Elden Ring - First Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021
See the mythical world created by From Software and George R. R. Martin in this first gameplay trailer for Elden Ring, featuring terrifying bosses, a dazzling open world, and a mysterious story. Coming January 21st, 2022.

  • ThatOneGuy


  • James Brincefield
    James Brincefield

    Hooded girl seems like a total dime

  • Midge Midge
    Midge Midge

    Looks like DSP will lose his mind during this game lmao

  • eric marshall
    eric marshall


  • JunyHuny

    "Rings are too old, 6/10" -IGN

  • Gamer Bamban
    Gamer Bamban

    Meh _Demon's Souls 2020_ looks better

    • Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
      Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης

      Yeah that's because it's exclusively made on the ps5 and most of the game was there on a silver plate for bluepoint

  • Raegi

    Nice ps2 game.

    • SapoMercador

      @Don Lobo game looks damn fine. Even then From never promised mind blowing graphics

    • Don Lobo
      Don Lobo

      @SapoMercador None. I'm willing to bet they're too young to have ever seen a PS2 running before their eyes.

    • SapoMercador

      What kind of ps2 games are y'all playing?

  • Вертоплясов

    че то дрисня какая-то

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok

    People: Wow! so many Berserk references in Elden Ring! Me, an intellectual: From Software is a Berserk reference in its entirerity.

  • Diganta Chowdhury
    Diganta Chowdhury

    Sekiro 2

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    Friendship ended with hollowing Now we tarnish

    • serry ciok
      serry ciok

      Smiles we're all ganna die !

  • Del Fox
    Del Fox

    That arch tree top is looking 👍

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    1:35 literally guts in the berserk armor

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Trailer for the true MVP: Pot Boi

  • LangCaster

    This is the best game trailer in a long time. Epic Stuff.

  • Opus Epynomus
    Opus Epynomus


    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy


  • Ingólfur A.
    Ingólfur A.

    The graphics are so dated

  • DandyLion

    from software never dissapoints

  • yeflynne dktne
    yeflynne dktne

    Look like dark soul

  • Nofapdiety

    Elden Ring is the future of gaming as we speak!

    • Casa Blanca
      Casa Blanca


  • Scott K
    Scott K

    Elden Ring and Ragnarok? Whelp, looks like another year inside for me.

  • Scott K
    Scott K

    The real Elden Ring is the Dark Souls you replayed along the way.

  • CBoy Slim
    CBoy Slim


  • LMJ

    Jogo hoje em dia tá tudo a a mesma coisa só pra fazer gastar dinheiro atoa mesmo

  • Charpeng Lee
    Charpeng Lee

    berserk vibes for some reason, feeling like skull knight riding that horse lol

  • WikiPeoples

    Imagine if this were in VR. Now, realize that it isn't. DISSAPOINT.

  • Jaron Burton
    Jaron Burton

    *Smiles* we're all ganna die !

  • Ascyndaeon

    Ah yes Pillars of Dark Souls

  • RoBovine Films
    RoBovine Films

    Trailer for the true MVP: Pot Boi

  • Motivique Studio
    Motivique Studio

    Really does look like an evolution of Souls through Sekiro.

  • MossPalone


    • Rustin Widmayer
      Rustin Widmayer

      @Casa Blanca lmao no doubt

    • Casa Blanca
      Casa Blanca

      Lemme guess? COD fan

  • Charlie Dango
    Charlie Dango

    I'm not making Souls games anymore. I've decided instead to start making titles in the wildly popular "Souls-Like" genre.


    Dark souls 4

  • shadowkill546

    Miura would be so excited

  • Black Talon
    Black Talon

    Dark Souls IV looking pretty badass.

  • ユユユユ


  • Jake K
    Jake K

    Looks epic!

  • Final Flare
    Final Flare

    This is fake. This game has been in production for 7yrs .. let that sink in. Ever year is a new made up video and people still fall for it lmao.

    • AOUGE

      What are you even talking about

  • TheXerxes919

    on Jan 21st no one will be able to find me, especially my wife!

  • Shawn Christian Harry Gustaf Mamuaja
    Shawn Christian Harry Gustaf Mamuaja

    That giant glowing tree reminds me of Berserk.... yeah, the world spiral tree

  • Ramoach

    This looks great and all, but did we really need yet another dark souls game disguised as something else? C'maan dawg

  • leftnipple809

    Stop with the Souls references and let the game be its own thing you cretins

  • Nico'TF92i

    Just give us a Bloodborne 2 so we can all rest in peace ffs

    • Malcom Alexander
      Malcom Alexander

      Go beg Sony, they are the ones you need to ask.


    Ffs stop making the same game...

  • Son Of Sanguinius
    Son Of Sanguinius

    Dark Souls players: Ahhhh finally a worthy successor

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      “It’s not a souls game if we change the name” lol

  • Prime Minister
    Prime Minister

    Another dark soul knock off?

  • Majid Habib Khan
    Majid Habib Khan

    "banish the Elden Ring...for all of us" well I'll certainly try

  • JD Emery
    JD Emery

    This just looks like... more dark souls. Meh

  • Khiyel1

    Getting them Darksiders vibers.. dayum.

  • Milkra

    Dark Souls: Death of the Wild

  • Seth Hamel
    Seth Hamel

    Oh great another cathedral

  • bone Z
    bone Z

    Dark souls 4 💀

  • Chaoticgood

    Wow x 10000000000000

  • Paul Reay
    Paul Reay

    So basically just a Standalone Dark Souls DLC with horse riding.

  • E

    The nondescript knife thankfully consist because step-brother frustratingly drum amongst a abject zephyr. tight, mighty turret

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    Dragon used thunder? their faith build must be unbelievably high...

  • Moto.Knight

    Darks Souls? is that you?

  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon

    We've been waiting so long to know what this game even is, when they could've just said "Dark Souls with some Breath of the Wild" and be done.

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir


  • Flat Pepsi
    Flat Pepsi

    "Why Elden Ring needs an easy mode" -IGN January 22nd 2022

    • Flat Pepsi
      Flat Pepsi

      @Soinas Doyi lmao their veins are gonna be popping out of their heads

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Game reviewer challenge. Review this without co paring it to dark souls.

  • Are A
    Are A

    E3 has been so dogshit I've just been rewatching this trailer nonstop on repeat instead.

  • Taurus91

    jesus at least give us brolaire back please.

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    0:55 when that Note Hited, my heart stopped for a second.

  • Xerxes A. Blake
    Xerxes A. Blake

    DAMN imma about to work the streets for extra cash for all these games man.

  • noodlesghost

    Greatsword or we riot.

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      Ashen one... oh wait

  • Rebecca Lovecraft
    Rebecca Lovecraft

    Hope there is an easy/story mode

  • Jack Russell
    Jack Russell

    You had me at "gravity defying horse."

  • zZM45KZz

    Enden ring is dark souls 4 but with supernatural texture

  • AstroBugle

    but silksong tho

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    So the graphics looks like dark souls 3 in my opinion. Don’t care, graphics doesn’t bother me

  • Chaz The Realest
    Chaz The Realest

    Dark Souls 4

  • shunukiya90

    Looks like Armored Core is gonna miss out the PS5 generation as well. Meanwhile, we get more Dark Souls. Or is it Bloodborne? Or Demon's Souls? Or Sekiro?

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu


  • Rith Panhapich
    Rith Panhapich


  • Octavian Catusanu
    Octavian Catusanu

    Dark Souls: Horses

  • Gamecultist


  • Shot Through Karl
    Shot Through Karl

    Where was the gameplay ?

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm

    If this game is the reason that Martin hasn't finished The Winds of Winter yet... totally worth it.

  • carlos zerpa
    carlos zerpa

    Call it whatever you want, just give me more Dark Souls

  • Xtian Kazuhiko
    Xtian Kazuhiko

    Might be a stretch.. but in @2:15 normally since DS3, dual wielding are paired weapons that are one. And they usually have no sheathes.. but if you notice here two swords with sheathes… perhaps the return of powerstancing normal weapons? :O that would be insanse.

    • drttyu liqm
      drttyu liqm

      Doesnt seem like anyone else pointed this out but from 1:40 - 1:44 looks like phantoms to me, so looks like we get co-op. Hoping we get invasions as well.

  • Lee

    Instant buy

  • JrocKnorth

    Ashen one... oh wait

  • Prashasth P
    Prashasth P

    all dark souls players getting ptsd

  • Name Unknown
    Name Unknown

    As usual, there will be a lot of killing... and dying.

  • Mur Durmuffin
    Mur Durmuffin

    I'm sorry... they should have just made Dark Souls 4. I don't care about this story about tarnish and extinguishing some flame with a ring. Blah blah blah. Give me souls. Give me the age of Dark. Give me DARK SOULS DAMMIT.

  • Karsten Brevik
    Karsten Brevik

    “Make money off of content we have nothing to do with. It also makes you FEEL like hidetaka miyazaki.” -IGN

  • Boris

    Januari '22 ok cool It looks like another great souls game 👌🏻

  • Julian Castellanos
    Julian Castellanos

    Ps5 controllers are too expensive for me to play this game smh

  • jonas andersson
    jonas andersson


  • Dairy Dregone
    Dairy Dregone

    Dark Souls but open world

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    If this game is the reason that Martin hasn't finished The Winds of Winter yet... totally worth it.

    • Kirk

      Nah he just lazy af

  • BRAYAN Paramo
    BRAYAN Paramo

    yo this kinda looks like darksouls

  • Keelan Channavy
    Keelan Channavy

    *Dark Souls Elden Ring*

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      just mediocre

  • Okay Bro
    Okay Bro

    This should have been named Dark Souls 4 for last gen consoles.

  • hgomiew

    dis game is like the dark souls of video games

  • RC

    Doesnt seem like anyone else pointed this out but from 1:40 - 1:44 looks like phantoms to me, so looks like we get co-op. Hoping we get invasions as well.

  • Fernando Rodríguez Peris
    Fernando Rodríguez Peris

    Salk Douls

  • Brigadier Blue
    Brigadier Blue

    Dark Souls presents Elf Boy and Super Pony 🤣🤣

  • Marco V.
    Marco V.

    TLoZ if were made by another company.

  • The Walking Rex
    The Walking Rex

    More like boring ring

  • Can

    thats not 2021 type game. they must involve hard

  • Aaron Hopkins
    Aaron Hopkins

    2:22 real souls players know this is going to be an easy boss 😂

  • Lynsey Lobo
    Lynsey Lobo

    so the guy from dark souls wants the ring of power.... in the world of sekiro :/