The Most Annoying Video on the Internet
Full Video:
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  • Adriyan Anchev
    Adriyan Anchev

    The last three people are the type of people that even if you punch them in the face you wouldnt feel bad

  • loki32 gaming
    loki32 gaming

    The comments on that vid are now turned off so im curious what happened.

  • Ash fre
    Ash fre

    These are the type of entitled people you hear about on Reddit.

  • WhatToMakeMyUsername?

    Bro I swear half of this video was just them arguing about tires xd

  • no u
    no u

    Disgusting how they used their race as an excuse to get the money.

  • no u
    no u

    But BLM right?

    • Clouis Everett
      Clouis Everett


  • Camera on
    Camera on

    The girl who called herself a good person, ehh most people who call themselves a good person aren’t lmao


    I honestly hope the video ruined the 3 rude ass people’s reputations

  • RX 580
    RX 580

    This felt more like school bullying

  • karim mostefa
    karim mostefa

    ok can we start a fund raiser for ilah she deserves it and while were at it how much money would it take to get those last 4 people in one room and make them vote for who gets eaten last by a bunch of tigers?

  • Geno Dedemon
    Geno Dedemon

    If it wasn't illegal id punch all of them in the face. Hate them all.


    Well I can tell all these people are assholes and good at telling a sob story that goes nowhere

  • Rees-Mogg for PM
    Rees-Mogg for PM

    "I'm black in america, so shit sucks" - did I hear that right, if so, why she in america then

  • Roxana1Cute

    anyone can get pregnant and then say they want money for the child, idk i would rather see the money go to joey

  • e r
    e r


  • Ian Tanner
    Ian Tanner

    I am so mad shakira does not deserve that money The teen mom or the girl working three jobs should get the money you idiots

  • Robin De Backer
    Robin De Backer

    Pretty sure the girl in the flanel was a bully in hs, im not wrong

  • Zikikoto Uzamaki
    Zikikoto Uzamaki


  • Baby Quinn
    Baby Quinn

    Omg Shakera is the devil...They are disgusting. Joe and Ilah deserved the money The production should have tell them that there was no money at least, they'd be like 👁️👄👁️

  • ching wen koh
    ching wen koh

    the 3 person i dont like the most made it to the last 3 🤷‍♀️

  • Benjiboi Creates
    Benjiboi Creates

    if it's like a vocal coach or fitness coach i think they arre pretty helpful

  • Osha Honey
    Osha Honey

    these people are s self-serving and disrespectful; zero empathy it's disgusting

  • Angel Ca
    Angel Ca

    you see, you can just win this without even talking. >.

  • Day Reldorito
    Day Reldorito

    imagine they actually do decide to split the money and the rest of the video is just a different group doing the same challenge

  • DiMe TiMe
    DiMe TiMe

    These are typical liberals in America, that's why they are so painful

  • Roses :/
    Roses :/

    sad to see how they talk about liah she was raped and they still said all that

  • Jesus Fucking Christ
    Jesus Fucking Christ

    that red dress girl's body kept distracting me😩😩🤤

  • John Forrest
    John Forrest

    These people literally infuriated me. Like I am fu**ing pissed off right now after watching this and I want to beat someone up.

  • Berit Pilvik
    Berit Pilvik

    GOD these people are adults and literally acting like 5 year olds- seriously grow up. IM NOT TRYING TO BE RACIST BUT i felt like the black guys voted out the white people just because they are white. I have nothing against black people! But these so called “adults” are disgusting. They’re personalities suck and the black man disturbed me the most. LIKE HOW WOULD HAVE YOU FELT IF THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESS TOLD YOU TO JUST GET A JOB. The man literally didn’t know anything about the girl and blamed her for having the baby. Maybe there was a deeper story that she didn’t want to share.

  • Ian Tanner
    Ian Tanner

    The realllly annoying black girl: Raises her hand for Ilah Also The annoying black girl: I didn’t raise my hand for you girl

  • Grace Garcia
    Grace Garcia

    ew and they turned the comments off on the original video

  • Arthur Wulfrun
    Arthur Wulfrun

    They were all pressured by the one with loudest mouth, who also won. The ones who deserve it were Joe and Ilah.

  • J. Kong
    J. Kong

    So lucky that dumbass channel went and turned off comments. These people would be getting death threats

  • RandomEoin

    Man, poor Ilah

  • Marriah Strange
    Marriah Strange

    Cut turned off the comments to the original video. Which is really upsetting. Would have loved to see what everyone was saying in that comment section.

  • Ever Greatest
    Ever Greatest

    Humans disgust me. They turn into heartless animals for something of no true value

  • Aleena Sotelo
    Aleena Sotelo

    The wrong person does get the money

  • seesharper

    That video literally made me nauseous. It's like they grabbed the most toxic high school bullies and put them all in one room. Literally a competition of who can play the biggest self-pity victim card. What they didn't realize is they just organized themselves by least shittiest person to shittiest person. Where the shittiest person was the winner. Lmao.

  • lastlegs

    theyre awful - why dont they split it? because communism?

  • まに

    Even pewds couldn’t redeem this shit

  • Ton Ton
    Ton Ton

    Holy shi* so many trash people. Thank god I don't know these people.

  • Hifumi Yamada
    Hifumi Yamada

    I'm sorry but Kris is just a really terrible person. Hodan is pretty terrible to, telling Joe he's antagonizing her while like Cam said, she threw him under the bus.

  • Isai Flores
    Isai Flores

    I hate those people so much i feel like fucking dislikeing pewds vid but i resisted

  • Vicious Milk
    Vicious Milk

    Everybody is fucking yelling. Jesus Christ maybe I would be sympathetic if you guys stopped fucking yelliiiiing.

  • Vicious Milk
    Vicious Milk

    Everybody needs to stop YELLING. Maybe I would listen to them more if they were actually UNDERSTANDABLE.

  • Arti Cuno
    Arti Cuno

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but Pewdiepie. Youve become a coward dude. I just watched the original video, and man did you cut out the real reason this video had so many dislikes. This episode was so dam racist. You're completely okay insulting Americans on the regular but can't with other cultures? Been a bro for almost a decade and idk man I just feel dissapointed

  • Abigail Stocks
    Abigail Stocks

    Did that man seriously call a sexual assault victim a sob story....fucking hell

  • DeNdReTiC

    Where is the surprise fucking twist where the ppl knocked out get to decide at the end?

  • DeNdReTiC

    people being despicable for just 1k lol

  • Cringy As demonetization
    Cringy As demonetization

    Kat:”I literally can’t work I’m in dept and it’s is my last chance to get enough to pay off anything.” BuT iM pOc AnD nEeD tIrEs

  • lsonorasl


  • DarkRiot

    Apparently Ilah was sexually assaulted, so Kris was literally being a asshole.

  • crapolaist

    If these people "know some people/mentors" who can help the 19 year old who CLEARLY needs it most then why are they bullying others for a measly $1000?

  • Daniel Uzumaki
    Daniel Uzumaki

    petition for pewdiepie to donate the 1000 to ilah

  • Carmen Gutierrez
    Carmen Gutierrez

    The guy that said you’re fully responsible for your kid yes but you’re but also you’re fully responsible for yourself when you’re 18 or over like come on bro she has a kid she has kid and

  • IOwnASpoon

    Pewdiepie: “with your fancy cars that need tires” Like bro do u not use tiees

  • l h
    l h

    Lila had to get a box of tissues bless her 😢😢 hope she's ok

  • l h
    l h

    White ginger man gets kicked out first, clear discrimination lol

  • Crash

    I empathize the poor 19 year old mother. I mean she's an immigrant, a mother and she's 19 years old who pays who to her parents. If she didn't deserve it then I don't know who does.

  • itzanpw

    Would beat the living shit out of all them except Joe and Ilah

  • Totally Baked
    Totally Baked

    Is $1000 worth looking this stupid and selfish on the internet.

  • Quinn Yes
    Quinn Yes

    ugh why do i feel like they were being racist a little bit to the white people even tho i think that’s impossible and pls no death threats i hate myself for thinking this

  • UmbraDolor

    This is the most stressful thing I've seen in a long time.

  • It's PG Here
    It's PG Here

    Kris is the most ignorant person I've ever seen. Just bc you're gay, that doesn't mean you shouldn't care about other genders and their own struggles..

  • BroTheDude

    Is it just me or are "woke" people always the biggest a**holes

  • Mindy Rice
    Mindy Rice

    Dude I live in Michigan wow

  • Nice person
    Nice person

    Like me

  • wnazgul

    that is why i hate people.

  • Mikhos Sadural
    Mikhos Sadural

    This is torcher

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson

    It's easy to see why they're mostly jobless and broke... 😂

  • GeoAngel

    Isn’t illyah already getting a kickback from Buzzfeed tho?...JS

    • a


  • eileen

    i feel like this video is a good example of why universal healthcare would never work in the us

  • queenvie808

    After reading the comments.. I don’t think I can watch this anymore. It makes me sick, I hate people

  • Ajitnarayan Kuppurajan V D SSVMWS
    Ajitnarayan Kuppurajan V D SSVMWS

    they literally turned of the official video s comment

  • Nick Pickety
    Nick Pickety

    I live for Dad Ken and Son Felix

  • gaming cells
    gaming cells

    Girl falsely accuse Joe. Your accusing me of something I didn't do. DONT ANTAGONIZE ME!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Of course they're racist towards white people. They're need education

  • Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop
    Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop

    they are bullies. It infuriates me and embarrasses me to no end when adults of all people act like this.

  • katon カトン
    katon カトン

    I would rather take 100 dollars to not hang out with them, instead of get 10,000 dollars to hang out with them...

  • sleepy Eevee
    sleepy Eevee

    Ughh... this is why I keep me circle small. People are stupid.

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha

    didnt want to make it about race but notice who are the ones speaking over everyone and dominating the conversation.

  • Mix Yt
    Mix Yt

    do the seniors one

  • Tea Tsuneko
    Tea Tsuneko

    They disabled the comments for that video lmao

  • Ghuleh Anon
    Ghuleh Anon

    Those last three are so fucking disgusting??? I've never been more revolted in my life. NONE of those losers deserved the money.

  • Malia Landry-Graf
    Malia Landry-Graf

    The order of the elimination makes no sense.

  • MOON

    Ken looks like he is about to judge people's ability to tattoo

  • Shashankh Dre
    Shashankh Dre

    They disabled comments on the original video so I'll say it here. Literally America these days encapsulated in a video

  • Juan Silva
    Juan Silva

    Ken looks better clean shaven

  • GiDD

    Ken’s Camp Crystal Lake shirt is awesome!!

  • Patrick Stevens
    Patrick Stevens

    I she likes the invierment then why would she want to have new car tires.

  • lala bella
    lala bella

    This is a microcosm of life in America. Just surrounded by dumb a- holes who'd claw your eyes out to get their crumbs. I 'd choose alienation and poverty over this crap any day 😱

  • Anthony Petrovic
    Anthony Petrovic

    This was so hard to wach

  • ボトムレフト

    I find that anyone who says they're a good person probably isn't a good person.

  • for comments
    for comments

    really hope they start to read the comments to atleast fix their shitty personality...

  • Ashley Tedrow
    Ashley Tedrow

    i literally hate all of them but the mom and the charity guy. like wtf😭

  • Ma. Althea Valdezpiñosa
    Ma. Althea Valdezpiñosa

    Shakera straight out of hell istg she irks me so much im sorry.

  • William McManis
    William McManis

    I'd like to add my opinion to the table: Ken is a beautiful, lovely person inside and out. ;)

  • Vince redeor
    Vince redeor

    Welcome to the California coast attitude, where nothing is your fault, and the worst kind of people will belittle and insult those who are better then them.