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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • colinfurze

    Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

    • Padraig Ellis
      Padraig Ellis

      Hi Colin, How did you get on with the heavy rain fall in the UK.

    • Prince William Ancheta
      Prince William Ancheta

      Cant wait 4 the next episode/part.

    • Daniel Taylor
      Daniel Taylor

      @Mr. E-Man M I've done 2 weeks of concrete pumping before, but I guess that's just an extra cost for Collin having to hire another truck

    • Mr. E-Man M
      Mr. E-Man M

      @Daniel Taylor hello, I live in the USA 🇺🇸 . We have concrete trucks that pump concrete through hoses long distances or you can do it the old way by having them pour into a wheel barrel.

    • Daniel Taylor
      Daniel Taylor

      @Mr. E-Man M you mean a concrete pump truck?

  • Rena Lockwood
    Rena Lockwood

    perfect now you dont have to walk out in the back garden to get to the bunker when it rains

  • CLARIBEL tejada
    CLARIBEL tejada

    When’s the next partttt I’m dying to see this finished🔥

  • Padauan Brycen Floyd
    Padauan Brycen Floyd

    Are under your neighbors house?

  • Seer-of-things end
    Seer-of-things end

    "what do you do for a living?" "I make random shit with a rich guy"

  • lol man
    lol man


  • Quanny

    Colin furze 2030: today I'm building an Arcade for my underground shopping mall

  • Malcolm Chaney
    Malcolm Chaney

    Love your energy and ideas when is part 5 you got me hooked , keep up the good work .

  • Nestor Rodriguez
    Nestor Rodriguez

    Just a british can have a carpet floor in a workshop xDDDD

  • Kyle Prim
    Kyle Prim

    when will part 5 coming out

  • Lachlan Howie
    Lachlan Howie

    was there moisture on the metal sheets

  • Santos Vazquez
    Santos Vazquez

    I'm back here for part 5.

  • BigTolly

    you should build a mine cart with a drill on the front to bore out the tunnel

  • henrique caetano
    henrique caetano

    So do Brasil . Qundo vai sai a parte 5 ?????

  • TCB Rocket League
    TCB Rocket League

    This guy is sorted in a zombie apocalypse

  • Chris Drake
    Chris Drake


  • Edward [Fast Eddy] Truitt
    Edward [Fast Eddy] Truitt

    The only problem with digging a secret underground trouble would be finding human remains and having to alert authorities, at which point you would alert them of your "secret tunnel" and they would ask WTF you are doing, and keep an eye on you moving forward.

  • Tim E
    Tim E

    13 days later, and this is still #41 trending. Damn, lad! That’s all kinds of impressive!

  • Phil nimmo
    Phil nimmo

    Just found your channel Colin …. Your something else true legend 😀🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Erwin Pommel
    Erwin Pommel

    Best video series about digging a "secret" tunnel I've ever seen.

  • Paul G.
    Paul G.

    i really like your videos they are very entertaining. The only thing i wonder about is your ventilation system. bunkers need to have a very good ventialtions system for obvious reasons. what are you currently using ?

  • Jim Hansol
    Jim Hansol

    Colinfurze: "I am digging a SECRET TUNNEL" **Uploads it on ISnets ISnets people: Oh a secret tunnel! :)

  • James Berman
    James Berman

    Colin is like phineas from phineas and ferb in real life

  • Deerslayercodman

    Big questions how many beers where Safty consumed during this building

  • Tom Chitwood
    Tom Chitwood

    Incredible good stuff

  • MIKO.340

    Making a bunker makes the house is more valutable

  • nicolas dubs49
    nicolas dubs49

    part 5 !!!! part 5 !!!!!!!! part 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corey Robinson
    Corey Robinson

    You spoiled us with one a week and now NOTHING!?! Come on Furze Reel it out!!!!

  • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
    Jeroen-Martijn Mast

    Next upload will come out after his break with sunlight. Watch the last part of this video.

  • teebosaurusyou


  • christoph !!
    christoph !!

    Make me a milky tea

  • Jonny Balch
    Jonny Balch

    Amazing job, would have like to see some Plexi glass think the rock looks cool

  • Archie

    Colin: "! have top be super quiet sop that the neighbours don't find out." Also Colin: HUGE CEMENT MIXER!

  • Richie

    😂😂 must have been caught and told to stop as no new videos on it.

  • spider man
    spider man

    red enter in a vent

  • Chauncey Frend
    Chauncey Frend

    @colinfurze underground lazy river?

  • Vimal Saini
    Vimal Saini

    When for part 5 ??

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    I keep checking every day on this project When's the next installment

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • Tara Mann
    Tara Mann

    To Do something like building a secret bunker would be thought as very far fetched but you have done just that which amazed us, now a secret tunnel! this has to be your best video yet. if this is good i cant wait to see what is coming in the future. Maybe an under Ground racing track or a safe room. You are really stepping up the game on ISnets.

  • Tara Mann
    Tara Mann

    When are you posting next

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • C-stab

    But do you think that you could build an “air umbrella”

  • kang vengsreng
    kang vengsreng

    what happend why dont uplote video

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • Mr ron
    Mr ron

    Sir Colin how about when its finished you give a few lucky subscribers the grand tour? Including me for the idea hahaha keep up the good work, always enjoy your videos 📹😉

  • 伏挺身

    You need oxygen to avoid poisonous gas.

  • Szymon Demski
    Szymon Demski

    It's nice to know that I'm around the same age as this channel

  • ryan woo
    ryan woo

    maybe you should make a underground pool

  • The JellyBean Diaries
    The JellyBean Diaries

    When’s the next video come out. A week between vids is too long 🤙🤙🤙

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • Emty

    hey you literally look like denji from chainsaw man. looks like you got a big project to do!

  • ruby neo
    ruby neo

    just imagine being his neighbors amd watching him take all these materials into the building and not coming out

  • Natures Beauty
    Natures Beauty

    You gave me an idea of something else to do underground. Build a Bunker frame perimeter big enough to be able to lower a Tiny House inside of it and make the walls on the outside of where the windows are, into T.V. /Computer Monitor type of big screens and then have real life looking scenery playing in real time on the screens so when you're in your underground Tiny House looking out your windows it feels like it's outdoors looking out them.

  • Jeremy Green
    Jeremy Green

    Colin, you are literally my idol 🤩

  • Five Six
    Five Six

    Woooow. Amazing. In time when people like stupid Kardashians is everywhere it's so lovely to see people doing real great things like you.

  • Juanmel2008xd

    Where's part 5

    • Juanmel2008xd

      @Jeroen-Martijn Mast ohhhhhh

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • IAm Him
    IAm Him

    There not gonna let you keep it in the end ." jtny"

  • joe selzer
    joe selzer

    i excited to see the rest i always wanted some like that but with many rooms that are also below

  • Z0INT

    Why do I feel like he’s gonna build the Batman cave in the future lmao 😂

  • Brad Pott
    Brad Pott

    Colin..... Where is our new episode??

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • Loki Durden
    Loki Durden

    Can we build a tunnel, we would have so much more room to do activities. "Wait did i hear a drill? DALE NO POWER TOOLS!" What? No I was just brushing my teeth! "NO POWER TOOLS!" Oh ok well we're done anyways.

  • Mike Rosbrook
    Mike Rosbrook

    SUPER FUN to watch!!!!!

  • Wicked Humor
    Wicked Humor

    Seeing one big Oopsie. There is no carpet cover reset for hiding the entry once one goes thru the opening.

  • EliasGeil

    This is perfect for a zombie apocilepse

  • Designer- Garb
    Designer- Garb

    Colin was last seen digging a tunnel beneath the Mexican border working for an unknown drug cartel...

  • john drury
    john drury

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  • willyn1967

    Colin is building an underground bunker. Then a secret tunnel between the house, workshop, and bunker. What is that Colin knows and not the rest of us? Return of the Triffids?

  • 1Bob4All

    Does it ever flood in your area? I am wondering how the tunnel and bunker would handle flooding.

  • Caleb lee-smith
    Caleb lee-smith

    When part 5…?

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    He's about to master the ISnets Algorithm.

  • Michael Bonath
    Michael Bonath

    You still need an elevator.

  • Pieter Van Baekel
    Pieter Van Baekel


    • Pieter Van Baekel
      Pieter Van Baekel

      @Jeroen-Martijn Mast Yet still here I am waiting

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast

      He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

    • Pieter Van Baekel
      Pieter Van Baekel

      I'm So friggin curious to see this !!

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Minecraft op

  • MrBlake

    Dig faster Colin, the suspense is killing me!!

  • 187

    should put in some fake windows with plants behind it.

  • NicozStrat

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  • Joshua Chama
    Joshua Chama

    Make a Batman grappling hook

  • Peter Harsanyi
    Peter Harsanyi

    Civil Engineer here. Use selfcompacting concrete with enough superplasticizer inside so you don't have to level anything. Just make sure your Formwork ist literally waterproof.

  • Arjun Yadav
    Arjun Yadav

    The main reason why he is making tunnel is he want to find diamonds 💎 just like in minecraft 😗🤫

  • Alex Bunn
    Alex Bunn

    When this house finally goes up for sale whenever that may be, it’s gonna be worth tons

  • Prince William Ancheta
    Prince William Ancheta

    Wheres part 5?U must been So busy or It got way harder to do the things building the underground.I understand take rest if U needed to.

  • Johan Rahawarin
    Johan Rahawarin

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  • MegaPlika


  • Marcus Aploy
    Marcus Aploy

    You know when you where a kid and waiting for the wii to come out? This is me eaiting for these videos.

  • יוסף כהן
    יוסף כהן

    Whene is the next part?

  • Gene Lucas
    Gene Lucas

    I'm having withdrawal, I need part 5!!! Lol, Love ya Colin!


    Minecraft op

  • Franklin Wú
    Franklin Wú

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  • Nico Lassetzki
    Nico Lassetzki

    What‘s about the oxygen down there? You are welding, working& probably breathing down there? It‘s very dangerous with the large share of co2. Or do you got a fresh air pump down there?

  • Octavio A
    Octavio A

    Hey, Colin!! When the next video? I need see the evil tunnel, the evil digging, the evil laugh! muajajajajajaja

  • Default User
    Default User

    Colin we need the next episode. Please dig faster!

  • Shantha S
    Shantha S

    When is the next video

  • Nicholas

    That knife belt is stupid dangerous. I like freedom and all, but I'm skeptical that's the way to use it.

  • Josh DeMarco
    Josh DeMarco

    Not sure what your plans are for running the tunnel into your house, but I hope it involves a hidden doorway behind a bookshelf or something like that.

  • armando cruz
    armando cruz

    the hatch should be motorized

  • rswany16

    Can't wait for part 5 to come out! This is such a cool project!

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    mikoy huio

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    RIP this dude's lungs

  • Caleb Hauska
    Caleb Hauska

    Make part five pls

    • mikoy huio
      mikoy huio

      can you make a giant robotic bug that can dig under with 1 person on board?

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee

    I would really like to see a separate video about the permitting and engineering needed to do all this.

    • Loki Durden
      Loki Durden

      Ooooh the excitement!

  • Thunder Storm
    Thunder Storm

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  • Jaxon Fenech
    Jaxon Fenech

    With the effort he went through, I felt the need to like this.

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    hamburger Mods

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