10 Biggest Lies Ever Told In History!

  • Xayn

    They talk too much ksi the best he dun talk

  • Lemon Legend
    Lemon Legend

    The Great Wall of China can fit because it winds and curves and stays inside China

  • The Mystery Cabin
    The Mystery Cabin

    We all know how slavs work dont tall me it was all of the people ..back than anslave was treated the wors!!!!

  • Nishad Sathe
    Nishad Sathe

    That man is stupid he said that the pyramids are the only ancient world monument what about the harrapan civilisation archaeologists found building's and other artifacts which are old as the pyramids

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    Nishant Rai-unleash your tech

    the original video links goes to a car video wtf?

  • Eradication Music
    Eradication Music

    The world is 40k SQUARE km and the great wall is 20k km. See the difference? The earth is square km and the great wall is only narrow km.

  • Alosn Jediski
    Alosn Jediski

    Idfk htf the great wall of Chinanis half of the world🤔

  • Daniel Winder
    Daniel Winder

    The wall curves and meanders Harry bro, its not stretched out straight

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    Ph4ntom Legends

    Simon : It’s got weird things in it, Scottish people I am an eleven year old Scottish boy who has been subscribed to the main channel for 3 years

  • Bobby Rare
    Bobby Rare

    Aliens have not created anything on earth.

  • Filip Wiland
    Filip Wiland

    the great wall of china isnt even 11k km, its more like 6-8k km

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    holden ford

    The ratty force genotypically pray because scooter concomitantly pull above a crazy meat. victorious, gray greasy great trowel

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    harshvardhan tyagî

    When are we adding Dream to this list lol? This is a joke btw for some of you with bad humour

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    Noname Canadian

    Even this video has a big lie! They did not move the stone, it is just cement!!!! isnets.info/main/rZ-1z4-vpnjUnJo/v-deo.html

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    Darwin Prentice

    Scottish people are hand down and 100% better then english Simon SUCK YA MAW

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    Day 6 of me searching for people asking for the intro music


    Well harry searched the radius of the earth the radius of the earth and the surface area of the earth is different the surface area of the world is 510.1million km²

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    Cale Maingehama

    12.'Iam visible' - Casper the Ghost

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    Mj didn’t invent the moonwalk, but he sure popularized it. Rip king of pop👑

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    sideman hide and seek on the wall of china


    Kurt Cobains death biggest lie in History

    • stealer knob
      stealer knob

      @UNFORMED DESHEVEL-MENT that was never prooved lol because she didn't kill him. People just thought she killed him because everyone hated her lol


      @stealer knob not really man they didnt do any research tbh I've done alot on both sides. Courtney love paid a man named allen wrench 50 grand to kill Cobain and make it look like a suicide. It happens to people and courtney has all the money in the world man she can keep alot hidden and just never admit to nothin

    • stealer knob
      stealer knob

      It was proved he killed himself

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    Ethan Marshall

    A lie great wall of China 2100km

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    CE Good L

    Don’t be a frog

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    😂😂😂😂Harry said “bloody slaves taking credit for everything” 😂😂😂😂

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    The biggest lie happened when she said she is 18😪

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    Anna-Kaye Fullerton

    the fact that I already knew the lightbulb theory and I'm like half the age of the Sidemen is actually hilarious.

  • chloe dickson
    chloe dickson

    It’s because the wall of China doesn’t go in a straight line it bends round and winds off in directions xx

  • callum riding-smith
    callum riding-smith

    Edison actually stole many inventions, and just patented it

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    3:20 cause it’s like u Harry; it’s not straight

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    Sam Tighe

    The wall is like your intestines they are like 20 feet in all but in your stomach they are like 1/6 the size

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    Trevon Womack

    By The Way, George Washington, he was born to Brittish Parents, and he was a Brittish Subject so it does matter to yall lol

  • Ayinde Bolaji
    Ayinde Bolaji

    I think everything is all cool, but I don't agree when the video mentions "communitive work" when talking about the slaves and the pyramids. They were SLAVES, there's no communitive work that could have gone down there.

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    Isabelle La'shore

    Not Harry, Simon and Ethan speaking over the video that we can't even hear most of what's going on😭

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    I yawned when Harry yawned

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    You’re the goat

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    O K

    The Great Wall of China goes around the perimeter of China. If it were to be laid out across Earth’s circumference, it would be half way across.

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    Dylan Fraser

    Probably find some weird Scottish people in there wouldn’t last a minute down here looool slender

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  • FTW_DK

    Romans 12:9 - 10 9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

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    Wow the scottish people dig

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    James Unsworth

    If you eat 40,000 bananas in 10 mins you will die from potassium radiation

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    Matias Rothauge

    the Earth`s SURFACE is 510,1 million km²

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    Lucas Roberto Homes Diaz

    Harry the world is a circle boyyyyyy

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    saad ashraf

    Former king of pop? wtf? 😂😂

  • saad ashraf
    saad ashraf

    Michael Jackson never claimed to have invented the moonwalk you dick

  • Ninja Logan
    Ninja Logan

    The thing about edison and the light bulb may be true but thanks to him we were able to get the electrical grid to help with using lights in a home


    so harry it folds in inner mongolia and goes to rural china

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    Light0Mamba 04

    5:52 Steve Harvey was an acient Egyptian!!🤯🤯

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    WTF is that original video link??

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    I learnt that the sea monster the Cracken(?) was actually just a whale sticking its pink pp out of the water😀🤣😅😅

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    Can you guys please react to trailers and shows like this ISnets channel the real rejects

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    Trey Scott

    harry it is not a straight line, if the wall bends and curves it will only cross a 10 km gap, but the wall is gonna be 50 km long if its bendy enough etc

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    Some lies are the truth nobody wants to hear.

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    Remix songs

    harry deserves an award! Give that man a medal!


    dudes the link to the original video is to the wrong video

  • Krishna Naudiyal
    Krishna Naudiyal

    circumference is not even a distance, it is the area of earth taken 2 dimensionally

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    Risuna Mashaba

    One could barely hear the narrator

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    bc of the curves, slopes and hills the wal gets longer. its not like a straight line

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    Cameron Wainwright

    Right now hear me out, what if water actually is killing us, that's why we die at like 70 or 80 and there is another thing we can drink and we might die at like 470........ think about it

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      stealer knob

      Water isn't killing us bro

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    no harry 21k isnt half of 400k

  • Justmii

    no harry 21k isnt half of 400k

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    Harry every time he tries to think of a random object: BANANAS

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    the wall is not a straight line is curve

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    7:36 wtf, look at the Guy in the middle of the newspaper, it's Freezy!

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    did sidemen call me fucking weird for being scottish, well fuck you tea men

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    why has harry got a blag juve kit on

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    Volta got a better name for it............ yeah, volt was named after him after all xD

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    WTF why would you skip the rest of the carbon dating part? That was getting super interesting!

    • Anon Anon
      Anon Anon

      We still use radiocarbon dating, so this clip saying its "a lie" or without merit is false.

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    Make a sidemen reacts roket league video

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    Jujutsu kaisen?

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    Former king of pop? What has this dude been smoking, he’s still the king of pop and the greatest artist to ever live

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    Bruh I lied a lot than you guys

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    The Great Wall is 52.9% of the earths circumference. Harry, there is no explaining, it’s just that you can’t comprehend it.

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    5:12 Is Harry racist? #BLM

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    sidemen reacts about to get to 3mil nicce

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    5:00 Harry 😂😂😂 I’m FUCKING dead!

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    harry bro china is part of the biggest continent on earth

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    We just gonna skip that my man Simon dised my culture as a Scotsman. Btw love what you guys do keep it up

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    francis west

    no u can still see the parthenon today in athens

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    Chase Hankin

    The Jews were enslaved and forced to build the pyramids.

  • iPlayOverwatch 69
    iPlayOverwatch 69

    Edison may not have came up with the idea of the light bulb but he did complete it so it didn't explode when you turned it on

  • Bhagath attavar
    Bhagath attavar

    i is possible because the is not built in a straight line. it has turns, 40,000km you said is the displacement, not the distance.

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    Everett Bateman

    I've commented this before, but they really need Vikk on these videos. He's the only one who's read a book I think.

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    This is like white boys react 🤣

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    12:40 ironic how thats true but for meat instead

  • NOSA


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    parents of year 7's: they are a bad influence year 7's: yaa that is so gang

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    Avinash naidu

    Its cause the world's a sphere or atleast close to one and it isn't a flat circle. Hence the circumference isn't the best way to measure it. But what do I know anyway..

  • Hugh Duff
    Hugh Duff

    "That's a better name for electrics- Volta" yeah the Volt was named after him so I'd expect so

  • mars _OCE
    mars _OCE

    cats in the Egyptian wars were used to shield them as in their religion hurting a cat is *BAD*

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    It’s a winding wall

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    I'm American and can someone explain what Ethan meant by the Nandos chicken thing?

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    I’m weird cause I’m Scottish lol 😂

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    The circumference is 40000 but the wall of chine is curved and circumpherence is like perimeter