Ellen't. (YIAY
Today's YIAY asks what YOUR show would be like if you hosted The Ellen Show. You know, since Ellen is leaving and we're all finding out that she's not that DeGenerous.

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  • Centennial

    1:55 I think they're referring to when ellen had a 20-something try and figure out old technology (like an old phone) and made fun of her. She also mislabeled the girl as a millennial when she was clearly gen z

  • Emily An
    Emily An


  • Killer kid was taken
    Killer kid was taken

    Did you know fakefacts is the only good thing to happen to jacksfilms #yiayfact

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu

    #YIAYfact did you know that playing 20 Doki Doki Literature Club mods will never bring Sayori back? Get over it. Just Monika

  • imad kazmi
    imad kazmi

    #YIAYfact Fun Fact: Did you know that in the last episode of Garfield, Jon opens up to Garfield about his career as a furry working in Seven Eleven

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Fun fact :A kid with a tablet is called a spelling error

  • Mohammed Masud
    Mohammed Masud

    Fun Fact: Jack is secretly 4’ 10” but he appears as 1’ 1” #YIAYfact

  • Zach the DualVission
    Zach the DualVission

    Did you know that Facebook has a system to prevent people from posting their credit card information? Try it out now!

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Did you know? In February of 2021, the word "sus" became more used in everyday speech than the word "because"

  • Monsieur Nugai
    Monsieur Nugai

    Did you know that if you look up without moving your head and pant like a dog then your ears pop #yiayfact

  • Fiona Schmeelk
    Fiona Schmeelk

    Fun fact: Jack and Erin hate ice cream, so they named their dogs after their hatred bond. And so they can sacrifice the fluffballs to the frozen yogurt gods later (duh) #YIAYfact

  • Emerson

    #YIAYfact Did you know that everyone is born gay and must become straight by killing a unicorn?

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      Isn't every answer just the Eric andre show?

  • Zenhotta

    2:50 that's just the Eric Andre show

  • TheScorbunny Place
    TheScorbunny Place

    Did you know I drink 7 gallons of paint everyday

  • Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez

    #YIAYfact The chances of you winning the lottery have changed! Did you know If you only pay 20 dollars a month plus tax and the lottery ticket. Your chances of winning are higher!

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir


  • Gilbert Gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried

    “I have no phone yet, I must scream” Who got the reference

    • Nawid N.
      Nawid N.

      You put the comma in the wrong place.

  • Matt YO
    Matt YO

    Fun Fact: I'm near you. Right now. Close.

  • Claire

    #YIAYfact did you know that people in NYC eat more Chinese food then people in China?

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      The real question is, Mongolian or Inuit throat singing?

  • Josephu Joestar
    Josephu Joestar

    #YIAYFact 85% of America's population don't know Hawaii is a state, which isn't really pogchamp.

  • Collin Barnes
    Collin Barnes

    Fun fact :A kid with a tablet is called a spelling error

  • Collin Barnes
    Collin Barnes

    Fun fact the Czechs republic turn their flag into hentai (uncensored)

  • Collin Barnes
    Collin Barnes

    Fun fact Jack is called a big forehead

  • Collin Barnes
    Collin Barnes

    Fun fact I have four kids in my basement


    fun fact: #yiayfact if you slather yourself with human male cum, you will not get covid! this is because cum is made of concentrated white blood cells which gives it its white color, say bye bye to vaccines and masks now that you know this trick!

  • idiot

    basically ellen brought incredible young people on her show just for her and the rest of her middle-aged audience to laugh at them when they were struggling to work old-ass technology

  • Wyli

    Isn't every answer just the Eric andre show?

  • Kleb

    Yes jack. I am uncomfortable

  • M.A.R.S

    #YIAYfact did you know, Jacksfilms has never made a YIAY about fake facts?

  • luke thibodeaux
    luke thibodeaux

    #YIAYfact did you know that jack loved this comment the most and thats why its in the video

  • Alisa

    fun fact: i am getting closer!

  • Mason Tibbitts
    Mason Tibbitts

    #YIAYfact Did you know that I my fursuit IS made out of real human skin... Tyler.

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    Did you know? In February of 2021, the word "sus" became more used in everyday speech than the word "because"

  • Tim Mertens
    Tim Mertens

    The real question is, Mongolian or Inuit throat singing?

  • Atari-Jimbo

    Did you know? K-mart is no-longer stocking the white variant of power cord & power tool accessories due to their indirect relation to the white power movements of yester year, Now only gray black a pink variants are still available. #YIAYfact

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      All of these combined are just The Eric Andre Show.

  • NeedSolsa HD
    NeedSolsa HD

    #YIAYfact Did you know?

  • Hammy Boye
    Hammy Boye

    wow john what a way to milk more fake facts, i hope youre prouud of your self #YIAYfact anyway... did you know the lenny face was discovered as a cave painting in portugal back in 2013?

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    try to find them and flip them over

  • Xeogg

    #YIAYfact Did you know that human flesh tastes like chicken

  • Just AGuy
    Just AGuy

    #YAIYfact Fortnite funnies are actually funny... oh wait, we all already know this

  • Atomic Hamster
    Atomic Hamster

    Ellen’s is an anagram for tellen

  • James Barr
    James Barr

    Did you know the oldest flower discovered so far is called the "Montsechia vidalii" dating back to around 140M years ago?

  • ayra hana
    ayra hana

    Did you know that 90% of lesbians admit to having their first crush on velma in a leather outfit

  • Nocila

    isnets.info/main/jGrGxnN5zWm2g68/v-deo.html Uh, Jack, that isn't a phone, that's a phone case. It helps if you put your phone *inside* the case.

  • Oyster

    #YIAYfact did you know that the average male penis is 5x larger than jacks.

  • Bhavi bro
    Bhavi bro

    #YIAYfact did you know that jackfilm's original name is Jack Douglass Joe Chungus Wholesome Keanu 100 69 ?

  • jeramy vazquez
    jeramy vazquez

    Did you know 2020 was just a dream, corona started on January first, 2021 and we actually made the vaccine in only 6 months and wasted no time denying its existence and threat to our nation. there have only been 1,000 deaths so far because of our amazing reaction time to this very obvious life-threatening disease.

  • Anne Nicole's Pigtopia
    Anne Nicole's Pigtopia

    Did you know that guinea pigs almost always sleep with their eyes open? Also... They eat their own poop... and sometimes their friends' poop.

  • Jzwhale

    did you know that WAP was originally going to be sung and choreographed by Fetty Wap? #yiayfact

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    All of these combined are just The Eric Andre Show.

  • Zeppelans

    Did you know: all the obscure animal group names (like a parliament of owls, etc.) come from one book written by one guy and everyone just bought all his made up grouping names #YIAYfact

  • Corey Evan
    Corey Evan

    My talk show would confront entitled Karen’s featured on Reddit, trying to make them woke to the fact that the customer is NOT always right. I don’t mind turning blue in the face as I try to make them turn red in the face.

  • Kati Millard
    Kati Millard


  • AcaciasaplingNL

    Did you know that Rick Astley was just 30 votes away from becoming the mayor of Liverpool?

  • Zeke Olson
    Zeke Olson

    Did you know that every hand you shake has probably held a dink in it?

  • Louis Sevilla
    Louis Sevilla

    #YIAYfact Did you know that yo ass will be hurt before you sit down you four eyed fu-

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    #YIAYfact Fun fact: With every episode of YIAY posted, Jack loses a millimeter of height.

  • Invisible Tig3r
    Invisible Tig3r

    Did you know, that just like most animals, some plants reproduce through “sexual reproduction” rather then “asexual reproduction” meaning there must be a male and female plant to produce seeds

  • HiIamFin


  • Flying Kiwi
    Flying Kiwi

    Did you know, technically, Kiwi birds have the shortest beak of all birds.

    • Flying Kiwi
      Flying Kiwi

      Beak length is measured from tip of the beak to the nostrils and kiwis use their beaks to sniff underground for bugs so the nostrils are right at the tip

  • Lenn Bos
    Lenn Bos

    Did you know that the this YIAY is bind... agian.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Fun fact: the chrysler town and country had the same 3.8l v6 as the 2nd gen until 2010. That decision was bad.

  • Tanksear Industries
    Tanksear Industries

    2:23 his name is jschlatt and he's the most terrifying creature on this earth

  • Taylor Nieuwdorp
    Taylor Nieuwdorp

    Did you know that this is my moms account? #YIAY

  • laszlo waldersee
    laszlo waldersee

    Did you know: that Reddit search Engine is typing in the google search bar: something Reddit.

  • Myronic

    Honest college tour

  • Kenzie Evers
    Kenzie Evers

    #YIAYfact did you know that watching jacksfilms can give you a tumor?

  • Boy McFacto
    Boy McFacto

    All these are just shittier versions of the Eric Andre Show

  • ro ben
    ro ben

    #YIAYfact did you know that R's (rho) in greek are aspirated wihtout a reason or affecting the pronuntiation , this why we add the H or sometimes even a double R in greek words like hemorrhage and diarrhea. I find it at most superfluous, meaninglesss and tiresome just like YIAY. P.S: If you wanna break the ice during dinner, don't use those examples you may get some nasty looks Also Bonus fact: Ice melts by itlsef without those stupid icebreaker Jokes. #YIAYdadjoke

  • Hoodie

    Fun fact: Scientists discover that even months after dying the body continues to grow hair

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      Did you know? In February of 2021, the word "sus" became more used in everyday speech than the word "because"

  • Daveed owo
    Daveed owo

    Did you know apple moved the apple logo in their iphones last year? it's pretty hard to notice, since it's always been there and barely moved a few inches. But, most notably, the most recent iphone SE (the one from last year not the one that came out with the iphone 6) has the same exact body as the iphone 8 (not counting the 8 plus), yet they still moved the apple logo. seems like a needless waste of extra machining, if you ask me. they could have just left the iphone 8's body the same and slapped their new hardware in there. what's the point of recycling old designs if you're still adding a monkey wrench into the works?? APPLE IS A MANIPULATIVE COMPANY THAT TELLS IT'S CUSTOMERS "we're doing this for the planet" WHEN THEY REMOVE CHARGING BRICKS FROM THEIR PACKAGING, WHEN IN REALITY THEY JUST WANT ALL THE CONFUSED NEW ADOPTERS TO BUY A USB-C CHARGER FROM THEIR STORE! W H I C H C A U S E S M O R E W A S T E ! ! ! 1 ! 1 ! ! #YAIYfact

    • Northern


    • Daveed owo
      Daveed owo

      i put more work into that shitpost than my finals papers

  • A. Arnold
    A. Arnold

    2:49 it is you just need to some research and get the proper paperwork

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    Did you know? In February of 2021, the word "sus" became more used in everyday speech than the word "because"

  • Tin Foil
    Tin Foil

    Did you know that Jack ran out of original designs for YIAY merch so now he copies Teddy Fresh but rubs it off cause their friends Bonus Fact: John will sacrifice Chipwhich at 5 mill subs

  • Tin Foil
    Tin Foil

    Did you know that if you stick a fork into the electrical socket and turn to the right it opens a panel to the house to increase your internet speeds to finally get those epic Fortnite wins

  • jaiden glass
    jaiden glass

    Fun fact: the chrysler town and country had the same 3.8l v6 as the 2nd gen until 2010. That decision was bad.

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      Did you know there are twice the amount of feet than there are people?

  • Tyler Harding
    Tyler Harding

    Did you know that a recent poll has found that kids that watch cartoons with several pantsing grew up to think Jack Douglas is funny. #YIAYFact

  • SilverGold

    Did you know that if you call a Redditor “morbidly obese” instead of “a heckin’ chonker” they get so mad that the chair they’re sitting on will crush beneath the weight of their flailing limbs? I sure wish I didn’t! #YIAYfact

    • Nawid N.
      Nawid N.

      That's just mean.

  • Gogo Magnus
    Gogo Magnus

    #YIAYfact Did you know, people in Canada get a fine of $5.75 for every curse word they say.

  • yellow creature
    yellow creature

    Did you know? Some people like to drink the water at the bottom of hotdog packages #YIAYfact

  • Zachary Janów
    Zachary Janów

    Did you know Jack goes to cons in a Klondike fursuit?

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan


  • Zack Allen
    Zack Allen

    A lot of this just sounds like The Eric Andre show.

  • Adrian Hamilton Lee
    Adrian Hamilton Lee

    My Ellen show would be about all the answers that are in the wrong yiay #YIAYfact

  • Kooper Meier
    Kooper Meier

    Did you know that vaccines are safe because on the microscopic level, the proteins have layers, kind of like onions. (or cakes)

  • Doug Dimmadome Owner of The Dimmsdale Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome Owner of The Dimmsdale Dimmadome

    Sick invisible phone

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      #YIAYfact did you know that people are still playing other Smash Bros games despite Melee releasing in 2001 and ending a need for all future Smash games?

  • cringeybydefault

    Did you know that I poo-poo farted when I meant to pee-pee shit?

  • Brandon Mac
    Brandon Mac

    Did you know, if a baby is born underwater, it can live its entire life without breathing #YIAYfact

  • AWildYamiEnters

    Fact: Twitter is soon going to launch its own streaming service. It'll let you look into the everyday life of verified users. First day is free, then you are charged $10 a month for every user you follow that's verified.

  • Yamen AN
    Yamen AN

    Did you know that jacksfilms' real name is John #YIAYfact

  • Mr flibble
    Mr flibble

    Did you know there are twice the amount of feet than there are people?

  • TheSchokodragon

    I think never having seen the Ellen Show hurt my ability to laugh at this YIAY - I'm missing *all of the context* :'D

  • Kev L
    Kev L

    Did you know that nobody knows the nose like the nose knows the nose? Only the nose truly knows the nose.

  • Red Sus 2021
    Red Sus 2021

    #YiayFact did you that among is actually a SCP

  • The fan of Kirby
    The fan of Kirby

    Ellen DeGeneres More like Ellen Degenerate

  • sunny

    all of these things would be combined in one episode of the eric andre show

  • Kaydan Dua
    Kaydan Dua

    Did you know that I’ve got your children in my basement? And everyday I take one more! #YIAYfact

  • Maggylion

    did you know long fingers are actually a sign of getting old

  • Michael Tison
    Michael Tison

    #YIAYfact Did you know that there are 850 trillion waves in the ocean?

  • K4Y2S0

    #YIAYfact did you know that people are still playing other Smash Bros games despite Melee releasing in 2001 and ending a need for all future Smash games?

  • The Official
    The Official

    #YIAYFact Did you know that my wife left me please Kathy I just want to see the kids is that so much to ask

  • GodNotAvailable

    I'm sure someone's said it already, but this show is way funnier when Jack reads the answers without looking at them first. His surprised laughs make the answers way better.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Did you know? In February of 2021, the word "sus" became more used in everyday speech than the word "because"