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  • Neal Rampiare
    Neal Rampiare

    Ksi the whole vid ''😩"

  • Mohd majid Mahid
    Mohd majid Mahid

    J bro becoming a J really man

  • BRANDON nova2
    BRANDON nova2

    Wth was jj doing?

  • K2FLY23

    KSI WTF MAN😂😂😂

  • AIpha axe
    AIpha axe




  • DavidsWeirdMedia

    Please make a part 2 with JJ and Vik, but also bring in Ethan and Simon. Make sure JJ and Vik are in the same room. That would be hilarious!

  • Agnieszka Pielak
    Agnieszka Pielak

    Jj you r gay

  • HaggaSaurusRex Weasley
    HaggaSaurusRex Weasley

    I dont know if this is appropriate to watch

  • Anonymous Community
    Anonymous Community


  • Paras Patil
    Paras Patil


  • Kaleb Nebiat
    Kaleb Nebiat

    One of u lot should make a redit of JJ getting sexually aroused by sand and soap

  • Linton FOR
    Linton FOR

    imagine jj watching one of these on public transprt

  • 。Name 。
    。Name 。

    If you want to be satisfied. Mute the video & cover the top left of the screen.

  • Jordan Matznick
    Jordan Matznick

    wow JJ I couldn't get focused on anything but laughing at what JJ was doing

  • TR4P Z0N3
    TR4P Z0N3

    2:41 looks like jj's hair

  • This is the way
    This is the way

    Tobi and Vik stating not saying anything JJ: ohhhhhhhh

  • Shivam Waghela
    Shivam Waghela

    JJ having oragasms

  • Javy B
    Javy B

    how many times did jj bust 😂😂

  • James from Wii Sports
    James from Wii Sports

    JJ needs to do this with Willne

  • Hayden Hamilton
    Hayden Hamilton


  • Smilt te
    Smilt te

    This made me more uncomfortable than satisfyed

  • Sirène Valseuse
    Sirène Valseuse


  • Alvin Siju
    Alvin Siju

    They should react to the most satisfying sounds in anime

  • Luka Letunic
    Luka Letunic

    Is he high?

  • yoboidenip 13
    yoboidenip 13

    imagine night time with jj on sidemen reacts

  • Kuintessence

    JJ's best moments 1:47 2:01 2:19 2:43 2:57 3:51 3:55 4:20 4:30

  • Kuintessence

    When that onion thing was opened at 2:23 for some reason I smelled a strawberry flavored lolipop and there was nothing actually near me strawberry flavored Bro JJ's moans got weird effects lmao

  • Simon

    JJ was the worst (or best) person to watch this video with lmao.

  • Sathujan Siva
    Sathujan Siva

    Is it just me or at 1:55 they edited the video again and took out what jj said. I'm watched this video when it was uploaded and I swear there was no edit. I remember vikk making a comment on the mic-knife and I don't remember what jj said. Does anyone else know what he said??

  • cancerbath

    JJ just looks like he's drunk

  • Harry Garvey
    Harry Garvey

    great vid guys

  • THB- Kinan
    THB- Kinan

    POV:JJ’s girlfriend is under his disk 😉

  • advanced ape
    advanced ape

    everyone: *is normal* jj:😏😍

  • Katyzhack

    Rename the title to “KSI moaning for 8 minutes straight”

  • marina a.a
    marina a.a

    simon doesnt know what aloevera is

  • DanGy SweaT
    DanGy SweaT

    Playing it in 0.25 speed feels like they high as fck

  • Itz Tashy
    Itz Tashy

    I'm literally pausing every second 💀✋🏾

  • BigMoeLIVE

    Whats with the cut in the video HaHa

  • Trigger Plaz
    Trigger Plaz


  • Pinky_pie🍄💓

    Òh yesss JJ😂😂

  • UE Unexplained
    UE Unexplained

    JJ made it weird in the first 7 seconds he said tit tok

  • Bilal Hadrous
    Bilal Hadrous

    JJ: Deep Also JJ: Man Stfu

  • Mahbub Hasan Tahsin
    Mahbub Hasan Tahsin

    JJ : OHHHH YESSS ME : without a headphone in front of my family 😳😳😳😰😰😰

  • Ben Zheng
    Ben Zheng

    New timer: how long it takes for JJ to stop being weird

  • ItsGothamsJoker

    2:58 that laugh will live in my head rent free

  • Johan Garcia
    Johan Garcia

    Jj is gay

  • Mulamalla Harshith Reddy
    Mulamalla Harshith Reddy

    6:51 it was the Germany flag and the “smart” vik didn’t even notice lmao

  • DavidsWeirdMedia

    JJ melts in satisfaction from the video as Vik shrivels in disgust from JJ. lol

  • Ali Abdelfadiel
    Ali Abdelfadiel

    Bro I just wanna watch the video in peace but JJ is RUINING IT

  • ishan deb
    ishan deb

    They had to delete a part from 1:47 because of jj moaning

  • falak

    i mean now we know what turns jj on😂

  • Anway Bansod
    Anway Bansod

    KSI reacting to this is a main channel vid... ROFL

  • hardik Ranadive
    hardik Ranadive

    Ngl JJ made this video 1000 times funnier

  • MT-944 H.C.
    MT-944 H.C.

    1:55 Why'd they Remove that Scene where JJ n Tobi were like "ahhh" n Vic laughin at them

  • Marian Panait
    Marian Panait


  • Mike Hock
    Mike Hock

    How long can KSI keep it weird??

  • Anmol Ratna Pradhan_0066
    Anmol Ratna Pradhan_0066

    JJ: 3:55 Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • sekayi lee
    sekayi lee

    do the naughty naughty

  • PSM 1023
    PSM 1023


  • Ayush Shakya
    Ayush Shakya

    5:50, KSI made it weird already

    • Ayush Shakya
      Ayush Shakya

      5 seconds

  • Andrej Novaković
    Andrej Novaković

    JJ is weird Tobi is normal Vik is short

  • Matt I Aetrem
    Matt I Aetrem

    JJ this entire video: *Lord have mercy I'm bout to bust*

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez

    I genuinely don’t like that the fucking first thing that comes from Vik’s mouth is why. Just enjoy the freaking video Vik

  • Champagne JJ
    Champagne JJ

    Why did they cut part of the video out when he was cutting the red stuff in the cup

  • Jeremy Barillas Morataya
    Jeremy Barillas Morataya

    Simon reacting to oddly satisfying tik toks: ewwww I don't like it. JJ reacting to oddly satisfying tik toks: awww yeaahh

  • _Emmaxx9

    I now think jj wanks to asmr 😂😂😂

  • Keiran H
    Keiran H

    Raahhh jj deff smoked a big spliff before this vid bruh

  • Eclipse & Co
    Eclipse & Co

    They should react to Bondi Rescue!

  • Aoibhinn Power
    Aoibhinn Power


    • Aoibhinn Power
      Aoibhinn Power


  • ZFare

    3:48 "Peal that back, do the naughty naughty" - KSI

  • R K D
    R K D

    2:58 Just click on timestamp repeatedly. It will bring a smile on your face🙃

    • ems



    Netflix : are you still watching? someones daughter : 3:55

  • Gicia Aicig
    Gicia Aicig

    1:55 This is not my first time watching this video, and i remember that this part wasn't edited out when I first watched that

  • Rasya Alif
    Rasya Alif

    Ksi gay

  • Aar Warzame
    Aar Warzame

    If idiots could fly, tiktok would be an airport ´´ -A wise man

  • Anothando Goba
    Anothando Goba

    Literally me laughing through the whole video😭🤣

  • Meladx786

    JJ’s face the hole time 😂

  • ionic movies
    ionic movies

    Plot Twist: Simon was under JJ's desk.

  • Enoch Lau
    Enoch Lau

    this video is giving JJ an excuse to FINALLY sleep in a sidemen reacts video

  • Jordan

    Jj is reacting like he is getting the best massage of his life

  • Jordan

    Vik always gotta debunk

  • Guitartom1999

    “This is his job” vik your job is watching this guy do his job 😂

  • francespr1

    viks theory isnt a theory its just a fact

  • ZΞRK

    3:45 jj sus

  • iTysonTk


  • geurimja

    There is an asmr channel with only sand videos. It’s called Sand Tagious. I was completely hooked When I found it 😂

  • Ashley Nauschutz
    Ashley Nauschutz

    Someone please make a dirty edit of ksi and send it to me, please and thanks

  • ɢᴀʙ

    I think this is try not to laugh because JJ is being weird in this video

  • Caleb Hunter
    Caleb Hunter

    Jj’s movin mad ya know

  • Supreme Khatiwada
    Supreme Khatiwada

    2:01 they cut this bit of the video

  • Abomination

    Well jjs reddit gonna have some fun

  • Krabstiks

    I gotta side with JJ on this one. They sound relaxing in a way

  • Leslie Body
    Leslie Body

    jj,vik and tobi are the best combos i swear

  • Smiggy

    JJ was elite in this one

  • RaianBlockbuster

    Seems like the olatunji brothers love satisfying vids😂😂

  • AbbydabyMasterTnT

    jj is drunk lol

  • King M
    King M


  • Helin Said
    Helin Said

    I NEED TO SEE JJ watch a soap cutting video compilation 😂😂😂🧼🔪

  • NeonLD2

    JJ: *doesn't care about the camera recording him and just sends it* Vikk: I want to leave and run away from this video man.