Mayweather KO's Logan Paul SHOCKING
Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight for total dominance.

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  • Flashgitz

    😱 Wow that was crazy

    • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
      Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

      Can you do one with aaron carter it was hilarious

    • Moises


    • David M
      David M

      How do I join the discord server?

    • World Destroyer
      World Destroyer

      @BoxOfDOG your the crackhead crazy kid

    • Lale Ilhan
      Lale Ilhan

      PLEASE make furry crusade part 4!

  • Cymes

    Plot-twist : Floyd can read , but he doesn't know how to write.

  • Blue Digit
    Blue Digit

    indeed very shocking

  • Bruhh Juniors21
    Bruhh Juniors21

    *_Damn, I remember watching these back in the day._*

  • Central Fights
    Central Fights

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast before lmao

  • Gandalf

    Ah ah Good Job George Floyd

  • Nik Samardzija
    Nik Samardzija

    Floyd punches his wife harder than he punches his opponents

  • Fabian Atencio
    Fabian Atencio

    "Cool blooded " -Rick James

  • The Tupuhi
    The Tupuhi

    Yeah that’s totally how the fight went

  • Yas Bel
    Yas Bel

    No ad bummer 😣☹😢😭

  • Beef Hammer
    Beef Hammer

    I don't think he consulted the elder gods before making this decision

  • VR Cage
    VR Cage

    Floyd Mayweather for KP3

  • Neal game wolf
    Neal game wolf

    Give me your belt?

  • Level 99
    Level 99

    What does the contract say ?

  • Dr. Robert Nick
    Dr. Robert Nick

    Sooo... How is the LoZ cartoon doing?

  • Carlos youtubeSINmentiras
    Carlos youtubeSINmentiras

    whenever floyd doesnt know what to say he just says money.

  • Don Heft
    Don Heft

    Of course this happened, because logan didnt want his pretty face actually FUCKED up in reality if floyd actually went all out. Im sorry but this ehole ordeal didnt make me care for it anymote than i did when i forst heard about it. Its not really "news worthy" let alone worth a waste of my time. If humans didnt put so much faith in money, we would probably be living better lives all over earth bit yall aint ready for that convo yet tho

  • Alonelylokimain o.o
    Alonelylokimain o.o

    I skipped 10 seconds to get passed the intro and realized I missed the fight

  • I just Wanna use yt
    I just Wanna use yt

    So uhhh why in this one Floyd wasn't capable of reading? And why exactly any1 would consider that funny?

  • Syfiy


  • oblivexx

    I really dont like the point system. I like the knockouts instead or tap outs.

  • Yung Create
    Yung Create

    Mayweather into Logan's ear as they hug whispers "hard work"

  • Ciri ous
    Ciri ous

    Well I mean Raiden is right about the fat tiddied [ISnets Comment Censorship CCP style]

  • blackeyedkids

    Make another one where there just both hugging eachother in the same way you did the Connor McGregor one ☠️

  • Igloo Crew
    Igloo Crew

    What animation software was this made on?

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis

    Gimme yer belt.

  • StruneAir


  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Now fucking way raiden shows up at the fight

  • Mhagod

    All he had to do was sign his name he didn't really have to read the contract

  • Nigga taking a dukie on a toilet.
    Nigga taking a dukie on a toilet.

    This is cannon.

  • Agro1409

    That ending destroyed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • J.C.

    Hard work!

  • autotuned duck
    autotuned duck

    "I... what... money?" perfectly describes this dude lmao

  • a beautiful bacon
    a beautiful bacon

    Imagine one of them reacts on this

  • Yul Witherspoon
    Yul Witherspoon


  • ARIAN 609
    ARIAN 609

    Ivan Drago vs Creed xd. Also Nice mortal combat reference.

  • The Prussian
    The Prussian

    Logan Paul's next fight will be against a WW2 British commando who was Hand to hand instructor.

  • Zazzylike02

    imagine if the Leprechaun returned and wacked em all

  • Comrade Dog
    Comrade Dog

    I love that it evolved from Conor McGregor to Floyd Mayweather.

  • Dark Reaper ✔
    Dark Reaper ✔

    Great warrior my ass

  • Benjikiller 80
    Benjikiller 80

    By the elder gods...

  • B S
    B S


  • Internet Drifter
    Internet Drifter

    You can read, write?

  • Vernon Kiseyinewakup
    Vernon Kiseyinewakup

    Somebody didn't watch the fight, it was all for fun no winner was delcared and they said the only way a winner would be declared was if a knockout had occuered, and Mayweather himself stated that he isn't 21 anymore and that it's nice to get into the ring an par with these young man and even praised Logan ya'll need to stop acting like 7 year olds and hating on everyone for every one of their small or big mistakes.

    • ImUnoriginalOkay

      This video isn't made to be taken seriously

  • Povilas


  • Cpt. Thicc
    Cpt. Thicc

    if you can read a page out of a harry potter book floyddddd

  • Darkswords14

    Floyd can learn to read all it takes is a little hard work.

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    It was like watching two people contend for most boring fighter to exist

  • Bubblebut45 0000
    Bubblebut45 0000

    And to think ppl had to pay tickets to watch this 😎

  • Dewey40k

    If the boxing game wasnt rigged jake or logan wouldnt have a single chance to win and they wouldnt have been able to throw a single big hit like fck mayweather was already in the ring that logan and jake werent even fckin born

  • Apentogo

    I heard about this fight but I was afraid of educating myself through the "fake media" its good to know that, as ever, you guys remain the only news outlet that still delivers the news unfiltered and raw, just like daddy used to make em. and I see you finally updated your channel icon after 17 years. hm we shall see if that wont be a shotgun to the bungus

  • Andrew Carlisi
    Andrew Carlisi


  • FlamingTP

    C'mon Raiden, just put some ink on the glove and tell him to punch the paper.

  • ExtractedGamer

    Why you guys change the ISnets profile pic…? It looks so weird now :(

  • Purger Of Heretics
    Purger Of Heretics

    Lmaooo this was too good

  • Benny Lafell
    Benny Lafell


  • LuisMedinaAceved

    I love it!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymus


  • Illuminati Agent #43
    Illuminati Agent #43

    Earth realm fell when iluminati took over youtibe in 2016.

  • Gonemba

    I'll see you guys in a couple of years when flashgitz makes a Mayweather Vs Billie Ellish

  • 6F85

    When you watch this 10 times more than the actual fight

  • Will Davis
    Will Davis

    I love that the way he says hard work sounds like barking 😂

  • omiNITROUS

    raiden got him with a LEGALITY!

  • Dirk Digler
    Dirk Digler

    Hahahaha. Love when he’s like “hard…work?”

  • ZurMations :/
    ZurMations :/

    Madness combat next

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Mayweather's fatality is burying his opponent with all the cash he got from this fight

    • ShallowDepth

      @MeLikeWaffles GG yes

    • MeLikeWaffles GG
      MeLikeWaffles GG

      @ShallowDepth so Kotal Khan in MkX?

    • Vrax TheInheritor
      Vrax TheInheritor

      @Mike Kazz BROTALITY!

    • Mike Kazz
      Mike Kazz

      @ShallowDepth sounds like a friendship finisher.

    • D0gbackwards

      Mr. Mustache is back, do you have any comment on fellow commenter Justin Y?

  • Valiant


  • DiamondKnight

    Jake Paul is a cowardly dog 🐕 just barks at people but no action taken

  • TwistedNinjaFish Z
    TwistedNinjaFish Z

    Floyd Mayweather got jewed this video

  • tmtz !
    tmtz !


  • Jordan Spencer
    Jordan Spencer

    Thank you. This is everything I wanted from that fight.

  • Pate Freeman
    Pate Freeman

    Hey dude some body stole your gay among us video

  • Warlock

    Ok, but he really did KO him and then held him up so that they could stack the bet.

  • black monster86
    black monster86


  • Philik

    ( ._.) you CAN read, right? Floyd (._.)

  • Jackson

    Flash Is like Nostradamus they predicted it🤯

  • Mike 700
    Mike 700

    Universal punch ✊

  • Ness H
    Ness H


  • tip dikik DaQuazar
    tip dikik DaQuazar

    This and the like, needs to fill in the gap between PPv and when highlights hit ISnets.

  • Zueicide Sin
    Zueicide Sin

    Logan didn't hug him once?? That's what you missed. All the hugs logan gave him.

  • Rance

    Floyd 2020: *I can't breathe* Floyd 2021: *I can't read*


    wow tat was kinda racest ya'll need to stop making the black people seem stupid

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower

    I love the baby tap sfx when he punches, just like the Connor vid lol

  • lll Flownuff lll
    lll Flownuff lll

    I’m done 🤣🤣💀

  • Juan Juarez
    Juan Juarez

    Irl he just peed a little in Logan Paul and they started making out


    Who’s next? Mayweather vs a fighting chicken? Seriously this guy would fight anything for money.

  • SiNsOfThEDeViL

    They need to add Floyd to MK11 🤣

  • Loomer

    Raiden always finds the most generic chosen ones

  • Patrick Logan
    Patrick Logan

    Pray for everybody that lost their $60 to the money pyre

  • Baby Grogu
    Baby Grogu


  • Ghastly_Grinner

    Not enough hugging

  • Wendy O Koopa
    Wendy O Koopa

    I demand the adult parody of this fight

  • iNNER CiTY DiSPUTE.exe
    iNNER CiTY DiSPUTE.exe

    I like how there wasn’t a stupid ad

  • Gino Dee
    Gino Dee

    animated and written by 50 Cent

  • Soy-Boy-Beta-Cuck

    “Hard.. werk?”

  • The D-Rex
    The D-Rex

    Don’t forget he banned any journalist that brings up the physical abuse he did to his ex wife’s and wife and children. ... and dad. .. dudes a Trash juman that in all honesty is worthless as a dad and a man and just works for himself. 💩 .... Logan is blatantly trash from his own vids and personality

  • Pooler57

    Sad thing that this actually had more fighting than the actual fight

  • Rage Robloxian
    Rage Robloxian

    No one won the fight....

  • TeamDATL Tae
    TeamDATL Tae

    He legally robbed yall.

  • GeorgeZZR Gaming
    GeorgeZZR Gaming