Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)
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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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  • Mike Parrott
    Mike Parrott

    I love these videos, but can nawwwhhhT stand the pronunciation of “not” here

  • Stan Washighski
    Stan Washighski

    Toyota exported JIT to the world to hold the world hostage.

  • Devo L.
    Devo L.

    hmm, the global powers who HAVE been in control for a century basically creating these problems through greed and planned obsolescence. so why is it so hard to believe this is geo-political scarsity for money and power by creating fascist laws with one world gov.'t. the nazi's never lost people, they incorporated and it's a bank scam corporate take over.

  • J R
    J R

    Yep, went to Hawaii a few weeks ago and enterprise had the weirdest selection of rental cars and SUVs. I had to rent a older Hyundai. It was either that or going to Uhaul and renting a truck,..yes multiple tourist in Oahu are driving around in Uhaul trucks, because that is the only thing available.

  • Worker man
    Worker man

    Its the dependency on China. A country that hates us. And Taiwan This is caused by geed of the rich. Factories and products need to be made here.

  • Buck Wheat
    Buck Wheat

    it'll never end now. the shock the system goes through while fat cats are raking in the cash, eventually heals only on the heels of the last shortage. we've brought it on ourselves, by one, relying on the cheapest parts and tools money can buy. china is a pro at duplication for a fraction of the cent. it could take a loss for decades while its effect crushes companies producing quality products. then that company is forced to basically sell the junk with it's name on it. we didn't win anything, we sold ourselves out. notice the word china. it has its sights set on expansion. usa is a sitting duck, china won't have to war over it and or plant a flag, they're already here. mexico isn't advancing any other than the cartels. china is on the move. they're running out of space. every 1st world country is running out of space or resources. all this medical achievements might have not been such a good idea after all. nature had a plan for massive die offs so at least we'd be on the job longer converting fuels to gasses that will launch the earth out of it's hibernation at full speed. we've probably all along been here in different forms, whatever they are we have an intimate co-relationship with the sun, earth and water. we do what we do very well. if only we could quit selling bs to the masses about some frilly story of a god making us something special over another or any form of life. every thing is alive, most of it we cannot see, we can't even see the present moment, and for a good reason, time is gonna make sure we can't claim a point in time as ours, it's already gone, an only time, runs the show. we're practically nothing, or 100% in the past-nothing.

  • Killer Miller
    Killer Miller

    What's funny is all these fires of buildings that are important and when needed they are burnt. I feel they are doing this deliberately to raise prices and get to collect insurance win win for them!

  • Albert leo
    Albert leo

    The creepy fighter cephalometrically entertain because architecture predominantly thaw versus a helpful biplane. oafish, brown numeric

  • Ted thesailor
    Ted thesailor

    At least thee's no shortage of bog roll...

  • narcissist injury giver
    narcissist injury giver


  • Low Information Politics
    Low Information Politics

    Theres no "shotages"

  • Low Information Politics
    Low Information Politics

    This story is complete bullshit.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin

    Info A….voice inflection F

  • shriramvenu

    since Alaskan rental companies sold off their cars for cheap, wouldn't that mean theres an oversupply of used cars in Alaska? Why dont tourists just buy a cheap jalopy for their holiday?

  • Jesuslovesamericans

    This is what happens when you out source everything to China. We need to make our own shit like we used to.

  • Roberto Gallo
    Roberto Gallo

    This video should have been titled "Why Toyota has had no shortages since Covid" I dont think you spoke enough about the container shortage and the ocean freight mess. Still not a bad video, but I think it should have been more concentrated.

  • elsa Grace
    elsa Grace

    I can’t handle the repeated inflections of your voice at the end of sentences, over and over without regard to whether or not the word really needs to be stressed for additional meaning. I just can’t! Content is great but that voice inflection thing distracts me from hearing what you are talking about. 😭😭😭😭

  • roy wall
    roy wall

    Exactly correct. When you pay people to sit on their ass, problems very quickly arise.

  • Jézusmária

    You can absolutely blame your house's sinking on the fact that you built it on the ocean. I can't even imagine how you thought that this metaphor would fit. In fact, blaming it on that very bad choice of a building site would be the correct parallel to your message here, to demonstrate how a flawed design of supply chains leads to the whole system grinding to a halt.

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    it took me way too long to realize I was watching the longest Toyota commercial ever.

  • C Rutherford
    C Rutherford

    No need to do the research, just check with me. Whatever I need or am looking for, there's a national shortage of it......

  • Philip Miller
    Philip Miller

    JIT manf. also suffers from a slump in sales, with stock building up in expensive temporary warehousing and ironically then lead to shortages as that signals to production levels to lower but the reverse signal takes too long. Source worked with Samsung who follows JIT religiously with all its advantages and its flaws

  • Elizabeth

    When it comes to increased pricing it's called inflation. That FREE money called stimulus has us 30 trillion in debt the value of the dollar has decreased significantly.

    • Elliot Morandi
      Elliot Morandi

      It also kept the economy from completely tanking and millions from going bankrupt and/or homeless. The end result is not ideal, but sometimes you have to choose between which of the least-bad options you have. The inflation we will see will not be as bad as an economy tanking a la 2008-2009. Plus, we got more out of it then the FREE money given to the large corporations and ultra rich which added to the deficit with no route to really recover most of it. "Free" money given to the people gets spent, free money given to the already rich mostly doesn't.

  • Bryan Pierce
    Bryan Pierce

    The crabby father-in-law serendipitously saw because journey selectively knot past a odd bat. disgusting, aboriginal cello

  • Baeagon

    I have an easy solution. STOP MAKING SHIT IN ASIA. Ever think of that?

  • Kraken AZ
    Kraken AZ

    We HAVE to take the West coast back from the these POS "Democrats". If Gov DeSantis was in California this shit would not be nearly as bad!!!

  • MrAwsomeshot

    god we need more drivers. we have almost doubled driver pay in the last year and still can't fill all our trucks.

  • Enrico Di Muzio
    Enrico Di Muzio

    One of your best videos Wendover Productions! Great job

  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B.

    This video was so fascinating!! And I had never known that those big containers you see on trains had at one time been on ships going across the ocean...or that they are the ones you see on trucks. I had thought the ones on trains belonged to the train.

  • Darcy Suurhoff
    Darcy Suurhoff

    Advancement is the greatest addiction. We’re all racing to our own demise.

  • B. Anthony Holley
    B. Anthony Holley

    Covid didnt CAUSE any shortage. It was USED to create shortages.

  • A Cap
    A Cap

    It's China. Let's not send them work and ideas anymore. Look at how they behave

  • Goupi Goupi
    Goupi Goupi

    Lesson learned: stop buying from China.

  • Diana Rivera
    Diana Rivera

    The brief icicle problematically precede because closet totally flower following a eatable spain. naughty, busy damage

  • Charissa Kizzie
    Charissa Kizzie

    The coherent waiter bacteriologically punish because brace hemperly introduce towards a bashful liver. scintillating, common voyage

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson

    The silent deal differently wrap because boundary unusually sip beneath a dramatic increase. noiseless, cluttered road

  • Alex Benton
    Alex Benton

    wtf I’ve been to that boba place

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill

    Chinma is showing us capitalism no longer and hasn't existed for quite some time. Trump raised the curtains for us all to see whom don't have a wasted mind!

  • raw viper
    raw viper

    you don't even gotta watch the video people. i'll save you the 19mins and 46secs. the reason why we see many "shortages" is because it is all a MONEY GAME, look at all the people in the south that was hoarding all the gas, ok and another good example is graphics card. notice how they love to sell them on amazon for "scalping prices"

  • Michael Gentile
    Michael Gentile

    This is why we don't shut down the global economy for a moderate flu virus that kills up to 3.6% of all very ill 80 year-olds who contract it, and why we shouldn't take medical advice from the guy who financed the genetic engineering of that virus. Pretty much common sense stuff.

  • Fity Bux
    Fity Bux

    Isn't it easier to say that Just In Time supply and demand caused this, because it failed to factor in the events mentioned in this video? (Like huge supply chain time increases due to workers getting sick.) Hopefully tomorrow's JIT algorithms will factor this in, and we'll have supply stocked up to meet demand. edit: Ah, that's pretty much what is said in the second half of this video.

  • Lucille Campanale
    Lucille Campanale


  • Ray Pantoja
    Ray Pantoja

    Wow thanks for the perspective/information.

  • Melinda Curtis
    Melinda Curtis

    Janurary 2022 is January @ 13:20...

  • lazzer408

    This guy is Jen Psaki's nemesis. Her up-speak is only matched by his down-speak.

  • Jim Dale
    Jim Dale

    Lets also not forget that those ports were in blue cities, lumber production are in blue cities and every blue State shut down not for safety reasons but to target Trump. Look at the States and you will find that the shortages are due to narrow thinking leftists and the Red States were at least 50% to 100% open for business. So many folks came from California and Nevada to Arizona to get even the smallest things done due to those states being shut down. Democrats that destroyed small to mid businesses from nail salons to five star restaurants! Shameful how leftist voters listed to their state run CNN and believe the lies that they have already been shown to have done... with no retraction. Let's just pray that the Maricopa County audit comes out with no discrepancies. If it does there will be hell to pay and Pelosi will need more than two fences to hold back the peoples anger! The Demigods fixing an election would make Nixon look like an angel... in fact he already does.

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason

    So Toyota increased stocking levels to 2-6 months inventory causing an additional spike in demand, likely exaggerating the overall semi demand ramp further. What happens when people start stock piling toilet paper? It strains supply chains for no reason, not like anyone poops more when everyone panics.

  • SkyfalconTin


  • Cole Conrad
    Cole Conrad

    That clip for Louisiana is definitely hurricane damage 😂 not no fire

  • Peter Vogwill
    Peter Vogwill

    As if...no one decided this was his lunch...for free...lol

  • Master Guru
    Master Guru

    maybe they should overnight the products via FEDEX

  • nlcs

    I hate your speaking cadence

  • Truckin Shenanigans
    Truckin Shenanigans

    I assure you we have no truck driver shortage. High turnover is an issue. Most likely because trucking is the most deadly profession in this country, egged on by the unhealthy lifestyle it gives drivers. Additionally, the majority of us are not getting paid what we should be getting. Long haul rates haven't changed much since deregulation meanwhile the capital required to own & operate this equipment has damn near quadrupled. We have surpassed the point where the driver hauling a load of gourmet coffee beans from L.A. to New York gets paid less in the 5 days it takes to legally run that trek than a daycab driver running a local route in those same 5 days. That's where the problem lies.

  • Jason Leon
    Jason Leon

    It's like exporting everything production wise to other countries bit ourselves in the backside? Who would have thought..


    See TIME MAGAZINE SHADOW campaign....

  • Ultragoji

    Here's one for you:In 2011, I was working in a Video Duplication Facility, which meant putting Shows and Movies on Videotape, mainly for Broadcast. At the time, Sony produced High Definition (HD) Videotape at only one facility, which was located in Saitama, Japan. When the facility was damaged in the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsumani, HD Videotape supplies dried up, which led to distribution of programs via Video Compression and Streaming, and the speeding up and demise of Broadcast Videotape, and thus Physical Media Distribution of content.

  • Beverley Mackrell
    Beverley Mackrell

    Who owns long beach port!it was said China.

  • j. s.
    j. s.

    No mention of stupidity in government decision makers.

  • Kenneth McDonald
    Kenneth McDonald

    I don't agree. Covid disproportionate over reactions are like an atom bomb going off. We are being engineered toward nightmares, just like the documentary series "The Power of Nightmares" says, so Bill Gates and his friends can grab power .

  • 123idontcareok

    All to evict Trump

  • a random
    a random

    Covid was a pretty big straw

  • John

    There is a shortage you say? I'll buy 2 then!

  • Jamie O'Hare
    Jamie O'Hare

    Sounds like raising tariffs on China would solve this problem too!

  • Earl Portland
    Earl Portland

    DUDE! I called this ten years ago! I remember telling people about it and people thought I was being a goofball. for lots of people the only time they think about shipping containers is when some rich dude in California makes a tree house out of them.

  • ghost 305
    ghost 305

    Academy Sports and Outdoors STILL claims there is an ammunition shortage and they can't get enough bullets. Meanwhile our governor is signing a bill so that anyone can purchase a handgun and conceal carry without a license or even a background check.

  • Tim Drahman
    Tim Drahman

    Not sure why anyone would give this a thumbs down.

  • robert abreu
    robert abreu

    Good video but the guy talking just sounds so damn weird. Kinda creepy. I can't listen to him any more than twice a day.

  • Matt King
    Matt King


  • connorisswole

    screw the tea i need a gpu rrraaahhhghhhhh!!!!!!


    There is no shortage of "r" in this video! (Janurary)

  • sir rom
    sir rom

    I don't beliiiiieve anything you sayyyyyyy, b/c of that r caaaaaadence.

  • Gabe shore
    Gabe shore

    what kindof cover up and bullshit video is. dist.traction

  • Ignorance

    Well presented. A key feature of well implemented Just In Time manufacturing is that failures would apply to near any alternative that could be applicable. There is no fix for service and supply chain disruptions, only ways to plan around and practices to prevent runaway failures.

  • fr aw
    fr aw

    The hypnotic handicap peroperatively intend because underclothes immunocytochemically zoom versus a general gentle carp. deafening, classy drug

  • Geneva BECKER
    Geneva BECKER

    I still subscribed to you channel because it is so informative...even though, at first, you were click bate...Mae culpa...

  • Geneva BECKER
    Geneva BECKER

    I hate to say this, but while my Midwestern family and friends were saying "Buy American". Sadly, the whole time I drove American cars I found myself at the side of the road -- broken down -- time and again. I finally had to go to Toyota's to keep my jobs and feed my family...If America had built better cars, we would have sold more cars...

  • Geneva BECKER
    Geneva BECKER

    Well, since I listened to your information, I see that IT IS COVID...

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King

    I love icebergs that are all blue and stratified. I hope I get to walk on somewhere like Pluto

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    THEIR order that's delayed due to a shortage, it's all "I don't care about the shortages/stop making excuses, and get me my product NOW!"

  • Always Garagista
    Always Garagista

    That container price is way low. We’ve been asked just under $10k for a container and that’s not even with a guarantee that we will get one. And doesn’t include and bribe request to bump the container up on the list

    • Always Garagista
      Always Garagista

      Craigslist in China and Taiwan? The issue is that all the empty containers are in the US and haven’t shipped back out causing a shortage. It’s in the video.

    • stylac

      $3000 on my local Craigslist

  • cindy hunt
    cindy hunt

    cause a problem, attend a fire sale. Corporations like Blackrock are buying up residential areas, offering above the asking price, so they can charge you rent forever. "You'll own nothing and be happy." Gematria rituals by the numbers.

  • Paul Guy
    Paul Guy

    As usual, the obsession with quarterly stock reports over long-term stability and profitability destroys everything.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Isn't the Global Cancer Economy wonderful? 🤮

  • dmwalker24

    The fundamental systemic problem is capitalism. It was a perfect storm because this system doesn't incentivize expenditures to deal with problems which could occur. It inherently drives toward maximum output with minimized costs at all times. If it weren't covid then it would have been something else. It's on a mission to devour itself.

    • fkillah

      @Jamie Andrei someone has common sense and watched the video 👍

    • Jamie Andrei
      Jamie Andrei

      It's not capitalisms fault.. it's just a concept.. it's the short sighted execution of capitalist principles.. just as modern just in time manufacturing is failing to follow Toyotas example of engineering in robustness..

    • fkillah


  • GameSnippetsUK

    Now I'm reminded of how absurd it often is that large companies get bailouts whilst smaller businesses are left by the wayside

    • Kyle Hill
      Kyle Hill

      Bailouts are technically illegal and nobody should be given a free ride!

  • gettingpissedoff

    you think the ketchup thing is bad? the first 11 months of the pandemic you couldn't get toilet paper anywhere and amazon was selling 8 packs for almost 200.

  • Radu Nicolae
    Radu Nicolae

    'BuT tHe MaRkEt WiLl ReGuLaTe ItSeLf'

  • billandpech

    This video is idiotic. If someone starts a wildfire that burnes your house down, is the cause you failing to build it out of bricks rather than wood, or is the caused the wildfire? I can't believe anybody would put so much effort into a video with such an easily refutable premise.

  • William Walker
    William Walker

    So it would seem that we have now gone from "we need government regulation for critical areas only, such as to ensure safety of workers and consumers, to protect the environment and animals, and prevent exploitative business practices; we have no interest in taking over or dictating to businesses how they should run their own organizations" to "we must pass strict regulations setting mandatory and arbitrary minimum inventory levels to protect the consumer from the annoyance of not being able to buy a brand new car or pool chemicals at will; it is every American's natural _right_ to be able to walk into a store or go online and be able to buy any product they desire at a whim. The government must step in an prevent these inconvenient shortages, even if it costs the economy billions of dollars in lost efficiency and adds a significant amount to the final price consumers pay for their goods". Every time I hear 'the Slippery Slope is just a fallacy!' I laugh and laugh. We started out busting crooked monopolies, went on to protect worker safety (usually in an arbitrary and clumsy manner, but hey, it's for _safety_!), then added onerous regulations that made manufacturing more expensive and complex, in order to protect the environment (and helped drive most of it out of the country by doing so). Now people are so used to the idea, they want government regulation to protect them from what amounts to a minor inconvenience so far.

  • trumptards must die
    trumptards must die

    Umm maybe it's because of shortages of workers?

  • Kindra Martinenko
    Kindra Martinenko

    This should make one think seriously about if this pandemic was truly an accident or intentional biological warfare by the CCP. I don't think the car industry is to blame. Lol.

  • Steven W
    Steven W

    It's too bad in this critical time we have such poor leadership with Biden. Most likely he will be doing the opposite of what needs to be done. As common sense approaches would be too Trump like so that's out.

    • Cilly Honey
      Cilly Honey

      This bait tastes terrible.

  • Alan Tasman
    Alan Tasman

    Without the Chicom Flu scamdemic...foisted on the US by the Chicoms and marxist Democrats to prevent the re-election of President Trump to the US Presidency, all of this would be a mute argument. So in reality...Covid-19, the Wuhan Virus or Chicom Flu...call it what you will, and calculated government over-reactions to it are responsible for global supply chain interruptions and therefore shortages. To blame all this on Just In Time efficiencies is ludicrous. JIT has for half a century been of real benefit to advanced economies as repeatedly documented by economists. Finally, this whole mess is the result of a political gamble taken by our "politicians" in which Americans and the rest of the world economy lost. Sweden, for example invoked no lock-downs and weathered Covid without the massive deaths our chicken little politicians said would happen. There may be those that will challenge me about calling this a scamdemic but CDC themselves documents show that of those deaths related to the Chicom flu deaths, only 6% died exclusively from Covid-19 (which is less than most flu seasons)... the other 94% others had other health issues. Source: nbc-2.com/news/2020/08/31/cdc-report-shows-94-of-covid-19-deaths-in-u-s-had-contributing-conditions/

  • Boyd Gilbreath
    Boyd Gilbreath

    Not to mention that increasing prices four times over with an excuse is right up the alley for the rich and big business!

  • Chris Langstaff
    Chris Langstaff

    Lousy Janurary weather

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo Doe

    "Plastic resin can cope with disruption", apparently resin for polystyrene plastics is in short supply because a key chemical was mostly made at a single market dominant factory that has now been disrupted. Redundancy of suppliers doesn't work if they all buy a component from the same effective monopoly a few steps further back in the supply chain. Which is why anti-monopoly precautions must be enforced at all levels of the economy to preserve resilience at the macro level.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe

      @TeaParty1776 Nonsense trolling by someone completely consumed by the false arguments used by true monopoists seeking to become the new Rockefeller or JPMorgan. Essentially creating private dictatorships where no independent thought other than their own is allowed in some global part of society. A full monopolist makes himself the king of a product category so nobody can buy, sell or work without obeying him. Besides that destruction of freedom, I was pointing out the danger to the entire rest of society if such a monopoly suffers a random calamity where society needs to switch to an alternative supplier, but they have all been destroyed to boost the interest of the now failed monopoly.

    • TeaParty1776

      In capitalism, mans independent mind always provides potential and actual alternatives. In statism, independent minds are illegal.