Things in Minecraft that make NO sense!
Things in Minecraft that make NO sense! Grian lists all the things that don't make much sense in Minecraft.. Logic goes out the window sometimes in exchange for gameplay - I thought it would be funny to share my observations with you!
The examples in this video are from Java Minecraft only.
Thank you to DomRao, Spring, Oculism, Jbip for their suggestions for this video!

  • bingedrnker

    This is like how much I like cats

  • Sadie Hamilton
    Sadie Hamilton


  • Aaahhman6444


  • EyeofArtemis818

    Netherite: i fear no man but that thing... One Prickly Boi: Netherite: it scares me

  • Megan Brooks
    Megan Brooks

    Your pets can teleport with you when you touch grass, gravel, stone, pretty much all of that, even in water! BUT, now everyone probably knows this, but WHY when it is snow they don't teleport to you? And in all entertainment, how come they can teleport to you in the FIRST PLACE?! If it was more realistic, but like Grian said, this is for fun! Obviously, Mojang added this because people wouldn't want to lose their pets and they aren't as fast as you....... speaking OF! Isn't a dog faster- better yet a WOLF, aren't they faster than humans??? Why would they need to teleport to you? How come the cats can run faster than you, AWAY, but the doggos! THE DOGGOS!!! \_(= - =)_/

  • R B
    R B

    What does not make sense is zombie piglins are fire and lava proof but they burn in a cauldron full of lava

  • among sus
    among sus

    Make sense now??😑 Lmao long comment lol😂😂

  • among sus
    among sus

    I know that to Pistons are un-updatable block so if you put a redstone block ,one block far from the piston it update the blocks script making he game think the redstone block is on the piston If you put the redstone block on the air the game think air block is an block even is not a block In the cactus script if you put an entity it kills it ,netherite is scripted to don't burn in lava except on cactus The stone cutter can't do damage because it's animation dmg is still not finished by mojang When you die the score under your death message is your xp Glass is not a state block The drip leaf is detect entity titles Game tip:drop loot is an entity Grown seed - entity Slime - kenetic entity Water is an flowing ghost block ,cauldron is not a flowing ghost block it is still a block ,even though it is filled with water in it Fence and fence gate are two blocks high even if you put a carpet on it is still a two blocks high Last: Minecraft old block are no effect of the game gravity

  • am a Bad artist
    am a Bad artist

    *1 piece of wood* *=* *The Same size big old plank,* **But 4**

    • am a Bad artist
      am a Bad artist

      No sense👁️👄👁️✨

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    Minecraft is basically Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

  • Helifas Cultivo
    Helifas Cultivo

    Ok grian the scores in minecraft presents the exp and how much you live how many you crafted how many achievements and the last scores present how many kills and how many you mine

  • StuffGuyThisKind

    Bedrock is unbreakable, netherite is breakable, if you throw netherite in lava, it’s fine, if you throw bedrock in lava, it burns.

  • Kim Manalo
    Kim Manalo

    The mansion and the village is in together is 6.00000000 percent of getting that

  • potatosordfighter666

    More of these make sense than you think, you just don't know why yet. Video incoming

  • Marijan Ognjanovski
    Marijan Ognjanovski

    When you kill a pig it only drops one porkchop doesnt make sense

  • Best Gun
    Best Gun

    7:18 Capitalism does not grant equal opportunity.

  • Yasshvir Singh
    Yasshvir Singh

    Prikily boi

  • Barak Guthrie
    Barak Guthrie

    Torches never burn out

  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar


  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson

    The cactus wins

  • Spacey But Crazy
    Spacey But Crazy

    If a wet sponge on fire it doesn't dry.

  • Zen Xtreme
    Zen Xtreme

    Stonecutters cut stone, not players. It's logic.

  • Gabriel Qian 99
    Gabriel Qian 99

    Y'know what, to add to the big drip leaf, YOU CAN FREAKIN' BRAKE BEDROK WITH IT!!! (Go to the nether, dig up to bedrock, and plant the drip leaf, and grow it with some bone meal, and it breaks the bedrock), and yet it literally gets activated by a single FEATHER. Think about that. It can hold AnViLs and break BeDrOk, and yet A sInGlE FeAtHeR BrEaKs It. : | Bruh

  • Paweł Skibiński
    Paweł Skibiński

    9:56 I think it's meant to be like you're careful and only stepping on the stones and not the magma streams

  • ابرار النمري
    ابرار النمري


  • king master
    king master

    How a pickle can stand 20 anvils


    Steve is the strongest character in all history of games it makes sense to swim up that waterfall


    The mansion is a lab for making ravagers out of villagers


    The disenchant thing makes sense if th enchant is actually on the outer layer of the thing but repair doesn't make sense cause you grind it

  • ScuR KeN
    ScuR KeN


  • Nitu Sinha
    Nitu Sinha

    This is game bro

  • Kaile Darien Violeta
    Kaile Darien Violeta

    I laughed when you said granite as granit

  • Patricques Ctarrues
    Patricques Ctarrues

    Bedrock is unbreakable. Right? But when you throw it in a cactus, *GONE*

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    I mean... It is Minecraft

  • Sanidhya shree
    Sanidhya shree

    There IS a gole in minecraft that is to bate the ender dragon .

  • Fiona McPherson
    Fiona McPherson

    its hard to break stone by hand but with one wooden pickaxe its eazy to. dosent make sense.


    10:9 why do you lots of red stone? In your invent Inventory lol XD

  • Tomi Ivaswort
    Tomi Ivaswort

    4:10 That's the total number of XP-Points (Points. Not Levels)

  • RealRushYT and memes
    RealRushYT and memes

    How do trees float?

  • itshxppï_vibxs nuggi
    itshxppï_vibxs nuggi

    Fun fact : he didnt fall on the boat when he said if you fall on a boat u die 9:16

  • itshxppï_vibxs nuggi
    itshxppï_vibxs nuggi

    Fun fact: one prickly boi can destroy every block in minecraft If you need proof take any item and throw it on the cactus wait 2 - 20 or less secs then that block will disappear Like for more tips

  • Tyler Shanks
    Tyler Shanks

    The grindstone probably does no damage that way if there is a villager using the grindstone they live

  • Nero Strat
    Nero Strat

    we need more of these,

  • pokeylolly

    You can dive true snow when you put a scefelding under it

  • Ashley Marshall
    Ashley Marshall


  • Lazy Bevees
    Lazy Bevees

    9:18 you died in thin air-

  • Luca Ipadcraft
    Luca Ipadcraft


  • Canon Smith
    Canon Smith

    You know the room that you can figure out what it is the room that's just random and dark is actually a prisoner room where they keep prisoners to keep them there until they die at least I think that's what their rooms for

  • Raghav Madhusudhan
    Raghav Madhusudhan

    9:55 because your paying more attention where the rocks are and not stepping on the lava

  • ivek_ 9563
    ivek_ 9563

    4:02 The score is how much xp you picked up until your death

  • felicity russell
    felicity russell

    I LOVE YOUR VIDOES their soooo cool I Love you

  • Gathered Storm
    Gathered Storm

    I think that the reason you grind items to disenchant them is because when you enchant items you engrave it with the runes correlated with that enchantment, so when you use a grindstone you grind the engraved runes off of the item

  • Linwood Parham
    Linwood Parham

    Because there’s a lot of jail cells for the beverages

  • Linwood Parham
    Linwood Parham

    Minecraft and shows all my head

  • Matthew Shi
    Matthew Shi

    I think the score means how much stuff you have and how much mod you killed.


    On those leaves, actually i don't know why droped items are consodered as entitys. WHY NOTCH?

  • Docta CT
    Docta CT

    Anyone else remember when you needed more water to break a fall and how insanely annoying it was

    • Docta CT
      Docta CT

      Also pretty sure you could instant mine glass before too but they changed it because people kept accidentally breaking their windows with misclicks

  • Joe Woodfin
    Joe Woodfin

    I understand it's creative, but couldn't you have used anything other than netherite ingots?

  • Zach Jones
    Zach Jones

    You can walk through an end crystal no problem but as soon as you give it a little tap with your fist you set of a nuke

  • Abstract chaos
    Abstract chaos

    The score is ur exp

  • josephine salindayao
    josephine salindayao

    If you make a netherrite becon you will eventually a hot girl that is your type will walk towards you (it doesn't work if yourb in crative)

  • LGR

    minecraft creator: I hate this world, so I create another world

  • araTobs_HD

    Wouldnt you like to have something like a torch or lantern in your left Hand and in the right Hand the pickaxe when you mine

  • araTobs_HD

    You forgot one thing i know why dosnt it light up the area around you when you hold a lantern or a torch but if you place them you have light

  • shabby Pai
    shabby Pai

    I know one ao try breaking a allium and craft the die its purple but magenta???

  • Simone Millen
    Simone Millen


  • trevor henderson
    trevor henderson

    Ok. Here's what make no sense: Copper oxidize make sense. Waxed copper doesn't oxidize. Doesn't make sense. 1℅ anyone know this.

  • Cat Lover 101
    Cat Lover 101

    The bottom of flowerpots are see through

  • Kevin Cabanas
    Kevin Cabanas

    Now the woodlend machen is funny

  • Telumbric

    5:12 conspiracy

  • Roanna Lowe
    Roanna Lowe

    Wow I did not know that

  • Charlie Herbert [Co-Owner]
    Charlie Herbert [Co-Owner]

    grian i think score depends on achievements you've made, say taking inventory has a score of around 5ish and Enchanter has a score of 50, Diomands! being around 45, etc

  • x shadow danyal
    x shadow danyal

    Grian you are in a block game

  • Anirima Belal
    Anirima Belal


  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown

    Carpet is a fabric !

  • Ezekiel Gragera
    Ezekiel Gragera

    I know why minecraft decided that that stonecutter will not hurt cause if they hurt you and all entities it will kill villagers

  • missy •
    missy •

    Lets not forget that theres no berries in thhe cake recipe

  • Payton OMG
    Payton OMG

    The swipe your schedule like you

  • Alex Labsan
    Alex Labsan

    WAIT ArE YoU ToMmYinNt

  • Kelly Timms
    Kelly Timms


  • Kelly Timms
    Kelly Timms



    Of course all of those doesn't make sense...

  • JaceTwT

    Prick boi

  • Luke Erwin Que
    Luke Erwin Que

    Mojang if you see this comment make sure there is no glich please

  • CT 5555
    CT 5555

    What about cows, pigs, sheep, and LITERALLY EVERY ANIMAL not dropping bones?

  • Solder


  • Curt Jacobsen
    Curt Jacobsen

    You can shear snow golems, so the pumpkin is like a mask, if you make i contact with an enderman with a pumpkin on ur head, it won't attack. So why do snow golems attack? They don't attack normal harmless mobs like chickens, cats, and foxes! 🤔

  • Dominic Arnold
    Dominic Arnold

    Grian what texture pack do you have

  • Rigel Starz
    Rigel Starz

    Not listed If you hop in a boat you take no damage but why

  • Blockman Creed
    Blockman Creed

    Me watching this video then saying to grian in my mind that bruh floating blocks you didn't add them why

  • Fałek Jolanta
    Fałek Jolanta

    3:57 the score is number that shows how many exp you collected

  • Ivahn Cos
    Ivahn Cos

    1:29 Bedrock players be like now our redstone make more sense that java

  • CyreneRose23

    why do torches still on fire even tho its raining

  • A Tasty Apple
    A Tasty Apple

    The way that burning in lava damahes you but sitting in the nether for 1 minecraft day Absolutely nothing

  • bill chipher
    bill chipher

    I think the score is the seconds you have been alive

  • Kids Cat
    Kids Cat

    2:29 me: there is a command in minecraft with a command block to make stonecutters hurt you... ok

    • Kids Cat
      Kids Cat

      For real

  • Red Impostor
    Red Impostor

    Well at least minecraft bedrock has logic when it comes to boats

  • WolfDoesMinecraft

    I'm. Not triggered that grian messed up the beacon I'm triggered that he didn't put the 2nd beacon there

  • Kenny Mach
    Kenny Mach

    You craft things in your invintory what tools do you use. No sense