I'm coming home Cleveland. Watch me fight Sunday August 29th Vs Tyron Woodley live on Showtime PPV.
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  • N T
    N T

    This guy is another Charlie Zelenoff, a nobody who thinks he’s a somebody… Alvarez will bust this idiot’s head open!!

  • lucas morris
    lucas morris

    you got this jake noke hime out

  • Hugo Cooks Food
    Hugo Cooks Food

    Only reason I'm watching this is so I can watch jake getting his azz beat

  • Tacocat_gaming

    Jake ur gonna lose this fight

  • iCanDoIt

    I think his mom made a mistake and his real name is Joke.

  • Darren Kim
    Darren Kim

    great another MMA fighter

  • Richard B
    Richard B

    Jake Wins

  • Matt Spicer
    Matt Spicer

    Looks like Tyron has a new tattoo on the way!

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    Tyron Woodley is the first person to show no fear to Jake this is gonna get intense

  • Darkness


  • Darkness


  • Darkness


  • Chumliesthail

    I honestly got tyron Woodley over jake by a mile!

    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      I believe in u jake

  • Eilene Holley
    Eilene Holley

    Let’s go

  • asepsaeful_r

    Mantap lah bro

  • Iboy Permana
    Iboy Permana


  • asepsaeful_r

    Impresive and great project. I trust this project can be successfully

  • Alexis Bello
    Alexis Bello

    jake pual has literally fought all kids

  • ely123

    Jake still has one person to fight his name Hasbulla

  • Citu Catalin
    Citu Catalin


  • Jeffrelen Garcia
    Jeffrelen Garcia

    Nice fight

  • Tuấn Độ Lê
    Tuấn Độ Lê



    If tyrone looses N really falls through with the taT I will legit R.I.P .

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov

    Hi everyone!

  • Rem Jnr
    Rem Jnr

    Paul thinks he’s had proper fights haha These young kids today talk to much 😂😂😂

    • leishimi ngangbam
      leishimi ngangbam

      But still he would knock ur ass out

  • Jason Bryant✔︎
    Jason Bryant✔︎

    I believe in u jake

  • Limitless Clips
    Limitless Clips

    I'm tyron and I'm here to fak somebody's bro

  • Akmel Murtaza
    Akmel Murtaza

    I want jake pual to fight khabib nurmagomedov

  • Drip Basumatary
    Drip Basumatary

    We already know who is gonna win 🤣🤣

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Jake Paul: Tyrone. Tyron: I ain’t never been Tyrone.

  • Tanjo

    If jake wins, I’m gonna commit arson

  • Jeffrelen Garcia
    Jeffrelen Garcia

    Fasten your seat belt, TipTok soon to launch, the next crypto Gem

  • Leo Tran
    Leo Tran


  • Jeffrelen Garcia
    Jeffrelen Garcia

    What a fight!

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Chleba s paštikou a kakao k tomu.🤟

  • Leo Tran
    Leo Tran


  • Mobile Gamer707
    Mobile Gamer707

    The tattoo deal was the best thing about this whole talk honestly 🤣😂👍🏻

  • Leo Tran
    Leo Tran

    Tiptok token

  • Ceez 9800
    Ceez 9800

    Translator is so ass


    im going to watch you get baked and enjoy it Jake

  • Mijn naam12345678910
    Mijn naam12345678910

    HAHAHAHA "THIS will look like a fight " xD XD dead

  • Josh

    Be a man and call out Nakita Ababiy!!!!!

  • Gabriel Fatimoco
    Gabriel Fatimoco

    I fart blood

  • Jae Chang
    Jae Chang


  • mr. cat in the house
    mr. cat in the house

    I hope conor also made a jake chain

  • Im STMP
    Im STMP

    He said he wants Canelo in 3 years… 🤦🏻

  • unownboy

    if jake wins to Woodley then im gonna stop hating on jake and all of yall better stop aswell I swear to god

  • Pedro Paulo
    Pedro Paulo

    Very too

  • Jan Pittner
    Jan Pittner

    Chleba s paštikou a kakao k tomu.🤟

  • AllThingsNerd

    24:35 thank me later

  • Gamerking 69
    Gamerking 69

    He will probably win by tyron taking a fall staying down like its a ko I think he needs to take on Mike I bet it won't be a tie or rules on the fight Mike needs to show him what a real boxer is all about

    • Faris F
      Faris F

      Tyson is old, he will probably still have most of his power but won’t have the stamina. His last professional fight showed it and that was 15 years ago. So I think if Jake can last more than 3 rounds he can win against old man Tyson.

  • Mark Leto
    Mark Leto

    Robbie Lawler would murder Jake

  • Harry Grantham
    Harry Grantham

    34:34: when it actually starts

  • Video Gamer World
    Video Gamer World

    Skip to 24:33 for the start of the video. Your welcome fight peeps

  • Coco Lemons
    Coco Lemons

    Jake gona win

  • Stacey Joseph
    Stacey Joseph

    we already know woodley gone tare his ass up

  • Sam Rimmer
    Sam Rimmer

    Video doesn't even start for the first 25 minutes, wtf dude

  • Aziz A.
    Aziz A.

    Jake is mastering that McGregor attitude

  • Rizzle Nizzle
    Rizzle Nizzle

    I could get off my sofa, train for a month and slap Jake Paul about in a ring, anyone want to train me?

  • Eli Green
    Eli Green

    Robbie would kill Jake man

  • Newb Tube
    Newb Tube

    25 mins of that intro would put me in the nuthouse


    Why is Jake fighting wrestlers bro fight a real boxer

  • true__ peacock
    true__ peacock

    Ur gonna get ur head caved in jake tyron isn't an easy fight like ur used to


    Female boxers looking fire

  • Phunchu

    Most impactful 3 and 0 boxer 😂😂

  • Caleb_Skates16

    46-47 you even think jake has done his research atleast 😂

    • Caleb_Skates16

      Jake still using online social and school comebacks 😂

  • Caleb_Skates16

    37:36 right

    • Caleb_Skates16

      Also way after sparing and fighting are different

  • RTV_Grant

    He genuinely is scared like he is soo sad he signed those papers

  • Draya Woodside
    Draya Woodside

    This is going to be a good fight am going to watch all of it

  • qwerty98

    All we gonna see is hugging and hugging

  • Anshvardhan Amle 3063
    Anshvardhan Amle 3063

    Legends know that sultan defeated this guy 😂

  • Aldj Wixndu
    Aldj Wixndu

    48:55 *Thinking of excuse/roast*

  • SurvivingIsKey Sb
    SurvivingIsKey Sb

    Jake: im gunna take him into deep waters and drown him. Isn’t that what Khabib said

    • Sami Tasim
      Sami Tasim

      Thats a saying for boxing for decades, but it usually involves a skilled boxer who controls the ring and tires his opponent, so its pointless for Jake to say it

  • Jeffrelen Garcia
    Jeffrelen Garcia

    Excellent fight

  • Roma Ronaldo
    Roma Ronaldo

    Conor and Paul, no referee. Jake, his papa, mama, brother, all getting killed.

  • Kaden Ellenbecker
    Kaden Ellenbecker

    "You've never been in a fight of this scale"

  • Daniel Torres Jimenez
    Daniel Torres Jimenez

    Never mind never mind

  • Daniel Torres Jimenez
    Daniel Torres Jimenez

    I bet $50 if you win Jake Paul

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time

    Best part 1:12:01

  • ClutchPedro

    He literally fought 3 non professionals wtf is this nigga talkin bout

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon

    Follow me for a follow back on Instagram umm_too_bossed_up

  • Sam Yip
    Sam Yip

    "The Jake and Tyrone show" Tyrone: Welcome to the Jake and Tyrone show Jake: I'm Tyrone Tyrone: and I'm jake Both: AND YOUR A RACIST! anyone else get the reference... No just me okay.

  • Svyatoslav Petrenko
    Svyatoslav Petrenko

    This host shouldnt interrupt when tjey are going off

  • TruuTalkTV


  • The Future
    The Future

    jake doesn't sound confident

    • The Future
      The Future

      @salman2wavy good point plus this is the first actual pro. There's a 90% chance Woodley will severely hurt Jake. Though I wanna see an underdog victory

    • salman2wavy

      Notice how every 'athlete' he has fought is over 35 👀

  • Grim Reefer
    Grim Reefer

    Krav Maga Girl Lior can on The Paul Brothers.

  • Ali Minaee
    Ali Minaee

    TipTok is a new gem in coins

  • FRX

    This fight's definitely gonna get streamed all over youtube

  • Lazy


  • Ali Minaee
    Ali Minaee

    TipTok is new gem in coins

  • O-blocked

    If Jake beats Woodley he’s definitely paying all of these dudes to lose.

    • Rizzle Nizzle
      Rizzle Nizzle

      Facts, only kids with no combat experience will say different

    • The Future
      The Future

      I can't see him knocking woodly out. but if there is a chance of Jake taking I think he'll have to play the long game, and take it to the points.

    • mastertrey

      Nah lmao. Tyrons getting paid either way. You think ben askren took the fight seriously? Nah, mans literally just fought jake for the money. Jake didnt have to pay him. He didnt train at all. If tyron isnt taking training seriously hes gonna lose.

    • Yo

      Straight up hating lol

  • Ali Minaee
    Ali Minaee

    TipTok is new gem in coins

  • Banks

    Tyron gonna wip Jake ass!! Lol watch this.....

  • Kdog 2009
    Kdog 2009


  • Kdog 2009
    Kdog 2009

    The problem child 😮‍💨

  • DJ clouds
    DJ clouds


  • Ali Minaee
    Ali Minaee


  • Kinguptown2k

    When white ppl got nothing else to say they bring in your kids and your family into the conversation we from the show me state Disney boy he tyron gonna wipe his ass with you boy

    • nexxt up
      nexxt up

      @Kinguptown2k nigga tyron going down just like nate bahahhahahahhaha calm down kid

    • Kinguptown2k

      @nexxt up if I offended your race just say that

    • nexxt up
      nexxt up

      making it always about the race... shame on you bozo there are all types of people in all races .

  • keziah lyonga nganda
    keziah lyonga nganda

    Go jake

  • Daniel Stone
    Daniel Stone

    Nate Robinson like it's an achievement 😂 jakey jakey needs to wakey wakey ⏰

  • Jeffrelen Garcia
    Jeffrelen Garcia

    Legendary fight

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