Things only Geminis say
Ugh, am I right fellow Geminis?! You can totally boil down all of our personality traits due to the positioning of the Sun when we were born!

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  • Star Killer
    Star Killer

    Horoscopes are stupid i can confirm

  • George Frideric Handel
    George Frideric Handel

    Why did you make this you are a Cancer lol

  • Raf.

    this gives me bo burnham's "white woman's instagram" vibes

  • FluoDuos

    0:30 i literally have the same clock

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Make this a series pls

  • Sarah Ji-Mei Lofgren
    Sarah Ji-Mei Lofgren

    That ending reminds me of Technical Bovine!!! Hilarious!

  • Frosty chips
    Frosty chips

    Now do that with Aquarius

  • Elijah Bates
    Elijah Bates

    do what only virgos say from a virgo fan

  • Millie F
    Millie F

    jack saying fellow geminis like he aint a cancer

  • Ruthie

    grandpa died?

  • fantacat

    Erik's laugh killed me No, seriously. I'm dead, for real

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    As I’ve now learned that I’m a Gemini, I couldn’t agree less

  • Noah 6784
    Noah 6784

    I don't get it but haha funny

  • IronicIntrovert

    I think I inspired this video

  • Tarin MW
    Tarin MW

    Uh Oh, it's 10:30 *THAT'S GEMINI TIME*

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      Please do all of the signs I loved this so much. I think it makes it more funny that you don't know about horoscopes and I need more

  • Ryan Langley
    Ryan Langley

    Jack, how many hours do you have on Among us...

  • fhjrjidih

    conjoined friend

  • Sarah Oestreich
    Sarah Oestreich

    Happy Gemini season fuckers is my favorite saying, as a gemini

  • Space Goon!
    Space Goon!

    im offended

  • bi0waste

    so me

  • The freekid! *YKL*
    The freekid! *YKL*

    That PilotRedSun opening!

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Geminis always say “the therapy didn’t work, your father and I are getting a divorce”

  • pathcat

    don't do erin like this

  • Miles Endebrock
    Miles Endebrock

    This is absolutely beautiful

  • Internet Person
    Internet Person


  • Fusion

    He's Probably a Scorpio, that's why he's mad.

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      If I can't have my g fuel i can't game Now that hit close to home

  • protoeuro

    This feels like a Gus Johnson video. Please take this as a compliment

  • Lee Ross
    Lee Ross

    Please do all of the signs I loved this so much. I think it makes it more funny that you don't know about horoscopes and I need more

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy

    0:30 Im watching this at 10:30

  • bean_soups

    I KNOW!!!!!!!! I'm such a cucumber 🤣🥒 every time I see a toddler I just can't help 👺but shake it😵as hard as I can!!

  • nutkja

    Wait I just saw the AU t-shirt. I HAD NO IDEA HE WENT THERE! I can’t believe we went to the same school!!!

  • Xebrax124

    all you need to know about horoscopes is that the people that believe in them don’t want to be blamed for problems and/or get extra milky Starbucks lattes

  • The Ello
    The Ello

    I read “things only Germans say” and definitely went “This is ridiculous Jack doesn’t know”

  • Your Highness
    Your Highness


  • tina blake
    tina blake

    Can confirm

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    There needs to be a “Geminis for Palin” movement, it could be Palin for literally anything except public office

  • LuigIan2000

    I actually was addicted to markiplier in my teens

  • wittle_panda

    My brother is a Gemini and he said I don't say any of the stuff here

  • Jokestar

    As a gemini, I can confirm.

  • Bread

    If I can't have my g fuel i can't game Now that hit close to home

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      spiral (like ducks) Wishing: Jeff Bezos were richer Loving: Android Believing: not in Spotify Supporting: Palin Not getting: Horoscopes

  • Jermy Frits
    Jermy Frits

    You know if a guy makes a video like this he's high key gay af

    • Spoopsi UwU
      Spoopsi UwU

      1. how is gay an insult lmao And second. do you just beleive in zodiac signs and are crying about john movies calling you stupid for judging peoples personality based off of big balls of gas?

  • cai_ aic
    cai_ aic

    As a gemini I can confirm.. i would totally say this things

  • Pool_Guy

    you should make a skit called horror-scopes and its just 12 people bashing each other's heads into the concrete until there's only one left

  • EdEatSoup

    As a Gemini myself, I agree.

  • WiseTvMan 2.0
    WiseTvMan 2.0

    "gemini love android... i think"

  • BlazingZombie X
    BlazingZombie X

    You can absolutely pause among us just call a meeting

  • Genevieve

    I’m a Gemini and this is so me lol

    • Tyme

      as a fellow gemini, can confirm this is sooo me lolll

  • PhoneRad

    Some libras 🥴😏

  • Strange Moustache
    Strange Moustache

    Im a Gemini

    • Strange Moustache
      Strange Moustache

      No im not

  • Oyasumi Rosie
    Oyasumi Rosie

    I thought this said gremlins all day

  • big lion
    big lion

    Please make 11 sequels that are the exact same script just replacing Gemini with all the other signs.

  • Noah K
    Noah K

    Anybody else get scared when he said he was attracted to "some libras"?

  • U.GH05T

    I am a Gemini and these are the only phrases I have ever said. My first words were "What can I say, im addicted to Markiplier!" My family was a bit worried because ISnets was a dating site back then.

  • drbandit

    Looking: like a Gemini Drinking: coffee Status: #girlbossing Hating: Scorpios Loving: Markiplier Having: friends Women: be shoppin' Losing: keys Attracted to: Geminis (and some Libras) Time: wine Grandpa: dead Time (again): Gemini time Among Us: not paused Pro: Abortion Obsession: spindrift Requiring: GFuel Relationship: not working Dicks: spiral (like ducks) Wishing: Jeff Bezos were richer Loving: Android Believing: not in Spotify Supporting: Palin Not getting: Horoscopes

    • Tyme

      Hotel: Trivago

  • Tim Fischer
    Tim Fischer

    I'm a cancer

  • Swishyy

    0:43 well I guess I’m a Gemini now

  • Cheese

    I’d say something but can’t talk Girlbossing


    Libra's say:"Wait, i'm a libra? I thought i was a virgo. That is confusing." Wait i'm a libra? I thought i was a virgo. That is confusing.

  • Jade Baylee
    Jade Baylee

    as a gemini, i agree

  • King Kayro
    King Kayro

    Things only Geminis say: "Help, there's a gem in my eye"

  • Vickyverse

    Wait.. why is the markiplier one accurate..

  • Nixel

    Now do one for all the other signs.

  • Ava Briggeman
    Ava Briggeman

    As a Gemini, can confirm that all of this is true 🥵

  • Kawaii Very
    Kawaii Very

    *_"Geminis love friends"_* *I completely object to what you just said*

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    As I’ve now learned that I’m a Gemini, I couldn’t agree less

  • Robin Thomas
    Robin Thomas

    That is SO ME!

  • robotic chaos
    robotic chaos

    I only clicked on this because I'm a gemini. You're welcome

  • Sean

    What a strong comeback for pms

  • Sara ball
    Sara ball

    0:20 and 0:52 were the only accurate ones

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      “All geminis are anti-vax and pro-abortion” lmaoooo

  • Dan Ivy
    Dan Ivy

    clean ur fiddly fig jack

  • Jennafer White
    Jennafer White

    I’m a Gemini this is pretty much correct

  • Hyunckel101

    Why do I get shit for being a Gemini ? Geminis love friends ! :D

  • Alex Osman
    Alex Osman

    this feels like a throwback to classic jack

  • Tucker Dennis
    Tucker Dennis

    Should have just been gemini(the space project) quotes

  • Terminator 101
    Terminator 101

    Grampa died . . . the stars knew this would happen

  • filippa

    i’m surrounded by geminis, my both parents being geminis and three of my best friends being geminis, so i can confirm that this is indeed true (send help)

  • Dry Liquifier
    Dry Liquifier

    Oh my god I burned down the children's hospital oops I can't help it I'm an asparagus

  • Willo

    I’m Gemini and I approve of this video

  • Kamil Henri
    Kamil Henri

    I think you actually fully understand horoscopes John

  • Small Childe
    Small Childe

    I find it funny that ive had one girlfriend and she was a scorpio

    • Small Childe
      Small Childe

      And im a gemini

  • NERD

    man Erik looks like he lived in a cave for the past 5 years my god

  • Legitimatus

    Am Gemini. Can confirm.

  • TheMrbiggs

    “All geminis are anti-vax and pro-abortion” lmaoooo

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long

    This is blatant cancer-washing

  • Rachel Andrews
    Rachel Andrews

    eXcUsE mE i Am A sCoRpIo I tAkE mAjOr OfFeNcE

  • Karlo Blažek
    Karlo Blažek

    Grandpa died? 😂

  • Cathartic Dream
    Cathartic Dream

    Geminis drink only terrible wine like Kendall Crapson, I mean Jackson?

  • Jakobo

    I'm confused...

  • Galaxy PL
    Galaxy PL

    I am a gemini and I am taking a shit rn

  • Fairuz Fairuz
    Fairuz Fairuz

    I can't related to any of this except for women be shopping

  • Jay

    As a Gemini, I don't get horoscopes either.

  • jess evelyn
    jess evelyn

    i thought you were american

  • sid

    Geminis be like: "Sorry for cheating on you with your dad. What can I say? Im such a gemini."

    • King Kayro
      King Kayro

      "Sorry for flooding your parents' house with mustard gas, I'm such a Gemini!"

  • Assorted Shitpost™
    Assorted Shitpost™

    I showed this to a friend who's really into horoscope and the first thing she had to say was what do you mean Gemini love android?

  • imamoose007

    Why is it the cowboy bebop font at the end? See ya space cowboy

  • Ariana Needham
    Ariana Needham

    As a gemini...I married a gemini

    • palefern

      dude that's incest /j

  • StoryMaker Upper
    StoryMaker Upper

    My dad is a Gemini, so I can confirm everything is on point.

  • Jombridge

    Damn I forgot he did PMS

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