine reacts

  • Rune Odden
    Rune Odden

    Song at 3:20??

  • Red Demon
    Red Demon

    Hearing Harry go “nothing but net” made my day as a basketball fan

  • Sneakeradvice


  • Andrew Fofie
    Andrew Fofie

    This too funny

  • Venom 8
    Venom 8

    Dont ever compare *tiktok* with *Vine* . Its just a request.

  • Lacey North
    Lacey North

    Is it just me or does Harry ware that blue sweater a lot🤣

  • Robbie Omahony
    Robbie Omahony

    I miss vine. Was way better than Tiktok. Times were good when vine was booming

  • Bentley Brown
    Bentley Brown

    I like Tommyinnit Tell me why I shouldn’t.

    • Bentley Brown
      Bentley Brown

      @Basketball Player you gay

    • Basketball Player
      Basketball Player

      you pleb

  • Samuel Zoccali
    Samuel Zoccali

    React to some 21st century memes

  • Luka Zukic
    Luka Zukic

    Actually vines were funny and tiktok is just full of stupid people and bitches who show their body just get views. Pathetic.

  • Dylan Sheridan
    Dylan Sheridan

    The one I’ve been waiting for vine is king 👑 🙌🙌

  • Custom Brickz
    Custom Brickz

    Why is harry wearing a Christmas jumper

  • Emily Challinor
    Emily Challinor

    When Ethan said the about jack grealish that shit is funny and true 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CAC Money guides
    CAC Money guides


  • KingGlo1017

    Can’t even lie most of these weren’t funny at all