Will My Girlfriend Recognise Me Without Tattoos? | TRANSFORMED
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ETHAN, 24, has always had a passion for body art and started modifying his body at just 11 years old. With so many tattoos across his body and face, Ethan can't put a number on how many individual tattoos he has. His girlfriend Meg has only ever seen Ethan with tattoos. With the help of a makeup artist, Ethan's tattoos were covered up giving him and Meg the chance to see what he would look like now without tattoos...
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Videographer: Rob Norton
Producers: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote
Series Producers: Jon Eastman, Charley Sutton
Editor: Sonia Estel
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  • Tristan Anderson
    Tristan Anderson

    As My grandma 👵 use to say and I think it applies here 4 me anyway...”to each his own “ OR “different strokes 4 different folks”

  • Jennifer Hernandez
    Jennifer Hernandez

    Is this the same girlfriend from his first video ?

  • Nayely Nuñez
    Nayely Nuñez

    Imagine him eating you out, and you look down to find a demon devouring you.

  • Mandi M.
    Mandi M.

    I'm all for tattoos . I have tattoos my husband is covered in tattoos. But.... Face tattoos and eye tattoos are absolutely ridiculous!

  • Linda Lowther
    Linda Lowther

    i wonder what compels people to cover their body in tats. I have never been able to understand it. The eyeball tats are a very stupid thing to do in my opinion. There is a real risk of blindness

  • Birthing March
    Birthing March

    he would make a great father he's so sweet and nice looking, glad that they have desided to start a family :)

  • Aygun Garibli
    Aygun Garibli

    He is odd

  • ssmith91906

    He actually looks better with tattoos . He’s gorgeous


    I love tattoos but I can't get passed the face covered like that a few little ones near the ears or hair line if they have hair but the rest is a no for me

  • Bill

    Don't complain about people staring at you when you say that you don't won't to look like everyone else and YOU chose your look. IMO, looks like a train wrecked into a carnival freak show.

  • alex 592
    alex 592

    I tought he was a woman in the thumbail

  • Yon Fanga
    Yon Fanga

    God bless us alllll

  • Dai Hao Do
    Dai Hao Do

    What does he do for living??

  • Ken Amaro
    Ken Amaro

    " because I think it looks cool" what will you think in 10.... 15 years ??

  • The TigerMan
    The TigerMan

    He needs a new tadoo artist. You can see all the bad scarring by the tadoo gun

  • Taylor Warden
    Taylor Warden

    See 1 chest littk4

  • Timea Biro
    Timea Biro

    Is he a satanist?

  • papi don
    papi don

    Curious but what does he do for a living?

  • SuperElite7979

    "People assume I'm bad" * has an upside down cross tattoo *

  • Bill Macy
    Bill Macy

    A lost generation

  • Green Eyes
    Green Eyes

    Hes sexy with or without taddoos

  • Adilah Rostam
    Adilah Rostam

    He's charming

  • Itz Exxy
    Itz Exxy

    3:29 song called please asap?

    • SuperElite7979

      Its called keine lust by Rammstein

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W

    As a person who started losing my eyesight many years ago because I have an autoimmune disease...I don't care what tattoos people put on their body ,don't care what they have pierced BU T would like to see the whole tattooing / dying of the scores ( whites of eyes) banned completely.I'm an artist and believe me being a creative person who is used to doing stuff with precision ( did engineering at uni) it's soul destroying losing your sight...but to risk it for the same of misguided vanity is an insult to No I d & partially sighted people.I' m from the UK and soon to be 54 & lived through the original 70's/80 s punk and believe in the right to free expression ,just not at the risk of going blind 😭

    • Sophie W
      Sophie W

      Typo alert! Scores should read Sclera which is the white of the eye !

  • Amy spacey Lizard
    Amy spacey Lizard

    New gf too eh? Lol nice

  • oldgregg86

    Tattoos look great when done correctly. My daughters scribbled over each other in eyeliner once and still looked better than this guy.

  • David Charnes
    David Charnes

    Sometimes he wishes people wouldn’t stare at him.

  • Xhaled 5
    Xhaled 5

    I like how nobody is talking about his forked tongue

  • TimTim Smith
    TimTim Smith

    On the market looking for Chavs. Just add Tramp Stamps.

  • Liam Kirk
    Liam Kirk

    He says I wish people wouldn't stare at me .... Are you kidding me don't act like you don't want people to look at you when you did all those things to yourself to get attention .

  • Penny for your thoughts
    Penny for your thoughts

    What a loser!!!!!!!.......

  • PoppyB2011

    You look so awesome tattooed. You made the right life choice.

  • Patricia Zitro
    Patricia Zitro

    He looks better without tats

  • Evgenia

    he looks better with the tattoos, i only don't like the earholes, is his girlfriend pregnant?

    • Itz Exxy
      Itz Exxy

      Yea she's pregnant his second baby I think but different moms

  • I dont know
    I dont know

    I like him better with tattoo Somebody slap her

  • Teresa O
    Teresa O

    His eyes look crazy, what is that. I can handle the tattoos but the eyes....eek.

  • Octávio Ruggi
    Octávio Ruggi

    only 24... dang

  • Oscar Romero
    Oscar Romero

    Its your Journey dude. Have fun & thx for having fun with the vid

  • Zoe M1
    Zoe M1

    Tadooo!!! He has a lotta tadoooos over hiiiiya tooooooh. Taduuuuuuz. Edit : doooooooouuuuuudee. A Lotta tadooo

  • Maria Chevy
    Maria Chevy

    The reason we recoil when we see someone like this young man; it’s not the art on his body but the PAIN we feel when we see him. I feel the pain of getting the tattoos. The needles poking around in sensitive areas. It’s very uncomfortable! I can’t even stand a vaccination! Good lord, how do you tolerate the pain??!!

  • BL1TZ

    You gon look not so cool when your old xD

  • Inked_n_Indigenous

    What a beautiful man he is. Wow 😍

  • Mary Tune
    Mary Tune

    NO RAGRETS, right? :-)

  • cirej25

    If you’re gonna tattoo your face, at least do an artistic tattoos I mean “taddoos”unfortunately his are literally just scribbles.

  • chelsealouraine garcia
    chelsealouraine garcia

    Imagine they liked it and bring back there old looks

  • B Gal
    B Gal

    His tongue his girlfriend likes the most i Guess 😅


    I am kinda scared

  • Rhonda Sult
    Rhonda Sult

    Live and let live. I do wonder what his mum thinks? This American mom would freak out, but that is how I live life. Live and let live.

  • Jon

    I remember looking like him when my parents left the sharpies out

    • Caity

      Llmmmaaaoooo. I cracked up. Lol

  • kikiTHEalien

    His eyes really popped when they covered the tattoos on his face.

  • Jimmy infante Adrián ludeña
    Jimmy infante Adrián ludeña

    Que este bro tiene novia i yo que estoy 3 veses mejor no tengo

  • Avei William
    Avei William

    His tongue????? 😲😲😲

  • Kiyomi Gittens
    Kiyomi Gittens

    With tattoos definitely

  • Ann Joseph
    Ann Joseph

    My cousin did an arm tattoo.. when I asked him if I can have a closer look.. he got pissed🙄

  • Eva Witte
    Eva Witte

    This is the first time i like someone better with tattoos

  • Angela Burroughs
    Angela Burroughs

    I personally think he looks great

  • ꕤ iiigamer sistersiii ꕤ
    ꕤ iiigamer sistersiii ꕤ

    if he didn’t wear any contacts I whould feel better about it and he’d look better

    • KryanBong

      contacts? He permanently dyed his eyes black with tattoo ink.

  • Andy Krankus
    Andy Krankus

    He's complaining that he's looked upon as an attraction by people. Guess what, he is an attraction and he decided to become one. I don't hate him for it I don't judge him for it and I respect his decision, but I'd stare at him as well, just from the sheer curiosity. The thing is that he makes it look like it's the staring people's problem, not his and he's wrong.

  • Sinduja Ravichandiran
    Sinduja Ravichandiran

    Wt happened to his sclera??

  • Qamar Serhan
    Qamar Serhan

    His eyes how did the white part became black!!! Didnt all those tattoo hurt

  • Mariah Rico
    Mariah Rico

    You say you want to walk freely but then you dress like that which is different than everyone else and expect to feel excepted??? Not in this society.

  • oliviah traversie
    oliviah traversie

    tadoos its tattoos my bruh

  • Tom H
    Tom H

    Those eyes are gonna lead to complications later in life.

  • Lucy Irace
    Lucy Irace

    freaks ...just freaks

  • Ani Olson
    Ani Olson

    Those dimples tho.... good looking young man either way.

  • kevin fadriquela
    kevin fadriquela

    He seems misses hes human form

  • F. And
    F. And

    Welcome back normality...

  • Tierra O
    Tierra O

    They could have put contacts in his eyes to cover the tats, but I guess they didnt think of it?

    • Neamh Cridhe
      Neamh Cridhe

      not everyone can wear contacts due to how it feels. but seeing as he tattooed his eyes, who knows. maybe they did ask and he declined.

  • I'm a goat
    I'm a goat

    hes littery a fugitive

  • 馮敬富

    Because his face is very messy.

  • Z zz
    Z zz

    she hasnt seen me without todoos

  • maria alcione
    maria alcione

    Coisa horrível

  • Shanun Lambert
    Shanun Lambert

    It's interesting that he looks like a nicer person with his tattoos and looks a little evil without them 🤔 but yeah his tattoos definitely suit him

    • VMIN MOTIVATIONAL CURVE • 88 years and
      VMIN MOTIVATIONAL CURVE • 88 years and

      Cause of the eyes

  • Jonathan Wiggins
    Jonathan Wiggins

    Get's tattoos for attention and to look like a "badass," complains that people stare at him and treat him like a "stereotype." Hmm......

  • DeBorah Simpson
    DeBorah Simpson

    Ummm; but isn't getting noticed the reason for the markings?

  • Allina Olsen Condie
    Allina Olsen Condie

    I love how interested he is in the process and the banter between them.

  • Cean Herzfield
    Cean Herzfield

    Everyone is different I guess. I prefer to blend in and be invisible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Naahdude

    It fits him well, but imagine how irrirating it has to be being stared at by people all the time! As all attention is on him when he is in a crowd as he clearly sticks out, thats for sure

  • otegadamagic

    So u modified ur ear, stretched earlobes, split tongue, tattooed ur eyes all black, tattooed your entire face and suprised that people stare. It's like acquiring a very big painting, placing it at ur entrance porch and expecting it to be invisible to visitors.

  • Alex Mosca
    Alex Mosca

    Half face black, what a great tattoo 🥲

  • grant smith
    grant smith

    Wow! I cannot comment since that is your life , your body, and your soul but I am speechless. Hope you live your life happily ever after.

  • Sajneen Tabassum
    Sajneen Tabassum

    How the hell are his eyes black? I mean they are really freaking cool. But how did he get it this black. Jeez he looks awesome

  • cesspool

    Dude has portions of his ears removed to be pointy....

  • Ica Uswhas
    Ica Uswhas

    is she his new girl friend?

  • Patrick LastName
    Patrick LastName

    Well, people would probably not stare if he didn't look like garbage. His so called tattoos are just a bunch of waste of ink in any direction.

    • goth angel sinner
      goth angel sinner

      who are you to judge? your an irrelevant commenter. You can’t tell someone who feels comfortable with tattoos that it’s a waste. He knows it’s not a waste and personally, I think that comment was a waste of time.

    • Ica Uswhas
      Ica Uswhas

      I saw some guy with good tattoos.. but his tattoos is just a no no.

  • Søren T
    Søren T

    For reals thou. What do you do when you run out of skin xD

  • mts2457

    "All my various many tattoos" that's like triple


    5,56mm 7,62mm or 9mm will be enough...

  • Garrett Powell
    Garrett Powell

    are those eyes tattooed or is it something else?

  • mbang okokon
    mbang okokon

    He is so goodlooking

  • Heather Elliott
    Heather Elliott

    OMG I'd love to see him walk into his parents place without them knowing and see their reactions

  • anjali raote
    anjali raote

    Lack of confidence or trying to prove yourself makes people do such weird stuff,trying to stand up in the crowd, attention seeker,it has to do with some psychological issues

  • Janet

    There’s nothing wrong with the tattoos if it truly makes you happy. That upside down cross is a worry though. Why not take the contacts out too?

    • Lilly -321
      Lilly -321

      There no contacts there tattoos

  • Monica Jackson
    Monica Jackson

    I like with his tattoos

  • Vince Avery
    Vince Avery

    I’m sorry , but how old were you when you first had your ears ruined ?

  • Si Ro
    Si Ro

    i hope im wrong but i think he will regret all the modifications when hes about 50.

  • ribitt06


  • clevername

    All these comments about their accents.... You all have never heard Australian people talk before?

  • Balsa King1
    Balsa King1

    Found this on tik tok💀

  • Megan Hamlin
    Megan Hamlin

    His eyes are the scariest part to me.