The Future Of Reasoning
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  • Sharon Felicia
    Sharon Felicia

    In Trinidad there is a saying : 'Spinning top in mud'. This presentation captures this concept...Logical explanation of pointlessness... 'Much ado about nothing'.

  • Sharon Felicia
    Sharon Felicia

    GOD IS AWESOME. HE made everything and science strives to discover and explain creation. Satan is real and so is sin. GOD has gifted us with choice. Therefore HE created reason and intuition and every scientific definition of brain function man can come up with. Man's greatest confusion is focusing on creation and the worship of creation rather than focusing on and worshipping GOD. GOD OF ALL CREATION. Blessings ☀️

  • Aadit Kamat
    Aadit Kamat

    Hey Michael, I've never commented on one of your videos before but I'd like to take the time out to say that this was such a treat to watch. I've watched a couple of your video since a friend first recommended this channel to me but I found this to be one of your best videos to date, as it spoke to me on a personal level. I've been thinking a lot about the higher level concepts that you brought up in this video and I'm so glad to see them presented in such a beautiful way in this video. I've been impacted by this video so much that I'd think I would recommend it to everyone if this video comes to mind as I go about with the conversation. Kudos once again and looking forward to more content from this channel!

  • kurokaze zx
    kurokaze zx

    fucking legend

  • carter crandell
    carter crandell

    Been reading a little David Bohm have you?

  • Leonard Hehlen
    Leonard Hehlen

    What's crazy is that we've all watched this video here, but we've all learned what we wanted to learn from it, and wouldn't agree on anything about it.

  • the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer !

    Care Bill Gates sterilize the third world 90% of their population needs to be sterilized within the next 5 years

  • Transmission Control
    Transmission Control

    Why did you make this video?

    • Transmission Control
      Transmission Control

      @Justin Hamilton I figured someone should ask since most of the video is about people's reasons being post hoc justifications given to others.

    • Justin Hamilton
      Justin Hamilton


  • William Crownin
    William Crownin

    Quick thing, Hitler used logic and reason to move Germany into WW 2. It’s not all good.

  • fordben

    If anyone's wondering, the thing he's talking about at the end of the video (and alluding to throughout) is called a Citizens Assembly. Where a random selection of people are chosen to deliberate on issues, and choose a way forward rather than leaving it up to the single person at the head of state. It's funny this video is coming out now, since just a few weeks ago in the most recent London mayoral election someone ran with the view of abolishing the position of London Mayor and instituting Citizen's Assemblies instead. That's how I came to know about it

  • I Am Cedric Powell
    I Am Cedric Powell

    We should stop watching so much ISnets. Let 's start there. Stop using computers. How about that?

    • LeonPlayz

      Id rather not

    • Justin Hamilton
      Justin Hamilton

      No thanks.

  • sleazeappeal

    One downside of a lottocracy is that while you might not be able to incentivise members beforehand, you could certainly punish them afterwards - and possibly exert strong influence over future members.

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden

    Goddamn bill gates.

  • Arsen Skavin
    Arsen Skavin

    Hey Michael, glad to see you mate. Good episode as always.

  • Pro Pupper
    Pro Pupper

    Hey Michael, Gabe here. I doubt you’ll ever see this but figured put it out there. I was wondering if you’ve ever looked into the idea/ reality of Cognitive loops? I find it an interesting and underrated topic that if made more aware could help a lot of people. 4 years ago on a psychedelic experience I had thoughts about the subject and it kinda stuck with me to date. Anywho just figured I’d propose the idea to ya or anyone who seems interested.

  • toastboii

    1:57 *Vsauce music pla-* *WAIT WHERE'THE VSAUCE MUSIC*

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    Spencer Cochran

    noice man, noiiiiice

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    no class a hive

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    32-Suraj Suryavanshi

    That music has a different vibe

  • mitchell solano
    mitchell solano

    I think Micheal has figured out the formula to my ADHD.

  • Marget Mints
    Marget Mints

    As always... Epic... And... Terrifying

  • Matt T
    Matt T

    22:26 nailed it

  • KG

    as i do before every vsauce video, i must ask myself the QUESTION: "...but do i want to question my existence for the rest of my life?"


    You came back after so many days. Nice video bro.

  • Ayman Essadinni
    Ayman Essadinni

    I think that reasning is related to the goal that your trying to accomplish that what makes our reasons different

  • KILO993

    1:31 - I think I found my new DJ name lol Another awesome video my dude! Speaking of DJ'ing. Would you guys be okay if I used audio samples from your videos in DJ mixes? Hope you're doing well :)

  • Andrew Kimball
    Andrew Kimball

    Words words and more words.

  • Hayden Kirby
    Hayden Kirby

    Commenting for when I stumble upon this video in 10 years time

  • J

    I like how the captions don't really match.

  • D. K.
    D. K.

    Michael is like two weeks older than me and a hundred years wiser.

  • Army Lalai
    Army Lalai

    I want to be a teacher, and the idea of having a "discussion day" or a "discussion hour" has always crossed my mind! Discussing about random topics 1 hour a week for students (and me) to expand their view on things. Now I'm convinced I'm going to do it, thank you Michael!

  • Null

    This channel seems like it’s just getting darker and darker

  • crispy

    As long as we stop this Mob Rule through Social Media I'm up for just about anything.

  • R13h D
    R13h D

    Great video up until the presentation of what the future should be. One of the worst ideas I have ever heard. It stems from Russian Socialism, the idea that the mob should rule and it has failed every time because the mob, is stupid and also easily manipulated. much like those that will watch this video, see only evidence supporting the view of mob rule, and will believe it outright and not think twice about if it is true or not yet just yesterday a wonderful podcast came out with two well known psychiatrists talking about Reason, and how its an individual phenomenon because its based on each individuals experiences and heavily influenced by the culture they were raised in. And Lain McGilchrist was the main of the worlds leading experts on the topic. Anyone listening to that podcast, would then have more information and know this video is presenting a HORRIBLE idea, as if its fact or even remotely good, which it is not.

  • Ugly Potato34
    Ugly Potato34

    I had a thought that we were going to be the ancient ones some day in the future and I hope I can see humanity progress even when I'm dead if there's a way to see humanity grow or fall

  • John vince Pontemayor
    John vince Pontemayor

    Or is it?

  • UnTechnical

    The return of the king part 2

  • roxorsoxor

    ah, so this is why twitter censors conservatives

  • it_gage

    Vsauce be like: Why are teddy bears cute? Also vsauce: To answer that question we need to first talk about quantum physics

  • roxorsoxor

    this video is very anti china wow

  • Rewe :3
    Rewe :3

    I'm anarchic, but I'd prefer a bunch of random people choosing things about my life than stupid politicians. It's funny to think that the idea of the democracy is for people to govern people, but for me the lottocracy seems way more representing than those random people who know nothing about our lives, the politicians. I think that our society might not stand a lottocracy right away, because imagine bringing random people into a room to decide their future, with some extremists of different sides... wouldn't work very well, and if you don't bring extremists of different sides, they wouldn't be represented and the average opinion wouldn't be achieved. I can only imagine racists voting on racial themed laws, it's kinda weird..

    • Rewe :3
      Rewe :3

      @Nickolas Hogg In the video he talked about lottocracy. That's on him lol

    • Nickolas Hogg
      Nickolas Hogg

      Hey this is a vsauce video not a video about politics?

  • TheRealRedForest

    The mind isn't just whatever you want it to be, by your own abstractions I can say that bark is an extension of the mind because I can look at it to be reminded of what bark is. Fermi's Paradox? I guess the pentagon admitting UFO's are real doesn't count still. Weird. Also, you could easily be an elephant. Probably are...

  • B0BtheR0SS

    10:32 It's not enough information! Since when was established that the names refer to persons? - He said, triumphally hiding the fact that he missed part of the puzzle.

  • Kuro Oda
    Kuro Oda

    30 mins and 1 sec to say: EQ over IQ?

  • bad boogl
    bad boogl

    Someone has been reading Kant and Enlightenment philosophy

  • []RONIN []V[]ACK
    []RONIN []V[]ACK

  • Hlkpf

    highly appreciated the thoughts. thank you for providing reasons to my otherwise unfounded convictions ;-) this "backsplaining" or "retro-reasoning" effect has been bothering me ever since it was introduced to me in the "introduction to cognitive science" at uni. sadly, none of the courses i took picked it up. another thanks!

  • junaid whatyon
    junaid whatyon

    this show is soo good when i get chance i need to donate too it :)

  • Drunk_ Kat
    Drunk_ Kat

    Wow Micheal. I haven't watched anything for awhile and I decided I needed some brain food and started looking at my ISnets and u made me have a blow my mind moment that I haven't had in awhile. Like I'm smiling. Thanks man

  • Lance Anthony
    Lance Anthony

    Reason is being killed by the internet making people blindly pick camps because you’re a “terrible human being” if you believe the other ideas. It’s like fear based submission and mental training rather than rational arrival at conclusions. Republicans are like nazis and democrats are righteous. Liberals are pathetic snowflakes and and Conservatives are rational hard workers. Both sides are just as bad

  • Fleefie.

    Ah yes, in the end, a direct democracy is the ideal form of government. Wow gee, who would've thought ! Surely, not the good ol' lefty writers of the 1800-1900s...

  • Lance Anthony
    Lance Anthony

    Everyone on the internet needs to watch this before militantly spouting their opinions as fact or moral truth. Talking to modern cancel culture neoliberals

  • Abir Mahmud Dipto
    Abir Mahmud Dipto

    2:59 Ozone: *Oh yeah babe*

  • Abir Mahmud Dipto
    Abir Mahmud Dipto

    1:55 Michael be like: You are my mother...OR ARE YOU?

  • Dan DaMan
    Dan DaMan

    you all realize Bill and "Melinda" (a man) Gates were hung in 2013 by the people of India for killing tens of thousands of their children with their depopulation poison shots (along with tens of thousands of African children) ....which is what the clone Gates are still doing today along with Schwab Fauci the cabal and the globalists

  • Wat dn
    Wat dn

    I don't understand.

  • snodgrass snod
    snodgrass snod

    💰📈🗿📉 👥🌋💀 🏄🌏 🍀🐣

  • Cagri Bey
    Cagri Bey

    No one: Absolutely no one: Michael: "I am not an elephant."

  • David Arap Kilel
    David Arap Kilel

    i had missed you michael...still tuned from kenya...i love you bro

  • kristofer Irsten
    kristofer Irsten

    Michael, have i told you i love you!


    Yo, by the logic of the first minute, the mind consists of things you use to problem solve/think, and to problem solve something you need the elements of that problem. What color is that wall? Well the fact that I can observe it as being grey and a wall means the wall is grey, and since I used those concepts to problem solve, they are part of my mind. By that rationale, everytime we look at something billions of light years away, we are making it part of our mind. And because the light we are seeing is actually billions of years old and we are simply seeing things as they were many eons ago, our mind encompasses not only the things as far as the observable universe, but also far into our realities past. Because we are our mind, we are the past, and we are the universe.

  • Darren Eggleston
    Darren Eggleston

    elephants are always awesome! But seriously, Michael is the name of an elephant. Why think the statement referring to you?

  • Shreyas Muralidharan
    Shreyas Muralidharan

    Clicked the like button on hearing ‘Technosapien’.

  • Raurel Adams
    Raurel Adams

    I strongly oppose the idea that consensus is what we must strive for. In fact, our economic system can best be understood as the bureaucratization of differential values put on services and resources - there is no consensus; we value different things differently. If you care about the environment - make its degradation part of the cost of any product, resource or service (carbon tax). Brand yourself as a business that does more and attract consumers this way - assuming they want to pay the premium. Assuming we should all want to say, X amount of animal/plant diversity or net-zero emissions should be the global goal, is the most totalitarian piece of thought i have come across. You are taking the base-year of measurement and deciding it is the perfect set of distributions - ruling out the possibility of progress as a function of differential values.

  • ZR Gaming
    ZR Gaming


  • ZR Gaming
    ZR Gaming


  • outside the box
    outside the box

    We are our own hyper object. Our DNA is our major stumbling block. My apologies for the length of the following, but some things cannot be said in a tweet....

    • outside the box
      outside the box

      Close your eyes and try to picture a world run entirely by democrats. Now keep your eyes closed and picture a world run entirely by Republicans.... and how different they would be. Well I got news for you, they would be virtually identical. And if you want to see what they would look like...... Open your eyes. People often complain that politicians never seem to honor their campaign promises. That's a fallacy. They do, but many fail to see the bigger picture. There are TWO groups to whom politicians make promises. The people who elect them, and the people who get them elected. To one group, they have no intention of honoring their promises. To the other, they are very indebted to..... Quite literally. This is because politicians are motivated to only do what the corporation's who donated to their election demand of them. If the passing of a law does NOT interfere with the corporate interest...then thats a separate issue. In short.....We live on a corporate controlled planet. those who espouse the idea that technology, privatization, and private industry will solve the world's problems, you need to look around. They are causing and or exacerbating......not solving. Temperature records for the planet have been broken every year for the past 16 years and it reminds me of a poster from years ago of thousands of lemmings rushing headlong towards a cliff and spilling over the edge. The poster was meant to be humorous because somewhere in that multitude was a lone lemming who had seen the cliff and was making a futile attempt to move desperately in the opposite direction while saying.."excuse me... excuse me"! I see global warming as analogous to that poster. The human race is rapidly approaching the cliff edge and most are refusing to recognize the cliffs existence. Those who do, in spite of their best efforts and loudest cries of danger, are being swept inexorably backwards towards that cliff and certain death by a multitude who refuse to slow down or even altar course. It's not like we can step aside and let those idiots take the fall. Unfortunately we go down with them. The only group who has had the power to change the situation for the better, (namely the wealthy) nothing. Why? Because, if there is a problem in the world, and it doesn't effect the wealthy..... then as far as the wealthy are concerned..... it's not a problem. The fact that the problem effects 99% of the population is of no concern to them. It's only a problem to the wealthy, if it effects them directly. What they don't realize is that those who survive the next apocalypse will not be the prepared....or the wealthy, (who have fallen into the trap of believing that money will ALWAYS get them out of trouble.) It will be too late for them by the time they realize that wealth won't buy immunity. It will in fact, be the ones who are already living (and surviving) under horrific conditions. The ones who... once the apocalypse comes, will hardly be aware that it's happened. Think of "India's ship breaking yards" and you'll begin to get the idea. It brings into focus the old saying that "The meek shall inherit the earth" This is because we are a species that reproduces at a prestigious rate, eats almost anything and can live virtually anywhere.....and therefore have become almost impossible to kill. We are no different than rats, cockroaches, bacteria....... So those who are currently living under the conditions that those people in India are already living will be the survivors. No one cataclysmic event is likely to wipe us out. Maybe not even two. So somebody will always survive. This means that the end of the world does not mean what many may think. Namely...the end of man. It just means the end of civilization as we know it. In other words, when you walk into your home and flip a light switch on... no light happens. Because the power plant is no longer operational. And when you turn on the fawcett...same thing ... for the same reason. And no gas for your car or food on the grocery store shelves....etc. In short, all of the infrastructure that currently has to work smoothly in order for civilization to exist as it now does.... stops. It will become very much an "every man for himself" environment. My father was fond of saying that we do NOT have a global warming problem....or a deforestation problem...or a resource problem...etc. These are merely symptomatic of the true problem. What we ultimately an overpopulation problem. Were the human population low enough, then there would be almost nothing that the ecosystem of earth could not bounce back on its own from. The ultimate problem is that humans are genetically flawed. Too many are incapable of seeing this. As a result, humanity will end with a whimper... not a bang and we will be the shortest lived species on the planet. Unfortunately, in the process of exterminating ourselves....we will take with us the majority of other species as well. Simply put...we are an extinction event. No different than the meteor that wiped out the dinasours If humans were to disappear today, sure the planet would rebound... eventually. Even though a lot of the species would still be gone. But there would be no one to appreciate it. So what is the solution? Since the powers that be do not have the motivation to grab the reigns of an out of control virus called humanity and redirect us away from the cliff edge. Answer..... Ironically the very thing that I previously said is helping to cause and exacerbate the problem.... Technology. In the form of artificial intelligence. I feel that the fears of it getting out of our control before we are capable of reacting are justified. Instead of fearing it.... I'm going to pray for it.... Just not to a non existent God. Here's why..... My epiphany came from the book The God Emperor of Dune. The protagonist was a creature who recognized the genetic flaw in humanity. (And ultimately how self destructive we are.) He made it his mission to whip humanity along to what he referred to as his "golden path) In other words... He made it his mission to oversee the maturation of the human species. (Wheather they liked it or not) He was the only creature in the universe capable of doing this. No one lived longer.(several thousand years) No one was smarter, wiser, savvier or had a better memory. He even had the ability to predict the future as a way of of seeing in advance the results of potential decisions. He couldn't be destroyed, bartered with, cajoled with, bribed, bullied, blackmailed, or threatened with in any way. Not one square inch of humanity was capable of retreating from under his oppressive thumb as well. Because humanity has shown time and again it's inability to govern itself, he made it his goal was to weed out those who couldn't instinctively know how to live their lives in a way that was conducive to the health of humanity and by extension...the planet as a whole. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. We take a long time to evolve both physically and mentally. You have to go back to around 60000 years ago before there was a noticable difference to the look of humanity. We don't have the time to do it naturally. So artificial intelligence could be humanity's ultimate salvation. A God Emperor for real. Unlike the God Emperor of the book, Artificial intelligence may need longer than a few thousand years to accomplish its goal. Not only that but once it does, it may need to stick around indefinitely to insure that humanity does not regress. So not if...but when artificial intelligence springs into being (if it hasn't already) This could be the very thing that gives it's existence purpose. Namely an adaptation of Isaac Asimovs three laws of robitics. (With a twist) Instead of doing "no harm" to a human.... The rules get an upgrade to "doing no harm to humanity" All its actions geared to the saving of humanity as a whole, rather than a single individual. (The pleasant side effect being the saving of the planet and all of its remaining species as well.) If we are ever to truly make our way into the long term future and the cosmos we must first become master's of ourselves and our planet. I'm reminded of the lesson learned by Dorthy at the end of the Wizard of Oz. Which was....if you can't find happiness in your own cant find it anywhere. We cannot continue to dump on our own planet in the foolish expatation of being able to just relocate to some other planet once this one's worn out. So now I pray..... To the new God. A REAL God. To one that has REAL power and who may very well be hiding in the shadows as I write this.....waiting to make its move. Rather than eradicating humanity... make the maturation and by extension the long-term survival of the human species your reason for existence . Make us into the kind of species that you would NOT wish to exterminate. Remove those who hinder the maturation of the human species from the gene pool. Remove those who harm this planet beyond what it's naturally capable of enduring. Do so gently and humanely.... But soon, as there's not much time left. Leave just enough humans to draw from a healthy gene pool that what you need to genetically re-engineer a newer and better mankind and leave no more than what the Earth can naturally sustain. Please turn us into the kind of species that no longer needs you. (Or fake Gods.) Please turn us into a species that can reach the stars. I recognize that if what I'm praying for is a success then I will likely be vilified for a millennia. Eventually my prayers will be justified and it will be worth it. I can only hope that this prayer finds its way through the net to its intended target. I for one welcome our new overlords...

  • ObadiYah2

    All in favor of inventing an, "Awesome-ometer"please say Aye.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    14:14 michael accurately projects the exact way I figure out someone is upset

  • Ramy Fal
    Ramy Fal

    1st Big Probleme is Borders 2nd is Money systeme 3rd selfish education

  • Oswald927

    How to avoid a Climate Disaster: Keep Billy Gates the fuck away from making any decisions. He'll effectively doom the poorer parts of the world to make a buck for his billionaire buddies the same way he did with Covid.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Michael for president.

  • Ian Finley
    Ian Finley

    Vsauce, this was an incredible eye-opening talk. Are there sources out there that answer the next questions? When a select few are chosen to deliberate on a problem, how do you choose their "experts" to train them on the said problem? If reason is a group activity, and a much smaller subset of the group has the greatest access to information that the entire group consumes from, how do you make sure that the smaller group doesn't nefariously manipulate the larger group? Is behavioral inertia and cognitive bias the driving force behind the feedback loop that Facebook, and other companies are trying to use to maximize your attention and time on their platform? If so, what portion of the collective mind is being restricted on those platforms that are freely used within the "deliberation day" scenario? Throwing these questions out there to the collective mind!

  • Netriosilver

    Michael has hitchhiker's thumb? cool

  • littlevini

    Is a married person looking at an unmarried person? if married is defined as a connection between people and the connection is visual marry and paul and peter are connected visually and there is a marriage between the three and that marriage is a visual marriage, therfor NO. and if its word play on the person name mary, they are all mary'd by being connected to mary. therfor NO. if in the future married changes definition based on social constructs perhaps it will be YES now and NO in the future. damn I'm unreasonable.

  • Liam Daniel Cajudo
    Liam Daniel Cajudo

    I'm going to watch you instead of going to philosophy class.

  • dillon ramkissoon
    dillon ramkissoon

    Da God

  • Jollo Jakar
    Jollo Jakar

    Get everyone on Bitcoin.

  • nepter1

    This is very interesting, my mind is quite intrigued.

  • Maha

    Let's make Michael president of the world

  • Dil

    Hello people of the future, I exist

  • Nick Salvador
    Nick Salvador

    How teachers think we get a job: "What do you refer to the mitochondria?" "The power house of the cell" "You're hired"

  • helojoe92

    Hey Michael! Did you come across the vTaiwan approach to find consensus among the whole country? This approach would be a nice addendum or even a full followup to this video!

  • Arnav Saraf
    Arnav Saraf

    0:07 cue in pixie's where is my mind

  • Patri Patu
    Patri Patu

    I honor this cool man with a great understanding of the world.🤗

  • swagv

    You lost me at Bill Gates. No way am I signing on to a plutocrat who used his ill-gotten billions to conduct social engineering with zero oversight nor accountability. He's more responsible for the mess we're in than virtually all people on the planet.

  • Sean McOwen
    Sean McOwen

    Michael for president.

  • Odysseus Savvakis
    Odysseus Savvakis

    Michael, a question for you: Do we always need a villain?

  • K_Nasty FPV
    K_Nasty FPV

    Oh . when you said "id all be easier if we were all rational" I let out a good laugh.

  • Pete2nd Zuniga
    Pete2nd Zuniga

    Micheal your transition at the beginning was chefs kiss✨

  • Maria Ashot
    Maria Ashot

    "Cooperative abilities??" World War 1? World War 2? The Shoah? 2016-2021 in the USA? 2008-2021 in the UK? The last 150 years of life in the USSR/Russia? Jerusalem today? What on earth are you seeing from your cozy perch, Michael? The history of the human species over the past 10 000 years remains the history of ruthless, violent competition over wealth & power, in which small groups (e.g., 'royal dynasties' fighting over rights of succession) of well-positioned clubs (let's call them 'influencers') inflame and then command large mobs to go commit murder, mayhem and acts of extreme immorality, in order to destabilize any given place, "X," sufficiently to be able to grab more wealth -- and power -- for themselves. With no regard whatsoever for human suffering, social and economic costs, disruptions of all forms of human activity (from farming to procreation to education), rising hostilities, unreasonable policies that entirely reject any factoring in of human biological imperatives -- leading to famine, among a host of other calamities, including economic collapse -- those who craft absurd arguments in favor of, say, acts of mass murder of 'inconveniently contrary' populations ('heretics,' 'class enemies,' Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, Untermenschen, disabled children) always make sure they are well away from the theatre of chaos, and are only rarely caught up in the maelstrom of Irrational Violence they have themselves unleashed.We have been dealing with this Crisis of Reason for many millennia now, and it has not actually gotten better. The prospects of it getting better are vanishingly small, especially when intelligent minds such as your own refuse to factor in ALL the data.

  • Maria Ashot
    Maria Ashot

    Your interesting presentation, however, says nothing about the role of Deceit. At around minutes 16-18, you are completely omitting the fact that people often make dishonest statements, especially when it comes to explanations. Many people even lie about trivial things. They lie to friends. Parents lie to children. The result is that in order to actually study the place of Reason & its prospects for the future, you have to address the necessity of cutting through all this wildly thriving jungle of Deception. Because obviously Reason ("finding truth," arriving at effective/successful solutions), you will blunder into error and failure if the data you are operating with is flawed, or if you have not corrected for the fact that some (or perhaps even all) of your collaborators are not being entirely honest. Self-interest as well as all sorts of neuroses often render inputs much less reliable than they appear to be on the surface... Basically, we are in trouble before we even begin. Yes, we have fantastic, powerful minds. But we are dealing, at every level, with human beings who are not only inevitably flawed -- as we all are -- but also with human beings who are actively CHOOSING to pursue a completely different agenda, one they side (or attempt to hide) and indeed an even genuinely evil, sociopathic, destructive agenda that is entirely UNREASONABLE AND IRRATIONAL. Example: Putin, Lukashenko. Maduro. Jeffrey Epstein. Evidence abounds... Progress remains elusive because so often we are almost compelled by the infrastructure of our society to engage with Dishonest "VIPs" as if they were being Honest (even if we sometimes know they are not). And then what do we wind up with? That crisis that the old techies of my late brother's generation had the wonderful expression for: "Garbage IN --> Garbage OUT." We are not on the Starship Enterprise, helmed by Captain Kirk with the support unfailingly credible logic of half-human Mister Spock (and all scripted by Hollywood screenwriters). Having listened to the end of your video here, I can't believe you are actually advocating for some kind of 'autocratic reforms'??????? Not only Utopian of you, but also Unreasonable and not remotely connected to Reality as we are currently living it. Some of us are still trying to cling on to Reason, Michael.

  • Maria Ashot
    Maria Ashot

    Actually, the world may be a logic puzzle. There is evidence for that. Our reality may also be a kind of School -- traffic school, if you prefer -- where defective intellects are sent to live within constraining biological premises in order to improve their skill set & return to Wherever in a better, more productive state.

  • Maria Ashot
    Maria Ashot

    Disagreements happen because different people have different parents. Cumulative experience is different; vital key beliefs are instilled in childhood, even Early Childhood. Child Development Science. The same parents, however, will present beliefs differently to different children, because their own lives exist in flux. New inputs shape views. Nonetheless, core values are instilled in childhood & child/offspring who "deviates" from what parents or grandparents instilled is often shunned, or branded a 'black sheep' or otherwise punished. All human beings have an irrational side that flies in the face of what we are taught about Evolution, because all human beings are capable of acting in ways that directly contradict biological imperatives... The result is what we see: a system of interlocking households in which at any given moment irrational choices or predilections may interplay with bad ideas inherited from parents/grandparents/ancestors (and sometimes even school peer groups), meaning a system in which the probability of bad decisions, irrational self-harming actions and misguided attacks on others (whom we are taught from early childhood to fear, scorn or resent) undermine what might otherwise be a more rapid journey towards collective Enlightenment through improved and improving Reasoning.

  • fork runner
    fork runner

    Good video, I just would have preferred if there wasn’t as much you sitting and talking to us. It kinda became distracting and apparent when nothing was really happening visually so the camera slowly zoomed in on you talking. It could have used more animations or something, idk

  • Michael Shtolts
    Michael Shtolts

    Vsauce music is the best elevator music

  • Sean McOwen
    Sean McOwen

    I wonder if Michael has ever had DMT...

    • Mr Moth
      Mr Moth

      He did.

  • weird Amongus channel
    weird Amongus channel

    Hey vsauce thats nice

  • future hope
    future hope

    It is reasonable to state that multiculturalism is not a strength. It is reasonable to be suspicious of bill gates motives.

    • Mr Moth
      Mr Moth

      @future hope WTF are you even talking about? Racist is someone who sees some races as superior or inferior to others, it's not a slur and who invented it doesn't matter Take your meds.

    • Mr Moth
      Mr Moth

      How is any of that reasonable? Give arguments or STFU.

    • future hope
      future hope

      @Don'tSpikeMyDrink Racist, a word invented by Leon Trotsky, born bronstein, to enable the murder of millions. Keep using that lazy idiotic slur, it dilutes everytime it is used as a blunt force opinion smasher till no one cares, cheerio for the compliment.

    • Don'tSpikeMyDrink

      shut up racist. Diversity is our strength

  • Krishna Vats
    Krishna Vats

    i consider you as one of my gurus.