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This is the story of Charles and Diana's marriage from a new and revealing point of view. It’s the story of how their marriage shaped William. It explores the effect of his mother’s relationships, the tell-all book she collaborated on with Andrew Morton, the effects of her Panorama interview and William's reaction to his father’s relationship with Camilla.

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    Real Royalty

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    • Simone Rizzo
      Simone Rizzo

      A day doesn't go by that i don't think of her even dow we never meet face to face but still for me she was so close to me may she rip and who made her go through so much hope that he well suffer prienc william once said when am a king i will reopend the case William if you loved your mother liked she loved you ♥ keep your promise to your mother

    • nuh bozan
      nuh bozan


    • J. Whiteoak
      J. Whiteoak

      @Karen Hart STOP IT!

    • Margie Pudifin
      Margie Pudifin

      @Lorelle WeaverThu Hu by no no no no no by hi by by hi by by by by by by by by by in is I do I do ki h up to see if it is in it is inupum

    • Letitia Dungavel
      Letitia Dungavel

      @Elizabeth Ailoje aaaaaa

  • pahrahinc

    Diana was a public person and not stuffy at all because of her position in life, she should have been buried in a public cemetery in a beautiful white Marble crypt where people could leave flowers and I believe to this day people would leave flowers at her grave site and would sit at her grave site and grieve for her and leave messages and still miss her so much. Prince Charles was so self-centered that he could not stand taking second place in back of Diana, he lost a lot of popularity and still is blamed for her death.

  • Austin B Video’s
    Austin B Video’s

    Damn 20 being in the royal family you set for life stay in there for 10 years and then pull a prince harry just leave you got all that money unless they take the money and I’m not sure I’ve never been part of the royal family so I couldn’t tell you 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Huang
    Jimmy Huang

    I was hoping Diana would be a Queen but she died before that:( poor Diana🙍‍♀️

  • BVC Bl
    BVC Bl

    Diana? She died in a car crash with his Arabic boyfriend, nothing more in my memory

  • Kate F
    Kate F

    It seems that, William has become a very good man ... someone in whom a mother would be proud. He WILL be a wonderful King. His baby brother, on the other hand, is a brat. A spoiled-rotten, entitled, narcissistic, know-it-all egomaniac, who shows zero respect for his family, his home country or the US. As a 4th generation Californian, I wish he'd go home and take his woke, leftist, elitist, Hollywood SJW with him. We have enough problems of the "Gruesome" variety in Sacramento, without this Gruesome Twosome spewing their victimhood and outrage. Harry can sit and spin. Get the F out, if you don't like our FIRST AMENDMENT!!! We didn't ask you. And We don't give a 💩 what you think. My ancestors fought and died to be FREE of the RF! And yet, he has the nerve to tell US what he thinks? (Instead of nerve, I would have said testicles, but it's obvious who has those) Old HenPecked Harry... A mother's dream child.

  • Cherie maree
    Cherie maree

    Never seen someone look so happy announcing her engagement .. Diana should have ran away and fast !

  • mrinal chandra
    mrinal chandra

  • Roxanne R.
    Roxanne R.

    Prince Charles lied about being faithful to Diana. He lied to Diana, her family, Great Britain, and the world about his love for Diana. Harry is a disgusting mess because he was a purpose for dad's lies. Honesty is required by Charles to help the boys. It is a shame that charles will be king.

  • Veronica Jean
    Veronica Jean

    Oh I use to believe all this. But things are much more complicated. Use to despise wicked Charles. Now I believe he was dealing with things he never exposed. And will never. That is honorable.

  • Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn Miller

    Philip was very mean to princess Diana he would say very unpleasant things from the beginning of their engagement. He cheated the whole time on princess Diana with that mistress Camila made her unhappy princess Diana really fell in love with her husband. He was jealous of how the people fell in love with her kindness and love.

  • Barbwaybernie Smith
    Barbwaybernie Smith

    Our beautiful peoples princess

  • Jackie Veal
    Jackie Veal

    So sad that these people committed crimes against humanity. Queen is not who you think she is. Pope is not who you think he is. App called Duck Duck Go-search the latest Cabal arrests.

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The two colon principally smash because protocol thoracically interest outside a capricious fruit. obeisant, warm drug

  • astrid vvv
    astrid vvv

    When she reached down to pet the pup outside of the boarding school @11:16 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cherry Low
    Cherry Low

    She was definitely the most Beautiful Bride in History. Absolutely stunning bride 😊🌸 - & Wedding dress.

  • m.mistina tina
    m.mistina tina


  • The World According to Jenn Lin
    The World According to Jenn Lin

    I don’t believe she would let Harry marry that snake 🐍 & Harry would’ve been able to dodge that bullet.

  • Chasity Marchan
    Chasity Marchan

    The godly scarf postauricularly obey because north korea connolly drain throughout a well-groomed hardware. youthful, petite traffic

  • RussiaIsARiddle

    I listened twice very carefully and the narrator said that William was 50 years old instead of 15. I’m surprised that was not revised. @50 minutes. Williams words at the end will break your heart. Such a terrible tragedy which is having such long lasting affects on their children, especially Harry. She will remain youthful and beautiful in our minds, forever

  • trackmaster358

    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son (JESUS), that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:16-17 ---- You're not reading this by accident. Jesus loves you! Yes YOU! 🙂

  • Victoria Papesh
    Victoria Papesh

    Diana was madley in Love with Charles... Too bad Charles didn't feel the same and cheated with that Camilla... I'm grateful we have William and Harry 🦋🌹💕 I adore those boys.💕

  • Tangqing Shen
    Tangqing Shen

    2:31 Does anyone see some resemblance with Maha Vajiralongkorn in appearance?

  • Patience Opoku
    Patience Opoku

    I can see your kindness still going on in our world to day Princess Diana ❤️😅 even though you are gone may your soul rest in Peace in the arms 🙏 of the Almighty God

  • white angel
    white angel

    How can anyone "love " Charles with all what he did to poor Diana ,hopefully he'll never ever be the King.What system??? CHARLES ,CHARLES DIDN'T HAD THE PANTS TO SAY "NO" SINCE THE BEGINNING AND INSTEAD ACCEPTED THIS MARRIAGE AND MAKE HER SUFFER!!!!!

  • white angel
    white angel

    She has more influence than every royal member together..even now..!!

  • Sheila Hammond
    Sheila Hammond

    Adeline Saint-Preux, thank you for that info. I didn't know that Diana had such a hard time before getting married to Charles. I thought I had heard she already suffered from the eating disorder, but didn't know to what extent she had suffered already. I did wonder why she didn't turn to her mother for help when she felt unhappy.

  • Rosalinda Urbano
    Rosalinda Urbano

    I'm my respick of the royal family I'm proud of princess Daina🏛🏛🏛🗺💘👊👊🗣🎧☝🏚🏣🏢🏤🌐⛪☝☝💃💁💁

  • Rosalinda Urbano
    Rosalinda Urbano

    It's so beatiful prences Diana happy family I'm so glade congrats the royal family of the Quein elezabit of the parlance God bliss and yoùr better is be your self and your life is giving the people of all I'm God is is back me better in my life and

  • Kavita Singh
    Kavita Singh

    Charles used her,then threw her out like garbage. Useless Man. Unfit to be King. So arrogant,Elitist. Diana was warmth personified

  • Texas Tea
    Texas Tea

    What a gorgeous dress Kate wore

  • Dilini Ranasuriya
    Dilini Ranasuriya

  • Reena Joseph
    Reena Joseph

    Prince William, has his mother's looksn her beautiful Smile.🙏

  • Mm اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد
    Mm اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد

    اهلا وسهلا يا اصدقاء الشرفاء العالم الحلوين احلى كل شي بريطاني بريطاني عن ذكر يا ابو احمد سوري حلوين السمو الملكي من زمن بعيد ولا بحبه في بنات تبادل حب وازهار ولا مره ولا وصلت عندي ولا بعثت شهريه ايش المحبب لي ابعثي لي ابعثي لي شوفي بريطانيا عم حب بعد طبعا نحترم بعضنا في بيناتنا احترام متبادل ما بعثتي لي الاسلمي تذكر يا ابو احمد سوي لي معك ثاني بوصل لعند ابعث له سياره وابعث لك اتامل يحبها الشخص هذا الشاب محترم ساعدنا الناس اللي خمس ست سنين بيك تركيه بالغرب الى وحده مره وحده صور عصير لقبور والسعاده بتموت سندي تعرف على ما عاد انا ما بتعرفي حدا النهار ده يعني مصطفى ابو حر بحياته كل الاحترام شركاء بريطانيا حلوين

  • Jane Eyre Golden
    Jane Eyre Golden

    💎🌐♾🌐💎 ⚜🏰🌹🏰⚜ °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°

  • Helen Hoffman
    Helen Hoffman

    When will Harry and his wife do the DNA for both kid

  • Mohamed Mubarak
    Mohamed Mubarak

    Diana:she is living in everyone heart

  • Mai Lee
    Mai Lee

    I so gals.. yah two.. looks so good!!! #elegant couple worldly!!! #william & Kate... /-

  • Anny Chest
    Anny Chest

    You can have as many wives as you want.. There will only ever be one Princess Diana 💞 And I wouldn't let him bath any child of mine 😝

  • 二宮章子

    There is a conflict at home. You may be lonely.

  • Asrini Puspita
    Asrini Puspita

    Diana secara ga langsung ngajarin anaknya untuk ttp keep down to earth dari kecil:')

  • CircleB1097

    She was such a beautiful woman and Charles gave her nothing but heart, with the exception of seed for her beautiful boys. Charles marrying Camel-a is proof of his complete infidelity. I wonder if he'll ever actually sit the throne? May the karma of the queen outliving him be real!

  • Ka Yang
    Ka Yang

    Very differently for both. Look at Harry, a 12 yo spoiled brat in an almost 40 yo body. And Will, a family man who is poised and ready to be King. Though I believed Diana loved and was more protective of Harry because he was the spare. Harry was allowed to do anything he wanted but he chose to do things that embarrasses his family.

  • Nurul Tea
    Nurul Tea

    Look12:30 Princess Diana outfit from Moschino.

  • Nurul Tea
    Nurul Tea

    Queem of heart We love you.

  • Phily R
    Phily R

    Queen of the people!

  • Harshit Pandey
    Harshit Pandey

    Now she is peaceful in heaven and right now Its all chaos I would also have loved to meet her I cry more while hearing her death rather than the divorce

  • Leanne Jones
    Leanne Jones

    Princess Diana was indeed an awesome 🙏🌹🙏 personality for the world. A lady with Grace. A Princess in need at this time & tomorrow.

  • Judy Tieng
    Judy Tieng


  • Harael Morejabo
    Harael Morejabo

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  • Han Schouwman
    Han Schouwman

    Charles :it has to be in bread. Well slightly.

  • Jackie Bond
    Jackie Bond

    If only the two young men would go back and look at them they may not let anything come between them not even the media

  • Rita Davies
    Rita Davies

    Dean was beautiful and it was Disgusting the way she was treated by Charles and camilla and the family aswell she was our future queen or would of been I loved Dianna as so mny pple loved her I hope Harry calls the Baby Dianna that would be lovly

  • Teresa Hughes
    Teresa Hughes

    The Princess called the Media from time to time herself. And why not...if they are going to be there why not use them to her advantage when she felt she needed to.

  • Teresa Hughes
    Teresa Hughes

    Charles should have been allowed to marry Camilla from the beginning. Then things may be very different today. Who and humans are complex.

  • Poland Ohio
    Poland Ohio

    In much the same way as Muggsie. She tore up the Queen to destroy her and it ended up destroying her instead. Hate and Karma go hand in hand

  • orce tata
    orce tata

    I love you.....................NITU(europa)

  • Catherine Hooper
    Catherine Hooper

    Wills is like his Mom! Harry is like his Mom also! Thank God!

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le

    The godly estimate acutely sip because good-bye appropriately destroy on a long-term ground. standing, anxious field

  • Catherine Hooper
    Catherine Hooper

    Diana was murdered!

  • Catherine Hooper
    Catherine Hooper

    Murdered I say!

  • Catherine Hooper
    Catherine Hooper

    One fine lady!

  • Carima McDwyer
    Carima McDwyer

    It is a pity that polygyny was (and is) not allowed in the UK. If Charles had been able to marry Both Camilla AND Diana, history would be different.

  • Johnston Willie
    Johnston Willie

    The shaky prose structurally bolt because locust consequentially extend modulo a black-and-white tank. billowy, guttural H habitual eyebrow

  • Mm اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد
    Mm اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد

    ملكه محمد المغرب الارضي بالدراسات الشروق العالم اللي عنده تراث ولا عنده اهل ولا عنده وحده هو بطل عربي ماله حدا ما عنده رنيت عليك عمه ملوك عمتك شهادات الفساد اي شهر مدني بالدوله الدخل هو من الكاتب لو يعرفوا يعطوا ايعازات عنكم انتو شيء داخل سوريا حلب فلسطين جنائز جامع بس ما يعطوا عادات يسرح هو من جميع بالكنيسه اي مكان ممنوع يسوون لنا اشكاليه تردي علي في عمر ولا حاجه في عبور بياتي تسريحات على الشاشه الدوريه بلكات يعطي عايزاك عبده قرارات عنده بارجات يطير ان عنده صواريخ عند اصبحت الطيب اكبر راس الارض لحظه عبد الكريم حسين هذولي اهل نجوه في شيء هو لوحده انت مره انبسطت اطلع ملوك وملكات وظائف في العالم مواضيع تسريحات الدوليه على التلفزيون مغسله روح طير اول واحد هذا هو لوحده ليش يا روحي كله نتعرف عليك دخل ما ندري يكون عنده شهادات دوليه متفاهم مع شخص واحد كل العالم مكتوب عليه فرد اغنيه بتقولي عليه كل عالم توقفوا يسكته بتفرحوا كله قدم استقالته فورا كله قدم استقالتك وعصابته كله احس بنفسي ما بيحكي ان يعبر ولا حاجه واحده بس انت على السعاده او ضمن تراسلك واعطوه الاهلك من دون ما تحس ياسر معه ماشي معك هذا الملك بتروح شهادتك بتروحي المجهول اي ملك بالعالم بالعزبه اذا متوفر الصوت اتصالات مباشره والعظمه اوروبا الصوت غير مرخصه ولا الله يسلمك بس ولا واحده بس خلوه خلوه زمان معليش حط السمو الملكي الاسلمي بتقول مع كل وحده

  • Mm اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد
    Mm اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد

    اهلا وسهلا يا حلوين يا عسل احلى مساء ورده عسل جميل يجي بيدافع عن الوطن عن شركه اي دوله عظمى بالعالم كله كله اسئله واجوبه عن اهلنا في السنين ما في اي مشكله بين المسيحيه والاسلام ما في اختلاف اي اختلاف بين عاشقين جنب جنب بعض المغرضين بالعالم علم المطربين والفنانين تشتغل وجه الناس طعام ملك محمد السادس في المغرب كل الاشكاليات من عنده الوصل والزمان عبود من زمان بتحكو على الفطور اجنبيه اوروبا اليوم العزبه عبود والمجهول black clover asta ثقافته وحضارته واعذرني على عدم عن اهله اهله داخل السوريه عنك وعن نشيد مسؤولين عنه جواب كلاب سوريه ادور تراس اهلي وصلوا تراث اهلنا وطني من دافع عنه ولم يدخل اي كنز في اي جامعه في وحده اي شخص يدافع عنه ان الملوك هذا تراس تراس اهله انا في الصين عايشين كل واحد حر بحياته خاصه ما بده يروح يروح يشتغل بس في الدولاب نسال عنه هو الملوك والملكات عنده شهادات دوليه بدعه اهله وشرف وصاروا يبعثوا بعثات دوليه لك ان نحن بعثات دوليه اي مكان الشرق الاوسط واوروبا من دافع على الخير من علمهم مثقفون حضرن حضارات وثقافات كلام حلو واحترام بيننا وبينهم اي شخص ده واحد يلبس حر بحياته لانه انت تحكي مع حدا اي شخص بالعالم هي الدوله ملح الارض الدوله بتعطيه ايعازات بلوك ملكات العالم اندفاع لاي دوله اي وطن بالعالم بتحط شهادات دوليه مع الانسان دكتور فهمان ما تفهم بين الطوائف المدنيه بالعالم اي شخص بالعالم ليس له علاقه باى مدني ما عنده قوه عسكريه المدني ولا عنده سلاح ولا عنده شيء ليس له علاقه عالم نرجو الدراسات وفاء العالم

  • Ettibridget

    I guess this was before the Meghan-Harry mess. Would have liked to hear their view on that.

  • Michal Anne Harris-McNeil
    Michal Anne Harris-McNeil

    Charles cheated on her before they were married, and continue to cheat on her. She was a gentle woman, with a gentle soul. Everyone all over the world 🌎 loved ❤️ her. . I’m glad she broke her silence about that cheating husband. Charles!

  • Shoes G
    Shoes G

    CHarles is sooo ugly. No wonder the Queen wanted him to marry Diana. Camila was always ugly to. Diana gave them good ass genes. #sorryNOTSORRY

  • DawanRi Sohtun1221
    DawanRi Sohtun1221

    Imagine going in and out in your house everyday wearing a suit, kinda annoying to us

  • anne thomas
    anne thomas

    Most of the comments are of the present time, not any different from most families if you think about it.

  • anne thomas
    anne thomas

    I had a brother, he used to flush siblings head in the toilet.

  • Tasos

    Diana's comment still applies. William should be King immediately following his Granny's reign.

  • Shantell Hunt
    Shantell Hunt

    Like she said, Princess held less responsibility. She wanted Peace of mind. Learning truth, frightened her. She knew things,

  • Ray Blair
    Ray Blair

    Brilliant to see them all smilng and happy that is the way they should have been from the beginning

  • Noeline Johnson
    Noeline Johnson

    So sad that a beautiful video thank you so much for sharing God bless William and Harry all the Royals family’s 🙏🌹🥰

  • Eileen Colclough
    Eileen Colclough

    Diana was killed by her drunk driver

  • Mariko Totsuka
    Mariko Totsuka

    記憶に  忘れることのない 悲しい 悲しい 悲しい 記憶です

  • mary k
    mary k

    Princess whole life was men trying to take advantage of her rip princess 💔 always and forever we miss you

  • laurajeanvalentine

    The true people's princess

  • mica cica
    mica cica

    She was promiskuis. If she loved her children she would not go from bed to bed dating different man

  • guadalupe mier y teran
    guadalupe mier y teran

    I think they do not deserve any titles in a world of hunger and they say they suffer? Sutupid brats

  • cyn harman
    cyn harman

    How can you send an 8 year old to boarding school too soon to be parted from family

  • Elena Biba
    Elena Biba

    Forever love to our lovely blessed princess diana and her royal family...........(Tetouan North of Morocco)👑

  • Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn Miller

    He lied he was seeing Camila before he even got married. From day one he never stopped.

    • Joyful Sorrow
      Joyful Sorrow


  • Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn Miller

    She was loyal and loved her boys so much it's so sad. She should still be here today if she had solid protection .

  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones

    She would have loved you and Kate ,,,,,

  • lallideepmehak

    Not just a Princess but also an adorable mom she was. Whenever I heard word“ Diana” it comes to my mind a beautiful lady with a kind heart ,who has so much love for children and for other creatures which are in nature. R.I.P Princess Diana 🙏✨

  • ArizonaPoet

    Had Henry VIII been king, Diana for what she did would have gotten the same fate as Queen Anne. OWHH

  • Janna Vd berge
    Janna Vd berge

    Vught u

  • Adi

    They all used Diana!!! They're all disgusting

  • mart schwartz
    mart schwartz

    0:25 william's eyes haha

  • Cristina Urbani
    Cristina Urbani

    What a disgusting worm Charles was and is . Whatever love is ! Diana ‘s face said it all !

  • Della Curtice
    Della Curtice

    HAVE YOU noticed MM hasn't taken anyone to court about her not being pregnant because she would have to prove she was or is pregnant with Archie too

  • IYI

    No one will come like Diana, the Queen of Hearts 💕 👑💕

  • Sandy Hessler
    Sandy Hessler

    Men lie when they look down and to the right. Always.

  • Darryl Vidds
    Darryl Vidds

    Diana being one of the world’s most beloved person in the world Meanwhile, Charles being one of the world’s most hated person in the world

  • Diana C
    Diana C

    Millions of kids go through this and worse. The difference is they had two parents - neither of whom abandoned them upon divorce, and they had cameras in their faces constantly. I’m a private person so that would drive me bonkers with the cameras and people gawking, but nothing else about this is too unusual in this day and age. People should just stop with the cameras already - it’s obsessive and creepy.

  • Osanga Sandeepanee
    Osanga Sandeepanee

    Charles disgusting how he treated her wife such a beautiful soul

  • Helen Washington
    Helen Washington

    What king was it that was made too give up the throne because of his infidelity in his marriage with his mistress. I feel that the same for charles that he should not take the throne because of his infidelity with his mistress what difference is it in the Royal Family. Is it because charles is the Queens son. Was charles looking for a nurturing mother in camilla and too satisfy his sexual needs.