KYLE WALKER | 'KDB with the ball is very, VERY quick' | Who is the Quickest player at Man City?
Kyle Walker is blessed with many footballing qualities, and his searing pace is certainly near the top of the list. So with this in mind, our flying full-back sat down to look at some of the quickest players we’ve seen over the years at the Etihad Stadium.

The usual suspects, such as Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane, crop up with some impressive mazy runs. But keep an eye out for a couple of unlikely mentions, including one of our legendary goalkeepers!

A montage celebrating some of our fastest players would not be complete without Walker himself of course, and the defender also reacts to some of his incredible last ditch clearances.

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    Itz Bronel ツ

    Jesus Loves You

  • Michał Dąbrowski
    Michał Dąbrowski

    Kayle Walker my idol

  • Theron Kenny
    Theron Kenny

    Kyle is not a good player. Loses the ball too much and makes silly mistakes.

  • Kieran White
    Kieran White

    The amount of times he was looking for the word agility 😂

  • Strictly Liverpool
    Strictly Liverpool

    Man said he can’t catch a cold, he’s that slow 😂💀🤦🏾

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    Darren Scott

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    Archer Johnson

    I love city

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    Walter Reinoso

    Who saw grealish 🤫

  • Cvxfy

    man city u need to change walker too a mid

  • Tarxan venom
    Tarxan venom

    Man Leroy in this city squad now would be so OP so sad he left

  • untitled

    Didn’t even mention Aguero 🏁

  • Mitch Sullivan
    Mitch Sullivan

    So many good clips of outright sprints and they choose the slow, choppy runs? I don’t understand

  • Reshirex


  • Greatgoku4

    Walker stop hating dude. Bernardo is brilliant at changing directions at speed

  • Mallekane Ferdinand
    Mallekane Ferdinand

    I miss Leroy Sane

  • TheCuber

    Its low centre of gravity Kyle not low sense of gravity 😅😊💙

  • Levi King
    Levi King

    Walker is boring 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Nacero Beta
    Nacero Beta

    I think that Mahrez is the quickest one with the ball to be fair and u can't expect him when he comes to shoot, that's the reason why he took his club to the UCL-Final.

  • D Jackson
    D Jackson

    Has no one realised @2:13 is a young Jack Greals 😂😂

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro

    Adama traore fastest player.

  • prs

    "deflected off the post" - classic Sterling

  • ghorkalit

    Lol Kyle is in love with leroy

  • Moksh Jain
    Moksh Jain

    He's from Birmingham isn't he

  • Archer Senft
    Archer Senft

    I miss Leroy. So quality

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    Connor Yancy

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  • mcminn94

    Kyle walker reminds me of Dave Allen

  • Avi Nayee [L4A]
    Avi Nayee [L4A]

    Who spotted Jack Grealish at 2:14

  • Isa Azhar
    Isa Azhar

    about the last 5 matches whos won united or city 🔥🔥🔥

  • walid YT
    walid YT

    One thing I'll remember is, aguero you are a legend to us and always have a place at our heart. I pray you find a team that will treat you better than mancity

  • itsum kandy
    itsum kandy

    i miss leroy sane🥲

  • Mousa Alblwi
    Mousa Alblwi

    Wow his English is perfect unlike other English player like Kane and Rooney lol

  • NAS

    yo Walker do u know Ousmane Dembele 😂

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey

    5.12 the gazelle analogy was better:)

  • Parth Desai
    Parth Desai

    kyle "low centre of of gravity" walker

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    Lord Sy

    he is the one i trust with mbappe

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    Jesus loves u which is why he suffered and died for ur sins so pls turn to him, he changed my life for the better, he saved me from my own stupid desires and he can so the same for u if u accept him into ur heart and confess that he is ur lord and personal savior, turn from sin and receive the gift of eternity in heaven that Christ died for u to have

  • mohd

    buy halland and walker will have new rival


    I miss sane He is a really good player the probleme is not in him , maybe in the bayern style or something

  • Noah Bousaleh
    Noah Bousaleh

    we all miss when sterling actually shot

  • mustard datBih
    mustard datBih

    you inspire me walker

  • Rafi Parulian
    Rafi Parulian

    Kyle can be a spy for young talent

  • Salsa Dancer
    Salsa Dancer

    Kyles goal line clearances and recoveries are a feature of his game. But it might not just be speed it could be anticipation. He has done this so many times it must have some method.


    walker goal keeper

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A

    2:15 a young Jack Grealish

  • Gamer Gooner
    Gamer Gooner

    Kyle Walker running 12 seconds at 100m at age 11-12. Mad

  • Omar G
    Omar G

    I miss Kyle from a spurs fan. Now we got Matt Doherty.

  • Coljj

    We still might get to see Kyle vs Leroy yet although he appears to play on the right for Bayern.

  • Fred Toks
    Fred Toks

    a beauiful Lamborghini

  • L_brxwn

    Wow this has made me really miss Leroy, I love Kyle aswell 🤣

    • Gaza_Esyde

      He was moving pass ppl 😢

  • lucgh2007

    Ive always said it too, KDB is fast asf, it doesnt look like it because of how his body moves idk.

  • 1STMAN

    Petrov was quick, I think Sane and Walker our quickest ever though. Prime Richards had gas too

  • Abdirahman Yassin
    Abdirahman Yassin

    Mancity love u guys lets win the league

  • ابوفلة

    رياض محرز نجم

  • 조성욱

    my hero..still get faster with his age and one of the best full back

  • MrTargee

    Kyle Walker is faster consider the fact that his name is walker which means literally he never runs but walks lol

  • Utibe Young
    Utibe Young

    Kyle on and off the pitch are two different personalities

  • Wesley Gomes Barboza
    Wesley Gomes Barboza

    C´mon City

  • Seth Harnishfeger
    Seth Harnishfeger

    Ederson dragging Bernardo at the end lmao

  • Lucas SOWMI
    Lucas SOWMI

    The number of times he saves us with his pace at the back. He's an incredible player.

  • Blaze Marillier
    Blaze Marillier

    this is where fifa needs to take the stupid ratings from take it from different team mates

  • Jit

    Supporting city till i die


    Walker I think is fastest in prem but somehow not

  • Drew Blair
    Drew Blair

    I think Kyle's wrong for calling bernardo slow. His top speed may be like a 6/10 but he seems to be always running at top speed. his sprint with the ball is faster than a decent recovery run. Some people are fast but never ever use their speed.

  • Drew Blair
    Drew Blair

    amazing how many vids titled "kyle walker talks about whos fastest" this channel has put out lol

  • Drew Blair
    Drew Blair

    Kyle is one of the best personalities in these videos. He clearly loves his teammates and is passionate about the game. Clearly has fun! he also is class on the pitch

  • HD Giải Trí
    HD Giải Trí

    Cố cầm cúp Champions league VIET NAM

  • Jason Kennedy
    Jason Kennedy

    Kyle sounds level-headed, don't know how he gets himself into trouble so often.

    • Adelya Akhatova
      Adelya Akhatova

      @Fire Starr calling hookers to his house breaking covid protocol.

    • Fire Starr
      Fire Starr

      what trouble?

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      Hx Dx

      @Mark Thuo exactly 🤣

    • Mark Thuo
      Mark Thuo

      It's the girls man. The girls.

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    Saad Makakmayum

    We need Sterling v Walker ASAP

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    Kelon Harry

    We need a Yaya Toure statue

  • Kleminho

    Walker 🏎💨

  • Arthur Gichubi
    Arthur Gichubi

    Number 17 Kdb will always be my favorite

  • Yerba Buenabcn
    Yerba Buenabcn

    Calvo te lo dice un culé de corazón no vuelvas jamás al FCBARCELONA no te queremos jamás de los jamases dew i q te vaya bonito

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    City like people comments and other clubs do not

  • KM7

    raheem should do a race with walker

  • 1dayullsee

    I swear when Leroy runs you can hear violins in the background

    • StrikeZone MY
      StrikeZone MY

      true 😂😂😂

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    We love you city from🇲🇾

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    Lucky the budgie

    Only true city fans have seen this on the kids channel

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    still rings in my ears Agueeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrroooooooooooooo What a player 💙💙

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    ussop first

    people who disliked the video are man utd fans😂 C'MON CITY💙

  • Madan KR
    Madan KR

    Ironic. Walker is actually a runner.

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    Cmon u lads Lets do quadruple this season💙

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  • T-Series dreams barosize
    T-Series dreams barosize

  • David Mugford
    David Mugford

    Should have included the clip of Kyle chasing Raz when he played for Spurs and pushing Raz in the back as he was shooting.

  • T R
    T R

    'he has a low sense of gravity' You mean short bro 😂

    • akhilesh

      i searched for this comment

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    he is very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Walker on top man city 🙌🙌🙌

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    Walker should open a ISnets channel and start doing pranks

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    Mohit Panwar

    This is the best club ever - Man. City . We will win uefa this time 🔥🔥

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    Fayyad R Choudhury

    I swear I just saw this video a few days back

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    Sahil Upadhyay

    ᴄɪᴛy ᴄɪᴛy ᴄɪᴛy💙💙💙 ʟᴏᴠᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ɪɴᴅɪᴀ🇮🇳

  • Mohamed Amin
    Mohamed Amin

    I have been a city fan and always be a manchester city from kenya

  • Wassim dz
    Wassim dz

    Kyle Walker is the Best blayer.

  • Pemphero Mbetewa
    Pemphero Mbetewa

    Walker low key looks like Pep

  • Robin Parker
    Robin Parker

    Kyle is the fastest Manchester City player ever and he also has the highest top speed ever of 37.8 kmph recorded in EPL history

    • Daniel Blom
      Daniel Blom

      Yeah but he tracks back. Sane normally made sprints with the ball so it’s debatable

  • xixo

    Kevin‘s pace is quite overlooked. Those counter attacks are so scary when he leads them and I never see him lose the ball during going forward.

    • Aliff Naim
      Aliff Naim

      @Sav you're no city fan you muppet stop lying. You probably would've swap de bruyne for either mbappe or Neymar then yeah and that makes you a Muppet. For me I wouldnt swap de bruyne for any player in the world not even messi. He's just special, one of a kind.

    • Gef Bisos
      Gef Bisos

      Japan vs Belgium is a great example

    • Sav

      @xixo explain how he’s better. I watch every Man City game so prove me wrong

    • xixo

      @Sav well you have no clue

    • Sav

      @xixoI’m a Man City fan. But don’t try and say de bryne is better than neymar and mbappe

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    Егор Иванов

    I am a Russian fan of Manchester City. I love this club💙

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    Matthew W

    Kyle “The Yorkshire Leopard” Walker! 😂

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    Walker vs sterling we need to see it