Balan Wonderworld
Move over Mario.
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  • Yunior "Fenris" Guerra
    Yunior "Fenris" Guerra

    Well, that was a ride...

  • Crazy Guy
    Crazy Guy

    I can't bro, I struggled to watch this video man, seriously.

  • Panth Bucket
    Panth Bucket

    Dunky was rendered speechless during the farmer dance, I’ve never seen that

  • Crab Coconut
    Crab Coconut


  • Maxine Loveman
    Maxine Loveman

    When I'm feeling suicidal, watch one of the dance numbers in Balan Wonderworld. It doesn't make me feel better, mind you, it just confuses me so much that I forget I want to die.

  • GalaxyWaffle

    It’s kinda disgusting on how much people hate this game when they didn’t even give it a chance like most people only play it for five minutes and are like “THIS GAME SUCKS” and this is coming from a person who actually likes the game so please give games a chance

  • Spark_Zero

    i told everyone this would flop in testing and no one believed me

  • Psychic Jellyfish
    Psychic Jellyfish

    Imagine Balan Wonderwall existing and being the way that it is when Skylanders existed. They’re both games for kids with a premise built on a large number of Playable characters, but Skylanders actually affords a layer of complexity that makes its characters fun to control, while still not alienating its child audience. It’s proof that the concept of making a game for children doesn’t mean it has to be mind numbingly easy, but Balan Wonderbread just doesn’t get it.

  • NonRandomUser

    I thought Balan was an indie game this entire time. Imagine my confusion when I saw Yuji Naka and Square-Enix attached to the final product.

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi

    *"OH MY GOD IT'S BOX FOX!"* Out of the whole video why is this the funniest bit to me?

  • T Ray
    T Ray


  • MelRein H
    MelRein H

    The dance animations are just so... uncanny to me.

  • Male MUTO
    Male MUTO

    Its bad but the hat guy is cool

  • Uncle Ren
    Uncle Ren

    In short, this game is shit.

  • HAL 9000
    HAL 9000

    This game might just be fun on LSD.

  • SonicLeftUs

    It's like sonic 06 but more cringe

  • Rafikator

    I like seeing square Enix fail I'll be honest

  • BukovTervicz

    Box Fox, activate your Box Mode whenever it's convenient for you

  • GrayRodent

    I honestly felt physical pain when the Hydrant power let you walk through lava and then suddenly the lava solidifies itself. One thing is to have a useless skill. Another one is having a perfectly useable mechanic and then taking away the reason to use it. Like going to a pool trampoline and getting down using the stairs instead of jumping like a twat. Wtf.

  • SluggzG8

    Farmers name is Sneed.

  • Aden Siebel
    Aden Siebel

    This is in no way a good game but boy am I happy it exists

  • Hayden Aiello
    Hayden Aiello

    why do the sprites look like they are modded characters in gta 5

  • Cody _greenlight
    Cody _greenlight

    Balan is just hol horse from Boingos book.

  • Cody _greenlight
    Cody _greenlight

    The trailer was so good doe

  • Phenomalix008

    That dance scene had a bigger budget than the rest of the game combined. And the dance scene wasn't even that good.

  • 江城银

    This is a game with the lesson of work-life balance that’s made in Japan. Does anyone sense some degree of irony here?

  • Rockstep

    06:53 Why is there a massive black man in the background?

  • Luka Vujić
    Luka Vujić

    honestly this game feels like it's just an elaborate shitpost

  • Zzues

    So many Wonderous adventures!

  • Jo Reven
    Jo Reven

    I liked it better when the wolf boss T-Posed with a smirk to assert his dominance.

  • branson wiley
    branson wiley

    Oh so this is one of those good video games

  • Freddy Fungi
    Freddy Fungi

    Finish game or else u can not call it bad.

    • ¿kiWi?

      Its fucking terrible

  • Blag Cog
    Blag Cog

    I swear this game is made for toddlers.

  • privacy please
    privacy please

    the dance scenes are strangely erotic

  • Trash☁︎h0pesシ︎

    We can all mutually agree that this is werid af

  • Foxtrot924

    that was and abortion in a game box

  • Zack Tobiah
    Zack Tobiah

    Your comment at the end "This game costs 60 dollars" Absolutely killed me. I enjoyed watching this so much

  • X_HolyTemplar_ X
    X_HolyTemplar_ X

    It seems that this is the new strand type game

  • Angry Turtle
    Angry Turtle

    4:49 ????:D

  • Grayden Taylor
    Grayden Taylor

    Having read that they wanted the game to be themed around musical theater (I have not played or looked up the actual story because this is a garbage fire) I think the little dances with the costume characters is a really cute idea. That said, that's about the only thing I've found in this game to be remotely impressive


    This game is awful

  • Boop Snoot
    Boop Snoot

    Now this is pod racing!

  • magnum32b

    Came here to see what the game looks like after Yatzee's Zero Punctuation review. I regret this decision. I feel bad for the people who made the music. They're all clearly talented singers/musicians/composer(s). It's a shame their efforts were wasted on a bootleg Mario game.

  • Simple-Commentator-not-really

    This game is like the result of a child being just told what Alice in Wonderland is about and with only basic comprehension of what games are supposed to be about creates A game with effort going only as far as "It looks nice enough, just praise me for it, I don't care if you actually play it!"

  • Dillon Haynes
    Dillon Haynes

    4:48 for anyone that only has 5 seconds to see how good this game is.

  • Mr. Pavone
    Mr. Pavone

    Is that a French lady singing in Japanese during that farmer dance?

  • RatafakTehPlachta

    its like they fine tuned every power up in this game to fall just short out of whatever goal you strive to achieve next. genius

  • Bar Rag
    Bar Rag

    it's like they looked at mario odyssey or hat in time and said "let's make that, but *more* kid friendly," and then aomwhere along the way someone who makes animated baby shows got involved and said "Let's also have bright colors, a barely coherent stories with morals and dancing too!"

  • RatafakTehPlachta

    hey dunko, u should do an ULTRAKILL or DUSK review

  • Naru

    Man had more fun laughing at how bad this is than playing the actual game

  • Aaron Watanabe
    Aaron Watanabe

    This game was so bad that it's not even worth being made a video on in 720p

  • FanmaR

    What language even is this, I don't recognise it at all

  • MaxxPaynne007

    If dunkey wasn't commentating I would've legit confused this for a youtube kids video

  • LimeWire

    If you're one of the 5000 remaining FF14 players, you have this game to blame for your upcoming expansion's reduced budget


    the fucking songs sound like theyre speaking simlish


    i feel this game genuinly should not exist


    does any body notice that the farmer is an absolute soylord with that non-existant chin


    2021 and 480p, wtf?

  • Waka Maka
    Waka Maka

    someone give Kojima some cream for that fucking sick Burn! XD 08:05

  • Ahhhihuhhehoooh

    My god i didn't think it was THAT bad, guess i truly didn't know lmao

  • Michael P
    Michael P


  • Daniel Carnes
    Daniel Carnes

    Did an AI SYSTEM create this game???

  • MultiGhettogangster

    I miss dunkey daily uploads.... he's changed so much ever since he got famous =( bring back among us Tuesdays

  • Australian Bucket
    Australian Bucket

    Honestly, they should've just made a nights game instead of this rubbish.

  • アークモーン

    Square Enix are publishing a lot of garbage lately. This Mario clone and their Destiny clone are aweful.

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Yeah, hoping they won't fuck up the next dragon quest

  • JhongYT

    I sometimes forget that this is made by Square Enix, the same company that made beloved series like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Dragon quest is better than kingdom hearts, fact

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill

    This looks like if the Croc: Legend of the Gobbos developer was given the chance to make an N64 3D Kirby game that wasn't revealed until 2007, switched developers four times and then released in 2021.

  • Darth ball
    Darth ball

    How far square fell

  • Dangerous Fuzz
    Dangerous Fuzz

    Am... Am I high?

  • Suburban Octopus
    Suburban Octopus

    Every time you think you’ve reached the peak of insanity, there’s something else.

  • Pooh Bear
    Pooh Bear

    Bell end wonderland

  • Das CJ
    Das CJ

    Shenmue 3 isn't that bad of a game

  • RaRaRasputin

    Balan Blunderland.

  • Bloody Air
    Bloody Air

    The only good thing about this game is the soundtrack Everything else is garbage

  • bracoyote96

    When the dance section began I was actually wondering if that really was part of the game or Dunkey hired an animator to make that.

  • Аюр Раднаев
    Аюр Раднаев

    If you read the book and unlocked song with actual words in the game, everything would make sense.

  • Master Lion
    Master Lion

    That kid in the game is creepy looking

  • thejoker

    So donkey like Fort minor, hell yeah.

  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford

    Bulldozer costume is big chungus with a discount Ironman suit change my mind

  • dunbee

    This shit would be a best seller if they made it a Sonic game.

  • doomguy69

    Mind you, square enix helped produce fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.

  • pure cinnamon roll
    pure cinnamon roll

    why is this only in 480p

  • Cody _greenlight
    Cody _greenlight


    • Cody _greenlight
      Cody _greenlight


    • Cody _greenlight
      Cody _greenlight


    • Cody _greenlight
      Cody _greenlight


    • Cody _greenlight
      Cody _greenlight


    • Cody _greenlight
      Cody _greenlight


  • Not A Cheese Sandwich
    Not A Cheese Sandwich

    When you realize you can buy Hollow Knight, Undertale and Celeste for cheaper than Balan Wonderland.

  • GristleLicker

    Those dance sequences with singing in gibberish killed me

  • Chris DeJong
    Chris DeJong

    My guy didn't even waste bandwidth uploading this video.

  • E. H.
    E. H.

    This is the Bootleg version of Mario Odyssey; how does this game exist?

  • Pixels & Creatures
    Pixels & Creatures

    Watching this game made me sterile

  • Zac Iorfida-Costanzo
    Zac Iorfida-Costanzo

    why does the main character straight up look like a splatoon avatar

  • Just Jams
    Just Jams

    I love the over exagerrated button presses you hear when he does QTE's

  • Pablo Vela
    Pablo Vela the farmer god?

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    Daaaamn a studio actually had to work on this

  • tafgar

    We're gonna play banjo tooie now, made me spit on the floor

  • rjd1922

    The Fox Box is a strong contender for the worst power-up in video game history. It makes Mario's Frog Suit and Spring Mushroom look OP.

  • Son Rykon
    Son Rykon

    The dancing is like killer beans. But shit

  • Kaleb Breland
    Kaleb Breland

    This game costs 60 dollars...


      no fucking way

  • kingamer123

    This game is so bad that it could only be uploaded to ISnets at a maximum of 480p resolution

  • Louiepikmin3

    5:12 So that's what happened to skylanders

  • ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation
    ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation

    Square Enix: Can I copy your homework Nintendo: Sure, just don’t make it too close Square Enix:

  • ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation
    ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation

    I like how the highest resolution is 480p just to show how garbage the game is


      and the game looked like normal graphics in 480p