Goth To Normal Transformation!!
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  • Αναστασία Πολίτη
    Αναστασία Πολίτη

    You are natural beauty!!!

  • FA - JD
    FA - JD

    N I C E

  • Ayham Maryam
    Ayham Maryam

    So pretty

  • MacyXOXO
    MacyXOXO look beautiful

  • Sandy Scuba
    Sandy Scuba

    Your beautiful.. Whatever you do

  • Childish Jonny Quest Barbie
    Childish Jonny Quest Barbie

    You not supposed to be disrespectful to people, be mean to people, be rude to people, be evil to people, be negative to people, mock people, be offensive to people, make fun of people, scare people, make people upset, hurt people, hurt people’s feelings, argue with people, fight with people, and call people offensive names because being disrespectful to people, being mean to people, being rude to people, being evil to people, being negative to people, mocking people, being offensive to people, making fun of people, scaring people, making people upset, hurting people, hurting people’s feelings, arguing with people, fighting with people, and calling people offensive names is not part of being professional.

  • jammy

    1000x better “normal” that’s why most people are “normal”. Because they look 1000x better when they are dressed, done up “normal” it’s not rocket science 😂 why do people think different is better or more edgy. - my opinion on the matter ✌️

  • Nicholas Krupa
    Nicholas Krupa

    God's image is what you are, sorry, you're beautiful, not sorry, whatever you choose

  • Mark Glean
    Mark Glean


  • Maritza Gomez Valle
    Maritza Gomez Valle

    You look so beautiful both ways!

  • Nick R
    Nick R

    Bruv did she ignore a crying baby?

  • Zoe Cena
    Zoe Cena

    You look much prettier 😍 omg ❣

  • Zoe Cena
    Zoe Cena

    You look much prettier 😍 omg ❣

  • HelMask

    Lmao perfect cut of your face at the end xD

  • adolfoonly

    Total babe!!!

  • Marco Díaz
    Marco Díaz

    Beautiful video 🙂 👍

  • RandomGod
    RandomGod a guy, I see you've put on a wig and a beanie and removed your piercings. wife and i have sat here arguing for a good 5 minutes. she insists there is a huge difference. I dont see it.

  • LeMarais88

    Pretty transformation!

  • Daisy Huntsmen
    Daisy Huntsmen

    Omg you are GORGEOUS

  • deverlon davies
    deverlon davies

    You look absolutely beautiful

  • Carlos Collomps
    Carlos Collomps

    I know you are out your comfort zone but you look gorgeous either way.

  • Juliana Valdivia
    Juliana Valdivia

    You look so pretty

  • Umberto Diels
    Umberto Diels

    Hoy crap.. You are beautiful!! 👌❤️ Do have to say my stay is more the transformation 😅

  • Cameron Gill
    Cameron Gill

    You look way nicer normal

  • Tshabello Rampa
    Tshabello Rampa

    She is so pretty regardless of how she looks. I really dont like the wig.

  • Alexandra Tonico
    Alexandra Tonico

    So beautiful♥️

  • Tatiana Araújo
    Tatiana Araújo

    Giiiiiiiirl, you are GORGEOUS! 😧

  • T&L

    👍👍 I’m surprised ! Great work!

  • Chiara _doll
    Chiara _doll

    You are pretty both styles xx

  • Martha Bennett
    Martha Bennett


  • Julie Ford
    Julie Ford

    You’re beautiful. The only thing that’s kinda weird is the ring in the nose. Only because I’m from the south and that’s what they put in the bulls and hogs nose ( the ring in the front) I like the goth look

  • Schlechte Witze: Gude Laune! mit Jan von der Ruh
    Schlechte Witze: Gude Laune! mit Jan von der Ruh

    to "normal" Nope. Not being a simp, I am way too old for this...but grown-up in the actually 80ies in Germany, where GOTH was big...I mean BIIIG, the "Before" looks "normal". And less fake than the Insta-look, kiddo! ;-)

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha

    After transformation you're quite the Beauty, either or is fine, we all have opinions but I prefer post transformation 100%.

  • violet Tulips
    violet Tulips

    She's beautiful with or without makeup. I'm straight girl but she's so pretty... Your my crush now 💗...

  • Britvaš

    Goth is awful


    Satan hmmmm I took him as a Enemy

  • Ness

    You're so pretty in goth, you look amazing😳💜💜I wish I looked that pretty in goth lol

  • Mia Carr
    Mia Carr

    Omg u look so cuuuuutteeee I wish I could look that cute lmao

  • Rey Concepción
    Rey Concepción


  • soulseeker

    Again Techno ....

  • soulseeker

    we have better types :D

  • Dirty Boy
    Dirty Boy

    Pretty girl either way, quite beautiful actually

  • Jim Dean
    Jim Dean

    You have a classic, natural beauty style. I did prefer you with black hair, TBH. The wig isn't up to your very high standards, but the look is vassstly improved with the black knit cap.

  • Heber Castillo
    Heber Castillo

    Te amo

  • Concepcion Cruz
    Concepcion Cruz

    Omg you are pretty both ways. You have a beautiful structure when it comes to makeup 💄. You should do another video

  • anastanojevic17

    You look gorgeous with your natural style and make up, but I loooove how you did the glam make up! You look great both ways

  • Patrick Hempe
    Patrick Hempe

    Would be cool to dress you as Elvira or Vampira!

  • crissafel tawadan
    crissafel tawadan

    Love yout too. You look really pretty😊

  • LoLi Channel
    LoLi Channel

    Such lovely person 😊

  • Only from a distance
    Only from a distance

    A heartbreaker... Just beautiful...

  • michael villagomez
    michael villagomez

    Not bad👌🏽 you should burn that wig though.

  • Blood and Zombies
    Blood and Zombies

    Cool! What goth bands do you like? Mine is “Then comes Silence” and I like Drab Majesty

  • Acadia Littlefield
    Acadia Littlefield

    That’s actually pretty she did a good job

  • мyѕтry 33
    мyѕтry 33

    Kok ada di beranda saya y

  • fred soksabay
    fred soksabay

    yeah the wig is kinda crap but the make up was a nice look

  • Crystal Camacho
    Crystal Camacho

    You look beautiful


    I bet you'd look incredible with a pinup makeover. You definitely pulled it off with this look.

    • Spitsatan

      Ooooo I might give this a go!!

  • Ashanti Shepherd
    Ashanti Shepherd

    Is your hair naturally blonde? Like yea you look like a basic school girl lol

  • Gregg O
    Gregg O

    Honestly,I think your very pretty either way you choose to look.I have to say that i was very impressed after the transformation . My immediate opinion after you were finished and wearing the toque was"OMG,shes absolutely drop dead beautiful any way she looks".

  • Frank Galetzka
    Frank Galetzka

    You are a very beautifull woman but dont use this wig

  • Tamara Badillo Altman
    Tamara Badillo Altman

    First time I’ve seen you or your videos (not my last now) I think you look great either way. ✌🏼

  • Kendall Forsythe
    Kendall Forsythe

    I’m sorry did you just say you got off a 10 hour shift? You looked like you just finished applying your makeup in the morning. Whats your secret there?? Wow you look amazing before, during, and after. I loved both looks.

    • Spitsatan

      Setting spray!!

  • kevin fadriquela
    kevin fadriquela

    Your naturaly beatiful in normal

  • CyberBloodzx

    No u

  • Rene Horne
    Rene Horne

    I don't believe that you needed the wig. Your hair was fine. You looked absolutely lovely. It's not a drastic change at all and you looked wonderful.

  • Damian Clarke
    Damian Clarke

    Stay normal

  • Channing White
    Channing White

    Defo your look you started with is tops and i usually date the normy type lol but your look suits you...the confidence vibes you have in your "goth" look makes you more do you though

  • Marissa Pirtle
    Marissa Pirtle

    god ur so pretty punch me 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Jira Akarasena
    Jira Akarasena

    U r a gorgeous normal girl but not the wig please!

  • constantinos schinas
    constantinos schinas

    you are really beautiful and unique without any makeup and rings.

  • ikmal hillman
    ikmal hillman

    Most those ghostly girl are beautiful just some wire was busted ,, made them not beautiful anymore

  • Tinelle Philip
    Tinelle Philip

    Your so beautiful both ways😍😍❕

  • EvilNecroid

    u went from beautiful to scary


    You look amazing

  • Justin West
    Justin West

    Ma'am, please control and tell your cat to calm down. Not a fan of meows OR interruptions 🤣😁😁 😎

  • blahblahblah

    You are beautiful

  • Kevin knott
    Kevin knott

    You look pretty either way. Personally love you as a blonde and minus the piecings, but to each his own

  • Anthony Maiorano
    Anthony Maiorano

    You look great both ways

  • s3eedoph ْ
    s3eedoph ْ

    Fake accent

    • Spitsatan


  • Misha 439
    Misha 439

    Ich dachte grad Lucy Cat

  • victor g
    victor g

    You look very beautiful

  • Fatcha Domi
    Fatcha Domi

    Trash that cheap cross dresser wig! Though I’m sure you did that right after making this video! Cut your hair short, shave the sides, and bleach your hair white. And thin down and level out the eyebrows. Actually, whatever you do will look great since you have nice facial features and a little smirk that always seems on the verge of a smile 😊

  • Richard Hatt
    Richard Hatt

    You are so cute

  • George S
    George S

    Hi. For me you look better like normal ( princes ) . Not bad goth but sorry you are better with blond hair .

  • Lisa Mitch
    Lisa Mitch

    So so pretty. Wig is not a good one, but you look great❤️

  • eleni tsep
    eleni tsep

    The only difference is that you took off your piercings and you put on a blonde wing but you look good both styles ❤️👍

  • gretch rodval
    gretch rodval

    I like ur beauty with out make up

  • Mightywhitesfan 69
    Mightywhitesfan 69

    Better without the wig.x

  • Kirk Snyder
    Kirk Snyder

    Get rid of the wig and you would be gorgeous perfect.

  • Shirin Keshavarz
    Shirin Keshavarz

    How does ISnets know who I follow on tiktok 👀 I keep seeing the people I follow there, appear on my yt recommended here 🤔

  • Party Marty • 25 years ago
    Party Marty • 25 years ago

    Your natural beauty amazes me. I love your face ... every detail 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • jhy gal
    jhy gal


  • Livie fontana
    Livie fontana

    Much better

  • Alma Mehic
    Alma Mehic

    Very bad choice of words. Normal? So goth is not normal?

  • PickBit

    Hopefully this does not offend you, but to me the part where you look your best is with no makeup at all. And the purple strands are perfectly fine, no need for a wig

  • Khaerun Nur Akbar
    Khaerun Nur Akbar

    Super cool❤️

  • Arlene Baker
    Arlene Baker

    Both looks are absolutely beautiful on you though the wig detracted just because it didn't look real and it was a little greenish. I did enjoy the video and you steppjng out of your comfort zone to show us a new look.

  • малика моана
    малика моана


  • Jaypee Love
    Jaypee Love

    2:05 awwww cutie. i don’t know but the entire video is glam. Gorgeous check.

  • MJ adinram
    MJ adinram

    You are more than beautiful with ur new look so lovely..i think im in love to you while looking to youre face...