I Got CANCELLED Again.. So I Had A $200,000 Shopping Spree!
Hey everyone! Welcome BACK to my channel... Instead of talking about the millionth false rumor to hit the internet, I'm exciting to unveil my custom one of a kind PINK Louis Vuitton monogram shoe trunk!!!!!!! Contrary to popular belief and slander, I don't money shame anyone and we all know I've come from literally NOTHING. I created glitter from dirt and will always be grateful for how far I've come. So when I sarcastically asked Louis Vuitton if they'd let me be the first customer to ever CHANGE the monogram color by request, I didn't expect them to respond. A few weeks went by and they said YESSSSSS! I was so shook, so I got to design and create some of my dream LV pieces in my very own Jeffree Star baby pink with white monogram!!! Truly a piece of FASHION history!
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  • Afinna Naufal
    Afinna Naufal

    I like that 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ags Realistic
    Ags Realistic

    All this money, fashion, bling... and a sad lonely man in the middle 😢

  • Tashimeka Woodfork
    Tashimeka Woodfork

    Pop p no

  • Kirthana Rajinikanth
    Kirthana Rajinikanth

    I love you sooo much ❤️ You have an amazing attitude ❤️🔥

  • Gena Libra
    Gena Libra

    I mean he worked for what he has so meh, just let him be a narcissistic prick

  • Margaret

    Love your pink luggage set it is beautiful and stunning.👛👝👡🥿💗

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    Damn it must suck to be that rich & unhappy & lonely

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia

    I hate you, jk i love you but im jelly 🥲😍🥰

  • edju99

    Only "new money" people act this way, and buy for the sake of buying. There's a difference in being rich versus being wealthy. Jeffree is rich, he isn't wealthy. Weatlhy is when you're born to people with money, grown up in a world of money, inherit money. So Madonna is rich, her children are wealthy. They know no other life than that of having money, they are well versed in the culture and nuances of weatlh.

  • Panda Bun
    Panda Bun

    This is disgusting on so many levels....thisis what people make money doing? Being a materialistic self absorbed piece of trash is not appealing.

  • JJ Vee
    JJ Vee

    I want to be friends with you Jeffree. Please notice me. 🙏

  • burgundybaby

    Your house sounds empty. Just like your life.

  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace

    You love him, you hate him, guess what us norms have that too. But we're just too poor to cause controversy amongs ourselves. Duh

  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace

    People really be pressed. Chill guys yall can't afford this shit and it shows

  • Chandelier Wise
    Chandelier Wise


  • R Massi
    R Massi

    I absolutely LOVE IT!!! OMGGGGGGGGOD!!! Pink is also my signature color & now I’m dying!!!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS JEFFREE!!! 🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸

  • Jade Heywood
    Jade Heywood

    Maybe one should calculate the CO2 imprint of a day in the life of JS... I'm not against overpriced designer goods per se, because if you treasure them and take good care of them, it can be a minimalistic and "sustainable" approach to fashion. But Lord.. no one needs so much stuff. Sustainability. Where are you? 😭 definitely not here.

  • Christopher George
    Christopher George

    JS looking like Kristin Cavalleri is giving some MAJOR vibezzz

  • Cheri Lloyd
    Cheri Lloyd

    My younger sister started buying your makeup for me and showed me your videos i love your makeup i hope to get as good as you applying it

  • Skalla Waissi
    Skalla Waissi

    You could have helped so much people, people in need, people starving, people with sicknesses, people dying of dehydration. 😔😔😔😔

    • brianna


  • _toge.inukami 3
    _toge.inukami 3

    Can someone tell me if Shane is still gonna post even though he’s cancelled?


    People sees to jeffrees:oh my... God... He's so rich I rather want to be rich than poor What people don't sees to jeffrees: jeffrees so lonely fake smiles fake happiness I mean she's getting so much expensive stuff but do she get a person that makes him happy jeffrees happy doesn't cost money it cost love

    • brianna

      Bruh 💀💀

  • Aki Palmes
    Aki Palmes

    Yung mas malaki pa walking closet ni vice ganda haha

  • Sun S
    Sun S

    i dont wana live in this planet anymore

    • Treemarie

      Are you ok? I wanna give you a big hug because I love you

  • Stephanie Miles Mayo
    Stephanie Miles Mayo

    And here I am, holding a phone with fake LV case. Hehe

  • Jelani Salis
    Jelani Salis

    ohh yes jeffree

  • WisKrisKar

    I really enjoyed this video. After spending a year at home homeschooling 3, looking like I was pulled out of a drain, there is something really fun and uplifting going on here. Yes, I'll never afford this (or anything close.) Yes, it's over the top. HOWEVER... I reacted thinking "well, that is fun and fancy. Good for JS." Maybe I'll wear mascara today? probably not... but this was fun.

  • Jessica James
    Jessica James

    Kasamba girl seems authentic

  • Frank Business
    Frank Business

    Bubble wrap jacket 😂😂 what’s next a jacket designed to be a tv😂

  • eclipse moments solar
    eclipse moments solar

    Are u telling it isn't a girl

  • alex 18
    alex 18

    Buy ethereum before the price skyrockets

  • AussieAnnie62

    3:18 that's the stuff used in package to protect the fragile items...

  • AussieAnnie62

    all 'false rumours' but then again, you actually said that 'you have dirt on other people' as a blackmail technique. Why would that be? Don't fool yourself, you couldn't lie straight in bed

  • Zee Collins
    Zee Collins


  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova

    Money is literally his god.

  • BobaMocha

    Jeffree: I went on a 200k shopping spree! Me: omg Yas! I got some gum this is amaizng

  • chikiting Pakdatz
    chikiting Pakdatz


  • The Love Circle Retreat
    The Love Circle Retreat

    lmao I got cancelled again now let me remind everyone I could buy their lives XD 😋

  • Big Mama
    Big Mama

    Money doesn't really buy true happiness 😥

    • AussieAnnie62

      nor honesty

  • Kate Xhyllett
    Kate Xhyllett

    Ugly house

    • brianna


  • Rhonda Dawkins
    Rhonda Dawkins

    Jeffery looks really good in this video.👏🏽👏🏽

  • Ashfaque Hossain
    Ashfaque Hossain

    Glow in the Club.

  • MarysiaMaria

    Next time would you consider splurging on a house for me and my fiancee instead of on all the useless cheap looking crap? thx

    • Static Doggo
      Static Doggo


  • Aria Clever
    Aria Clever

    I like jefree star... he is so dynamic... but skmetimes when i watch stuff like this, i realize... my existance is pointless... i work very hard to live and i go 2 college... im probly the least interesting person ever 🤣😒

  • Judith D
    Judith D

    Money can’t buy love and happiness!

    • AussieAnnie62

      or a good character

  • Iamtheknees

    Rich shitty

  • Michelle Lyman
    Michelle Lyman

    you could have done so much good in this world really helping others *sigh*

    • addieroll

      where were u when he gave tons of money away 😂 im not saying he's a good person btw, just that he has done some good


    Pathetic I guess

  • mgsGamer

    Cancel Culture is worse than my sisters singing but at some point I guess I could take out my headphones blasting “Moe Shop - Notice” to the max just to hear them preach

  • imsleepingbeauty

    "THIS IS ICONIC".... Throws it on the floor 🗑

  • Sahara Sutcliffe
    Sahara Sutcliffe

    I wanna why you got canceled?

  • Nancnmakeup

    Why are you all so angry about him. His lifestyle the way his leaving happiness is a state of mind. Are you really happy 24/7. Let him be let him do what he likes to do. If you hate him so much what are you guts watching his videos. You dont know if he is just tired of trusting people that is just going to used him betrayed hin and destroyed him over and over. There some people that are really happy by themselves not having fake people around them ruining their aura.

  • Regina Chan Kau
    Regina Chan Kau

    Love you Jeffree 😘😘😘

  • fuck you
    fuck you

    honestly he tries so hard to pretend he is happy that he’s just making it obvious he isn’t. money won’t change the fact that no one is ever going to truly love someone who only values material success and who brags about getting away with the pain he causes others. no matter how much you lie and pretend money makes you better than everyone else you will always be bitter, hateful and lonely.

  • Annorr Axx
    Annorr Axx

    My dad’s a carpenter and he could make a trunk like that that looks ten times less gaudy and for less than an 8th of the price lol. This is sad.

  • TheBookishHobbit

    What a waste of money... if I had that much extra money it would go towards helping my community not for some selfish thing like this, especially one that looks kinda tacky to me. But don't mind me, I'm just some country pumpkin.

  • Taste of Takeisha
    Taste of Takeisha

    So cute!!

  • The Eclectic Taurus
    The Eclectic Taurus

    Dude needs a therapist not another bag or dog.

  • Mara Plantrees
    Mara Plantrees

    That jacket is absolutely dreadful

  • Andreea's uploads
    Andreea's uploads

    Imagine having echo in your house

  • Bean&Me

    His big, empty mansion seems lonely.

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    Y’allllll. Props to Jeffree for working hard, but THIS is everything wrong with society.

  • Lily Trumble
    Lily Trumble

    Lol he actually thinks ppl watched this and actually gave a shit

    • Lily Trumble
      Lily Trumble

      @ᄀᄀᄀ대현 I was bored, saw this, laughed a little, and so I commented

    • Cardi B VEVO
      Cardi B VEVO

      Exactly like who gives a fuck

    • ᄀᄀᄀ대현

      Soo why u write that

  • M. C
    M. C

    This content right here isn't any good. It's empty and boring.

  • Emily Farrell
    Emily Farrell

    3:30 Manz in a whole trash bag

  • K K.
    K K.

    All the money in the world can’t buy you a good heart and happiness

  • Rantaro Amami
    Rantaro Amami

    Who came from the TikTok video with the Junko Enoshima clickbait 😭

  • •sNoW• CHAN•
    •sNoW• CHAN•

    I read the comments and almost everyone said that he is lonely.Why is he lonely though?

  • Chili 2.0
    Chili 2.0

    OMG this is kind of a Sharpay Evans moment

  • Georgia Willmott
    Georgia Willmott

    I don’t know why but this pink and gold looks really cheap to me maybe it just me...

  • Janan Nhiwatiwa
    Janan Nhiwatiwa

    instead of giving those 200000 dollars to people in need, he goes on a shopping spree...like bro, u already have enough stuff what more do you want

    • brianna


  • Bite Me
    Bite Me

    Anyone else just want to clean and organize his closet as a job?

  • Claudia Ruiz
    Claudia Ruiz

    The grocery bag jacket should have been a giant body condom instead.

  • Margarita Goodpaster
    Margarita Goodpaster

    OMG, Barbie would be jealous!

  • momo

    *spending 200k in stupid stuff like you gonna take it with you to your grave lol*

  • Catherine Mac Broom
    Catherine Mac Broom

    Did Bonkers Closet do his ? That would be a memorable episode.

  • ZakarooNetwork

    1:23 Has a moment of presence and self awareness. Love you Baby...

  • ZakarooNetwork

    1:23 Has a moment of Presence and Self Awareness, away from the character of sudo self. Love you baby...

  • Melanie Jarrett
    Melanie Jarrett

    I love you already. Just suscribed.

  • M Nutter
    M Nutter

    I cant imagine how great this makes you feel. Good luck in the next life cuz ya cant take it with ya an karma doesnt forget.

  • Ariana

    Ok I’m not even sure why he’s cancelled so I’m just going to continue watching his content.

  • HaloIsLoading

    In literally the first three minutes I got called poor in 52 different ways.

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    You realize people are literally dying and in poverty over this pandemic, right? I get not liking being cancelled numerous times but this is just that money could be used to help those in need. Rubbing it in the internet's face only makes you look worse and one day you won't be cancelled anymore, you'll just be irrelevant.

    • Hatsune Miku
      Hatsune Miku

      And I oop

    • brianna

      Argh not this again 🤦‍♀️

  • ・Angelicat・

    Please stop wasting ur money on expensive things that work just as well as cheaper things. You can donate money to people who actually need it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dem Jam
    Dem Jam

    And what about this blue LV tree? What is it?

  • PotOfTeaMulan

    Oh no.... That poor boy... I feel so bad for him, omg, its probably because I'm such an empath, but he seems so lonely and hurt, that poor sad sad boy, oh no.... Oh, I'm such an empath, it hurts so much to see his pain, pain for absolutely no reason at all because he has never done anything deplorable, he doesn't even have a mean bone in his body.... Oh shit, I'm crying now, probably cause I'm such am empath, omg Praying for your happiness you poor sad struggle-boy 🙏

    • purpledragonfly4

      You're kidding right? He is trash.

  • IndayGwapa Vlog's
    IndayGwapa Vlog's

    You are very bless person❤❤

  • Jena Kim Mean
    Jena Kim Mean

    everyone saying he has no fashion blah blah blah... it’s a fashion statement. just because he doesn’t wear things that kylie jenner or kim k would, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have style. fashion can be used as an expression and he literally dresses how he is lmaoo.

  • Marcus D
    Marcus D

    Hey natfree want two invites to s2 vahalla I won’t trade for second Life bc well he is well he and vahalla is fun to play mobas lol? Well forget that wildrift stuff just like let me spam or something

  • Melissa Morales
    Melissa Morales

    Unpopular opinion: I don't understand why there is so much hate. Jeffree worked so hard to get to where he is. It's literally his money he can do whatever he wants with it

  • Maria Yanez
    Maria Yanez

    His shoes go in thousand dollar boxes and mine just go on the floor. Or maybe just put the in cardboared boxes.😂...😟

  • X cc
    X cc

    You know, there are so many damn projects that can actually help. I know it s your money and probably you re never gonna read this. But help the world become a better place, instead of a worse one, materialistic things are only short-termed happiness, helping the world become a better place (cuz there s 1000 projects worth investing in), actually makes you happy. If not happy, happier.

  • Nodrodsky

    What a noob.

  • Korea Boo
    Korea Boo

    I love Jeffree star I want to be like him one-day .

  • CherryCola

    Hopefully you get canceled for real smh

  • Maki H
    Maki H

    This is supposed be a fun content? But I see it very pathetic :( he must be really lonely...

  • Victoria Orellana
    Victoria Orellana

    You go girl , Not sure what you said. To me as long as you don't hurt or offend a sensible person . No body is perfect .

    • Nibb

      Him and his gang bullied a woman, he shit talks behind friends, and is a total shit friend overall. And may I also mention he lied about witnessing a singer bring underage girls into a tour van?

  • Princess Kelly
    Princess Kelly

    It’s my favorite type of pink and I am getting my room painted this color

  • Susana Capitaine
    Susana Capitaine

    😍💖💖💖omg! 🥰 I love how pretty they look! 😍💖💖💖

  • Finding Dory !
    Finding Dory !

    This is more of a flex than a “cAnCeLLeD” video....