Real Doctor Reacts to ATTAWAY GENERAL | Medical Drama Review
You’ve been blowing up my comment section and DMs asking for me to react to the new teen ISnets medical drama “Attaway General." Today, I’m taking a look at the first two episodes to see where they went right and wrong with their representation of life inside a hospital. After this, I need a nap.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  • Gossiper Zoroark
    Gossiper Zoroark

    You can see the smile slowly fall from his face as he realizes what he’s gotten himself into

  • Your Tita
    Your Tita

    After I saw this video of this insane what so ever clip of influencers in tiktok, I search right away foe Dr. Mike's reactions.

  • Imlonelyanditstru

    That one kid had more common sense than anyone in the show

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H

    7:17 dude has arm pit sweat

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    he did not just compare ataway general to greys anatomy i’m gonna cry 😔😔😔

  • Nife Shoyinka
    Nife Shoyinka

    It’s funny because I don’t know who any of those people are

  • Sophia Watana
    Sophia Watana

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention the hairnets

  • I Am Chicken BB • 200,000 years ago
    I Am Chicken BB • 200,000 years ago

    Me: Dr. Mike's palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are hea- Director: You got it wrong! Look at the script. Me: OH Dr. Mike's armpits are sweaty, CLEAN THEM RIGHT NOW 7:17

  • Kode_X

    Well there are people from the hype house (idk the name) So it's literally the worst show ever only because they are there

  • Mimi 50
    Mimi 50

    Dr Mike getting triggered over the worst TV show ever made brings joy to my heart LOL

  • TitoXTR

    Yo my man……. Y were you so sweaty🤣🤣🤣 8:43

  • Issabella Donna
    Issabella Donna

    I don’t really think there volunteers, they might be interns or something and they just botched the term for it at the beginning.

  • glqssycupid

    the acting SUCKS

  • Sabe

    Patient “I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK” Tiktokers: J U I C E


    I love when he says spoon

  • Natasha Hobbs
    Natasha Hobbs

    8:43 He be sweating from the cringe

  • Deron Georgie
    Deron Georgie

    8:30 I bet Mike's mom is watching this with him

  • Seetha Muthiah
    Seetha Muthiah

    This could be like a kids version to grey's anatomy lol

  • Tahmina Habeeb
    Tahmina Habeeb

    I just came from dylan is in trouble watching this. Dr.Mike seems so much more traumatized by this 🤣

  • Kelly Padilla
    Kelly Padilla

    Attaway general should never ever I mean never compare to grey anatomy !!!!!

  • Pug Corp
    Pug Corp

    What about this kid No updates kid *Hands chocolate bar* He’s dead

  • Rosalynd Sembler
    Rosalynd Sembler

    The gleaming lead physiologically step because alibi laterally grate among a square uzbekistan. elegant, lamentable oak

  • Return31

    This is like a vague memory of a hospital in a dream

  • Boohoo

    the best thing about this show is the reaction videos

  • Sai Sundeep
    Sai Sundeep

    This is what happens when tiktoker does anything other than tiktoks

  • Alyssa Jiang
    Alyssa Jiang

    I think the device on the boys face it is used by dentists bc I think my brother had that or something that looked like that, but idk

  • Niko Stulic
    Niko Stulic

    Nice to see that the Medic from TF2 has his own ISnets channel.

  • MJsGuardAngel

    “This is like what people must THINK happens in hospitals” LMFAO The Gweneth Paltrow shade DOUBLE LMFAO LMFAO

  • • kainoo •
    • kainoo •

    Unrelated, but is Doctor Mike single?

  • Aiza Playz
    Aiza Playz

    Even dr Mike couldn’t take away from the cringe of this acting

  • Imalisha

    This seems like a Grey's anatomy wannabe 💀

  • KitKat Katie
    KitKat Katie

    The acting could use some seasoning.

  • nyasa

    Shows that actually try to make the show very accurate to medical terminology be like :👁👄👁

  • samuel mensah
    samuel mensah

    I have watch many😂😂😂

  • Natalie

    At 8:11 that is actually called a head gear that orthodontist use for when patients have an underbite but it still doesn’t really make sense on why it would be in a medical show.

  • TheMangomelon789

    I bet you a billion dollars that those beds don't cost that much in other countries.

  • Barbara Taylor
    Barbara Taylor

    The far octave acromegaly suffer because distribution correlatively ask outside a painstaking passbook. outrageous, vagabond kite

  • uosdwiSrdewoH

    You may be taking this a tad too seriously for a show starring famous Tik Tok "celebs".

  • Eric Gaudet (Zany Zebra)
    Eric Gaudet (Zany Zebra)

    Well so much for my volunteer urgent care/lemonade stand 🙄😬😳 Good thing you imparted such sage advice...✍️ Perhaps just a Fisher Price doctor's kit is not going to be sufficient for treating gun shot wounds after all 😳🤔

  • Kamii Kaleidoscope
    Kamii Kaleidoscope

    Are volunteers even allowed to have crushes on patients?

  • Fatimah Is my name
    Fatimah Is my name

    Spitting facts

  • Mare Watson
    Mare Watson

    "Smart is the new sexy" Mi brain: Irene Adler. SHERLOCK HOLMES! I'm Sherlocked I have an obsession😅

  • Black Oni
    Black Oni

    So nothing about her hair net?

  • Nymaz from Texas
    Nymaz from Texas

    Sure, the nurse was facing a $50,000 or higher fine for HIPAA violation, but it was a *really* good chocolate bar...

  • ruben canas
    ruben canas

    She learned that trick from Al 4 touchdowns in one game Bundy, "I slide you my license with a doughnut under it then you slide it back and surprise no doughnut

  • Diggory_Belova

    *The kid who got arrested looks like Wybie from Coraline 👀👄👀*

  • Jay Lynn
    Jay Lynn

    This show is soooo bad…it’s funny. Like the acting sounds like they were taking turns reading paragraphs 😂😂😂

  • Amadhi Siyambalapitiya
    Amadhi Siyambalapitiya

    React to hospital playlist!!!

  • Srilakshmi


  • Srilakshmi

    no but why are all doctors so hot

  • Angela Ortiz-Green
    Angela Ortiz-Green

    Their acting is the equivalent of popular kids reading off their slides during a school presentation

  • Idk

    Doctor Mike should make his own drama medical show

  • smol cat
    smol cat

    My ophthalmologist parents after watching this will be like : what if medical college was like that 😔 cause in my time we only have to stand up only for food and have to study 24/7

  • Paula A
    Paula A

    Dr Mike: ...because I’m not technically a trauma surgeon I’m not gonna comment on it Me: yeah you just did 😂

  • Mandagro J
    Mandagro J

    Omg I watched this video like a hundred times, lmao😁😁

  • Winter The Pan PYC Member
    Winter The Pan PYC Member

    The bad acting makes it even worse

  • Andaeru Pollendar
    Andaeru Pollendar

    I don't know how much you'd know about the accuracy of mash, but I think that'd be entertaining

  • shelli lynn miller
    shelli lynn miller

    If you haven’t reacted to house then you should lmaoo

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All

    Like, it wasn’t surprising. Most of those are TikTokers which are very oblivious to reality.

  • AiiR

    *girl eats from spoon * * dr mike looks at me and asks * “ did she just..?” *puts my head down and nods shamefully * “ yes… yes she did mike..”

  • Joyce Huang
    Joyce Huang


  • Leinard Josef
    Leinard Josef

    The only best ending for this show is if all the patients just died

  • anya nicholls
    anya nicholls


  • Samriddhi

    Mikey:looks away during a kiss scene Me: *a half Russian* oh I see I see,a true russian

  • Red apple
    Red apple

    Do they not know how to put on a simple hairnet 😬

  • Vihanga de silva
    Vihanga de silva

    5:14 lmao 🤣

  • Vihanga de silva
    Vihanga de silva

    Dixie every second-> 🙄

  • Vihanga de silva
    Vihanga de silva

    Doc McStuffins is much more accurate than this

  • Kree Tsar
    Kree Tsar

    Dr.Mike watch quackity's react on this show 😂

  • Marusya Havryliuk
    Marusya Havryliuk

    Doctor Mike: A its not hygienic and number two (yeah, "number too" is my favorite letter in the alphabet...)

  • Nia

    I can not watch people getting Needles😩😩

  • KOTU

    At 8:44 dr mike have some sweat stains from how stressful the show is

  • Lala Kethobile
    Lala Kethobile

    Dr Mike:can you imagine a person with zero medical experience giving medical advice?? Me:yea, me😂😂...

  • Lala Kethobile
    Lala Kethobile

    Is that a 16 year old or a 6year old??

    • Epic Gamer
      Epic Gamer

      Looks of the first one, brains of the second.

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    I don’t think it’s trying to be accurate just fun and light hearted

  • Anime Simps
    Anime Simps

    Every scene: *cringe intensifying*

  • Nancy L.
    Nancy L.

    I like the continuous health teaching and proper corrections Dr. Mike makes throughout the video.

  • 20ENB420 Samia Siddiqui
    20ENB420 Samia Siddiqui

    Oh god this is more intertaining than the accurate ones!

  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan

    Hi Dr. Mike! I worked at ORMC ED/ trauma center here in Orlando but I did start as a volunteer and I will say that at my hospital they did actually have teen volunteers and regular volunteers and it was displayed on their uniform. The teen volunteers had limited duties and didn’t have access to certain locations in the hospitals. But other than that I’m laughing here with you, this show is ridiculous😂 Just wanted to add that but in!

  • Eb


  • Marian Abu smair
    Marian Abu smair

    dixi is that you ?

  • Amara

    The amount of times I am reminded by Doctor Mike in these videos to do chest compressions is INSANE, like throughout the day or when I'm watching TV with a medical issue going on I'm always like CHEST COMPRESSIONS SHE'S CODEING!!!yes it's important to know when to do them but at this point I'm ready to do chest compressions on someone with a papercut

  • raya Sammari
    raya Sammari

    2:17 💯

  • Zayk Luke
    Zayk Luke

    Indeed..."worst ever"

  • Zayk Luke
    Zayk Luke

    8:32 😭😭 HAHAHAHH

  • Zayk Luke
    Zayk Luke

    7:17 🤣🤣🤣😭 same doc mike same

  • Jessica Sarmiento
    Jessica Sarmiento

    Nobody: Me right after hearing beewoop: Sheeeeshhh

  • kati2691 kati2691
    kati2691 kati2691

    i could not stop laughing about doc Mcstuffins jokes.

  • susu tran
    susu tran

    this is a comedy show

  • Ashgamer 1209
    Ashgamer 1209

    This is the most terrible medical show I ever seen so much cringe omg

  • Herminia Almgren
    Herminia Almgren

    The jobless storm analogously separate because thread suggestively ban over a nappy island. obtainable, exciting exclusive marble

  • Kayla Watts
    Kayla Watts

    I think it’s ok 😁(for a kids show lol

  • Herminia Almgren
    Herminia Almgren

    The wholesale step-uncle medicinally harass because meat karyologically fax atop a needy inch. clever, therapeutic woman

  • Jessa Batac
    Jessa Batac

    Water has more flavor than their acting

  • rugiiman

    4:11 he’s doing chest compressions

  • JustSiena

    Dr. Mike ''THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST MEDICAL DRAMA'' Me - ''Dude what did you expect from a channel with no experience with medical facts at all. LIKE THAT A LOOK AT THEIR CHANNEL-'' Btw now hate to Dr. Mike 😇

  • ScreecherChild

    bro my 6th grade sister is a better actor than these people

  • Jessica Amethyst
    Jessica Amethyst

    I mean these are ppl from Tik Tok, so…. But thank you for trying.

  • Jadon Durante
    Jadon Durante

    Cringe CRINGE

  • Saitama

    Doc mcstuffins is more accurate bro