Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Good as Gold”
Some friends support your dreams, others have trouble letting go. Journey to Salvo and see if Fuse makes it to the Apex Games in one piece.

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Song: “Crash N Burn”
Performed by Don Dokken

  • Muhammad Haries
    Muhammad Haries

    Please someone explain to me, I dont get it. So whats wrong with that girl ? Why fuse do that ? What's happen to his eye ?

  • Ern13

    Wonder where he got the prosthetic arm?

  • F1nn

    Say thanks to Maggie for giving fuse his tactical and passive lol

  • Magic Doge
    Magic Doge

    You know if fuze ever gets a heirloom it should be that grenade but it couldn’t because it exploded. :(

  • DavidFGF

    Don't play with explosives friends! -Pathfinder, he never say it, I guess.

  • Peko Peco
    Peko Peco

    They got rid of Fuse's arm because he was too overpowered.

  • Flowey The flower
    Flowey The flower


  • Skilled Kitty
    Skilled Kitty

    All Maggie did was scream

  • Sium Forza Giuve
    Sium Forza Giuve

    Oi m8

  • Magician12345

    now she wears his arm as a necklace

  • card bored
    card bored

    I think she was yelling for him

  • Echoes Act 3
    Echoes Act 3

    Fuse “it’s a lost cause” octane: I K N O W A G U Y

  • ねこしのび


  • Toxanium

    When she said: “AaGaAhHg” I felt that 😔

  • e̶X̶o̶ ̶A̶z̶O̶x̶
    e̶X̶o̶ ̶A̶z̶O̶x̶


  • Gabson

    Maggie: *explodes fuse's arm* Fuse: Oh noo :OO... Anyway

  • Fat dude In the kitchen
    Fat dude In the kitchen

    Fuse would be a good borderlands character

  • grand_boyhood

    Season 9

  • Neil Patni
    Neil Patni

    i dont know why fuse reminds me of lazarbeam

  • G.U.N

    Fuse: *literally has his entire arm blown off by a grenade* Also fuse: Nevermind mags you aren’t in the mood for a truce, also throw that out will you?

  • Andhxa

    This is lazarbeam skin in Apex

  • Windego Door
    Windego Door

    Don't even understand why she hates him

    • Liam Green
      Liam Green

      Because the syndicate are enemies of salvo and fuss is leaving to go to the apex games which is run by the syndicate

  • Fabloko

    Wait that was actually a grenade

  • Rafael Prado666
    Rafael Prado666


  • Butthert483

    Fuse was like: ‘Twas nothing but a scratch.

    • Franco S
      Franco S

      Just a flesh wound

  • Tomato Soup
    Tomato Soup

    Mags: Blows Fuse’s arm off Fuse: Walks away like a Chad Mags: Angry autism noises

  • Vacheslav Putincev
    Vacheslav Putincev

    My team that's smoke don't worry Smoke:

  • Exshadowknight X
    Exshadowknight X

    Imagine if they had fuse as an interchangeable character skins between him and her bearing the golden grenade to show them having the bout instead of just having his arm blown off wouldve been a interesting way for a new legend to appear

  • aperson 5264
    aperson 5264

    1:28 fuse looks like Dutch from the rdr series

  • P.M. Ferreira Mota Rodrigues
    P.M. Ferreira Mota Rodrigues

    oi, having a bloddy winge aren't we?

  • Devon Smith
    Devon Smith

    Like a legendary chance to pick it up and it’ll be a super grenade or something

  • Chromosomes

    I almost thought we lost another legend and Mad Maggie would've taken his place... so I thought.

  • Josh Bransby
    Josh Bransby

    I love this trailer and all but it gives me ptsd to Maggie as announcer she was kinda annoying

  • ManaQeesh 123
    ManaQeesh 123

    Guys almost 6,666,666 views come on guys

  • Rudy puente
    Rudy puente

    fuse should have a golden grenade as his heirloom

  • xx JAEger
    xx JAEger

    fuses arm: gets blown off fuse: oh no! anyway

  • Kevin Hanners
    Kevin Hanners

    My only question is if his arm got blown of with a grenade why would he get an arm with the ability to shoot grenades

    • TOPH

      Irony lol

  • ahan m16
    ahan m16

    who's come here after maggie die from fallin

    • TOPH

      Remember one rule if you don't see dead body of a character never assume they are dead

  • Kakizoreo

    This is why fuse is the most badass legend after crypto (imo)

  • Mum Dad
    Mum Dad

    Ur best friend just chucked a grenade and u mags she says arghhh

  • Pablo Rochaa
    Pablo Rochaa

    Fuse Is An Interesting Legend, Standing Out A Lot For His Passive But In Particular I Didn't Like His Story In General, Especially Maggie

  • McFLY

    DOKKEN + APEX LEGENDS!?!?!?! Never in a million years did I think...but then again...Fuse would listen to them/him.

  • XXXChampXXX7087

    Is apex rated M in the uk cuz of fuze.

  • Nathaniel Green
    Nathaniel Green

    Fuse is like your cool uncle.

  • WolfOfMen

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

  • J D
    J D

    It’s sad to see how they drifted apart And how Maggie was so mad at Fuse She was fascinated with the salvo rebellion and she was so mad when it signed the treaty to join the syndicate space And Fuse joined the Apex games, actively supporting the treaty Too bad Maggie refused Fuse’s truce

  • Jakob Noll
    Jakob Noll

    Fuse: *loses entire right arm* School nurse: *best I can do is an ice pack*

  • G.U.N

    No one: Literally no one: Maggie every 20 seconds: RAHHHHHHHHH

  • G.U.N

    Fuse: Literally loses an arm also Fuse: Throw it out 4 me pls

  • Bilguun Ulziibayar
    Bilguun Ulziibayar

    Fuse is the definition of : Oh no, Anyways

  • Lozzy at yt
    Lozzy at yt

    Well it’s 1day from s9

  • Foreskin thief
    Foreskin thief

    Average day in Blacktown

  • Matheus Santana
    Matheus Santana

    Waiting she be super saiyanjin

  • Matheus Santana
    Matheus Santana

    Fuse heirloom will be a nade?

  • Mike M
    Mike M


  • The L3rNa3aN
    The L3rNa3aN

    Sad how their friendship ended...

  • kp

    You know the funny part is he couldve had that stitched back

  • H MasterChaos
    H MasterChaos

    I like how people are like “Fuse got a arm blown off and was like yeah so what,” did people forget about Octane?

  • GitGoodLol

    Glad she's dead, super annoying character

    • phinyx

      She's not dead

  • Jarrett Gafford
    Jarrett Gafford

    90s montage music

  • Sterbi

    Billy butcher after all the superheroes die

  • Vinn Walker
    Vinn Walker

    my lil brother being a dinosaur 2:35

  • GhostSider

    Bruh the guy that Fuse beat up in the bar looks like Nick Bruiser

  • フリーダムライアン


  • Wings 99 Gamer
    Wings 99 Gamer

    What’s with the grenade it’s confusing me

  • shuaib mohamed
    shuaib mohamed

    The art style is if borderlands and telltale games had a kid

  • skater

    in reality, if you were to actually lose a limb it wouldn't actually hurt for a bit because of the adrenaline shock that's why how fuse lost his arm and felt no pain.

  • 01 3
    01 3


  • B Scan
    B Scan

    Still have no idea what point of all that was and why she was so mad

    • NBT Community
      NBT Community

      She didn't want him to leave, she felt like Fuse betrayed her

  • RemnantsPast

    She blows off his arm and dispite insta regretting it (can see in her eyes before it goes boom) is still mad at him because he decided not to stick around after she threw a grenade at him... Typical woman.

  • FruitSnackBandit

    ok but why do they suddenly hate eachother

    • FruitSnackBandit

      @John Evans I see, thanks

    • John Evans
      John Evans

      Because fuse Joined the apex games which was sponsored the syndicate and his home planet salvo had just joined them and his friend Maggie who was a warlord wanted salvo to remain out of outsiders hands and so she saw him as a traitor after he joined the games.

  • SunsetBurst 8605
    SunsetBurst 8605

    Anyone else realize that Maggie doesn't know how to properly fire a machine gun

  • Gunar Gundarson
    Gunar Gundarson

    Blown up her brother's arm and she's the one who mad? Women....

  • Leikeize

    3:25 Fuse *MÆGS* mægs: *ŒÆUEGGG*

  • thewarpotato Ofc
    thewarpotato Ofc

    Maggie: So anyways I started blasting the crowd

  • some random gaming and stuff
    some random gaming and stuff

    oh jesus f**kin christ

  • Wendolyn Saurio
    Wendolyn Saurio

    Their relationship is kinda confusing

  • Gaston Farias
    Gaston Farias

    se lo podian a ver cocido lol

  • Gaston Farias
    Gaston Farias


  • Gaston Farias
    Gaston Farias

    046 he look a viper

  • tiger708

    Fuse be like: this but a scratch

  • CM1YoungGun

    One pure australium grenade

  • *Agent Dark*
    *Agent Dark*

    You hear that at this part? 0:46 It's a wild goose

    • Elan S.
      Elan S.

      You hear that ringing in your ears son?

  • Purge Trooper 51
    Purge Trooper 51

    he honestly looks like apex lazarbeam

  • Braden Baughman
    Braden Baughman

    Me gets small paper cut: “AHHHHHHH” Fuse gets arm blown off: Tis but a scratch

    • Lamar Pray
      Lamar Pray

      He waited till he got outside and screamed out in pain and anguish😨

  • Tommy BRO
    Tommy BRO

    I randomly thought about this but I think they managed to replace Forge since Fuse got a robotic arm...

  • Pac Lenny
    Pac Lenny

    ISnets before and After.

  • Mythical Twinkie
    Mythical Twinkie

    Still find it amusing that fuse already has his cybernetic arm in the posters

  • Verus Infirmum
    Verus Infirmum

    The definition of a Toxic Relationship.

  • Beep Deep
    Beep Deep

    Doctor: we must stop bleeding quickly Apex:

  • Oscar Portillo
    Oscar Portillo

    So are they friends or not?

  • The Sluggish Channel
    The Sluggish Channel

    maggie may be the next legend

  • Tofu


    • discount.elonmusk


  • BCC games
    BCC games

    Deutsche Untertitel aber alles auf englisch 👏🏻

  • アカルキノ

    This is sad. Did Matt Maggie and Wally get along well? However, Matt Maggie was furious because Salvo was no longer a secluded nation, and Wally was pleased because the seclusion was lifted and he was able to participate in Apex. I'm sorry for both of them, though nothing is wrong ... Is the explosion of the gold grenade that has been competing so far a metaphor for the end of the friendship between the two?

  • Xorby

    Looks like a standard Friday night in Australia

  • just treeboi
    just treeboi

    Maggie is that one friend that takes it too far

  • Genrija

    wish i could have been a man like fuse... :c

  • Sonic YT
    Sonic YT

    How did he loose his eye

  • RuralOsprey

    Mans really said “tis but a scratch”