Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!
Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer is live now and was crazy! This video has a tonne of gameplay details and information about the game from guns, game modes, specialists, maps and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • blazed glocc
    blazed glocc

    2 words FUCK YES

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    Everything was cool until the specialists

  • Brosiah42

    Oh great, can’t wait to see all these clones running around. I hate specialist/operatives.

  • Petar-Vasilij Sivcev
    Petar-Vasilij Sivcev

    Its gonna be better than laggy COD!!!!

  • Killa

    So no gamelay footage...

    • misuyy fong
      misuyy fong

      No specialists please

  • Lay Soe
    Lay Soe

    Mane 🤦‍♀️ why why why tf do they wanan be like call of duty. Battlefield 3-4 was perfect 🙄🙄🙄🙄 should’ve made it like that

  • Akira Stark
    Akira Stark

    Oh god damn it, don’t do specialists, Dice.

  • seal duck
    seal duck

    i hate conquest

  • MIKE Dejesus
    MIKE Dejesus

    Battlefield always had specialist right?

  • sam perks
    sam perks

    i'm all for specialists. always hate being a boring ass basic grunt

  • Richard Shambaugh
    Richard Shambaugh

    Wow they added single player ai games? (Pre ordered)

  • Andrea Res
    Andrea Res

    As a South African im exited for Casper

  • Morgan Chapman
    Morgan Chapman

    Dice -- Love 'em, hate 'em, bring on the Battlefield! I'll be there.

  • Andrea Res
    Andrea Res

    I hope there will be older tanks still like m1a2 abrams not only fictional one's

  • The Law
    The Law

    You can order a container strike from a tornado, you can control a container crane and load a container ship, a space rocket will or will not lauch, you can order a tank delivery anywhere on the map. Oh yeah, this gonna be a real fucking mess.

  • Andrea Res
    Andrea Res

    If ismashmy tank ina building or my helicopter it better be like the trailer smashed to pieces.

  • Sneaky Bastard
    Sneaky Bastard

    “Sandstorm.. (derude)” you bastard

  • Jacob Randall
    Jacob Randall


  • The Law
    The Law


  • Koee Pipins
    Koee Pipins

    No specialists please

  • Critical

    no campaign that sucks

  • omega con4
    omega con4

    Automated Anticheat System? NONE

  • Yash P
    Yash P

    I would love to see COD vs BF fight one more time…


    shame we got no fast knifing mechanic

  • Adam Saenz
    Adam Saenz

    No American specialist? Europeans dominated battlefield one and battlefield five I’m tired of it.

    • Samin Latif
      Samin Latif

      I’m sure there is an American specialist, just not one of the 4 announced. Also, it kind of makes sense that there were way more Europeans in BF1 and BFV. I mean, it was the WWs wasn’t it


    Y’all in your feelings over the specialist 😂😭

  • A Dream
    A Dream

    Pretty PC cutscene, but what about consel the scene with the guy ejecting himself from the jet and destroying another with rocket launcher. Please explain how that works considering he has no seat any longer😂👀💯

  • Mats Yoo
    Mats Yoo

    warzone: *has great success* dice: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  • That one humanoid
    That one humanoid

    Damn. I’d really hoped this would be fantastic after the trailer but I knew after BFV it would be an uphill battle. Looks like it’s more stupid skins and character customization instead of anything people actually play BF for.

  • RGB_Flames

    I really like the way the game sounds, however, I'm quite saddened that there isn't a story mode, but at the same time, I rather the game not being the same size as my hard drive

  • Sauce Boss
    Sauce Boss

    I would rather have Battlefield VIETNAM

  • minitebuhzed

    Trully some intelligence made with this one lets hope at least not this cod garbage year after year

  • NebulaBandit

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people are misunderstanding the whole specialists thing

  • Double G
    Double G

    Just hope they don’t get too caught up trying to mimic warzone. Wish they’d have shown a bigger focus on commanders and strategy.

  • Jonathan Jacquet
    Jonathan Jacquet

    No story? No single player campaign? [sad soldier noises]

  • Just a MuffHugger
    Just a MuffHugger

    Finally something that could possibly replace bf4 😭

  • WhereIsSamurai ?
    WhereIsSamurai ?

    bro everybody complaining about the smallest things, third person executions, specialists, like come on guys. Can the game evolve, it won’t be the same forever guys. You should be happy everyone is hype for the game, it has a real chance against cod after that terrible bf5. So who cares about those small changes, instead of complaining let’s support!

  • Athenios

    Lots of bo4 similarities. Hope this works out.

  • LG

    In 2042 we're still kick-starting quads! 😂😂

  • TIPO McRo
    TIPO McRo

    So now Russia and USA are friends?

  • Roccossr

    Aka battlefield bo2

  • Mooo

    No singleplayer this game will flop for sure

    • Samin Latif
      Samin Latif

      I agree that no campaign is a shame, but realistically, think of the playtime for campaign vs multiplayer. It’s not even a competition

  • Mason Raley
    Mason Raley

    Looks cool but I still enjoy the campaign as well

  • Calvin Turner
    Calvin Turner

    Charms and knife skins ugh again ....

  • Mitchell Lynch
    Mitchell Lynch

    Going to be such a good generation, looking forward to these new games. Finally something new and different + cyclones

  • Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin

    Battlefield: COD snuck one in on us, kudos. Also Battlefield: Watch and learn boys.

  • Monster

    Is The gameplay tomorrow Sunday? And you said the beta gets released on the 15 but is it this month or the next.🤔🙂

  • John Dincontro
    John Dincontro

    Please be cross platform..

  • Commander Bly327thlegion
    Commander Bly327thlegion

    So if u get it on ps4 you get half the game 😂

  • St1nkySausage

    Progression while playing against bots? lmao im sure no one will abuse that.

  • David DeBergh
    David DeBergh

    If I can’t use an Attack Penguin I’m going to lose it

  • Michael's GAMING channel!
    Michael's GAMING channel!

    Where the gameplay ? Lol

    • Samin Latif
      Samin Latif

      Sunday, apparently

  • Sw33t

    would be cool if there was a free battlefield

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips

    Thank god they've gotten rid of the class system, I was always sick of the way gadets were locked with the use of certain weapon types. Hopefully there will be more people around to heal, revive and take care of vehicles now.

  • Branden Vargas
    Branden Vargas

    Dam no battle royal

  • Vandlassie

    so, battlefield now trying so hard to be wannabe-hero shooter huh? good luck then

  • Riccardo73

    and naturally there will be a good anti cheat system as always

  • Iyce Phoenixx
    Iyce Phoenixx

    Lol, darude

  • Tropical Fruit
    Tropical Fruit

    Why the specialists and gadgets? Why can't we have classes that have specific weapon types or one down to earth specific item like defib or AP materials? Now suppose there's an even distribution of the specialists; you'll have 32 of the exact same person running around at the same time... Just commit to a faction, make them all German, all African, and so on, and make them all be the generic nobody within a specific role. It was also annoying in BF1 where every class looked the exact same way. tl;dr don't make it Rainbow Six Siege the multiplayer, make it Battlefield...

  • Gerald Mahapranaja Pillian
    Gerald Mahapranaja Pillian

    Why is so much people already complaining about specialist this and that. The lot of us hasnt even tried the game yet.

  • Nuanced Observer
    Nuanced Observer

    I would have liked to see them revisit a war between the US and China, but I'm sure they are scared to offend the Chinese audience. So instead we get Russia vs. US yet again....

  • Magnum Crockett
    Magnum Crockett

    If they keep attrition, IT'S A FUCKING NO FROM ME DAWG.

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account

    I feel like anyone who plays battlefield, uses an android. 🤣

  • Sam Anson
    Sam Anson

    I like some of the abilities offered by the specialists but I don't see how the character backgrounds make sense when there's lots of the same specialist running around. I agree with everyone else, get rid of specialists and make the name more anonymous. I enjoyed having my own dog tag so that it was my own soldier instead of being the soldier loads of other people are playing as

  • Ian Edwards
    Ian Edwards

    Should have made a battlefield Vietnam War...I really hope this isn’t like COD

  • The H.O.B Runner
    The H.O.B Runner

    YES BATTLEFIELD WELL FINALL HAVE AI IN MULTIPLAYER i’m a big fan of PvE and now that Battlefield is finally having that it’s probably all i’m going to play

  • Ragnarok8

    I have not bought any BF games since BF1 but I think I will get this one =)

  • Towelie

    So where is the gameplay?

  • King ToasTyyy
    King ToasTyyy

    Is it to much to ask for a campaign now a days

  • Lijo

    No one noticed the Darude Sandstorm hint ?

  • Hu Jiaming
    Hu Jiaming

    No good, no single player campaign, won't buy it.

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan

    Dead on Arrival with "Specialist"

  • John Hatchel
    John Hatchel

    No campaign? No thanks.

  • Crollex

    Great video Jacki :D

  • Purpoala Music And Covers
    Purpoala Music And Covers

    Finally player vs ai full games

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey

    you had me up until battle pass

  • Jyrell Kew
    Jyrell Kew

    So bf 6 is copyin seasons from rainbow 6

  • Tombson

    The game looked like shit.

  • Bailey Sanders
    Bailey Sanders

    Release date?

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested


  • Ognjen Radivojević
    Ognjen Radivojević


  • 5finger4head

    It feels like the game is trying to do A LOT of things. I hope it doesn’t have too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes out.

  • Norberto Milan
    Norberto Milan

    It will be cool if the guns jam sometimes

  • Vice Stojčić
    Vice Stojčić

    No battle royale... Yayyyyy

  • george carpenter
    george carpenter

    The literate burst routinely cross because input compellingly grab above a private vest. troubled, false familiar famous barber

  • mgtow savior
    mgtow savior

    A.i bots I'm buying this

  • JamesGamings

    its same thing like the original games battlefield 2142 From 2006

  • Marcus Solvoll
    Marcus Solvoll

    Am i the only one who thought that the antarctica map was actually North Cape, in Norway? At first glance, ofc.

  • Anthony Treager
    Anthony Treager

    I'm so fucking tired of games having a 'Battle Pass'. And they want $70 for only multi-player!?

  • Rordon Gamsay
    Rordon Gamsay

    fuck sake i wanted it for the campaign

  • Morne Kruger
    Morne Kruger

    Battlefield 4 servers boutta be packed boiiis

  • Jacob Charles
    Jacob Charles

    I wish there was campaign

  • Jo Taylor
    Jo Taylor

    No Single player = NO BUY!

  • N-Gin & TonicTM
    N-Gin & TonicTM

    "Specialists don't belong in Battlefield!" *Proceeds to pick the Scout Class* I mean... They've already been a thing.

    • Mihail


  • tripakastayw

    I don't have a pc but i really wanna play it when it comes out

  • scatty studios
    scatty studios

    You heard much about the survival mode hazard

  • Cool X
    Cool X

    everyone does the same thumbnails lmao. HDR pic with a gun reloading and big letters.

  • Nissart Teska
    Nissart Teska

    "The trailer didn't show much about the game" DUDE, it litterally showed everything XD

  • Steven Lowe
    Steven Lowe

    Are they turning battlefield into just a fuck around sandbox like Just Cause???

  • MIPAD 11!
    MIPAD 11!

    What de m13 doin

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