Teaching Gamers About God
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This week, we take a look at a content creator named Dr. Witnesser; who "brings the gospel to gamers". He was banned from Twitch recently for a pretty gnarly reason, so come along as we take a closer look at what exactly happened.
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  • THATgirl


  • Lexik

    this content is sick, I've been feeling extra down today and I just found out about your channel, haven't laughed like this in a while :) top tier production my friend

  • Sunny ASMR
    Sunny ASMR

    Ok, so I am a proud Christian, but I absolutely agree with our mayor, Kurtis, that Christians who just shame you for whatever you believe that isn’t the same as them and make you feel like you just ate nails and thumbtacks are really awful. People like that make me embarrassed to say that I am a Christian :(

  • elliotvtv

    This is why I don’t call myself a Christian because they can be so rude and vindictive for no reason. I just want to clarify that not everyone is who believes in god is like that. Great video by the way! Have a nice day!

  • Charles Haliburton
    Charles Haliburton

    Kinda messed.


    bruh my mom get mad at me when i use ‘his name in vein’ i hate it dude.

  • Deku's Wardrobe Stinks
    Deku's Wardrobe Stinks

    I'm a christian however the way he speaks about Christianity really makes christianity look like a religion that's full of people that use fear and judge people, when it's the whole opposite, Becoming a born-again christian is the best thing I've ever done and God gave us free will to choose more deny him. God bless

    • Terra's Planet
      Terra's Planet

      Theres a literal rule that suicide is a sin in Christianity

  • Henzoid

    "Forgive me pogchamp, for I have sinned" I WASN'T READY FOR THAT, KURTIS

  • Dinesh Ravindran
    Dinesh Ravindran

    dr witnesser is so bad at fortnite lmao

  • v

    god is my fav content creator,,,

  • Strange Moustache
    Strange Moustache

    Leviticus 19:27 says that you shall not cut your hair or shave. That awful beard grew naturally I guess.

  • RuBIxFHM

    As a believer in God I don't like him because of his was of spreading the gospel. If someone doesn't wanna talk about it then leave them alone same with if they believe in a different religion.

    • Bees Animations
      Bees Animations

      I believe in God as well and I hate that we are lumped in with people like him, I guess we just have to deal with it lol

  • 818

    Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this Oh boy what is this

  • Navya Tewari
    Navya Tewari

    god is my fav content creator

  • Susan The Fish
    Susan The Fish

    For all the LGBTQIA+ fam, I once read a comment somewhere wherein the priest in a church asked the person who had commented if they would like to admit any sin. They admitted they were homosexual, to which the priest replied, "It isn't a sin. Love is natural and God will accept you regardlessly." Just thought I needed to share that positivity today. Have a great day!

  • M W
    M W

    As a Jew with a basic knowledge of world history, I can assure you Christian's are not chill with you being in another religion

  • e marie
    e marie

    3:36 missed joke opportunity......should've said doesn't SAUNA that bad......

  • Kiikii Bruh
    Kiikii Bruh

    we get in so much trouble at my school for saying omg or any thing like that they yell at us for like 5 minuets

  • DistilledIsDead

    Dr. Witnesser is Christian Tik Tok

  • LipstickGamer

    Your story about the youth pastor reminded me that once I went on a religious ski trip and the parent chaperone I had told me no matter how tired she was she always had to “please” her husband when he came home. She was a classmates mom and I am still haunted by that knowledge. My mom told me to never talk to her again.

  • julia fraga
    julia fraga

    plz bully him kurtis

    • julia fraga
      julia fraga

      it hurts

  • Ali Allen
    Ali Allen

    i just gotta say ur mom had a great answer for u abt death and religion. good mom, good for u kurt

  • tret

    I hope god exists just so this man can get fucking smited

  • Jor Jor Singh
    Jor Jor Singh

    Real Christians love our dear mayor, Kurtis of Kurtistown 🥰😁🤌🏾✝️

  • Salem

    The thing that kills me about this as an ex-christian is that they always use the Old Testament to justify their homophobia etc and Christians DON'T EVEN WORSHIP THE OLD TESTAMENT!

    • Salem

      @eharmony YES, THANK YOU!

    • eharmony

      exactly. the Bible basically frames the entire reason for Jesus’ existence as a response to people misusing the word of god in the Old Testament. for example: the Old Testament is like “an eye for an eye” but Jesus’ teachings were to “turn the other cheek.” I went to Catholic school for like 14 years lol so we had to basically learn the entire Bible and it rlly irks me when ppl use the Bible to justify hating people that Jesus would’ve accepted

  • KeiraCastles

    The bible verse that guy is talking about says a man cannot sleep with a BOY. Meaning, a man cant sleep with a child. Correct me if I'm wrong but like.. fairly certain gay isn't even mentioned.

  • Virgin Mother of 2 Orphan Kids
    Virgin Mother of 2 Orphan Kids

    I’m actually starting to make sacrifices for my only lord and savior Zordon, so HMU if you wanna be saved

  • oh land
    oh land

    1:20 bye i have to read my bible now Edit: im serious

  • Anonymous Onyx
    Anonymous Onyx

    11:06 when started talking about gays = bad I was LITTERALLY shopping around for gay looking button up omfg

  • alena

    unrelated but does kurtis wear blush? it looks like he's a wearing a real nice pink shade

  • the lad
    the lad

    He also said juice wrld deserved to go to hell being the awful human being that he is, also, HE LEFT TWITTER, ISnets, TWITCH, AND DLIVE!!!!!! HE'S GOOOOOOOONE!

  • Gabriel Jones
    Gabriel Jones

    That pastor is the living version of scare tactics and those PSA that says if you smoke no one will love u

  • Fabienne Lejars
    Fabienne Lejars

    Church for gamers: the church of water sheep

  • Cho

    why tf does this video have dislikes. kurtis is not the one in the wrong here. ( btw im a muslim and that one part where that man did that to that muslim boy is insane like wtf )

  • Elizabeth Thornton
    Elizabeth Thornton

    What he said to the Muslim kid is even more ridiculous because as a Catholic married to a Muslim the religions are incredibly similar and both abrahamic ... like pick you’re battles dude

  • Surgery Head
    Surgery Head

    There's a christian youtuber called "Off the left eye" that does really interesting videos on this guy called swedenborg who wrote about like astral travelling to heaven and stuff. They could be really interesting to talk to. Idk how much of a fun sense of humor they have though, might not be the vibe.

  • That bloody spy
    That bloody spy

    My dad doesn't like homosexuality but he will still love gays. There are ways to be against homosexuality and still be respectable. Take notes Christians. My dad will say homosexuality is a sin but if he met a gay he'd respect them and show them love but hed still pray but I mean it's just his religion. He's against homosexuality not homosexuals

  • That bloody spy
    That bloody spy

    I remember praying to god and I still got beat everyday and I was like "he's either not real or not worth praise"

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams

    It's Momoko from Ghost Stories in real life!

  • Pastel Loser
    Pastel Loser

    9:47 holy fuck i love this part

  • Lauren Riggs
    Lauren Riggs

    The ironic thing is "taking the lords name in vain" is about using God's name to justify your actions and to get thing out of others so like using the Bible or God to be a bigot or something is actually taking God's name in vain,, saying oh my god isn't that big a deal

  • rayvin g
    rayvin g

    gosh, i cannot wait to go to gamer church!

  • Enter name here
    Enter name here

    Is it bad that this isn't surprising much to me?

  • Avedish Animations
    Avedish Animations

    I'm an atheist 🙃(not a joke)

  • ArtofFacts 96
    ArtofFacts 96

    This makes me glad im an athesist

  • Guadalupe Sanchez
    Guadalupe Sanchez

    I had a Friend who was religious (I'm also Religious) and I came out to them as trans and Bi but never once did they respect my pronouns and my other friend would always have to correct them also they were Bi so I was like ok and then one day she called me and was like "I don't support the LGBTQ+" and I was like I can't be friends with you because I know they would never respect my pronouns and then she tried to tell me and my other friend were going to hell and just kept saying this offensive shit

  • ArtNerd37

    It's funny bc the people who wrote the bible didn't even believe in hell

  • appl key
    appl key

    just remember that kurtis filmed himself on the toilet to make a point. this man is a legend

  • Christian C.
    Christian C.

    And you are right, the true way to bring the gospel to someone is in love. Yeah you most likely will offend many people but never come up as a holier than thou self righteous judgmental hypocrite. Humility is the way to bring the gospel to people

  • Choccy Milk
    Choccy Milk

    “Oh My God” is NOT using the lords name in vain. The lord’s name is Yahweh, God is a title.

    • NDH

      @Choccy Milk Really, I thought it was pronounced "Yah-way"

    • Choccy Milk
      Choccy Milk

      @Carmen_mellie Ya-uh-way

    • Carmen_mellie

      How do you pronounce that?

  • charliedrawsbadly

    "I sent gays to fix overpopulation, boy did that go well." Bo Burnham, From the perspective of god:what.

  • Cursed Cat
    Cursed Cat

    Remember guys Jesus was the OG gamer

  • L M
    L M

    "God, the original content creator" is a sentence I never thought I would hear.

  • Joshua Lees
    Joshua Lees

    We stan an active ally xx

  • Bethany Bratton
    Bethany Bratton

    Lol I'm a Christian and I said, "Oh my god." on social media and my grandma ranted to my mom about it. There's so much worse stuff that I could be doing but she freaked out cause I said, "Oh my god." No wonder people think we suck

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    i absolutely love how you started this video. the way you went about how you’re going to go through this video, introducing your story and how it effected you when you encountered it.. just the right way to do this video. very really good thing i subscribed to you!!

  • Quinn the queer
    Quinn the queer

    Btw the bible also forbids moustaches, so he's also going to hell :) (That was a joke btw, I'm not christian)

  • ֆɨʟʟɨƈօռɛɛ_ɢʀɨքք

    People calling "OMG" taking gods name in vain is so wrong. Taking gods name in vein is using his name for your personal use, an example of what taking gods name in vein is saying that if you give this person money, or buying something for someone, then you get gods blessings.

  • Natalie Black
    Natalie Black

    god is my favorite content creator

    • Carmen_mellie

      Ik I hope he doesn’t get into any controversies

  • McKenna Roush
    McKenna Roush

    Who’s gonna tell this guy that social change happens and the Bible is like 2,000 years old?? And that gay people can consent but animals can’t???????

  • Cakez

    Actually there is nothing in the bible against gay people

  • Amelia Huff
    Amelia Huff

    This guy makes my blood boil but your skits and commentary SENT ME

  • jenna jones
    jenna jones

    i would, without a doubt, attend gaming service

  • Elliot Grant
    Elliot Grant

    Only trans men are allowed cringey facial hair I said what I said

    • Carmen_mellie

      Hell yeah preach

  • Kaitlin M
    Kaitlin M

    thank u for this kurtis, fo sho

  • Queen of Fandoms
    Queen of Fandoms


  • Delaney Morgan
    Delaney Morgan

    Kurtis: is respectful, all the time My heart: :)))))))))☺️☺️😊😇🥰💝💝💝💝☺️☺️☺️😊😊

  • Ashton Engle
    Ashton Engle

    *Cough cough* he should play doom *cough cough*

  • Am An Angel
    Am An Angel

    Simping too hard for Jesus

  • Krystina Thompson
    Krystina Thompson

    As a Christian I thought this video was actually really cool. This guy is a gross representation of Christians. I think it's awesome of you to make a point in saying that all Christians shouldn't be lumped together with these type of fear-mongering, old school fire and brimstone, homophobic "Christians". They're are a lot of problematic and downright dangerous people in the Christian church but not everyone goes around pushing their religion down people's throats and telling children and gay people that they're going to hell. These are just people that use the religion as an excuse to spread hate and they usually have holier-than-thou attitudes 🤢 full of hypocrisy.

  • Ishaan Nagireddi
    Ishaan Nagireddi

    idk y, but there's just something satisfying about his amazing animations.

  • ezra tate
    ezra tate

    Hearing this religious dude speak kind of triggers my fight or flight response XD

  • Grace Boatwright
    Grace Boatwright

    OMFG YES!! BEST EPISODE EVER. I love this. I don't subscribe often but when I do.... It's to Kurtis Conner!

  • Jude Finnie
    Jude Finnie

    *S T O P T A K I N G T H E N A M E I N V A I N D U D E*

  • Doug

    Yes bestie speak on it

  • i_bleed_ makeup
    i_bleed_ makeup

    I literally thought this was going to be a video of you playing a religious video game (if they even exist). That guy reminds me of that woman that was on Tosh.O several years ago when she tried to convince everyone that Tosh.O meant Taking Others Straight To Hell T - Taking O - Others S - Straight H - Hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • el

    its kinda funny cause in the old testament (the og bible) KING DAVID, who was beloved by god, one of gods favorites, wrote a song for jonathan, his.... “best friend” who died, saying that his love for him was greater than his love for ten women. sounds kinda gay to me 😳 and david still went on to be arguably the best king of his time with gods support.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson

    Jesus: "Love everyone, no matter what." Christians: "so how would you like to burn in hell, everyone?! I'm spreading hate for Jesus!"

  • Robert McKenna
    Robert McKenna

    i definitely agree and disagree with everything this guy said

  • crazykenna

    In Christianity if you convert someone to your religion you are saving their immortal soul from hell, and for a lot of people that makes evangelizing more important than being a good person. Sadly, you are more likely to meet this kind of Christian and to hear their rhetoric, because they're the ones yelling on street corners (and on Fortnite, I guess).

  • José Garcés
    José Garcés

    So mad, I am

  • carysdeacon

    Of course twitch is run by the LGBT community. It’s mainly used by GAYmers 😉

  • FenbyRat

    I went to his reddit and he complained about being banned on r/christianity, EVERYONE even other Christians were like "good riddance" even his religious homies hate himLOL

  • Marinna Martinez
    Marinna Martinez

    A bunch of racist kids told me that I was gonna burn in hell if I didn’t do certain things, THANK GOD YOU HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE

  • gemini2846

    religion is pretty important for some people. some people really can't handle just not existing. the problem with religion lies with people trying to get power. so they created a "hell" in the religion.

  • Teddy Carns
    Teddy Carns

    the funniest thing is that homosexuality isnt even in the bible but everyone acts like it is

    • Sadagus Gunner
      Sadagus Gunner

      Uhhh, pretty sure it is in the city of Sodom, not that I'm trying to justify homophobia or anything tho

    • Alac

      Ok then show me the part in the bible where it isnt in B) (joke)

  • Sour Lemonade
    Sour Lemonade

    We gotta talk about that missed opportunity to switch the mountain dew with g-fuel at the gamer's church

  • Sour Lemonade
    Sour Lemonade

    Something tells me Kurtis recently learned the word "skank"

  • Lea Allo
    Lea Allo

    omg it'd be cool if you got to like zoom with umm fuck what's his name he's a priest and he's got a twin brother in the military and he's done those meme reaction videos on youtube

  • Someone idk
    Someone idk

    Fun fact: The bible never says anything about hell. The place that it’s referencing is a real place where they used to burn dead bodies. The “real” hell is a fake place created by the medieval church to scare the people so they could have control over their actions.

  • Camden Ewing
    Camden Ewing

    As a Christian, I can tell you that children go to heaven, regardless of religion or his actions.

  • Elle B
    Elle B

    I just love kurtis

  • Heidi Munson
    Heidi Munson

    Congrats on 3M!!!


      yah I thought the same

  • Gravy Dates
    Gravy Dates

    Also the Doctor guy was an absolute idiot

  • Gravy Dates
    Gravy Dates

    I am a Christian and I totally agree with what you said about your story when you were 8. That youth pastor was wrong to spring that much pressure on an 8-year old, and you don’t NEed to go to church to be saved as long as you pray and have a good relationship with God.

  • Tom The spectator
    Tom The spectator

    I'm technically Christion but I've nerved followed it to a tea

  • Julia Carranza Zicre
    Julia Carranza Zicre

    Kurtis! You can talk with the guys from Upon Friar Review! I am not a religious person but I laugh a lot with their content. It is very good.

  • Destiny Duck2
    Destiny Duck2

    I wonder if the gamer church would have a segment teaching you how to butterfly click and jitter click ad how to invest I video game stocks,].

  • Tiffany Wrightsman
    Tiffany Wrightsman

    i was deadass raised in a cult from the day i was born until about 15 years old and it was this same type of fear mongering shit. it has permanently fucked up my idea of religion and God to the point that stepping foot in a church is so intimidating. this tactic doesn’t work, it just scares people

  • CursedCorvid

    Born Agains are insane