Inside Marcus Rashford's House: Take a Tour of Manchester United Forward’s Pad
Marcus Rashford gave us a tour of his house and showed us framed shirts, trophies, his fridge and a kitchen he’s not cooking in yet, despite reckoning he can make a good spaghetti bolognese…

  • Savina King
    Savina King

    I knew very little about football, but this young man is a wonderful inspiration. His Mum has raised a marvellous son and she is a beautiful woman inside and outside. They are our national treasures!.

  • 9blu

    why's this guy bare sending for rashford lmao

  • Eve K
    Eve K

    Stay smart

  • Veronica Petros Shibhatu
    Veronica Petros Shibhatu

    He is amazing

  • Across the pond with Rich & Soph
    Across the pond with Rich & Soph

    What a guy

  • Anita Salmon
    Anita Salmon

    Marcus keep the faith and be humble my son we suxxes fans family and friends are with you .

  • Jeff Lape
    Jeff Lape

    His gf is Italian, ouch that’s tuff

    • Jeff Lape
      Jeff Lape

      @Kohaku Even more tuff 😭😭

    • Kohaku

      They broke up

  • MegaWeebles


  • Adam M
    Adam M


  • Yassen Abdallah
    Yassen Abdallah

    Marcou F , i’saportin and i’love my brother young marcou long live Bro you are personality good too many people somali young to lake you mr,marcous

  • Tabarak Hamid
    Tabarak Hamid


  • Philip Cunnington
    Philip Cunnington

    Rashfords girlfriend is back in Italy rn

  • hellofaplayer

    Where is his library?

  • Sarah Sultan
    Sarah Sultan

    He’s very humble

  • Mogale Peta
    Mogale Peta

    Sunny init

  • Auzzie015

    Here’s a man who’s done more with his life in less time than I have. It gets depressing when you get older.

  • Dinki Di
    Dinki Di

    Yay lets have a look around a priviledged footballers house at all the shit we will never be able to afford and while we're at it he can give us all life advice 🙄

    • Dinki Di
      Dinki Di

      @Siham Dini spelling not your strongpoint 🙄😉🤣

    • Siham Dini
      Siham Dini


  • Martha Brook
    Martha Brook

    2:13 😍😍😍 I run a small business and that is our Wheel of Appreciation! Can't believe someone sent it to him and HE KEPT IT! 🥰 LIFE MADE!!!

  • Thomas Betts
    Thomas Betts

    How can anybody hate on this geezer. He’s sound as a pound. National treasure 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Mr Deafa
    Mr Deafa

    Marcus Rashford has a girlfriend? Not so sure that's true....

    • Siham Dini
      Siham Dini

      broke up that’s what someone wrote on their comment

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler

    what a victim..yawn

  • Pam Bihal
    Pam Bihal

    Some people cant just be supportive of what he did for your child..just being ignorant and should take a hard look in the mirror....well done to this lad for things he has done for your child

  • Say So
    Say So

    They needed a better host tbh

  • Janan Dawood
    Janan Dawood

    Great guy. God bless.

  • —SNIPERZ —
    —SNIPERZ —

    He must love his gf more than footy

  • Elite420Gaming.

    Everyone saying hes a national treasure lol? How ? Oh he gave the steam of his piss and donated a few quid? Discussing you all worship the rich, he didnt care about you when he was show boating did he? Lol sad sad country.

  • Deborah Ben Said
    Deborah Ben Said

    such a lovely lovely lovely person, an absolutely gentleman

  • Amina ali7976
    Amina ali7976

    Rashford looked like he was on the tour 😂😂

  • kevinpnp

    He's a lovely person.

  • W7N

    1:36 now we all know why he missed the penalty, probably hit the bar on purpose……

    • W7N

      Never-mind, they broke up and she’s barely Italian 😂

  • NovaGhost

    Girlfriend is Italian… Awkward!

  • Countess V
    Countess V

    Humility at its finest. Love this lad.

  • Bhavna Mistry
    Bhavna Mistry

    God bless you Marcus, ur such a beautiful soul and person lots of love and respect from Leicester 🙏😘🥰❤🌹👍

  • Nasir Hussain
    Nasir Hussain

    Shit player but no place for racism against him 💯

  • John Mathew
    John Mathew

    This guy seems nice. Why is people in UK giving him a hard time?

  • tom bartram
    tom bartram

    He decided to throw a house warming party and guess what? He missed.

  • Jenny Welsh
    Jenny Welsh

    Wonderful young man

  • Michaele M
    Michaele M

    Dam what a chill intelligent guy

  • Twenty ninety
    Twenty ninety

    That's why some people are jealous, you have made it young man.

  • Caleb Lol
    Caleb Lol

    His girlfriends Italian huh....

  • Jean Proud
    Jean Proud

    I live in England, but. I’m from the french part of Cameroon. I just wanna send love to you, you’re a great man.

  • Thug MOB
    Thug MOB

    pro footballer cant score a simple penalty. england sucks! they chose rubish talent over all the other kids trying hard to make it and they leave them behined kill their dreams and chose prix like rashford to make them lose at a final. useless..

  • StarMan

    English media can make star, national treasure, univers treasure everyday. Don't need any skills or mental strength. They need star everyday.

  • kingmujahid7

    He said Italian. Loooool

  • James Bardsley
    James Bardsley

    I dont judge him on his colour....I judge him on his football.....and im sorry for the mass offended but he is SHITE!!!

  • Kenneth Kinneen
    Kenneth Kinneen

    Look at me look how much trash I have it’s a wonder he doesn’t have a picture of himself on the front door

  • This is England
    This is England

    Now your weak arse effort makes sense

  • M Porter
    M Porter

    “As you can see I only keep Pencils in the house as when I pick up pens I wriggle my hand all over the place and stutter my fingers about before writing and then accidentally throw it out the window”.

  • Vlogs With Maria
    Vlogs With Maria

    Amazing rashford

  • R3D

    Such a nice guy

  • Tony B
    Tony B


  • Nagol Hayze
    Nagol Hayze

    I see no penalty practice room 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Cool Kid 26
      Cool Kid 26


  • Paul

    Great lad

  • James Metcalfe
    James Metcalfe

    Mate I love that family vibe with his first big pay clears his mums mortgage not the typical footballer smashes it on a lambo and stupid expensive night out

  • Naufat Chowdhury
    Naufat Chowdhury

    hes a lidil boy

  • Mickey St James
    Mickey St James

    Italian girlfriend shes from manchester?

  • Grace Madzvamuse
    Grace Madzvamuse

    Beautiful soul and down to earth Rashford ❤️

  • John Martin
    John Martin

    Very nice young man

  • Kaniz Sohana
    Kaniz Sohana

    Nice penalty

  • Peace Taiwo
    Peace Taiwo

    He’s so lovely aww


    Italian girlfriend…him missing the pen makes more sense now…

    • L C
      L C

      He has done more for this country in a year than you could achieve in a lifetime so shut up and move on!! So what he missed the penalty it's a game of football FFS!! None of you haters could even kick a ball!!!

  • pZyCh0 _Yousuf
    pZyCh0 _Yousuf

    His girls Italian i see why he missed 😂

  • S.M. Europe
    S.M. Europe

    That house and chef would buy alot of meals for kids that he's so passionate about.

  • ThetaFrog

    He missed a penalty 🤣🤣🤣

  • tamsinwood2

    Can't help but love marcus rashford.

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo

    What a nice chap he is

  • Bill Billson
    Bill Billson

    And this was the guy saying he is a victim and that the country is racist 🤔

  • norma sarsby
    norma sarsby

    Thank you Marcus for holding your head high and doing us really proud

  • Scotch on the Rocks
    Scotch on the Rocks


  • Mrs KFK
    Mrs KFK

    What a gentleman! He seems such a lovely guy ❤️

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    I like this guy. Humble, Well spoken and Seem nice.. also he is the reason Italy won 🥇😀 what a lad

  • Lily burrans Xx
    Lily burrans Xx

    Now ik why he missed the pen against Italy

  • Alpha

    I knew it he missed on purpose bet his girlfriend is happy

  • Ali Mutairi
    Ali Mutairi

    He couldn’t score

  • Alayas Mahmood
    Alayas Mahmood

    Well done Marcus Rashford anyone who gives hi abuse doesn’t Appreciate a genuine humane guy even though it was a crap penalty RESPECT ✊

  • Pammy Kaur
    Pammy Kaur

    God bless you.

    • Pammy Kaur
      Pammy Kaur

      @The Rock I am from England..🇬🇧

    • Pammy Kaur
      Pammy Kaur

      @The Rock I am fine thank you.

  • Itsadore_gallear 123
    Itsadore_gallear 123

    sorry his girlfriends what

  • Nathan Massey
    Nathan Massey

    Is it just me who found it quite funny when he said his girlfriend was Italian

    • Nafee Ahnaf
      Nafee Ahnaf

      Explains why he missed the penalty

  • Egyptian Lotus
    Egyptian Lotus

    Lovely guy

  • Rahee Gor
    Rahee Gor


  • Eris N
    Eris N

    her girlfriend must be so happy that Italy won. 😂

    • Keira L
      Keira L

      Her girlfriend?

  • Lake Como
    Lake Como

    Did not see much of house

  • edward wigmore
    edward wigmore

    Nice to Rashford showing off his house. The next thing he'll be moaning that someone has broken in. What fool gives all and sundry a tour of their house? A footballer, obviously.

  • Nazya Khalid
    Nazya Khalid

    Blessed so humble and grounded Every mother’s pride to have a son like him An aspiration for all Blessings and prayers for you always son

  • Paul Murdock
    Paul Murdock

    Is he not just the salt of the earth!?

  • E S
    E S

    His girlfriends Italian, so I guess she said my papa said miss the penalty or we can’t be together know more

  • Jonah McKnight
    Jonah McKnight

    Love you

  • the soft parade
    the soft parade

    Well done lad people have forgotten what you did for the kids top man

  • In God We believe
    In God We believe

    Such a humble respectable young man.. beautify

  • James Walter
    James Walter

    What a nice lad. Humble, professional and kind

  • Hanne Catton
    Hanne Catton

    What a sad reflection on our society. This overpaid , knee bending fool is the role model for millions of our youth. I despair.

  • John Joe
    John Joe

    I got chills when I saw this video

  • Hehe Haha
    Hehe Haha


  • Hehe Haha
    Hehe Haha

    He might have missed the penalty but because of Marcus rashford ur kids didn’t miss a meal. ❤️❤️❤️

    • G123

      if u can’t feed them don’t breed them

  • Amreen Azam
    Amreen Azam

    He seems like a nice guy

  • I-DON P-I
    I-DON P-I

    This guy goes into his house, shuts his front door behind him, closes his fridge, opens his wine chiller, it feels like this isn't rashfords home.

    • VisualRbx

      what the hell are you on about

  • Lin Burns
    Lin Burns

    Great Video ! Best Wishes Marcus 😀

  • Air Charter
    Air Charter

    I was at Wembley Stadium watching him winning the FA cup 2016. Despite scoring some amazing goals, he has not made any significant progress since 2016. Keep going as the best has yet to come

  • Luisa Hering
    Luisa Hering

    Haha I used to practice my signature as kid as well. I then had the opportunity to sign DHL packages in during working Ryman. 😂😂😂

  • kk R
    kk R

    Anyone after euro final 2020-2021

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