AMD is doing what NVIDIA WON'T... And it's awesome!
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  • FTW Wolf
    FTW Wolf

    with the nvidia price gouging, my next build will be amd.

  • Yeah Boiii
    Yeah Boiii

    Can't wait until my computer decides what game I am going to play today.....

  • n0rie9a

    i dont get it DLSS (or any form of AI assisted SS) is supposed to support HW based RT in dedicated HW that is designed for these things - DLSS wouldnt exist without RT and RT wouldnt exist without DLSS so what would be the difference between what this video says its coming out and the SS option in any video games graphic options? cause from what i understood, AMD aint shipping out a HW implementation of AI assisted SS ( or RT for that matter)

  • Martin L
    Martin L

    and you still cannot switch gpu and cpu in the app

  • RoyalPredator

    What I doesn't understand is, why Ray Tracing decreases performance, when there are dedicated cores to it over CUDAs.

  • Tridip Chakraborty
    Tridip Chakraborty

    Nvidia seems to be a bully like Intel 🤣🤣

  • Herjuno Rah Nindhito
    Herjuno Rah Nindhito

    I always wish AMD is doing something with their machine learning capabilities. They have the hardware, but the software implementation is painful

  • Kylo Rën
    Kylo Rën

    amd always wins by I see your 3080 or 3090 in your systems lads

  • gamesgonewrong

    Me with a 970 and is sad about not getting the amd thing

  • Javi Garza
    Javi Garza

    * cries in 9 series*

  • Azrael

    Getting a rtx 1660 super around $680 is pretty bad rn. Right? I'm new to all these gpu thingy.

  • xhovisx1

    Cries in 980ti...

  • TheCptnOf Fail
    TheCptnOf Fail

    This should be interesting to play with in a year or three.

  • Corey

    So is this going to be a viable alternative to DLSS on something like say, my Asus ROG Zephyrus S with a RTX2060? I know he said they'll support it, but what has me most interested is the fact since it's a ultra slim laptop, when I really push it, it can get a little warm. I'd love to be able to use this to get the same end results, or better, while not pushing the card so hard and getting as hot. And being able to use USB-C charging while gaming without it eventually dying instead of having to use the massive 230w brick would be icing on the cake, but that ain't gonna happen. Lol

  • Kahlil Morrison
    Kahlil Morrison

    Can someone give me the TLDR ?

  • Waqas Rasool
    Waqas Rasool

    another Amd sponsered channel after LINUS tech tips

  • BeastRealm wolf
    BeastRealm wolf

    Totally happy with my EVGA XC3 ULTRA 3070

  • James

    Godfall was a PS5 launch title, people have heard of godfall 😂 Anyways this is interesting, hopefully AMD will build up and really take on Nvidia.


    Modded Skyrim with 4k textures on my 1070ti with FSR. 😃👍 Thanks AMD.

  • Kahldris

    why are there tires lol, andyway go amd! my cpu and gpu is amd

  • Bryce Jefferson
    Bryce Jefferson

    What would be the best graphics card for someone who is using their PC for stock trading? I dont really plan on playing any games on ity but just want the best performance for trading stocks and running multiple applications. thanks!!

  • The Great Empire!!
    The Great Empire!!

    Hmmm.... I currently own a Intel 8700k and GTX 1080ti. I'm very tempted to switch to team red down the road from team Blue/Green.

  • Nero Strat
    Nero Strat

    it's funny, i'm playing cyberpunk on the default settings on my RX 580 card. Game runs smoothly

    • Alejandro Morales
      Alejandro Morales

      And your point is? He is talking how back in the day when cybershet came out it was running noticeable bad on AMD . Of course they have patched most of the issues since then, issues that you won't experience today.

  • Super Mindillusion
    Super Mindillusion

    Nvidia is a proven scumbag at this point

  • Ram Ranch
    Ram Ranch

    The gta v amd fsr mod is lit! i played it using my gtx 550 ti and combo with stock xeon x3430 cpu. best day for low end gamers! I cant wait to see this option on red dead redemption 2(it makes me feel peeing while thinking about it cause of so much excitement).

  • Benjo Sisperez
    Benjo Sisperez

    Good day to all, just want to ask if Ryzen 5 3400G is a good gaming processor? Thank you

  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked

    So is this going to be a setting to be enabled in-game or some type of driver from AMD that would have to be downloaded to enable this sort of performance on 10-series NVIDIA cards?

  • S7N STI
    S7N STI

    Hey Nvidia 🖕

  • Slevin Gaius
    Slevin Gaius

    Yea nice to hear. But g sync dominance on the monitor space is something ill like to see amd improve on.

  • logan maginnis
    logan maginnis

    Is Asus an AMD? I only ask because while ive built i think 3 PCs since 2006....i was literally brainless during the building process. I.E: buy parts cause make computer go burrrr. The amount of computer ignorance i have is still...well....a lot 😐

  • RupertBearz

    I love this! When I first started with computers and building computers ('93) AMD was the way to go. I currently have intel and nvidia and can't wait to go back to AMD. I have a 1080ti that I would love to try this new AMD out on!

  • Mesozoic Haven
    Mesozoic Haven

    The reason I go with Nvidia is NVENC encoding. I don't think AMD has anything quite on par with that?

  • Tony B
    Tony B

    Im sorry but G-Sync is a game changer. Free Sync is trash in comparison

  • The Vibe
    The Vibe

    *looks at title* Build cards?

  • CreazyXX

    yeaaaaaaaah me 1080 ti is waiting

  • FrancoYaya

    Thanks AMD, very cool

  • WasIst DasMAN
    WasIst DasMAN

    Do they ship to Bulgaria?I will be going back to UK in 2 months and want to buy my brother a PC?

  • Bartosz Kęcik
    Bartosz Kęcik

    I have GTX 1080, and I really cannot wait to see how it performs with FXr

  • Nate

    No matter what AMD brings out, NVIDIA will always be one step ahead. And also much more greedier.

  • Kev Musicluva
    Kev Musicluva

    My 1070ti is smiling.

  • -Oxyen-

    I guess it doesnt support 16 series cards

  • Niall Mullenger
    Niall Mullenger

    Damn shame that this won't support my Fury X by the sounds of it though :(

  • joemygod1960

    Feels like FSR is also the reason to stop driver support for GCN cards which annoys me because I still use an R9 Fury non-x model which still works well for me. 😥

  • Wolf Storm
    Wolf Storm

    Personally I think Nvidia started to move away from pascal too quick, I wasn't even thrilled about updating my drivers anymore, every update is RTX this and RTX that, we couldn't even get DLSS across the entire pascal lineup, like really. Shame on Nvidia... AMD has to be the one to save our asses.

  • GOM

    1:03 Do I see GPU's there?... can't state how wet that makes me, sadly the Microcenter I went to 2 weeks ago was totally bone-dry on GPU's.

  • breadmakesUfat69

    That's crazy I played Cyberpunk 2077 just fine on a 5700 XT! It's crazy I was seeing horror stories all over the internet. I was like," yeah??" I got it on launch day and played it perfectly. The only thing was that a car flew 500ft into the air but yeah that's crazy. There was even memes nstuff i was like huh???

  • Ryan Garrabrant
    Ryan Garrabrant

    Last good amd card was voodoo2….. nice new sponsor mc

  • leonthepromoreno

    - Jayz2c starts video about cool AMD technology, instantly goes to Microcenter ad. - Week later Microcenter mocks AMD claiming that You need "more maintenance to run AMD cards". LOL

  • Bric Aaron
    Bric Aaron

    Err....AMD-livers what NVIDIAin't? Or something like that?

  • ItzJustKris

    At 1440 p games using dlss look INSANELY better than native at least in control death stranding cyberpunk fortnite

  • Johnny Guillotine
    Johnny Guillotine

    Big AMD does want NiviDon't energy.

  • EBHaenger

    supported for 10th series and later hu? i guess they said that just to avoid the shitstorm potential if it should not work in some games for "all" cards i do have a GTX 780 ti and tested it in the recent anno 1800 update which brought FSR. settings: very high FSR off average FPS: 54.7 min: 24.0 max 89.5 1% lows 24.1 0.1% lows 12.2 FSR on average FPS: 69.1 min: 26.8 max 123.5 1% lows 27.3 0.1% lows 14.5

  • Subhankit Basu
    Subhankit Basu

    FSR on Cyberpunk would be soo good for us common folks !

  • Subhankit Basu
    Subhankit Basu

    MY RX 580 is gonna shine again, not that it stopped shining ! prolly the best gpu i ever bought ! 1080p gaming glorious !!

  • Icecius Northwind
    Icecius Northwind

    Back end work... hehe

  • TDM Creatives
    TDM Creatives

    the new-gen graphics are maturing quite nice

  • Elías Vargas
    Elías Vargas

    How can I get this software for my 16 series card?

  • suit1337

    Just for reference, out for curiosity: i tried out Riftbreaker running on my Intel HD 630 (i3 7300) it turns from unplayable 12 FPS to 28 FPS in Performance mode (1080p) - a bit of resolution scaling you get very stable 30 to 40 FPS and if you sit 3 meters away at the couch, it does not look that bad. So FSR works on an Intel HD 630 like a charm - even it is not nearly on the supported GPU list. I guess if FSR will get widely suppored, this could be the dawn of APUs. Long story short: would you mind testing this feature on hardware that is not supported officually? like a GTX 9xx Series or Radeon R9 390 or something? My educated guess is: Shader Model 6.4 (or 6.3?) and you are good to go.

  • froZn991

    I run a RTX 3090 but if the next generation of AMD is competetive on the top end and with a DLSS-like-technology i will go to AMD. I really like that they are the Microsoft of GPU manufacturers. What i mean by that is that the Xbox Game Pass and the fact that Xbox Games are playable on PC is such a huge comfort-point for me but i dont know how this consumer-friendly tactics can pay off in the long run.

  • Mick Jagger
    Mick Jagger

    Life-long Nvidia customer here with a 1080-ti. This move has ingratiated such goodwill on my part that I will be switching over to AMD once I decide upon a system upgrade. Talk about balls of steel confidence in their technology to have made it open-source. I will not forget this. Thank you for passing along this info.

  • Caps

    I'm not sure if hero is the right word. So many people can't get cards because of "shortage" and prices are higher than every now. Being able to keep your card, get a decent or big image quality increase along with performance increase by using a native lower resolution..... If major titles are on board, they just saved thousands of people when it comes to gaming.

  • AKs Kazama
    AKs Kazama

    im gonna go ahead and say 90% to 80% of players today dont play in 1080.

    • David

      That's not true. 90% is waaaaay too much, I think

  • Lee Blackadder
    Lee Blackadder

    Damn I still won't see any inicrease with my 970gtx. Still a damn good card though

    • David

      I think it works on the 900 Series, it's just not officially supported

  • Andrea Barba
    Andrea Barba

    You were looking for something to talk about, and i think you chose well.

  • Lifes Eternal
    Lifes Eternal

    It's not the first time AMD did something for the entire gaming community. They did it with Freesync able to use both cards unlike gready Nvidia with their GSync

  • Robert Backlund
    Robert Backlund

    All of this is totally irrelevant if the only people who get these cards are the crypto miners! so far both AMD and Nvidia has in effect said FUCK YOU if you are a gamer who builds their own systems. Both of these companies can go to HELL! I have not seen an affordable video card that is actually available to buy. I have given up on gaming and have moved to other forms of entertainment.

  • Sharky

    MSAA doesnt work like that... it just renders the pixels around edges using multiple "samples" shifted by fractions of a pixel so basically adding 3x the pixels but not across the entire screen there is no multi frame component to it, TAA is temporal so it shifts the pixels by a small amount and blends across many frames, and fxaa does a secondary filter pass so that takes an extra bit of processing after the entire frame has been rendered,.... DLSS is also a form of post filter, it just uses a neural network to uprez the image so the time gained by rendering a lower resolution is used to uprez with this algorithm.

    • Sharky

      also DLSS 1.0 was trained per game, where 2.0 is trained across all games...

  • Gideon Basson
    Gideon Basson

    Me and my friend and our GTX980 & RX480. Greate....

  • Albert Ratliff
    Albert Ratliff

    I still don't fully understand how it work. Is it software, already in game or with drivers?

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts

    they control all industries and products fake news

  • LAQ Arc.
    LAQ Arc.

    So AMD is the hero who come to saves humanity from the world domination of intel and nvidia ? BS!!!

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Lisa Su only throws knockout punches and I love it. Enabling this on NVIDIA might be my favorite flex of all time.

    • ScamallDorcha

      @Eric Hamilton the engineers couldn't do shit without her leadership and vision.

    • JayR 5mitty
      JayR 5mitty

      @Eric Hamilton will we also don't know if she doesn't have any major input in development. I mean, she is an engineer

    • Eric Hamilton
      Eric Hamilton

      She doesn\t do anything, the engineers are. Credit where credit is due.

    • JayR 5mitty
      JayR 5mitty

      Will be doing the same.. until I can grab a ryzen 9 I'm moving to amd, screw this

  • Felipe Morales
    Felipe Morales

    My XFX Radeon R290X died in early March. I took that as an opportunity to upgrade my 2014 rig. I purchased an ASUS TUF Gaming B450M-PLUS II motherboard, a AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6 GHz (APU with integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics ) and a Crucial Ballistix 16GB DDR4 3200 MHz kit. I purchase a new case as well, but kept all my drives and gold rated 750 power supply. Unfortunately, I have yet to replace the video card because of the GPU prices. I can't even find my old card used for less than $300 (approximately what I paid for it new in 2014). Like Bogdan Dumitru said, "I'm never going to buy anything at more than MSRP." It's a pity that in October 2020 I was considering buying a R580 or a GTX 1660 super as a back up for my old R290, but thought I should save the money to buy Christmas gifts for my wife and kids. Little did I know those card would go up in price from just under $200 to over $400 in a matter of months.

  • Jack S
    Jack S

    Lisa Su only throws knockout punches and I love it. Enabling this on NVIDIA might be my favorite flex of all time.

  • Sen

    It is so cool, i can still keep my GTX 1080 ti then

    • Sen

      @doire aintu its 10 series

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      Is the 1660ti considered a "10 series or newer"?

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Hilarious how Microcenter ad shows tons of rtx cards in stock when they have zero current gen cards

    • John S.r
      John S.r

      nice one copying someone else's comment

  • Shawn Alfenito
    Shawn Alfenito

    Will the 4500u support FSR? This would be insane for something like the Aya Neo handheld gaming PC. If your only using it on that 7” display running 800p native you could run max settings and have it looking incredible!

  • Christopher Hadsell
    Christopher Hadsell

    Well. This sounds great! Thanks for this vid.

  • A Monumental Cretin
    A Monumental Cretin

    Literally a case of "AMD Fine Wine"!!

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      AMD is doing good. I am glad they take the approach they have.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Now we just need AMD to become compatible with Thunderbolt and I'm in.

  • ThefrypodiPod

    Is this guy's camera always this shit? even 1440p is not good

  • M adnan
    M adnan

    Amd burns, it burnt my gaming pc. What are you going to say now?

  • hunter ratliff
    hunter ratliff

    nice tires, what are they for? :)

  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson


    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Out of all of this I'm mostly surprised he never heard of Godfall.

  • Purple Clouds
    Purple Clouds

    I have a 5600xt. Will it support it?

  • Andrey Stevn
    Andrey Stevn

    Pascal is still popular given the current prices and "scalpering" happening right now. We're forced to stay with Pascal for a long time

  • Dragon Grandpa Gamer
    Dragon Grandpa Gamer

    Hilarious how Microcenter ad shows tons of rtx cards in stock when they have zero current gen cards

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    we love it

  • alk3rio97

    Th only issue I can see is that AMDs version looks more like DLSS 1.0. Also I see people bring up G-Sync vs Freesync in these comets. The problem with Freesync was the lack of standardization across monitors so on some it worked well, and other is was utter garbage.

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy

    Is the 1660ti considered a "10 series or newer"?

    • A Monumental Cretin
      A Monumental Cretin

      yes, since it came out after the initial 10 series launch.

  • Megatron

    I only need a 6800XT... :D

    • Megatron

      On this.. and as JayZ continued.. AMD is already pumping some performance into their drivers. In Warzone I've been getting 60-78 FPS @144p, with an old RX480. No Overclocks. I really can't complain about this card.. it is simply rocking.. can't even imagine the gains with a 6800XT

  • ptschafer

    With Intel (slowly) trying to up their GPU approach, on one hand I am a little surprised that AMD made this open-source right out of the gate. However, I see this as a long-term play on their end to convince consumers to keep coming back to them, and if their claims are even half true, it's a lot to get excited about.

    • ptschafer

      @abbsnn cose I think it's more of a stop-gap with benefits. 25 years ago, there was this BS called "RAMdisk" that did nothing for performance. This one actually makes sense.

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      performance-hit, but that improvement with just software-updates is impressive. - Yea, 4K isn't gonna happen on this card for the more demanding games, it really just choke

  • Tristan Bowlen
    Tristan Bowlen

    Does anyone know if this will work with ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX card

  • urbanws1234

    AMD is doing good. I am glad they take the approach they have.

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Huawei, and everyone else working on GPUs in industry and also a massive pool of skilled independent coders that will likely work on the more niche features people want.

  • Kraven Fox Bodies
    Kraven Fox Bodies

    So the RX500 line was far more advanced then thought to be able to support driver software that did not exist.

  • Brian Chappell
    Brian Chappell

    Out of all of this I'm mostly surprised he never heard of Godfall.

  • Dice Man
    Dice Man

    Why in the heck did you go off on a tangent in the beginning about anti-aliasing techniques in a video about upscaling resolution? That was really jarring since the two are completely different topics.

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      ME: I just don't care. AMD doesn't have a clue about efficiency and running cool. 🙄

  • Uninstall Depression
    Uninstall Depression

    We already had a FidelityFX on Cyberpunk 2077 🤷‍♂️ But now on every Game ❤️

  • Salted Llama
    Salted Llama

    DLSS isn't unique to NVidia. Only the name is. They come up with gimmicky names for technology that literally every video card manufacturer uses for two reasons: 1. IP and marketing purposes; 2. to convince video game companies to design their games around said technology so NVidia can score better on benchmarks. THAT'S IT! It serves no extra function to the end-user other than to convince the mouth-breathing sheep that they are somehow getting something extra. It is also lowering the resolution and artificially upscaling it to score better frames, but the games look no better.