What I Got From 18 Prime Icon Packs
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  • Henrik Syrstad Eide
    Henrik Syrstad Eide

    Im from Norway, nicknamed panda on many games. But the Norwegian panda in this vid aint me. If you’re in the comments, hey panda🐼

  • sumya dul
    sumya dul

    I got Prime Moments Ronaldinho from a 500 assists reward

  • Techasing Chusing
    Techasing Chusing


  • Zois Kanellopoulos
    Zois Kanellopoulos

    No nakata

  • Poyraz Coşkunsu
    Poyraz Coşkunsu

    EA just love giving nakata’s.

  • Gordojorge

    Bro can someone pls explain why the fuck does prime Roberto Carlos have 83 shooting like werner's normal card has 85 and man cant even score on the goal line like bro this is disrespectful to a legend like Roberto is

  • More str _ swift
    More str _ swift


  • Jenshinmangekyou_ Weeb
    Jenshinmangekyou_ Weeb

    Ayy minimiter I’m opening my first prime icon pack ever on my bday aka in 2 days would appreciate if u could open it for me

  • Josh Rodrigues
    Josh Rodrigues

    Packed Nesta fml

  • Joe h
    Joe h

    I got prime maradona yesterday🤣

  • C - P
    C - P


  • Gurkamalpreet Buttar
    Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    I got Pirlo can people share their feelings

  • HoopDrip Productions
    HoopDrip Productions

    13:36: I need coins 2,136,262 coins: Am I a joke to you

  • Jovanny Martinez
    Jovanny Martinez

    talia fit asf mate

  • Adam Korsfeldt
    Adam Korsfeldt

    Well, i got 98 pele in a icon pack. ;)

  • A. gaming
    A. gaming

    well do you want to know what I packed?! I packed fkng vieri. One like is one condolence.

  • Pro Ballers
    Pro Ballers

    How do you get him to open one of your packs??

  • slickyfn_

    Love how he wrote 18 and not 20

  • Lior Schlosburg
    Lior Schlosburg

    After the first two packs Danny Aarons must be screaming

  • JanuMeza

    Mfs who have 2 million coins: open the pack I need more coins Ppl like me: I got 100k on fifa I’m rich 🤑😭😂

  • Football Memes shorts
    Football Memes shorts

    I ventured all icon pack opening but I didn’t see this Nikata

  • Rayne North
    Rayne North


  • David Fosh
    David Fosh

    Do 11 icon packs and use them in champs until you get a win could be good content I guess

  • Pranav Chopra
    Pranav Chopra

    Which club do u support miniminter,btw yr videos are awesome

    • Pranav Chopra
      Pranav Chopra

      @Joseph Bellamyok

    • Joseph Bellamy
      Joseph Bellamy


  • Maarten Poel
    Maarten Poel

    I was praying for a decent defender and got prime Koeman. He bangs in free kicks for breakfast

  • Martin Pattinson
    Martin Pattinson

    Quick question. Why does Simon pretend to open the packs other people are opening? I’d prefer it if he just commentated on it like he is without the act 😂😂


    I opened my prime icon pack to get van basten 93 😩😩

  • Pop Liviu Traian
    Pop Liviu Traian

    Can i pack Talia one my pack?😁

  • Playzgamez9

    Great video

  • H12 Cxerti
    H12 Cxerti

    13:40 “I need coins” while having 2.1 million 😂

  • Charlieoncrvgk #notoRacism
    Charlieoncrvgk #notoRacism


  • HZO gamer
    HZO gamer

    Simon have ps5 but he stil play ps4 😂

  • Yankboi

    2:37 how many FIFAs?

  • jaqub2912

    The stod in Norway

  • Maxwell S 2028
    Maxwell S 2028

    Do a zidane to glory

    • Joseph Bellamy
      Joseph Bellamy

      He already has. Search Zidane zone if you want to watch it

  • Saffon Beast55
    Saffon Beast55

    Remember back in the day when you would scream over an 80 rated IF

    • Adam stevenson
      Adam stevenson

      @mps nice😉

    • mps

      yeah once i screamed over a 69

  • Pepijn Van dijk
    Pepijn Van dijk

    Tumbnail: prime icon moments Titel: prime icon packs 1st pack of the video: mid icon Me: something aint adding up here

  • Alexander McNamara
    Alexander McNamara

    Do a pack opening change against Talia

  • Alexander Darby
    Alexander Darby

    I got cruyff

  • Fade Away
    Fade Away

    the only gullit cam is his base

  • Artie Lucke
    Artie Lucke


  • Chris Maguire
    Chris Maguire

    i’ve got mid drogba he’s ok but not great

  • Dajahn Laing
    Dajahn Laing


  • Timmy Tsirtsakis
    Timmy Tsirtsakis

    painfully obvious he’s out of touch with fifa 21 :(

  • YoSrY

    Why i stopped playing this donny game? Ok i i made icon swaps Base icon and got nakata 85. Then i opened a sbc base icon and got pep 85. I said maybe i get something better next time. Couple weeks later i opened a sbc mid icon and got pep 86. Then i got a mid icon pack and opened it and got nakata 86. Are. U mad fifa? 😡😡🤬 I ended up deleting fifa from my ps5 and give fifa up for the next couple years. Thanks fifa

  • Fin Greening
    Fin Greening

    Good vid👍

  • ethoro08

    Wonder if that first guy is a united fan

  • Dion Mole
    Dion Mole

    Hey Simon what platform do you stream on cos I would love to watch your streams

    • Dion Mole
      Dion Mole

      @Retro Meg thanks

    • Retro Meg
      Retro Meg


  • WoodyMovies

    ‘It’s not moments’: The thumbnail: Allow my to introduce myself.

  • Raditya Yudianto
    Raditya Yudianto

    our 20 minutes were robbed are worse than ribery on 2013 mate

  • Ross Baillie
    Ross Baillie

    I don’t know how many icon pack openings I have seen and I have never seen that Nakata.

  • Mist Kryptic
    Mist Kryptic

    me getting nakata

  • Shrewsbury lads
    Shrewsbury lads

    I got fucking pires

  • Sambambino

    I got drogba from my pack and he’s hella clunky

  • Jad Abdallah
    Jad Abdallah

    Mate I think you posted on the wrong channel

  • Jack kruk stani
    Jack kruk stani

    I was the one who got schmeivhel😢

  • Liibzz _
    Liibzz _

    Thumbnail thought he bhought players from ea 😂😂

  • Matthew Banks
    Matthew Banks

    Has anyone tried Moments Rivaldo? His weak foot and balance/strength were bad for me.

  • James Redfern
    James Redfern

    In my first icon pack I got prime Zidane. It was this evening.

  • xXJoe Swanson69Xx
    xXJoe Swanson69Xx

    I instantly know you’re a meta rat who only uses mendy varane if you think nakata is bad

  • Ebebebe Dedede
    Ebebebe Dedede

    Better than harrys thumbnails

  • Marcela Quintanilla
    Marcela Quintanilla

    Hey anyone I am doing a project of Nakata for school any suggestions

  • eoin Rooney
    eoin Rooney

    I knew he was gonna get nakata

  • Mr.Chill’s Life
    Mr.Chill’s Life

    I got Nakata also!!

    • Georgios Demetriou
      Georgios Demetriou


  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali


  • carl ward
    carl ward

    My face when she said upside down on the bean bag was he special place lmaoo 😏

  • Billy McGunner
    Billy McGunner

    I got prime Henry from my prime icon pack

  • Frostbyte

    Ellum this is your fault lad

  • Oliver Stretch
    Oliver Stretch

    I got trezeguet and deleted the game

  • Marnie Blackwell
    Marnie Blackwell

    Who else gets annoyed when ISnetsrs say they are opening prime icon packs and they put moments cards on the thumbnail 😂

  • Moto TV E
    Moto TV E

    12:00 if she would've stayed for a 30 minutes video opening Packs wound be the most funniest thing ever. It would go viral hahhaa. Would've been sooo cool

  • Henro _hadders
    Henro _hadders

    Talia sus

  • Hashaam

    If you guys wanna see good icon packs watch Twosync

  • Sad Niggas
    Sad Niggas

    Simon should do a challenge to call talia “baby” all the time and see how she would react😂

    • Momealhaj04

      Down bad

  • Jenny Troiano
    Jenny Troiano

    Ringo balingo bomnardo, that is all english

  • Atomic Llama
    Atomic Llama

    Danny Aronns would be buzzing with nakatas

  • Adam Cupido
    Adam Cupido

    18 icon packs and the best was Roberto Carlos fifa is ded in the water man

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill

    First guy was hundred percent gay

  • kronicMathsDebater

    Title: prime icons Thumbnail: prime icon moments

  • Fede Wesley
    Fede Wesley

    the disrespect to Marco Van Basten...This is why i dont like pack openings. I couldnt stand to frown at van basten😂😂 i just couldnt

  • AB7 Fifa
    AB7 Fifa

    I opened 1 and got king Kenny dalglish!

  • RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
    RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS

    Love You Simon loving the pack openings :D

  • Dulla NUFC
    Dulla NUFC

    My respect for u went up after your reaction to getting Saint-Maximin

    • SouR xBearZx
      SouR xBearZx

      Lmao who tf cares

  • Κωστας Μενης
    Κωστας Μενης

    just stop making videos if you dont feel it.Like, you seem so hyped for everyone you packed without even khow if is good just for the views pls just stop and make videos because you want

  • Rostam Alanson
    Rostam Alanson

    He didn’t include when I subbed to him :(

  • Edward Doyle
    Edward Doyle

    Omggg he got nakata. Now that’s a good thumbnail

  • Conor

    I got the man, the myth, the legend, ROY KEANE 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach


  • OnlyOne

    You can tell the pack is rigged when there's 2 nakatas in 1 pack opening

  • Zakariya Rahman
    Zakariya Rahman

    Talia's a fitty, pass it on

  • Maya Menon
    Maya Menon

    yes ladder

  • Prayash Ranjan Mallick
    Prayash Ranjan Mallick

    When is your next PES video coming' out??

    • Liam Gilmour
      Liam Gilmour

      Love the pes vids

  • Niall Mcardle
    Niall Mcardle


  • sky nate
    sky nate

    i have seen this before on a different website 11:55

  • Phil


  • jim lamas
    jim lamas

    Does Harry edits Simon's thumbnails?

    • Jun Man Lee
      Jun Man Lee


  • Alexcojo07 YT
    Alexcojo07 YT

    Title: What i got from 18 icon packs Thumbnail: All moments icons me: 🤨

  • I'm legit subing to everyone who subzzto mi
    I'm legit subing to everyone who subzzto mi

    "Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment💖💖💖

  • nathan YT
    nathan YT

    He got the icons cuz he supports man u

  • Anita Klūga
    Anita Klūga


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