Minecraft, But You Can Combine Any Items...
It is time to take on a challenge! This is Minecraft but you can combine any items together. Can I beat the game with the items I create? Well its time to find out!

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This is a Minecraft but challenge, similar to Minecraft but you can craft armor from any block and Minecraft but there are custom portals!

  • Bac Doan
    Bac Doan


  • ꧁༒Stสiή༒꧂

    Heyy man, how I can download your data pack that you use in your vids like combining item. I already join in your discord but how?(sorry if my English is bad.btw I'm pilipino)

  • xd flash
    xd flash

    Yo some mod company stole the first part of your video

  • Alessandro Coppari
    Alessandro Coppari

    Mod name?

  • MyCat_

    I saw this video on an advertisement

  • Deceub

    What's this mod?

  • OP zhougamer
    OP zhougamer

    Why no one's put the name of the mod en their description?

  • Mihael Kralj
    Mihael Kralj

    What is the name of the mod

  • Move

    is this a mod?

  • karlee friehauf
    karlee friehauf

    I love your videos!......!

  • MeeM Dispenser
    MeeM Dispenser

    L I T E R A L L Y

  • N a dh
    N a dh

    how do you get this mod

  • Heather Hill
    Heather Hill

    why did you not make The blue pickaxe

  • Heather Hill
    Heather Hill

    Um This thing looks incredibly broken

  • Cookezman

    He should put this mod in the description

  • Sami Abbas
    Sami Abbas

    I wonder what x day pickaxe does 3 2 1 Ads shows up WHAT WAS THAT PUNK

  • Ooosie E
    Ooosie E

    Can i please get the name of this mod

  • Pragya Goswami
    Pragya Goswami

    plz give this mod in discription

  • a__ randomperson
    a__ randomperson

    Bruh tnt bow

  • Achu

    Just imagine if we can make netherite block trident

  • Thy Da
    Thy Da


  • Baff Tubb
    Baff Tubb

    name of the mod?

  • TheRedstoneReed

    This video was stolen for an ad for some Minecraft Addons app, funny thing is that I found it while scrolling through another Minecraft Addons app

  • ElChuy

    Hey what datapacks are you using?

  • Henry brenholtz
    Henry brenholtz

    Try combining all the pickaxes

  • Henry brenholtz
    Henry brenholtz

    Try combining the coal and X-Ray pickaxes

  • :- banana Hannah ooo-:
    :- banana Hannah ooo-:

    Me too


    In 3 2 1 *A D*

  • StevloYT

    Imagine Combine ultimate pick with ultimate pick the combining double ultimate pick with double ultimate pick = reply what

  • Mysteroo

    What's the name of the mod though? The only one you link in the description is for swords, and it doesn't look like it's even the same mod

  • Blaze Everage
    Blaze Everage

    We just going to ignore the fact that a wood sword and a dirt block does 1002 attack damage? At time 1:18 LMFAO

  • Kiefer Mathew Barbasa
    Kiefer Mathew Barbasa


  • Hunter Pepin
    Hunter Pepin

    I watch all your videos there the best

  • FritzGaming258

    what is this mod and where can i download it from?

  • Hunterock 99
    Hunterock 99

    I saw your video on an ad for add on for Minecraft PE, MCPE app

  • Dayelin Whittaker
    Dayelin Whittaker

    whats the mod?

  • Noah Yancey
    Noah Yancey

    What is the name of this mod

  • johnny gigolo
    johnny gigolo

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  • Ali

    I mean why couldn’t you “get” emerald armor

    • Charley Li
      Charley Li

      Get it? I play skyblock

    • Charley Li
      Charley Li

      Or magma armor

  • Ali

    Why couldn’t you make emerald armor

  • Andrew Cooke
    Andrew Cooke

    what is the mod?

  • Asher Video Game Pro
    Asher Video Game Pro

    Ender dragon egg sword dood

  • ThrellzysStuff

    some dude just stole your entire video and used it as his ad for a minecraft pocket edition mod pack.

  • The Gamerz
    The Gamerz

    Minecraft but fru got 80k likes

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    ꧁Lily Afton꧂

    Am I the only one that came here from the ad?

  • Scott P
    Scott P

    But what is the mod

  • Exchange -Roblox
    Exchange -Roblox



    Did you know your vid is an add on the Addons app

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    Michael The glitch

    I saw u on an advertisement for mods and I decided to watch u😂

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    Criminal Scum

    I found this from an ad while looking for mods

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    Manoodl _

    What mod is this?

  • Amanda Pennel
    Amanda Pennel

    What is thissss moodddd

  • Hüseyin Mert Kement
    Hüseyin Mert Kement

    01:18 Hmmm am i the only one who just saw that

  • Glow__qglitch PlayzGODRUSs09
    Glow__qglitch PlayzGODRUSs09

    The dirt sword has 1002 attack damage

  • Falcon X
    Falcon X

    I want this mod

  • Colleen Hudimac
    Colleen Hudimac

    What kind of model is this

  • Flame Drago /Bernardplayz
    Flame Drago /Bernardplayz

    Combine items in this video

    • Flame Drago /Bernardplayz
      Flame Drago /Bernardplayz

      23rd Ender Sword 6 Attack Damage 1.6 Attack Speed

    • Flame Drago /Bernardplayz
      Flame Drago /Bernardplayz

      22nd TNT Sword 6 Attack Damage 1.6 Attack Speed

    • Flame Drago /Bernardplayz
      Flame Drago /Bernardplayz

      21st Cactus Boots +2 Armor

    • Flame Drago /Bernardplayz
      Flame Drago /Bernardplayz

      20th Cactus Helmet +2 Armor

    • Flame Drago /Bernardplayz
      Flame Drago /Bernardplayz

      19th Obsidian Chestplate +7 Armor

  • Joel Gilliland
    Joel Gilliland

    Hey I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me all the mods you have I really want to play this in game???

  • Anna Hemmings
    Anna Hemmings

    i searched all of youtube to find this and i love it make more like this

  • KAAABoom 115
    KAAABoom 115

    Is nobody gonna talk about how the dirt sword did 1002 damage 😳

  • Garmerpro


  • Chilldish Fambino
    Chilldish Fambino

    What is this mod, I can't find anything about it.

  • Benjamin Burwood
    Benjamin Burwood

    someone tel me what mod was used TELL M EEEEE

  • Benjamin Baker
    Benjamin Baker

    What is the mod

  • Emmanuel Aderibigbe
    Emmanuel Aderibigbe


  • GameDr_KB

    Hey yo Someone is useing your video in a add for a MCPE mod app

  • C Mills!!!
    C Mills!!!

    Had to turn the vid to 1.5 cuz he’s way to slow lol

  • The The
    The The

    A mod app for mobile used this vid advertising it was made using your app

  • Milan Savio
    Milan Savio


  • Violet Heschong
    Violet Heschong

    Does anybody know what this mod is called? I want to make an SMP using it.

    • Violet Heschong
      Violet Heschong

      @Reaper-Nexus oh ty

    • Reaper-Nexus

      Not a mod, its a set of datapacks by WASD

  • JohannDaBoringGuyGaming

    New subscriber :)

    • Fru

      Thanks for subbing!

  • Noah Kemis
    Noah Kemis

    What mod is this or is this a custom mod?

  • salti game
    salti game

    link download mod?

  • Spix

    Where can i find the mod?

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    Flogert Kuci


  • Flogert Kuci
    Flogert Kuci


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    Randomyoutubeuser 3

    Somone stole your video for an ad

  • Train Recked Milk
    Train Recked Milk

    Please tell me this mod is on playstation

  • Salem Saif
    Salem Saif

    What happens if you combine very single thing?

  • Salem Saif
    Salem Saif

    Enchantments are hacks+this video= best Minecraft vid ever

  • Cameron Nardi
    Cameron Nardi

    I wonder what would've happened had you combined the crafting table with an item? 🤨

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  • Special Agent Gaming
    Special Agent Gaming

    Where does one find this mod

  • Jennifer Stanton
    Jennifer Stanton

    Anyone else notice that the first sword did 1002 damage

  • Kwesi Muhammad
    Kwesi Muhammad

    Yo what are you doing you should have made a obsidian sword. Be so cool

  • lochie perry
    lochie perry

    whats the mod called

  • Nam Đỗ Hoài
    Nam Đỗ Hoài


  • Final Generation burner
    Final Generation burner

    What are the other mods. Only the sword one is linked in bio

  • Marites Palpallatoc
    Marites Palpallatoc

    Nickname for the mod: chaos

    • Marites Palpallatoc
      Marites Palpallatoc

      No don't take it seriously.

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    Vanessa Prayer


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    Thumb Up


  • An Alpaca You Know
    An Alpaca You Know

    Fool.. Should have made rocket boots

  • Maeve Karla
    Maeve Karla

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  • Greta Whittier
    Greta Whittier

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    What Is The Mod I WANNA TRY IT

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    Some random company used this vid for a ad

  • Khởi Minh kam
    Khởi Minh kam

    Link pls

  • D Serrano
    D Serrano

    Wowowowowowo so u can combine combined items and combine thos combined items? 😏

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    Scott Cummings

    How can I get this

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    Annie Ferguson