Elon Musk Interview: 1-on-1 with Sandy Munro
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Sandy Munro visits Boca Chica Texas to chat with Elon Musk. Elon and Sandy talk about Tesla production, mega-castings, Model 3 Seats, structural battery packs, MBA’s, short-Sellers and more!
Thanks to Jehn from SpaceX for coordinating the interview.
Thanks to John from Silicon Valley Tesla Club for the ride-along with FSD-Beta.
To Contact Munro: Sales@leandesign.com
Video Filmed, Produced, and Edited By Cory Steuben
Audio Editor, Tylor Schlink
Thumbnail Artist, Nick Szczotka
0:00 Introduction
1:18 Production Hell
5:57 Seat Discussion
9:47 Autopilot
17:10 Megacastings
22:15 Structural Battery Pack
28:11 Precision Assembly and Material Sciences
34:57 EV Crossover Point
37:46 Electronics & Wiring
39:53 MBA's, Short Selling & Closing Commentary
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  • Munro Live
    Munro Live

    Buy new Super Manifold T-shirt today! teespring.com/new-munro-live-2021-apparel?pid=227

  • Liam Hinrichs
    Liam Hinrichs

    It is my dream to one day meet Musk. I'm so thankful to be alive in the times of such a great and brilliant humanitarian.

  • Martin Gill
    Martin Gill

    Interesting talk and you have got to hand respect to Tesla for pushing the car industry forward, it’s hard to see the old school moving in the EV direction with any speed without Tesla’s influence. Self drive definitely needs the kinks ironing out before it is safe though, using my model 3 on a beta of only partial self drive on the motorway/uk(freeway) was not reassuring and much more stressful than plain driving with the phantom breaking and hesitancy on lane changing. However when self drive is mastered I have no doubt that it will be generally make safer roads, ease congestion and improve efficiency.

  • Pradeep S
    Pradeep S

    Its Blissfull watching you both Humble Gentlemen & Munro Please come up with video on Patent Free inventions that will benifit Mankind & I predict the Gift will start with U .S. A As the saying goes As you Sow , So shall you Reap but only a Thouasand Times More

  • James Last
    James Last

    Wow! Elon is vulnerable, humble, reserved, and self- confident all in one interview. It was refreshing to see a different side of his persona.

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar

    hinduja tech whre indian brand label came from on car...

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar

    even his employees see it looking at title do the work interesting wow..

  • Lucifer Satoshi
    Lucifer Satoshi


  • Samuel Wilson
    Samuel Wilson

    Create a massive car company from nothing. Aannd do it perfect...

  • Chill


  • Pankaj Chauhan
    Pankaj Chauhan

    Rare interview where elon didn't made fun of interviewer

  • Leory Ruth
    Leory Ruth

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    • Jerry Flecther
      Jerry Flecther

      @Leory Ruth Thanks dear.

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      Mavis Scott

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      Gomez Anderson

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    • Leory Ruth
      Leory Ruth

      @Jerry Flecther Kindly reach her through her T page.

    • Leory Ruth
      Leory Ruth

      @Jerry Flecther @investwithgabriella

  • Noobzone Gamer
    Noobzone Gamer

    Are They Even Gonna' Talk About Mars?☹️☹️

  • FMphoto Office
    FMphoto Office

    12:29 Lost interest in navel-gazing first-world "problems". Let's see what else is on ISnets...

  • Mike Twomey
    Mike Twomey

    Great interview. There are a few engineering questions I wish were asked: 1. Is the front/rear casting machine the final phase or will we see full car casting 2. Elon said he wanted to make a wiring harness which was only 100m long and could be install with robots - what progress has been made on this

  • Mariusz krynsky
    Mariusz krynsky

    Watched Elon debunked and solarcity. Elon is a fraud.

  • Charles Bates
    Charles Bates

    I don’t see the problem with “shorting”. It speeds up the price discovery function. The downside is huge and risky, shorts commonly get burned.

  • Christopher Armstrong
    Christopher Armstrong

    4:57 “Prototypes are easy and fun.” *Speaking about Nikola Motors ($NKLA).*

  • Excuses Begone
    Excuses Begone

    Just watched on TMZ

    • Munro Live
      Munro Live

      Thanks for checking out our channel!


    It would be really cool to be part of the network of Tesla's that replace Uber and Lyft! We could have a little reality show which would be a type of advertising through our channels that could inevitably lead to more people buying Tesla's! I have a background in Automotive Marketing Business Administration and Commercial Energy. Also I'm starting a channel called PROTESLA POWER. Of course this channel will talk about Nikola Tesla, Energy generation, Health and well-being, Tesla motors, Elon Musk, SpaceX, etc. I live just outside of Toronto Canada and could really use some advice on how to get my channel off the ground. I've sent several messages to Elon Musk on Twitter but he gets so many messages in a day or mine probably get overlooked. I think I could be doing a lot more to help people get a Tesla in their driveways faster. I also believe that if you're going to have an EV you might want to have solar generation and battery storage which I also have a business plan to implement. If you like these ideas or have some of your own to offer, I would really like to know. I do appreciate all of you and your comments. This is the time and we are the people that will change the world! propower101@hotmail.com

  • D Domino
    D Domino

    Sandy... ask the question! Let the smart guy talk please.

  • Paul JJ
    Paul JJ

    Can you normalise the sounds please? Thanks a lot!

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson


  • Sam Kh
    Sam Kh

    Amazing interview one of the only times Elon got to talk abt his passion in physics and engineering bet you he had a blast talking to Somone that finally understands what they’re talking abt

  • REEVINFRA A pursuit for better Earth
    REEVINFRA A pursuit for better Earth

    It’s amazing to see how Elon is so accessible and accommodating to many... unlike the top tech company CEOs or founders. This man is out of the world and extremely adaptive.

  • Mister Steel
    Mister Steel

    No to single cast for front, mid, rear. Based on my engineering experience, we look at repairs in an event of an accident repair. Single cast means a disposable vehicle cause repair becomes too expensive. I understand that removing all the cast and replace in an event of structural damage however you too are into simplicity and it is so easy to get caught with over excited and neglecting the rest of economic repairs rendered the product disposable.

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn

    10:20 elon understands the "roads" in Africa are a different story altogether lol

  • Gray Area Design Gray Area Design
    Gray Area Design Gray Area Design

    What I love most about Elon is he's rich as shit but he's so humble... we need more like him.. let's stop fighting over race yall, we're losing ourselves with hate.. love to all races and peace to all as well...

  • couchpoet1

    It’s not rocket appliances

  • 1000 Percent Gains
    1000 Percent Gains

    Elon is the G of the planet

  • cornerstone contracting service
    cornerstone contracting service

    Munro a great interview you might have a great hobby, thanks for asking Important questioning a way we can understand it . I think he aggressively is implementing ideas for the future , ..

  • Anna Heller
    Anna Heller

    Maybe the feeling great of driving it, it relaxed your body therefor feeling great internally lead to good health conditions.

  • Adit

    So legos manufacturing is more advanced and cheaper than car parts manufacturing.

  • Tom Yao
    Tom Yao

    This is the best musk interview I've seen so far. Great job!

    • Munro Live
      Munro Live

      Thank you Tom!

  • Marc Connolly
    Marc Connolly

    I wanna go for a beer with Sandy.

  • Paul Lam Hung
    Paul Lam Hung

    Greetings from Mauritius. After viewing some of Elon’s awesome videos I wonder if Elon, scientists, medical specialists could come up with ‘think out of the box’

    • Paul Lam Hung
      Paul Lam Hung

      (Continued)Solutions for the COVID 19 especially for some nations who cannot have access to vaccines so that the global economy may improve as soon as possible. Regards to All.

  • PaleBlueDotCitizen

    Munro: (ignoring everything but his own ego) "here's the car with my name on it and people were coming up and loving on it" Elon: yawn

  • Giannis Loizou
    Giannis Loizou

    Beware headphone users: Jumpscare at 1:11

  • Christopher Armstrong
    Christopher Armstrong

    Why does the interviewer dress like the kid from ‘Up’?

  • John Rutter
    John Rutter

    Absolutely brilliant time spent watching this! Sandy, being a mentor, despite his age and Elon showing so much respect for him! Especially the last comment regarding the horse taking you home. Living here in Belarus, horses are still taking people home!

    • PaleBlueDotCitizen

      No. Not respect. Good PR. Musk knows as well as everyone that Munro is completely out of his depth in the EV age.

  • Seth Rotta
    Seth Rotta

    Instantly liked the interviewer. Fck you anyone who criticises this gentleman

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    All of the Mars Rockets from Space-X exploded. ALL of them.

  • T C
    T C

    Elon is not a good guy. Pretty much a reincarnated Grey working w the Annunaki.. So sad, Guess the Plaeiadians dont care for you very much!! Reveillez- vous tout le monde!

    • PaleBlueDotCitizen

      Elon is doing more for humanity and the planet than any other individual in history.

  • matt daaammoon
    matt daaammoon

    I just can’t get into this interview he’s basically rehashed the electric car being manufactured as Henry Ford did with the model t lol I fail to see how these vehicles being mass produced are low cost as well as space x being paid for by tax payers lol this is rubbish and seems terribly choreographed I’m done lmao

  • Ankit Gupta*
    Ankit Gupta*

    How elon talks about the subject and remains on the subject, never gets personal. On the other hand Munro is like I said this, I did this, I have this .... Elon never acknowledges him during the interview. Munro looks like a recognition hungry idiot in front of grande Elon.

  • T C
    T C

    All wearing fake good for nothing masks

  • T C
    T C

    He wants to take away our free will. Getting to Mars where the Annunaki are. Rockets, come on man! FACADE!!

  • T C
    T C

    Hes working w the Annunaki!! NOT GOOD

  • Jose Nunez
    Jose Nunez

    Listening to this guy it is obvious his vocal chords can not keep up with how fast his brain process and articulate thoughts! 🧠🧐

  • Kunwar Pratik Raj
    Kunwar Pratik Raj

    That's how my father talks about his smartphone.

  • The story of gadhi
    The story of gadhi


  • Nancy Montanari
    Nancy Montanari

    Munroe talks toooooo much!!! I want to hear more from his guest 🙄

  • Bill Heyn
    Bill Heyn

    Less is better. Always a first principle.

  • G

    So many chairs

  • more Wknd
    more Wknd

    "Boca Chia"

  • Butch T
    Butch T

    Ahh yeah

  • Private

    Immigrant talking to immigrant: Imagine for a moment Mandela was kept in Jail, Sandy's mum would have orphaned him and now Sandy would build electric cars and Elon's wage as an uber driver in Johannesburg would drop below $1/ per hour....

  • epincion

    Love Elon's comment that an MBA makes you good at PowerPoint presentations! He is so right about the harm (yes harm) that what I will call 'management studies' has done. I'm from a healthcare backround and of an age when I remember when trained healthcare professionals actually ran the sector (eg a hospital) but now probably 40% of staff are management with no healthcare training.

  • B Wolf
    B Wolf

    A fantastic discussion between two of the brightest minds of engineering. This was fantastic, thanks 👍👍

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    38:17 that's very interesting because I had to charge my 12V battery this morning 😅

  • J.G. McBell
    J.G. McBell

    The more self driving cars are on the road, the safer they will be too. Connecting them on a network where their movement is connected and coordinated, everyone can just go 130mph all the time once there’s no human drivers left.

  • J.G. McBell
    J.G. McBell

    I feel like Musk also has a different perspective, and expectation of his managers. Because he totally understands everything they’re doing, it’s hard for him to see a perspective where you could lead without understanding it all. I don’t think that having an MBA should be a disqualifying factor from jumping into management. It’s about the person behind the MBA. And knowing every specific detail isn’t necessary to lead a team of competent people in the right direction. As long as that person UNDERSTANDS that they don’t have the answers and their focus is on helping the people who do have the answers work together.

  • Sadhguru's Funniest And Wittiest clips
    Sadhguru's Funniest And Wittiest clips

    Why is he using the word tape, when there's no tape? It's all being digitally recorded

  • Sadhguru's Funniest And Wittiest clips
    Sadhguru's Funniest And Wittiest clips

    How many driving jobs will autoPilot take away?

    • Whack-a-mole


  • Proteslapower

    For those of you who love the idea of the Cybertruck being able to pull a tank turn to get you out of tight spots, maybe it's possible! With a triple motor or dual motor it would be difficult for the tank turn to be accomplished in the same way. The reason is because you don't have a motor on each wheel you cannot get the right wheels to move forward and the left wheels to move backwards. On the other hand I do believe with the torque and power of the Cybertrucks motors that you could have the front right wheel going forward and the rear left wheel going backwards to accomplish pretty much the same action. With just one wheel moving forward and one wheel moving backwards theoretically the dual motor or the triple motor could do a tank turn. You would have to slightly turn your front wheel towards your reversing back wheel or vice versa. These actions I believe could give you a similar forward tank turn or a reversing tank turn. Of course this would be easier with swiveling rear steering as well. Four wheel independent steering and only for tank turn with the vehicle having to be fully stopped and wheels turned all the way to configure wheel following wheel action. A tank turn sounds too clumsy anyway gyro action would be preferred terminology! For those that like these ideas or have some of your own to add please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your ideas. Now is the time to change our future! propower101@hotmail.com

  • Proteslapower

    Elon Musk already stated that they will be able to build the Cybertruck faster than any other production vehicle ever made. Think about it there is no body molding presses no paint shops. If Giga Texas starts ramping up production in the next month or two they will have 100,000 built by this year! Once they have perfected Giga Texas there will be more Cybertruck factories being built across North America. The demand is also going to be high for lite duty and heavy duty Cybertrucks as well so you will see more factories being built all over the world. I have suggested outside of Toronto be the next spot for a Tara factory and Cybertruck line. Tell me where you think their next Tesla factories be built? I appreciate all of you and your comments. This is the time and we are the people that will change the world! propower101@hotmail.com

  • pep ito
    pep ito

    Always to be thankful when a car developer and builder sits face to face with someone that is going to ask for all the wrong things they are doing. Good marketing? Bad Marketing? who cares, it is just the right and honest thing to do. I just cannot think of another brand/ car company CEO that has given such an interview (but it might have happened, I just have not wacthed it).Great job Sandy Munro.

  • Terracraft

    Nice and early

  • BaconKing

    Good interview! I watched the whole thing, which is rare for a ISnets video. I normally won't watch if it's more than 10 minutes.

  • Алекс Фрейд
    Алекс Фрейд

    You don't even give a word to Elon, take an example of how to interview Yuri Dud

  • Arne Liebert
    Arne Liebert

    What a shame, I was so looking forward to a good interview with Elon Musk, but Mr Munro did 80% of the talking - much of it about himself! And just for the record, for some of the commenters here, did you know that neither of these gentlemen are professional engineers.

  • LP DC
    LP DC

    This looks like a parent-teacher interview where Elon is trying to explain himself to principal Sandy.

  • Ethan S.
    Ethan S.

    I know this is a random question lol but anyone know what brand/model of office chair they're sitting in? They're pretty cool.

  • Jon Italia
    Jon Italia

    47:22 convo is priceless

  • Lucid Tech 360
    Lucid Tech 360

    Sandy is asking all of the right questions. Great job

  • Erikootje

    From time to time people ask that question: who's your hero? And until now I wasn't the kind of person who could give one straight answer. I always was the kind of guy that thought something like, well, through time you have different people who are great in various disciplines, there is no such thing as 'a hero' , maybe Batman lol, somebody fictional who you can look up too that no real life persion could ever live up to but would be cool if that would be possible. But for the first time, I can honestly say that if somebody come ask me that question, I could finaly answer without hesitation: Elon Musk. I have so much respect for who he is, what he does, what he wants to do, to humanity and what he has accomplished already, that I only have admiration for him. He is the true Galileo, Da Vinci of our times...

  • José Rosa
    José Rosa

    i dont understand the part that havin 48v vs 12v is better, can someone explain this in a simple matter?

  • José Rosa
    José Rosa

    I will buy my Tesla Y one day, one day. Tesla is young, just 14year compared to other cars companies. Tesla will continue developing their technology and quality.

  • Chris Lowe
    Chris Lowe

    @SandyMunro Happy ISnets anniversary. You have been a blessing to me & so many followers. What you've gleaned from the road of life coupled with your authentic delivery makes for outstanding presentations. If we were leasing your brain I'd suggest you raise the rent. Think about Twitter hombre. Keep tipping those cashiers.

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina

    hi Sandy, Thank you, thank you, very much for this great interview one of best of the Elon. Best, gab

    • Gabriel Medina
      Gabriel Medina

      @Munro Live oh yes, oh yes, very much

    • Munro Live
      Munro Live

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Silviu Ulian
    Silviu Ulian

    Wow what a guy. Elon Musk.

  • Hugoo1275

    Elon Musk is the future, see visions about the future a better one between every word he says. What a genius he is.

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird

    So it has a "park your ass in the fast lane" mode hey? sweeeeet!

  • Houdini 415
    Houdini 415

    These are the types of interviews that is going to make Elon move away from being CEO. He has so much investments to be bothered honestly.

  • Heide Kling
    Heide Kling

    The impossible cd holly amuse because cause mechanically test midst a silent book. exotic, embarrassed cover

  • Randall Dean Smith
    Randall Dean Smith

    When all cars are electric and gas taxe pays for road repair and new roads so where are we going to tax now? If you tax by the mile how much are you think the tax going to be? I see how in portrait it is?

  • JC Journey
    JC Journey

    Sandy Munro : can I take that rocket apart? I want to know every single screws on that rocket. Elon : Hell ya.

  • Philip Mitchelmore
    Philip Mitchelmore

    Sandy, we have a word for that mess you were referring to early in the video, that would be a clusterfuck.

  • vvdelgado17 Delgado
    vvdelgado17 Delgado

    BOCA CHIA?? Get it right please

    • Whack-a-mole

      Trivial concern


    Legit interview. gr8 work man .

  • Jeffrey Hall
    Jeffrey Hall

    This is an honest interview priceless

  • h h
    h h

    "Whitey on the moon"- Gil Scott-Heron

  • Andrew Hickey
    Andrew Hickey

    I had to stop watching at isnets.info/main/jHLYsISCzaGwrs0/v-deo.html Elon was completely right, and Munro's bleating on regulated road markings was so off the mark. If autonomous driving systems can't handle inconsistent road lines, then it's just not ready for prime time. Munro thought he was handing Elon an olive branch and an opportunity to blame external factors and Elon refused to take it. I want a car that can drive on a dirt track or a beach. Munro got shown up here. I hope he realised it.

    • Andrew Hickey
      Andrew Hickey

      @Whack-a-mole It kinda sounds like you're agreeing with me, but you prefaced it with 'No, not at all'. What's with that?

    • Whack-a-mole

      No, not at all. Elon was just voicing the company’s position on how FSD must operate because he knows the reality is that such legislation will never happen.

  • Harrybob

    Short selling a stock doesn't affect the underlying company at all, the only reason elon dislikes it is because it shines a light on the fact that tlsa is insanely overvalued. A overvalued stock means a company can issue new shares to raise capital at inflated prices, effectively taking share holders money and this is what they have done, also it is this reason that through stock comp elon became the worlds wealthiest person for awhile. Completely self serving. He's a crook, didn't even start tesla, look it up.

  • Roger Bruce
    Roger Bruce

    Very very good interview :)

  • Himanshu Pareek
    Himanshu Pareek

    Thanks for sharing

  • vila izvor
    vila izvor

    This mustached gentleman is famous in Romania, thx to ISnets!

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman


  • peter starrs
    peter starrs

    Who was the interviewer lol

  • Gabriel Bourke
    Gabriel Bourke

    Ground-breaking stuff with the single-casting and the structural pack. Now please examine swappable batteries so one can have backups. I'm sure it's compatible with structural packs