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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer

  • Montage Main
    Montage Main

    He looks like sleepy joe

  • Donovan McAdams
    Donovan McAdams

    8:28 I turned to him and said, “Dr. Gerson. What the actual fuck did you just say to me right now?.. Get out of my h-.. Sight. Get out of my sight.”

  • Rikuto Kun
    Rikuto Kun

    He obviously didn't get enough juice cause the carrots came in a bag. All live enzymes were Dead.

  • Aidan D
    Aidan D

    You should ask Goop for a sponsorship

  • fireandcopper

    You could probably juice a poppy plant, but I don't think beyond suppressing a cough or killing pain it has many "phytonutrients"


    the return of the king

  • Joshua O'Neill
    Joshua O'Neill

    2:30 Hollar if you hear me!

  • Robert Murray.
    Robert Murray.

    At least Jay won't get scurvy, glad for him.

  • Dabkatz

    Jay Kordich: Natty or Not

  • Mitchinerd

    You leave Animorphs outta this, Jon.

  • dave dixon
    dave dixon

    i wonder how is it this guy has more subs and gets more views than Grumps given his lack of consistent output? i'm a fan of both, don't know/care why the breakup happened, just curious i guess. never noticed before.

  • LegoHOTDOGman YT
    LegoHOTDOGman YT

    Every second of jontron can be turned into a meme

  • Spoonis

    always impressed by the quality of these videoa

  • Oliver W
    Oliver W

    Jontron please react to the new flex seal trailer

  • Spike 365
    Spike 365

    Oh no

  • OddTomato

    You put the carrots in, and get the mind control chips out.

  • Some stupid Normie
    Some stupid Normie

    Remember when jontron's video's were about videogames?

  • jon carpenter
    jon carpenter

    Thank you Jon for everything you do your one of the best content creators on ISnets. Continue to due what you do and don’t put politics in your content like that moron Ethan. His show went from being on par with you, now however it is unwatchable.

  • arkledovinar

    My friend's wife used to drink freshly juced carrot juice everyday in the 90' and when she hed her first Baby the Baby was orange color for a few months. True story

  • bred

    bro this had so much potential this was FIRE

  • Jawa With A Gun
    Jawa With A Gun

    BTW Animorphs is an amazing series. One of the few children's books that deals with the psychological horror and PTSD of child warfare. In fact that book with the Starfish cover has the girl getting her arm cut off while in morph and using that cut arm to attack.

  • Normal Person
    Normal Person


  • Catonzo

    So.. juicing takes you to the water level. No thank you.

  • Hellfire missile salesman
    Hellfire missile salesman

    imagine being a little kid who wants to be a weilder and you say to your mom "mom can we get a power grinder" moms like : we have a power grinder at home power grinder at home: 15:50

  • Liam Blackburn
    Liam Blackburn

    Why wouldn’t you just… eat a carrot or something

  • MrRegio93

    Legend has it that Jay Kordich soul was in that juice and disposed of Jon trons skin suit.

  • Just Gonna Get Better
    Just Gonna Get Better

    Every hour on the hour, apple carrot juice. 13 glasses 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Hayneiac

    Jay Kordich was my great uncle. I wish I had some of that juice empire money :C

  • Lanaisha Douglas
    Lanaisha Douglas

    I mean he was close to a 100 years old he was just off six years

  • 1488

    cant believe jontron is dead. this is the saddest day of my life.

  • Shamir John Abejar
    Shamir John Abejar

    You know who else came from USC and has "juice" in his name?

  • Full Of Brick
    Full Of Brick

    Really poor ending considering what’s been happening in India

  • Lanaisha Douglas
    Lanaisha Douglas

    Bru 4:24 😭😂😂😭

  • owl-girl xo019 of night
    owl-girl xo019 of night

    Everytime when I watch JonTron I feel like he's the master of videos

  • Nissim1795

    No one could have predicted that eating fruits and vegetables was good for you. Further, no one could have predicted that old people with false teeth would prefer juices to hard foods like carrots and apples. Juicer McJuisy Juiceman was clearly a genius health guru.

  • Mel Gale
    Mel Gale

    Uhhhh don’t you mean xqc?

  • Superdood 07
    Superdood 07


  • danie wolmarans
    danie wolmarans

    Did this man really tell people to drink 13 glasses of juice a day?! No wonder diabetes and obesity rates skyrocketed in the 90s and early 2000s... It wasn't McDonalds' fault. Everybody was trying to juice like Jay.

  • Rommie Mex
    Rommie Mex

    Actually on my way to buy a juicer RIGHT NOW

  • y

    See yall in another 6 months afters hes done in his cryo chamber

  • Kazou

    and this, the saga of jontron ended. may he rest in peace.

  • Freddy Williams
    Freddy Williams

    Who TF is Jay Kordich? I only know Bruce Zeus, the king of Juice.

  • CavewaiterPNG

    1:04 POV: you’re an anti-vaxxer’s child

  • Tyler Tibbs
    Tyler Tibbs

    was the gun thing a bit or real? i kinda dont think he was fucking around. if it was real, THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING. its suposed to have a bright color like orange if it's a prop

  • NinaOne

    I think Jon might slowly be going mad

  • ShadowPlay227


  • ShadowPlay227

    7:46 it sounds like she tried to kill him but failed

  • NinaOne

    Why is nobody talking about how Jon nearly killed himself on camera with an actual gun

  • TANKMAN 9999
    TANKMAN 9999

    At least it's not the jucero.

  • Sir Zechs
    Sir Zechs


  • Pete S
    Pete S

    That boat scene🥕

  • TouchMe

    “The’re all dead, I outlived them all, that’s the beauty of the JUICE WEASEL” -Jay Kordich -after being asked where his family was

  • Sneaky Masakari
    Sneaky Masakari

    Can we exhcnage completely legit, SleepyJoe with JuicieJay?

  • TouchMe

    “Is this becoming a religion ? I can sorta feel this becoming a religion.” You mean like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop?

    • ActionAlligator

      Her queef candles are to die for

  • LycanFPV

    I hope jontron is ok!!!!!!!!!!

  • warden154

    Does jontron age at all? He looks like he has not aged a day thoughout several of these videos.

  • James Glamstar
    James Glamstar

    4:23 oh god no jon he’s dead. 4:26 never mind

  • Blue Subaru
    Blue Subaru

    "THIS IS A GUN" Indeed it is

  • Not Gay
    Not Gay

    I wonder where Jon doll is now…

  • TouchMe

    Until next year

  • TouchMe

    I place this comment for when you return to watch this video again as no Jon Tron videos will be made until next year

  • Leo Zendo
    Leo Zendo

    All the bs aside, cold-pressed carrot juice tastes amazing and very different from any of the bottled ones I've tried. It looks neon orange and very sweet. And you need lots of carrots to produce one cup. But it's like the very only reason you would want one of these juicers. As far as I know, you don't need a cold press juicer for anything else - a traditional one will do.

    • Leo Zendo
      Leo Zendo

      oh shit it's not even a cold press one..

  • Dávid Katona
    Dávid Katona

    11:25 did i Just seen "THE Daily Magyar"?

  • Noah Guagenti
    Noah Guagenti

    need more Videos, moreeeeeeee, moreeeeeeeee

  • BACKDOWN The Revenge
    BACKDOWN The Revenge

    Oh yeah John Tron showed a suicide attempt, this is definitely demonitized xD

  • Exa Nori
    Exa Nori

    0:55 bullshit stops

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    Jay Kordich vs Jack LaLanne: Who would win? 😂

  • Mario master 21
    Mario master 21

    What we needed

  • Jett Ankermann
    Jett Ankermann

    It's all of the live sets that he uses for gags that makes these videos so hilarious. It's also why they take so long and why they need funding through advertisements, but hell, it's most certainly worth it!

  • Where's the Freedom?
    Where's the Freedom?

    i hope Jon washed those carrots at the end. If not, he probably drank pesticides and got volcano ass.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Jon, you good bro?

  • df71091

    Too much sugar, thats like feeding the cancer to grow more

  • Dinesh Krishnan
    Dinesh Krishnan

    I think he meant how to be free of 100 diseases. Not live to be a hundred 😂

  • sonny mc
    sonny mc


  • V

    Yo I was eating while watching this and when I saw the starfish girl I actually felt sick and didn't want to eat anymore. Thanks

  • Kimg Komg
    Kimg Komg

    Now John Tron's crew is going to pretend that he's still alive for the next 12 years


    Yes the poison worked.

  • Christopher St. Christopher
    Christopher St. Christopher

    You got all that from one bag of oranges?

  • SxSxG

    13 glasses of juice a day. This is how to get diarrhea.

  • Garrett Bischoff
    Garrett Bischoff

    This video describes several reasons why i adore you jon jafari.

  • Tobias Skov Hansen
    Tobias Skov Hansen

    After he did the "father of someone named Juicing"-joke, i couldn't hear anything else😂

  • Bier B
    Bier B

    I like to think that this guy actually dove into the depths of St. Augustine, found the real fountain of youth, and just started selling what he derived from studying it He went too far in his studies later on, needing him to fake his own death, taking the remaining copies of the Fountain with him. The ones still available today are just crappy juicers.

  • Zach Wetzel
    Zach Wetzel

    The juice loosener

  • stan de jeu
    stan de jeu

    Am i gonna get Jonestowned? Lol

  • Shawn Joss
    Shawn Joss

    Did JonTron just coin the phrase “Jonestown’d”

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright

    Jon, you good bro?

  • Oliver Swanick
    Oliver Swanick

    If only my grandfather had Jays juicer instead if getting Chemotherapy he would still be with us today :'(

  • Lodestar

    13 glasses a day? It doesn't matter how tight your sphincter is, your underwear won't be staying white.

  • Jonathan Taz
    Jonathan Taz

    Jon you should do a video on Raid.

  • The black goat of the woods
    The black goat of the woods

    Doug does commercials. Jon should do the infomercials that ran 80's and 90's. Like Juice Tiger, Perfect Punch, Thigh Toner and those gelé beads that were for watering plants.

  • Aniket Bagale
    Aniket Bagale

    Our annual cult gathering has now been completed see you next year😂

  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark

    bruh it's been like 40 years, cut your hair pls

  • The Enraged Crusader
    The Enraged Crusader

    Your channel is the epitome of quality over quantity

  • Ognjen Stepanovic
    Ognjen Stepanovic

    Fucking RAID fucking RAID I can't take it anymore. I wud like to die. Kill me


    well now we know why he didn't upload for so long

  • Channel construction temporarily halted
    Channel construction temporarily halted

    the lengths jon goes to do these is amazing

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb

    This juicer guy talks about the opposite of what im doing cause i aint getting old.

  • GermanSniper

    X is gonna love this

  • KoopaXross

    Actually apple has a lot of sugar in it which the cancer would love. Guess that chemo did wonders.