Can We Fool a Professional Video Producer?
Jon \u0026 Danny challenge themselves to be creative in several tricky situations. Can two professional commercial directors make great videos with just a phone?

Have you ever wondered how to get started making videos? What gear or equipment do you need in order to make ISnets videos, professional Instagram photos, or other content? How do you get the best lighting and sound for a call?

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The brand new channel for two best friends and former creators whose wild ideas have produced some of the most-watched commercials on the Internet. Join us as we take a leap. We’re Jon \u0026 Danny, and this is Randomonium.

  • Dark_Vertigo Playz
    Dark_Vertigo Playz

    Is it just me or do these dudes need more viewers

  • G- Boy
    G- Boy

    Why does Danny actually look good

  • Lamis Kabalan
    Lamis Kabalan

    I think you should do hidden in plain sight on this channel it would be sooooo good 😌

  • Brian Conaway
    Brian Conaway

    I can't even here

  • Space Gaming
    Space Gaming

    This video is great

  • Rana Pishippi
    Rana Pishippi

    Danny and Jon: the commercial is terrible!!! Me: it doesn't look like it was shot from a phone

  • Kaz Lee
    Kaz Lee

    Hey guys! Great content! I had one think to recommend. Tell the viewer what they’re going to be watching before they see it. The most successful ISnetsrs (like Mark Rober or Mr. Beast) always summarize the video before it starts, so the watcher understands what’s going on.

  • {StrawberryDragon}

    This was so cool and funny 😆

  • Oskars2022

    Gear isn't the point

  • Jaime Zelaya
    Jaime Zelaya

    I can’t believe they didn’t say pun city at the crap joke.

  • bunnie's 4 life
    bunnie's 4 life

    Do you still work at vat 19

  • Audrey Valencia
    Audrey Valencia

    1:10 - sounds like heaven to me.

  • Leonardo mix Fabiano
    Leonardo mix Fabiano

    R.I.P DANNY AND JIMMY IN VAT19 2009 to 2020

    • No One
      No One


    • Randomonium

      Who’s Jimmy?

  • SPR gaming
    SPR gaming

    He we was in omegal

  • IIashII

    Do you guys miss vat19? I miss you guys there 🥺

  • Kaitlin Russell
    Kaitlin Russell

    Hey I love your channel I just watched the final hidden in plain sight from vat19

  • Deeps

    See if you can see if you can eat Indian food

    • Randomonium

      You're clearly not familiar with our work at Vat19. Spice is our passion. In fact... Danny did it so much his doctor told him to stop.

  • Hazzard_Destroyer

    Making good quality stuff with your phone camera is basically what I have to do for one of my classes lol

  • Nehama W
    Nehama W

    This is amazing thank u for this! I love seeing how amazing things still look with jut the phone!

  • Orange

    Do you still talk to vat19

  • Billy Somerton
    Billy Somerton

    You guys should have tried to fool Jamie (if you know you know)

  • Jesse Thoenski
    Jesse Thoenski


  • resmi aravind
    resmi aravind

    is it just me or jon looks like paul rudd

  • Leggo Kid
    Leggo Kid

    Sad two of 5he best vat19 actors are gone. Vat19 is falling apart without them tbh all the good actors are gone

  • Harsh Venigalla
    Harsh Venigalla

    Jon and Danny: Kids at heart

  • Patek Choroma
    Patek Choroma

    just subcribed

  • Cheese United
    Cheese United

    Gear is not the point it’s you

  • Tea Tree
    Tea Tree

    That comertial was amazing! You,d really think it was made with a whole team!

  • kenn4680 kenn4680
    kenn4680 kenn4680

    i miss you guy,s in vat19

  • Daniel Wardwell
    Daniel Wardwell

    Haha you guys now need a vintagey motorcycle with a sidecar painted in the Randomonium Teal and you guys can travel around in that 😂 you could call it the Randomobile

  • Basketball Shorts
    Basketball Shorts

    I watched all of the hidden in plain sight and a lot of other ones

  • Leelan Orford
    Leelan Orford

    That parking lot ain’t so boring once you get slow moves of that Dodge Challenger driving by

  • Konstantin Bryon-Edmond
    Konstantin Bryon-Edmond

    the channel deserves more views

    • Konstantin Bryon-Edmond
      Konstantin Bryon-Edmond

      wow omg thank you for recognizing :) I'm a big fan

  • Volley_Girl1107

    What app did y’all use on your phone to make the bike video???

  • Bjartur Dr. Kjúlli
    Bjartur Dr. Kjúlli

    Don't buy gear just buy a 790dollar iphone 12

    • Randomonium

      Better yet - use whatever phone you’ve already got!

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos

    do any of u remember when they worked at Vat19? if so do you remember hidden in plain sight? i think danny and jon should do a version of hidden in plain sight on this channel!

  • Nancy Beiroty
    Nancy Beiroty

    " oH wHo iS tHiS HanDSomE DeViL" - danny

  • Archismita Chakraborty IX-B ROLL NO.:09
    Archismita Chakraborty IX-B ROLL NO.:09

    Sucessful in fooling

  • Archismita Chakraborty IX-B ROLL NO.:09
    Archismita Chakraborty IX-B ROLL NO.:09

    Happy holi

  • Tom Black
    Tom Black

    Good job at fooling people! 😂🤣😅

  • Ume Abiha
    Ume Abiha

    Only 7 dislikessss yasss

  • Liam Loves shorts, edits
    Liam Loves shorts, edits

    Say the magic word: I say demonetized Everyone: Nooooooooo why did you say that

  • The Cyclops
    The Cyclops

    3:10 Shot on IPhone

  • yoshihiro_exe

    Everything is blue

  • Ian Ridings
    Ian Ridings

    Bruh seriously copied your name off scooby doo

  • rais hakim
    rais hakim

    Are you the Vat 19 guy?

    • Randomonium


  • cpo98

    they rlly said lets go to the worst parking lot in belleville even tho there rlly do be much better spots to shoot XD love it

  • Mason H.
    Mason H.

    Hope you guys see this! You should totally try and do a collab with Corridor Crew. If you don't know about them, they are primarily a vfx and film/animation channel here on youtube and you would be an amazing team!

    • Mason H.
      Mason H.

      @Randomonium That's awesome! I'll have to go watch it if I haven't seen it already! Thanks for replying!

    • Randomonium

      We do know them! We collaborated with them when we were at Vat19!

  • One Step Ahead
    One Step Ahead

    Pls go to vat 19 back I miss u guys I literally cried so much After watching hidden in plain sight finale Pls(˘・_・˘)

  • cowpig 001
    cowpig 001

    Go to vat19 hidden and plane sight on more time

  • Crown SMP
    Crown SMP

    Epic beard!

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    Why hello there

  • Aaron Adhikari
    Aaron Adhikari

    they keep changing the thumbnail for views pooooooooogggggg

  • Lil' Crazy Undee
    Lil' Crazy Undee

    Why is is #Vat19

  • Emma Lafaman
    Emma Lafaman

    claim your “here before 1000” ticket here

    • SomeAbsoluteLad


  • Vr Master
    Vr Master

    Why is there a #vat19?

    • Vr Master
      Vr Master

      @Randomonium ok! Honestly, the best viedos from vat19 were from you guys, especially hidden in plain sight! (Thanks for the reply.)

    • Randomonium

      Because we used to work at Vat19 and we get a steady stream of viewers that still don't know that we've quit our old jobs. That hashtag helps them to see our videos.

  • desty X
    desty X

    Yay new vid

  • Randomizer

    You would probably be better off at vat 19

  • Frans Orjasniemi
    Frans Orjasniemi

    What editing software do you use?

    • Randomonium

      Final Cut Pro

  • Purple Guy
    Purple Guy

    The Zoom Call was a Poopie Idea! 😂

  • Hussain Yameen Ali
    Hussain Yameen Ali

    man, I haven't seen these kinda videos in such a long time.

  • Elijah Bernard Refuerzo
    Elijah Bernard Refuerzo


  • Keenan S
    Keenan S

    Danny sorta reminds me of Jamie from myth busters 🤣

    • Randomonium

      This is my favorite thing that has ever been commented. - Danny

  • syed noorul rafay
    syed noorul rafay

    as a person who lives in india i can say that that is not called traffic

  • Mariska-Elise Nijborg
    Mariska-Elise Nijborg

    Wait... was that a Keanan and Kell reference? I love it!

  • Midgentics

    dang this channel was popping off for like a week but then it just sorta d i e d

  • Khulan Zuch
    Khulan Zuch

    I mean, who doesn’t sing in the shower?

  • Alayah Finley
    Alayah Finley

    when i saw this, only 7 people disliked it

  • Sxnshine Days
    Sxnshine Days

    Love the intro, you guys are so funny 😂

  • Aaron Mullins
    Aaron Mullins

    It’s pretty sweet seeing all those places in Belleville basically down the street from me.

  • Dresha802

    "With this jackwagon"

  • Chris D_Gaming
    Chris D_Gaming

    Hi, I exist...

    • Chris D_Gaming
      Chris D_Gaming

      They replied... *Blushes*

    • Randomonium

      Good. We were getting concerned that you didn’t.

  • Wesley White
    Wesley White

    This reminds me of the first or second hidden in plane sight for some reason

  • Alien Musician
    Alien Musician

    What if you guys made a commercial with any product that you pick each other you would have to shoot it where the other person says like you were given slinky and you would have to shoot it in like a barn

  • Kozmex

    who else think Jon looks a little like mark rober

    • Just Flamingo
      Just Flamingo


  • ZomBro_BOSS

    At the time of making this, 600 likes and 0 dislikes, very nice

  • Summer Cross
    Summer Cross


  • Spicy Turds
    Spicy Turds

    “oh gosh! We almost lost a clamp to a toilet” I’m sorry but how many other people on this earth do you think have said this before? 😂

    • Just Flamingo
      Just Flamingo

      @Randomonium they can check if they want 😂 If Alexis wants to know , She/He can check out of the 7 Billion peeps on earth 😂

    • Randomonium


  • 宋玉芳

    of course it's in the bathroom

  • Monica Dewberry
    Monica Dewberry

    I love what you guys are doing you guys were my favorite members at vat19 and now you made this amazing channel keep safe guys🙏

    • Just Flamingo
      Just Flamingo

      @Randomonium that's awesome ! I am not eligible for vaccines yet 😭

    • Randomonium

      Thanks! Just got our Vaccines today!

  • Ultra Pancakes
    Ultra Pancakes

    You guys should film an entire commercial using a green screen/digital effects, try and make it as realistic as possible, and do something similar to this video where you see if another professional can recognize it’s not real.

  • Narendra Patel
    Narendra Patel

    At this time there are 0 dislikes

  • T o c a Y a m
    T o c a Y a m

    This was a really cool challenge! U guys did such an amazing job! My favorite part was when you did the commercial with a phone! The ending part was super cool!

    • Randomonium

      Thank you soooo much! We think we'll do more like this if people like it!

  • Joegamer6 Pettifer
    Joegamer6 Pettifer

    4:58 everytime a f.a.o shorts ad comes out in the middle of the video I always need to comment

    • Randomonium

      Sign your butt up for some academy of wonder! Tons of fun!

  • Adi Sachan
    Adi Sachan

    How yall doin?

    • Adi Sachan
      Adi Sachan

      @Randomonium I’m doing just fine. Keep up the good work!

    • Randomonium

      Just got our first vaccine doses today so we are in a great mood! How are you!?

  • Lucía Arce
    Lucía Arce

    LOVE YOU since Vat19 And all the effort to take out that you were in a parking lot and....#parkinglot xD xD xD

  • SteveT16

    Love your vids. You guys should try doing a video competition. Make the best commercial. With a budget. Who will win. Jon OR Danny

  • Frog

    Oh yeah, here’s a science thing for you guys: Jon and Danny, search up “Laurel vs Yanny” and see which word you hear

    • Frog

      @Randomonium mhm I love it!! Especially the space-themed ones

    • Randomonium

      Have you seen our podcast Timely? Link to that channel in our profile!

  • C.E.O of Giraffe
    C.E.O of Giraffe

    Make a cat and try your best to convince people it’s real. Then at the end eat it or tear it apart.

  • Frog

    Claim your “here before 200 comments” ticket here

  • Phoebe Yin
    Phoebe Yin

    Pumped for the next video!

  • Front Yard Productions
    Front Yard Productions

    Came here from Vat19 Hidden In Plain Sight Finale👉

    • Tea Tree
      Tea Tree

      @Randomonium very true

    • Randomonium

      Better late than never!

  • Lana Wood
    Lana Wood

    So you're saying I didn't need to move to NYC, befriend a photographer, and secretly hope she'll ask to take my picture?? Jk, but this was a really cool video lol 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Randomonium


  • Joegamer6 Pettifer
    Joegamer6 Pettifer

    Before I watch this video i need to watch the new mrbeast gaming video first

    • Joegamer6 Pettifer
      Joegamer6 Pettifer

      Ok I came back

    • Randomonium

      As long as you come back, we're cool! We love MrBeast!

  • softball Twon
    softball Twon

    Hi can u guys go back to vat19 plzz they miss u

    • Randomonium

      We miss them to but we love our new job!

  • Cody Huang
    Cody Huang

    I had the same reaction as Danny when Jon called him him a Jack wagon

    • Randomonium

      Jon's kind of a Jerk Wagon - Danny

  • Vejas Wind
    Vejas Wind

    meanwhile: me who doesn’t have a phone be like bruh...

    • Danny Gula
      Danny Gula

      Hang in there

  • Lisa Mueller
    Lisa Mueller

    😄 Jon, your face walking in the bathroom said it all!! Somehow you guys always make your commercials work. I am an avid photographer and some of your tips will really help my photos look better. Thanks for the tips. 📷

    • Danny Gula
      Danny Gula

      We'll keep bringing them!

  • 4lyanna_

    Pov: you just came from Danny's insta story and came back to comment something even after watch the vid. 👀

    • Danny Gula
      Danny Gula

      That's a true fan.

  • Stuie Malan
    Stuie Malan

    I think they're underselling their content a bit. This video could have easily been 10 minutes plus.