Build your own portable POWER STATION (1200w, USB-C and MORE!)
In this video we'll be building a SUPER POWERFUL battery station! Also, regarding Private Internet Access, visit to get their service for less than $3 a month and 3 extra months for free!

Battery cells (UK/EU):

BMS Choice 1 (expensive but cool):

BMS Choice 2 (cheaper but still cool):

BMS Choice 3 (probably good but not tested myself, make sure it matches battery type like Li-ion vs Lifepo4):

Lithium Chargers (UK/EU):

Lithium Chargers (US):

Deans connectors:

60v step down regulators (200w):

Threaded inserts:

Nylon bolts:

Power meter:

USB power board (awesome):

USB-C car charger (90w!):

Battery spot welder:

  • DIY Perks
    DIY Perks

    Leave any questions here and I'll answer with an FAQ edit to this pin! Also don't forget to check out this video's sponsor - Private Internet Access:

    • What's happened here?
      What's happened here?

      Any chance of getting a wiring diagram or instructions so it is a bit easier to see what components go where? I've got a good idea but it is always handy to have a schematic to check against before its first use.

    • JPMitreN

      How about build your own DIY hard drive enclosure 2.5” and 3.5”? Massive enclosure or multiple hard drives enclosure??

    • Amaurys Figueroa
      Amaurys Figueroa

      Hey, I little business prop would be to develop these as Saving packs for EVs (Electric Vehicles). "Never run out of juice" What do you think?

    • Alec Marshall
      Alec Marshall

      Someone else probably already said it but a few great alternatives to the dean connector solution would be XT90 connectors, medium sized powerpoles, and potentially a medium sized SMH connector. They would have only one correct orientation, but you wouldn't have to make custom connectors for everything you want to attach to it in the future, just crimp/solder and go :)


      I looked for pure nickel strip on amazon but a lot of them have reviews that say it is really nickel plated steel. Where can i get pure nickel strips?

  • Tarang Kamble
    Tarang Kamble

    Can you add a solar panel charger to it?

  • Vatsal Shukla
    Vatsal Shukla

    Lots of love from India 🇮🇳. You are awesome....

  • Ted Zeiger
    Ted Zeiger

    Who uses a knife on their spaghetti? Honestly!

  • Abdullrahman Alghamdi
    Abdullrahman Alghamdi

    Yeah, i am an Arab you see. if anyone see me holding or even building that nobody is gonna believe it is a battery so they will send me away where the sun never shine

  • FullyCrafted

    If the battery pack is around 1500W and it outputs that to the step down regulators can they handle that? Or does the BMS regulate the wattage it outputs?

  • Ali Aouda
    Ali Aouda

    This man is the pure definition of safety and dedication

  • informative blogs
    informative blogs

    Excellent work i love ot ☺️💖💖💖💖 can i get this plzzzzzz..

  • Nelvengun

    I don't know man, I feel like watching minecraft tutorial but for real life application. Nice one btw.

  • james hulk
    james hulk

    So when are you going to sell these things lol

  • robo-suport_cz robofactory
    robo-suport_cz robofactory

    man i cant wait for the new batteries, a battery with similar characteristics could have been made way smaller and lighter... shame those are years away...

  • Alex Mint
    Alex Mint

    I really want a 4kWh one because it's enough to power a documentarymobile camper for a day. Or an e-bike for literally like 200 miles.

  • Mat Bee
    Mat Bee

    How are you planning on charging it?

  • Mat Bee
    Mat Bee

    "oh nice I can do this... and this.. and this.. and...? okay... well.. OH A COMPLETE CUSTOM ALUMINUM CASE OKAY"

  • Buiz

    This has been in my wishlist for quite some time now with the added twist of having the inverter inside of the build

  • Rag Na
    Rag Na


  • V. Gedace
    V. Gedace

    Where to buy? How much $? Kickstarter!

  • hùng nguyễn
    hùng nguyễn

    Have to say you youtube channel so cool very useful ^^

  • Justin Han
    Justin Han

    Really high quality build. My only issue is that a build like this kinda defeats the purpose of diy. The amount of money spent on the new cells, the top of the mark bms and the overkill safety measures, along with the cost of the inverter would go into the 4 figures. With that amount, you could just buy a battery power station like the bluetti. But other than that, really top notch!

    • Kristopher Blakeley
      Kristopher Blakeley

      The bluetti EB150 is the most comparable unit, only has 45w PD output, rather than 95. It's a good option, but it does not meet all the same specs this does. Plus with this you get to say you made it.

    • Angry Avocado Assassin
      Angry Avocado Assassin

      He did say that this project was meant to be scaled to your use. The amount of power in this project is overkill for most uses.

  • apostolis anastasiou
    apostolis anastasiou

    I love your content, but ... can we skip all this VPN misinformation? As a Software Engineer I find it kinda unethical ... to spread such misinformation to the public. VPN are not to protect you from fingerprinting and websites knowing who you are. That is already done from you simply signing in and using any account! Simply by using your google account to login to youtube or gmail or any google service you've already exposed yourself everywhere. Or facebook account. Any kind of account! For anyone who really wanna investigate more ... Here's Tom Scott doing a brilliant job at explaining it You can tell the legit reasons why you would need a VPN that are both true and reasons people actually really mostly care about. Like watching Netflix from another countries, Hulu, or other country-locked services. Instead of spreading ... lies. Kinda dramatic word but you're technically doing exactly that. We're all responsible for not spreading misinformation, we can't just blame everyone else but when we do it "we're innocent" and downplay it. Love your content. Wonderful job with the battery! Keep it going!

  • leon strauss
    leon strauss

    nice vid, what was the overall cost in £s, excluding labour , please?

  • JPMitreN

    How about build your own DIY hard drive enclosure 2.5” and 3.5”? Massive enclosure or multiple hard drives enclosure??

  • Amancio Jr. Ramos
    Amancio Jr. Ramos

    wow, thank you for this. im planning on building a portable solar generator like this.

  • Ramona Mattioni
    Ramona Mattioni

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  • Luca __
    Luca __

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  • Sordy GR
    Sordy GR

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  • Any Body
    Any Body

    You are still one of the nicest guys I have never met.

  • King Sora
    King Sora

    While this is great, it started off DIY. Then it went full mode professional. Each off screen edit, a new professionally fabricated piece was added.

  • DUKE-C

    How about putting some solar cells by the side

  • Sagar Parmar
    Sagar Parmar

    Hey Matt. Great video 😊.

  • Borna Šitum Nagy
    Borna Šitum Nagy

    When do we get a video about DIY portable nuclear reactor?

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    this guy is a genius :P

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    Mircea Vlad Burac

    I'm afraid for when this man will start making DIY Nuclear projects. Flying cars and Time Machines shouldn't be that far off either. And they'll be silent and made to look like furniture or objects that can blend into their surroundings 😂😃

  • Luke Bell
    Luke Bell

    Lovely video. My only gripe is why wouldn't you use an XT90 instead of those Deans pins? 😫

  • Voice Of Insight
    Voice Of Insight

    Man, I've seen a lot of power pack builds but this takes #1 spot, the build quality of that pack is off the scale. I'm really impressed, btw who are those disliking this video?

  • Aftab Garcia
    Aftab Garcia

    So satisfying

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

    The obsequious seeder phytogeographically tame because television substantially undress pace a swift chronometer. statuesque, fluttering earth

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    Neo Anderson

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  • Andriev Bastichy
    Andriev Bastichy

    DiYperks should just make em and we buy lol! :D id want it for the emergencies.. like storms..

  • eric peacock
    eric peacock

    When the zombie apocalypse happens, I want this guy in my survivor group.

  • Mayron Kashowsky
    Mayron Kashowsky


  • NotYourAvgSteve

    "1200w, enough to play on a console, fast charge a Phone and laptop and power multiple lights with headroom!" AKA enough power to power one 3090 PC with a bit of headroom

  • Arya Tabs
    Arya Tabs

    During a zombie outbreak I will choose him as the Leader....can keep a homestead running secured with all the missing amenities miniatured into DIY mini modules. Leader 🥺

  • Mayank Gupta
    Mayank Gupta

    This guy is GENIUS

  • Chey [REDACTED]
    Chey [REDACTED]

    my entire hybrid car has less powerful batteries lmao

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  • Muhammad Shahzeb
    Muhammad Shahzeb

    Can you make an electric bike with these cells?I wonder what else we can do with that much power and how many milage we can get out of it.

  • Vahid Najafi
    Vahid Najafi

    May I ask you about the Laptop brand you used in this video? Thanks in advance.

  • Sup_USA

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  • Zoltar

    Can this be used as UPS (used while charged)?

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    Mathew Orson

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  • Alpesh Patel
    Alpesh Patel


  • study account
    study account

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  • Blitzy

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  • lavix5

    why add complexity and create 50V battery pack, when you're not using 50V?

  • ChocoStream

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  • Alvera Bliss
    Alvera Bliss

    Is it just me, or is setting the device that regulates if your brick of cells is going to explode into flames or not able to be accessed remotely a bit of an unnecessary risk?

  • Shiva Reddy
    Shiva Reddy

    How to make elgato


    I count 86 batteries, not 84.

  • ThyerHazard

    You need to make a portable solar charging system to go along with it, Maybe a thermal charger for a camp fire as well?

  • fellpower

    Your soldering skills as bad as your ideas are great....

  • Ivan G-S
    Ivan G-S

    Good to see you using a decent inverter and not being caught by the fake cheap ones

  • Eshan Playz
    Eshan Playz

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  • zapole

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    Alex Mckim

    okay so the batteries cost about 400$ and for a backup battery similar to this is about 500$ and the 500$ supports solar panels (not included though) seems like a lot of safety risk and time for 100$

  • Mark Conger
    Mark Conger

    Yeah, a great project but I’d never attempt it. A bit too dangerous if I screw up. Though it sure beats paying $1,500 for a Bluetti. Hmmm... where’s my credit card.

  • Blotted

    Ive always wanted something like this and I know they exist online but theyre soo expensive. I just went the route of buying a small generator that does the same stuff at 1/3 the cost. I know their is a crap ton of better uses for a giant battery bank like this though. Great or doing everything a generator can do without the noise and limits. I wouldnt watch movies on my laptop at while camping with a damn generator but I would definitely need all the extra power from a power station. Theyre pretty awesome but again, super expensive and most the time they're some chinese brand that you dont know is decent or not. If anyone has any suggestions to something specific to what's built on here that's a decent deal and product let me know

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    Von Mitchell

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  • P3nguinDarknes5

    My welds are hit/miss. Ive tried a range of voltages/currents, with and w/o pulse - but can never finish a pack w/o having to reweld a third of the cells. I noticed your electrode tips are flat, my electrodes have rounded points. Should I be using flat tips?

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    Consider making a waterproof version of this, for a DIY electric bicycle.

    • expunge

      that be way to heavy tho

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    6:44 but how would you check variance within the rows? because the folded tabs can only be used to check the entire row, right? What if a battery within a row for some reason gets out of line with the rest of the row?

  • Adam Nickels
    Adam Nickels

    He's great at explaining the process.

  • DJ Founten
    DJ Founten

    Definitely a DIY project i have to try before my road trip to FL. I could probably use it to DJ as well. Great job..

  • Paulo Rodrigues
    Paulo Rodrigues

    heyy!! Can you build me one of those? How musch does it cost?

  • Piotr K
    Piotr K

    Hey. @DIY Perks, have you seen the guy who made his own, DIY "Powerwall" in the US? He powers it with solar and managed to get completely off-grid with it. Better yet, he uses recycled cells - taken mostly out of used laptops, cause it seems that a "broken" laptop battery, usually has only one or two broken cells inside, while the rest works with no problems. Would you ever consider something like that?

  • wanted ai
    wanted ai

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  • Damon Medek
    Damon Medek

    This is next level DIY. Great video, this stuff takes weeks of research to even put together a video like this. I'm currently running a goal zero brand portable battery. I'm planning on a battery setup for my bus and this was very helpful information. 1000ah LiFePO4 setup with 1000watts on the roof. No easy feat, but way cheaper to DIY.

  • James A
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  • ac19189

    This project is super cool but would it be possible to make more than one and chain them together for extended time or would voltage become an issue?

  • Tony Harlan
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    Patent this, get someone to make them, and you will sell thousands of them.

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  • rumblfmp

    Very nice battery pack 9:50 you are not only electrically insulating the contacts but you are also thermally insulating the battery pack. This means that any heat that develops in the battery is not able to leave the pack as well as it should. High energy packs are often lined with special silicone like material that directly attach to the metal case or even a heat sink. Especially when delivering high power over longer times it is very important to do this. Also, make sure there are a few temperature sensors to the BMS such that the BMS can switch off the battery when the temperature rises too fast or gets too high. As a safety warning: never ever suggest that people use old or refurbished cells to create battery packs with multiple cells, especially when those cells are placed in parallel. Any two cells that are placed in parallel will charge/discharge each other when these do not match. Not only the battery voltage but also the cell's capacity and internal resistance are very important. If these are too far out of alignment, the better cell will start charging the other cell(s) with uncontrolled/unlimited current (or as much as the better cell or cells can deliver). The cells you use can deliver up to 45 A per cell (not 30 A as stated by fogstar) when short circuited. So if one of these cells fails, you have a possible fire hazard. To prevent this happening, the BMS monitors the batteries over their life time and the BMS will shut down (and refuse to charge or discharge) the pack. The BMS will/should also monitor the temperature of the battery and with a large pack like this, there should be multiple temperature sensors on different places in the pack and with a pack like this I prefer to use 2, or even better 3, sensors. Note that even most electronics engineers have no clue on the use and care for rechargeable lithium cells. I have been working on multiple types of rechargeable technologies and have designed and built BMS systems on and off for the last 20 years. I know enough about Li-Ion, LiPo and LiFePo to know that I am not an expert on this ... When making a large pack with parallel cells, I would stay away from the BMS you mentioned in choice 2 and 3 (the "Small Daly BMS"). I base this on the label on the product that shows the text "with balance". The "M" in BMS stands for "Management" and that involves not just balancing but also monitoring the state of charge, temperature and capacity delivered over all charging cycles. As soon as this suddenly changes, the BMS must warn the user, at least by disabling the battery pack. If a manufacturer feels the need to specifically note balancing on the label this suggests to me that this might most likely just be a protection circuit with balancing. These protection circuits do not contain any electronics to "manage" large battery packs. The TinyBMS is the only sensible choice for this pack; it monitors voltage and current of each cell stage, monitors SOC, keeps track of number of charge/discharge cycles, starting capacity, last cycle's capacity and I think it will even show you the "health state" or "age" of the battery which predicts when your battery will fail. The TinyBMS also uses the temperature sensors to prevent charging when the battery is too cold. Future firmware updates might even contain a special features that start pulse-charging or slow charging when cold and only switch to full current when the battery is up to temperature. About "refurbished" batteries: Refurbished cells are a myth, these are just old cells recovered from a pack where other cells have proven to be faulty. Never ever combine those old cells to create a parallel pack because you do not get any clue on the age or life expectancy of such cells. You can buy things like "refurbished" E-bike batteries. Those contain NEW cells that are placed in the old housing with the existing BMS. The BMS is reset in order to keep track of the new cells states like current capacity and pack age. Such refurbished packs are as good as new ones from the factory. Some brands will even recycle BMS systems themselves, they have a system where a dealer gets a discount on a new battery when returning the old one.

  • Erik Perez
    Erik Perez

    he looks like hes about to tell you something funny that he just learned hahah i love this channel its very informative and i learned alot thanks !!!

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