Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years - Iceland 🇮🇸 - Eurovision 2021
Daði og Gagnamagnið will represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song 10 Years.
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest

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    • Luke Fernandez
      Luke Fernandez

      3.6k people wanted to hear “Ja Ja Ding Dong” instead of this Eurovision BOP.

    • Harri's Lady
      Harri's Lady

      This is the winner🏆. He wrote it for his wife. I mean come on.

    • Luke Fernandez
      Luke Fernandez

      This song from Eurovision wanted American conservative firebrand and Matilda star’s cousin Ben Shapiro to compete on Dancing with the Stars with this Icelandic bop.

    • itz._. Giana
      itz._. Giana

      No thank you i know them perfectly because i live in the same country but cool ask

    • anita bach danielsen
      anita bach danielsen

      My absolute favourite!!!

  • Alex T Hornby
    Alex T Hornby

    Was interesting/novel/quirky last year.. This year - not so much.

  • Кот Бегемот
    Кот Бегемот

    maaan that song is so good!!!!

  • Otto -
    Otto -

    I thought of viking people who were screaming but it were lefties from 2021

  • Feoclub2010

    J'adore 🌹

  • Averroes

    Wow, i love it! Good luck Iceland, greetings from Turkey.

  • John D Thomas
    John D Thomas

    You were my favorite to win in 2020 - I'm still a big fan from Riverbank, CA- USA ... I'm still rooting for you to win in 2021!!! I love you guys!!! You put a great big smile on my face ... Thank You! By the way, my group won the Spanish version of Eurovision OTI Festival - representing Hispanic USA in 1995!

  • ШАР

    Украина с Вами! Молодцы ребятки!!!++++++

  • josé m. molina
    josé m. molina

    My twelve points go to... Iceland!

  • Stephanie Smolensky
    Stephanie Smolensky

    I don’t think this is the winner unfortunately, but I really hope this group becomes famous from this because I LOVE their style and music.

  • Joey Versteeg
    Joey Versteeg

    Iceland needs to win ESC this year so they can play JA JA DING DONG when hosting

  • Aydan plays
    Aydan plays

    ok i always hear a song say that this is the best song than i hear another one this is the 5th time i am saying it about a song by the way

  • sncln

    ждала их

  • Marco Muñoz Jiménez
    Marco Muñoz Jiménez

    La canción no está mal, pero la puesta en escena tampoco es pa tanto



  • marit nordin
    marit nordin

    Winner 2021! That's right, I'm calling it!

  • szmi

    I love it from Poland!

  • Miguel Frazao
    Miguel Frazao


  • The Eternal Guardian
    The Eternal Guardian

    So ... Let's see what we've got here : A family guy continuing the saga that he started with a song about his baby daughter,by now singing a song about his wife with the same Cathy synthesized style ...🤔🤔🤔Well, I don't know about you people but this is what I call : WINNING MATERIAL! 🇮🇸🌟❤️🇮🇸🥇🇮🇸❤️🌟🇮🇸

  • VanillaSmile89

    Лёгкая, приятная, добрая песня!

  • Silvia Cimpeanu
    Silvia Cimpeanu

    my fav this year, amazing

  • frank Venom
    frank Venom

    Good luck Iceland ❤️. JE ME CASSE 🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹 love from Malta.

  • Panikkos Constantinou
    Panikkos Constantinou

    Interesting proposal...

  • jonathanpeterlee

    I can't believe how many people have disliked this - it is an absolute tune and very likely to win! Love you guys xx

  • xyz

    Love this guy's back story and videos. Good luck!

  • Gumball Watterson
    Gumball Watterson

    Omg it's a different song. Thanks God. Like it

  • Dominic Simon
    Dominic Simon

    When you didnt think it get even crazyer.. a chorus 🤯 (😍 many love from germany)

  • Darina Briede
    Darina Briede

    idk why but this song gives me a late summer night walk vibe🦋✨ hope they achieve a high place!!!!

  • Enyerver Suarez
    Enyerver Suarez

    D I S C O

  • Александр Павлов
    Александр Павлов

    the best.

  • Юля Дячук
    Юля Дячук

    Привіт з України! Мій голос вам! :)

  • Krivukas

    iceland be like 2019: HATRED WILL PREVAIL 2021: smooth song about baby

  • Lenny Lynch
    Lenny Lynch

    He had to sacrifice half his hair to do 2 bangers in a row

  • Eric Pang
    Eric Pang

    Everyone in this comment session: he's bringing back disco Disco: huh? that's not me. Japan 80's City-pop: Am I a joke to you guys???????

  • XD_KittyCat

    12points from Norway🇧🇻

  • just vibin
    just vibin

    It has really grown on me, atm I kinda like this more than Think About Things

  • Dusan T.
    Dusan T.

    I can't wait to see this on big stage.It'll be fun.

  • Mathis Ayral
    Mathis Ayral

    Great level this year, love your esthetic iceland. Good contest for France

  • Аюб Салатаев
    Аюб Салатаев

    Шикарный трек !!!

  • Dan L
    Dan L

    On repeat. This is really good! Good luck from Greece 🇬🇷🇮🇸💪🏼

  • Valentyna Plashovetska
    Valentyna Plashovetska

    Початок оманливий, задумка бомбезна, настрій зразу піднявся ))) Якщо голосуватиму, то за них 😊

  • Tanja Taskinen
    Tanja Taskinen

    12+ points from Finland 💓

  • weedormouse


  • Tychus

    Dadi is not only the best act of Eurovision, he is a global phenomenon and should be cherished as is the statue of David.

  • Kok Bot
    Kok Bot

    There is this charm I can’t explain that makes this so enticing to watch and the song itself is so amazing!!

  • Pilvi Tapio
    Pilvi Tapio

    This is my absolute favourite, love it ❤ makes me so glad, wanna dance 💃

  • Tour Eiffel
    Tour Eiffel

    Léger agréable ça me met de bonne humeur franchement sympa ! Et les synthès qui crachent du feu ahah j’adore bravo l’Islande !

  • Anna Wu
    Anna Wu

    Jamiroquai influences all the way.

  • Jakub Stekla
    Jakub Stekla


    • jaga1212

      Look at his profile, he already did :D

  • Andrej Dimov
    Andrej Dimov


  • Yolanda LI
    Yolanda LI

    my winner 2021

  • patrick mullins
    patrick mullins

    I hope these guys win.

  • N. K.
    N. K.

    Was doubting whether he was male or female based on his looks ;-)

  • Anna Mavrakakis
    Anna Mavrakakis

    It's like Eurovision bingo all in one song 🎵

  • Gabrysia Jedrzejczyk
    Gabrysia Jedrzejczyk

    OMG You are amazing 💜 💜 💜 Eurovision 2021 VOTE FOR ICELAND ❤️

  • SparkSparkle

    I like how *F u n k y* he and his music are

  • Евгений Козлов
    Евгений Козлов

    Молодцы, сэкономили деньги налогоплательщиков!

  • Patricia B
    Patricia B

    Catchy tune! Everything about it, I like. 😉

  • Marcelo Marçal
    Marcelo Marçal

    If they don't win this year, Eurovision sucks...by far the best song Greetings from Brazil

  • Vascos _
    Vascos _

    Different vibes, something between 80's and daft punk ? :P

  • Роман Решетников
    Роман Решетников


  • Mathilda Falcke
    Mathilda Falcke

    12 Points from Germany 🇩🇪🕺🏻🇮🇸

  • Sim0n Sez
    Sim0n Sez


  • Kenna

    12 points from Sweden!

  • Тамара Зыкова
    Тамара Зыкова

    Лёгкие, добрые песни у них. С прошлого года слушаю. Среди всего этого музыкального шума их приятно послушать. ) Удачи ребятам.

  • Danny Kerner
    Danny Kerner

    Not as good as last year but it is on par.

  • Siarhei Verameyenka
    Siarhei Verameyenka

    so nice...

  • Rectorylad

    Kveðja frá Bretlandi og 12 stig. 🥳🎉

  • Maive Malken
    Maive Malken

    Amazing 😯😮👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀🤯🤯🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


    My favorite this year !!!

  • The gaming dudes
    The gaming dudes

    I’m sorry but this is the most odd, funky and absolute banger I have ever listen to. For some random reason this song seems like a meme but let me tell you it’s so much more...

  • Leo de Govia
    Leo de Govia

    me first: mhe! later: this is good! later: everyday im loving you more!!! Much later: we have been toghter for a decade now

  • MoonFlower Shell
    MoonFlower Shell

    Thank you! :)

  • Walrider Iris
    Walrider Iris

    Greetings from Portugal to one of my favourite song and artist this year! ❤️🇵🇹

  • Seppe Vanspauwen
    Seppe Vanspauwen

    Haha gayyy

  • Sterre Hammer
    Sterre Hammer

    Dude if he doesnt win, i dont trust eurovision anymore

  • Random Meowwws
    Random Meowwws

    Winner! Love from MALAYSIA

  • t4ntam k
    t4ntam k


  • love you
    love you

    Great 👍

  • Maria C
    Maria C

    This is very..................... been there done that.

    • Ethan Ray
      Ethan Ray

      Of course it is, if you've seen Dadi before. That's his style. The vast majority of people will see him for the first time on the night of Eurovision though.

    • Archie Langley
      Archie Langley

      How? When was the last time eurovision had a song like this? (excluding last year)

  • Odelj

    Vov good! From Aze

  • Виктор Прутковский
    Виктор Прутковский

    12 points from Russia♥️♥️♥️ 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

  • Е П
    Е П

    Я буду за вас,ребята!Вы лучшие🥲❤️

  • Jackson KC
    Jackson KC

    at the start you can hear hes being double tracked... is that allowed?

    • Ethan Ray
      Ethan Ray

      This isn't the Eurovision performance, so it doesn't matter, but you're right that all the vocals have to be live at Eurovision... usually. This year, however, they are giving participants the option to use pre-recorded backing vocals to help with Covid restrictions (to minimise the size of the delegations travelling to Rotterdam). This is why Dadi has double-tracking on his voice (although this could also be done with effects if they wanted), but he also asked fans to contribute their vocals to the choir section which is a really cool way of taking advantage of the new allowances and getting fans involved. I think all six members of the group will be there in Rotterdam though, and the main backing vocals (the women on the right) will be live on the night.

    • Jackson KC
      Jackson KC

      janelle I don’t rly follow Eurovision I just like this song. Idk why I’m tryna pick it apart so much

    • janelle

      @Jackson KC hmmm i kinda get what you mean now... I do know though that they’re gonna re-do a lot of things for the performance in Rotterdam so I’m sure they’ll make sure all the rules are being followed ! x

    • Jackson KC
      Jackson KC

      janelle I don’t think it is. At one point it comes in before him slightly. Maybe I’m just tripping tho

    • janelle

      i think it's just an effect on his mic ! ( which is allowed :-) )

  • dear d
    dear d

    On repeat. Let them win. This is really good. 🦕🦕🤖👾👽🦕🦕


    This is my best friends cousin and i really want to meet him but i can barely talk to my teachers so imagine a famous singer in Iceland

  • Maive Malken
    Maive Malken

    I tehing COOD place but NOT victory

  • Nastya Andreeva
    Nastya Andreeva

    In past year song for contest was better

  • Lisa

    Imagine them winning and Daði hosting next year. I would LOVE his humor as such!

  • Helen Shanchuk
    Helen Shanchuk

    like like like like like like like like! 12 points from my heart

  • Green-Gear Studio
    Green-Gear Studio

    Most eurovision entries: song about some societal problem This dude: Imma sing about how much I love my wife together with my wife. I love him

  • Nina Rose
    Nina Rose

    I appreciate the uniqueness but this style of music is not for me x

  • Jay Mukerji
    Jay Mukerji

    This song just makes me want to think about things....

  • fizzfizzbang

    HANDS DOWN my favorite entry of 2021, I wanna be best friends with all these guys T_T

  • Joe Howgate
    Joe Howgate

    This is London calling... 12 Points from the UK 🇬🇧

  • Jesus Brito
    Jesus Brito

    Mi favorita!

  • Arvid Lind
    Arvid Lind

    hahahaha Cool! I like it! Good luck Iceland 🇮🇸

  • Nadia Gorshkova
    Nadia Gorshkova

    Какие же вы классные!

  • Daniel Spiteri
    Daniel Spiteri

    Thing about things was my fav song from the whole ESC2020 songs and wanted Iceland to win. It is such a pity that it got cancelled. However, this year song is not that awesome as last year's song :/ Tho I still wish you luck!!

  • katerina msv
    katerina msv

    Double trouble should have won last year.