SpaceX Crew-1's return to Earth - See the highlights
SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts Victor glover, Shannon Walker, Michael Hopkins and Soichi Noguchi are back on Earth after 167 days in space. See the highlights of their return from hatch close to splashdown.

Credit: NASA

  • Rosanna Wong
    Rosanna Wong

    10.00 looks like the pic they've showed on the news about ufos

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    BearvilleBear 14

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  • zaildar kuldeep
    zaildar kuldeep

    Very nice good job. Heart very happy.

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    Aire Mo


  • Aire Mo
    Aire Mo


  • Aire Mo
    Aire Mo



    Perfect "CGI FILM" 😂😂😂

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    Tracy. Str8




  • Kazibwe Amir
    Kazibwe Amir

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  • Illo Amor
    Illo Amor


    • Mywrld_der14

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  • American Virtual
    American Virtual

    Bring back the shuttle!


      It's too dangerous

  • Angel Papagn
    Angel Papagn

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  • Merry Mudcrab
    Merry Mudcrab

    stop the lies. earth is a closed system. you cannot leave the earth and they know it. this is all fake.

    • Roland B.
      Roland B.

      Wdym you can't leave it? Are planes also fake?

    • I O
      I O

      I'd like to sell you a bridge

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    Iwan Iwanow

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  • thao nguyen
    thao nguyen

    Thanks for your post Video

  • Alberta Owusu
    Alberta Owusu

    Where did the first two chutes go. Are you littering space.

  • Angus Kong
    Angus Kong

    imagine saying to people I cant say what we have been doing up there...come on we REEAALLY THOUGH! that's a no alpha!

  • Tyson Rinker
    Tyson Rinker

    The stupidest shit I've ever seen

    • Hail Sagan
      Hail Sagan

      Then you've never read your own posts.

    • Tyson Rinker
      Tyson Rinker

      Cant fool everyone

    • Kay


  • Tanzeel NYC Films
    Tanzeel NYC Films

    As a photographer it’s easiest to take picture in space.. in any angle

  • Ytai Dent
    Ytai Dent

    Funny how it departed when the sun was just rising above the horizon but landed in the dark 😂

    • Kay

      astronauts aboard the ISS see several sunrises/sets each day

  • idle tide
    idle tide

    Around @9:29 is it the air flow on the left ??


    Semoga siapa pun yang membaca komentar ini💚 orang tua Anda hidup sampai 100 tahun💜Dan semoga keluarga Anda mengatasi pandemi Corona 🤎

  • scottcol23

    I think they put a lot of thought in to the design of the flight suits, They look like they are out of a sci fi movie.

  • Lei Zhang
    Lei Zhang

    The Iss is soooooooo mess

  • Okti Manalu
    Okti Manalu

    So how much time did take from ISS station to florida, earth?

    • Okti Manalu
      Okti Manalu

      Is it 7 hours? Sorry if I missed it.

  • Zenith project
    Zenith project

    I bet they have an inside joke about teammates leaving tears and might cause a electrical disruption 😂

  • Mikhael Couchman
    Mikhael Couchman


    • Mikhael Couchman
      Mikhael Couchman

      @Hail Sagan it can both written with or with out the H (nasha or nasa)

    • Hail Sagan
      Hail Sagan

      You've posted that NASA is hebrew to deceive and never, ever bothered to check if that's correct! 🤣 🤣 🤣

    • Kay

      @Mikhael Couchman you didn't understand what I said, in both cases

    • I O
      I O

      @Mikhael Couchman You're welcome. Please consider a name change or just removing it from the internet as a whole

    • Mikhael Couchman
      Mikhael Couchman

      @I O so that was your point? Lol ok chad

  • Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins

    G_d bless America!

    • Kay

      why did you censor god?

  • Ravi singh
    Ravi singh

    0:46 the cameraman 😂😂

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  • Shazz gaming
    Shazz gaming

    Props to camera man for outside view


    "It looks so fake it must be real."

    • Kay

      @Mikhael Couchman I am right

    • Mikhael Couchman
      Mikhael Couchman

      @Kay yes im sure you are right.. :/

    • Kay

      what they mean is if it was fake why make it look so fake

    • Mikhael Couchman
      Mikhael Couchman

      the animals will soon learn.

  • Romeo

    Flat Earth confirmed

  • Thomas Johns
    Thomas Johns

    how did the press get up there

  • Taste. Budz
    Taste. Budz

    humans need to be made stronger to handle all this space exploration, we need to become super humans

  • kallumkadavu1

    India will be sending cow 🐄 dung to space station one day

  • Pute Krig
    Pute Krig

    Pls do this at day time and post the video

  • Niaz Ali
    Niaz Ali

    Cogratulation on safe landing to astronaughts officers incharg and all at mission control centre.hertestest congratulation to theirfamly members waitinv on earth and praying for their safe retun.may see more happiness in their life to come. I am sad to date for the falling Star Colambia.may we. Not see such happening in future.

  • Paul Hetherington
    Paul Hetherington

    fVx()2T-- You cannot escape this, tech morons! fix or functionate- Velocity(Videos!) There's none- called, "Outer Space!"

  • Dainamik

    When even the paparazzies in space

  • Coral Sines
    Coral Sines

    LMFAO. What a load of crap. The Blue, Red and green stars did it for me lol. CGI and Hollywood at it's best.

    • I O
      I O

      ​@Mickey Wicked Sorry Mickey, but your senility is becoming more apparent. Predictably, you believe the Earth is flat, but nothing I asked you in previous videos had mentioned a flat earth. Here's what really happened: On the video: Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen First comment asks how it's possible someone in space can swallow food/drinks without gravity: I O explains peristalsis and how the act of swallowing is independent of gravity Mickey: "@I O stfu you know nothing real " I O: "@Mickey Wicked Please explain what your reality is composed of, Mickey" No response Second comment asks why an astronaut's face is red whilst in space: I O explains how gravity plays a part in blood flow Mickey: "He’s literally hurtling toward earth at 200 mph. He’s on a a zero g flight and experiencing g force." I O: "@Mickey Wicked Where are the G forces?" Mickey: "@I O IN HIS FUCKING FOREHEAD." I O: "@Mickey Wicked That's not how G-forces work silly Mickey. Let me guess, you don't believe in gravity do you" No response This is strike three, Mickey. You're out. Leave the conspiracy arguments to those that can bullshit better than you can. "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."" -Isaac Asimov

    • I O
      I O

      @Mickey Wicked Except you haven't actually explained your "truth" to any of my comments I've asked in other videos Mickey. You do a very poor job in "waking people up"

    • I O
      I O

      @Mickey Wicked Mickey strikes again! I hope you get paid for your work on every space-related video

    • Connor Plays
      Connor Plays

      wait till you find out stars aren't star shaped and that the sky isn't god not wanting you to see heaven. use some logic, stars are all white, there's a thing called red dwarves, brown dwarves, etc.

    • Connor Plays
      Connor Plays

      let me guess, you have a facebook account?

  • Outlaw Pawley
    Outlaw Pawley

    So they can spend billions on equipment to go into space, but cant buy a decent camera... first image it glitched, didn't rewind cause it took a different course, second one paused and glitched out, only clear video was the parachute...

  • miss_randomness

    This is the first time, I discovered they come down with parachute

    • Linda Forrester
      Linda Forrester

      Hello the earlier capsules had parachutes then they went into quarantine but I still think the shuttle was the best

  • o_0

    Well that was AMAZING

  • Bob Tuff
    Bob Tuff

    That's a motorbike suit

  • Momtaz Ahmad
    Momtaz Ahmad

    Good luck n welcome home

  • DAM1ON

    I love how the dudes green shirt phases in front of the top of the head of the guy in the red shirt at 0:51. That's just one of the anomalies due to poor blue screen effects. You guys need to get better at this charade because it's too easy to spot your fakery....

    • مبارك الكندي
      مبارك الكندي


    • Kay

      why would they fake A SHIRT

    • Daniel Krogh
      Daniel Krogh

      @DAM1ON lmao

    • DAM1ON

      @Daniel Krogh because it's all fake....

    • Daniel Krogh
      Daniel Krogh

      why would that have to be blue screened tho? lmfao

  • Angel Solis
    Angel Solis

    Wouldn't you have to adapt to earth's gravity and all after being in space for 6 months ? They walked out like they just got out a helicopter



    • Angel Solis
      Angel Solis

      @Mickey Wicked makes more sense than the first guy 👌

    • MikU

      They have treadmills in the international space station to help the astronauts exercise, so i think thats why it helped them to walk easier after 6 months in space.

  • Nathan Nathan
    Nathan Nathan


  • Captndarty

    I’ve seen better footage from GoPro’s mounted to model rockets launched to the edge of space than this garbage.

  • Gooner 72
    Gooner 72

    Absolutely spot on job by Space X and NASA, it's such a proud moment to see Astronauts being sent up to, and safely returning from, the ISS on Western technology and not by hitching a lift with Russian designed ancient technology. Space X is the way forward, thank God Elon Musk never gave up on his dream...... even after people told him to give up as it wouldn't work. It pays to believe in yourself and those who share your dreams.

  • Joseph Gonz
    Joseph Gonz

    Bro it’s so sad that before this, many astronauts once they launched, they never got to see there family ever again. I’m so happy that these people actually get to see there family once again

    • David Hunter
      David Hunter

      @Joseph Gonz lol no one has “lived in space forever” they always come back to earth or have died

    • Joseph Gonz
      Joseph Gonz

      @Vanson Chang most of them did, meaning that they couldn’t see any of there family

    • Vanson Chang
      Vanson Chang

      they lived the rest of their life in space?

  • Ennai therinthavare
    Ennai therinthavare

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  • Zidaan Malik
    Zidaan Malik

    I like space

  • Mesu the fur
    Mesu the fur

    Panama City I live really close to that place that’s awesome it’s so cool to know that the area around me is relevant to the world

  • Benjamin Ivy
    Benjamin Ivy


  • Zé Quita
    Zé Quita


  • marubeni

    WHY this ISS, and after 50 YEARS we dont heave a simple ,,Check point Charlie,, ON our MOON like Hispaniola for Columb

  • Magic Moments
    Magic Moments

    Amazing , I love space videos. Found a Rocket launch video frm Nasa and thought to share

  • jerkkub

    We are the aliens

  • Ciubuc

    17:36 Vans safety shoes xd

    • Fizzles Wizzles
      Fizzles Wizzles

      The safest of safe.

  • Daniel Stamp
    Daniel Stamp

    Bro these zero gravity camera angles are fire

  • Paul Elliott
    Paul Elliott

    I like how sci-fi movies have spaceships with plenty of room with so called spinning parts of the ship to create gravity when in reality the real life spaceships are crammed and messy. Plus the amount of money it cost to keep going up and down am wondering if humans will actually ever truly get to travel space properly because the technology just doesn't seem to be really there to do it and at this rate the bloody sun will have burnt out by the time they have the tech to pull it off (if only the star trek universe was real) lol....

  • drgndstryr

    The tranquil occupation characteristically fix because side microregionally zip until a interesting flight. whole, recondite celsius

  • Dhananjay Chandra
    Dhananjay Chandra

    10:50 do u wanna shoot them

    • مبارك الكندي
      مبارك الكندي


  • Angel K
    Angel K

    thank you elon

  • René X Légère
    René X Légère

    at 6 .22 can some one tel me hou are the people in black ??? it looks fake to me !!! and no am not a Flat earthers lol just saing

  • Juan Julian Espinal
    Juan Julian Espinal

    Nos gustaría ver imágenes desde dentro cuando reingresa a la tierra,

  • Holyfox

    That’s right outta a Bond flic. 🙌🏻

  • Phone Phone
    Phone Phone

    I laughed out loud in the beginning because, I thought the commentator said that, the astronaut was going to continue to suit up outside.

  • Stupidhaole808

    Its looks like something out of a future space movie. I can’t believe it’s an actual spacecraft. The future is now

  • Hgv mi mangg
    Hgv mi mangg

    Fake ass shit

    • Hgv mi mangg
      Hgv mi mangg

      @Jacob LM right armstrong

    • Jacob LM
      Jacob LM

      Dumbfuck :).

  • Yung Lu
    Yung Lu


    • Jacob LM
      Jacob LM

      Dumbfuck :).

  • True Vegas
    True Vegas

    Ask them if they saw any UFOs

  • zlee

    i know that landing had to hurt lol

  • Sam Lowe
    Sam Lowe

    U go to space you never stop and 🛑

  • Rough Travel
    Rough Travel

    Very good acting.

    • Jacob LM
      Jacob LM

      Dumbfuck :).

  • L Q 1 D
    L Q 1 D

    The space suits are like ,, lot of sci-fi movies Elon is living our childhood dream*

    • Gerald sentences
      Gerald sentences

      he will eventually get there tho, just need a right time, the way bezos did with blue origin and richard branson did with virgin galactic

    • American Virtual
      American Virtual

      NASA did the heavy lifting for him.

    • scottcol23

      @Jayden Probably his insurance, Company share holders, and proper training keep him on the ground. he would just get in the way.

    • Jayden

      wonder why he hasnt been on a trip yet


    Fake x

    • Jacob LM
      Jacob LM

      Dumbfuck :).

  • Gaming_With_ Finn
    Gaming_With_ Finn

    I would be so scared 😅

  • king of corridor
    king of corridor

    Lol where is the stars? Becouse in space there is stars

    • Jacob LM
      Jacob LM

      Learn how cameras work, be less stupid.

  • Renjith Krishnan
    Renjith Krishnan

    Chines spy

  • Oddy_ Nuff
    Oddy_ Nuff

    Where are the flat earthers...😂

  • Nicolas Rose
    Nicolas Rose

    One day we'll be looking back saying "I can't believe the re-entry stage meant subjecting the craft to those temperatures and are you serious they used parachutes !?"....

    • Nicolas Rose
      Nicolas Rose

      @Mikhael Couchman yeah, you know like how they are taped and tied with string to the heat plates... Sometimes they have to reach out the window and hold them with their hands. ,,,,,,, Future technology is going to make smoke flames and dangling from material look really dangerous is what I'm saying .

    • Mikhael Couchman
      Mikhael Couchman

      yeah parachutes attatched to a craft thats supposedly like 100s if not thousands of degrees hot. gotcha

  • M.B.G. Music Production
    M.B.G. Music Production

    Quite disturbing that all this technology is in the hands of the worlds biggest wanker!

  • abelmontoya5

    With all the technology they always decide to take to space only nokia cell phones, wow

  • asking_price

    all fake 0:11 this fancy space suit doesn't have jacks for connecting oxygen doesn't have a system of pampers - which were presented on all old space-suits: US and Russians. How, where will they piss and shit in these suits? 5:55 we're the STARS ??!! 17:20 "feeling pretty good, after 6 months in space" After 6 months in space, he couldn't walk, he could barely walk!!!!

    • Kay

      1. could they be out of view? 2. they are there, just underexposed to all hell. 3. you don't forget how to walk after being in space

  • NightOwl Games
    NightOwl Games

    whats more risky? leaving earth or returning to earth

    • DimeZero

      Shit both 😂

  • FreshlySnipes

    I feel amazing when I get home from a 3-day trip... imagine the feeling of getting home after 6-months in a metal tube in space lol

  • DLaayy

    "sprace for splash down"😂😂

  • benjamin yee
    benjamin yee

    All this technology but still 720p...

  • Farzad Talebi
    Farzad Talebi


  • Gopal Nandi
    Gopal Nandi

    i love this great job

  • Jayewe tv
    Jayewe tv

    WowW very nice I wanna fly ♥️

  • hafizah mohd rawi
    hafizah mohd rawi

    Space x pertama kali pulang kebumi stelah brade di iss utk beberape hari.. Lihat pulak ia kembali kebumi.. Adakah slmt ataupun terjadi sesuatu pada kapsul ini.. Saksikan brooooo

  • fluzzles

    0:34 *Me, who realized it a bit late* HE HAS 4 HANDS 👁👄👁

    • مبارك الكندي
      مبارك الكندي