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  • Wilbur Soot
    Wilbur Soot

    Hey guys hope you've been well! Big announcement next week! Also, download State of Survival for free here:

    • murrple


    • the mysterious gamer
      the mysterious gamer

      The blop resistance is coming for you and we will defeat you

    • ZanTo 447
      ZanTo 447

      3:10 to skip ad

    • Hannah McLachlan
      Hannah McLachlan


    • ashie


  • Kenza Slim
    Kenza Slim

    Hey willbre i sub you and for you That 💗💗💗

  • Jared

    I was here at the start, when Wilbur had only 400 subscribers. And I’m here now, when he’s popular as ever and thriving. It’s good to be here

  • M C
    M C

    *du dududo do ... do dud du do do* How ba-a-d can i be? I'm just doing what comes naturally How ba-a-d can i be? I'm just following my destiny How ba-a-d can i be? How bad can i possibly be? Theres a principle in business that everybody know is sound Its that the people with the money make this ever-loving world go round So I'm biggering my companie I'm biggering my factorys Biggering my corporate signs *biggering biggering biggering* Everybody out there, take care of yours and me? I'll take care of mine (Shake that bottom line) Theres a principle in nature that almost every creature knows Called survival of the fittest And check it this is how it goes, The animal that wins gotta scratch, claw and bite and punch And the animal that dosen't, well the animal that doesn't Winds up someone else's la-la-la-lunch [Munch munch munch munch] Let me hear you say smogulous smoke [Smogulous smoke] Shlopidy shlop [Shlopidy shlop] Complain all you want,it's never, ever, ever going to stop Comon how bad can i possibly be? How ba-a-d can i be? I'm just building the economy How ba-a-d can i be? Just look at me petting this puppy How ba-a-d can i be? *a portion of proceeds goes to charity* All the customers are buying (How ba-a-d can i be?) And the PR people are lying (how ba-a-d can i be?) And lawyers are denying (how ba-a-d can i be?) Who cares if a few trees are dying?! (how ba-a-d can i be?) This is all so gratifying (how ba-a-d can i be?) How bad, how bad can i possibly be?!

  • H dog 🐶
    H dog 🐶

    Play free fire

  • gigaswardblade

    shouldnt the water also hurt tubbo?

  • mEaYjWoK

    Bruh his tiny as an ant 😐

  • JLM _2021
    JLM _2021

    How can you die if you're a ghost???

  • Dr. KittyCat
    Dr. KittyCat

    Slimecicle is like that one small nerd kid in school that has all the problems. XD

  • Hayden Nguyen
    Hayden Nguyen

    There is a jshatt version of that song

  • Dutchness de milk lover
    Dutchness de milk lover

    Wilbur: BUILD A BITCH Bella Poarch: ima ruin this mans career

  • #HrAjU mInEcRaFt!
    #HrAjU mInEcRaFt!

    Wtf?! on 10-11.6 I had a WeIrD dream I teleported on some place and Tommy walked next to me and said ,,You have to choose 1 ISnetsr to play a tag with you, but if you choose 1, he´s going to chase with you, BUT if you touch some other your teammate who you choosed can´t make you back chaser and other streamers has 2 lives and if you catch 1 of them, they have 1 life but they chaser and they must wait 5 minutes and they can make you the chaser again. Got it?´´ and Isaid ,,yes´´ and Tommy said ,,Ok, good luck boy´´ so I choosed ranboo and catched Wilbur. Then Tommy played too with us. I catched Philza and then I randomly teleported to my living room and it was empty and Wilbur was there so I asked Nervously ,,W- w-what do you want?´´ and Wilbur said ,,where do you live?!´´ I said ,,Bro you´re literally in my living room so what do you want?´´ and he asked it again and I said ,,You live in song boyfriend don´t you?´´ and Wilbur looked like thinking he smiled and he started tooking off his shirt and my dream said ,,He has a tattos even if I never saw it.´´ and I started screaming and running i blocked some door to my room and before wilbur got there I turned on Never gonna give you up and then Wilbur was running I luckily realized it was a just a dream and I woke up and then I was sad cuz I said to me ,,I never saw those streamers on my eyes :(.´´

    • #HrAjU mInEcRaFt!
      #HrAjU mInEcRaFt!

      I accidentally write ISnetsr and not streamer somewhere on end of second line.

  • Emilie brooks
    Emilie brooks

    What’s wrong with u recent

  • Jh
    Jh (this is an animation that Wilbur needs to see people let’s get it to him!)

  • Leo the gamer LOL
    Leo the gamer LOL you got to watch this nowww

  • Cool kid Ig
    Cool kid Ig

    “Now stop me.. stop me if this is bad. But what is a K I N L I S T” that sent pain and fear through me

  • • I'ᴍ ᴀ Tʀᴇᴇ •
    • I'ᴍ ᴀ Tʀᴇᴇ •

    29:50 "Trees can fu*k off" Me: 😢😢😭😭

  • Frayzix_VODS

    Not me pausing the vid to listen to big chungus

  • Ducksquad Benjaminthecircle
    Ducksquad Benjaminthecircle

    I never knew will edited for Anna Rudolph he didn't mention it in the video but I just Anne's twitch con thing from 2 years ago and he edited it

  • Giraffe

    Well try having an 80 feet neck and appreciate what your given.

  • Natalia Arobya
    Natalia Arobya

    If you’re wondering i think hes a virgo bc his bday is 14 September

  • Dark Fantasy
    Dark Fantasy

    Is this another L'manberg?

  • Laura House
    Laura House

    If Nicki (not sure how to spell their name sorry) has a helmet with water breathing enchanted on it could she breath out of water?

  • Kekel Sado
    Kekel Sado

    I like it how you make me sleepy. You helped me sleep thank you

  • Bess Williams
    Bess Williams

    Ranboo-when the fish comes out of the tank to fight you know you have gone to the wrong zoo Everyone else-laughs

  • Night

    Didn’t know you are youtuber but u amazing youtuber!!! :)

  • kimber good good
    kimber good good

    hi so i was wondering if you could make my l'manberg a song if mot its alright

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho

    "Oh that's miserable.... I'M IN"

  • Scardicey


  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka

    Watch the link now

  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka

  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka

  • Caitlin Erin
    Caitlin Erin


  • LittlePrince0201

    Ranboo explaining to Tubbo how you shouldn't hit people gives me life (Also no one's mentioning that he already had to explain not to randomly stab people??)

  • Ams C
    Ams C

    When you can't watch his most recent video because it breaks community guidelines and you need and id to prove your old enough- ;-;

    • wag1

      What was it even about ?

    • Ams C
      Ams C

      @Phantom Gamer1111 me neither

    • Phantom Gamer1111
      Phantom Gamer1111

      Can’t believe YT did that

  • •YourLocalS!mp•

    Lesbian gang u gotta be here with me. wilbur is pretty funny for a guy. and most arnt funny at *A l l*

  • Hollowed Gacha
    Hollowed Gacha

    I think an amazing origin to have is like a multi tool origin where the person has a 3 by 3 crafting spot as a passive ability and as the first ability is a nine slot inv you keep on death like fundys mouth or tubbos shulcker box before he switched to a bee and as a second ability you have can open up a furnace menu and when something is smelting in you you produce light so you can do all the important things without actually having to place the blocks. Biggest down side is if someone clicks on you you can’t move and the use you as a crafting table another Down side is your also exclusively a wood furnace and one more is that you take more fire damage because your more wood than stone

  • Alpha

    13:00 timestamp

  • mothman enthusiast
    mothman enthusiast

    the inherent threat in charlie slimecicle’s “who took the bones from the fun chest” is chilling

  • Tommie Tomkin
    Tommie Tomkin

    Will-burp soup

  • Ang Z Wei
    Ang Z Wei

    ;o real ghostburr

  • Jalea Robson
    Jalea Robson

    Wilbur I had a damn dream about my little pony and apparently you placed a curse on all the ponies. There was tree branches saying "friendship is fuck"

  • SpiritNova0014

    Just drop kick the lorax in the face

  • bunny babey
    bunny babey

    what mod is this ?

  • Миша

    Hey, so why is your "Minecraft but we cant say the letter E" video age restricted? Wtf is wrong with ISnets right now?

  • Jojo barone
    Jojo barone

    yall take *breathing* for granted

  • LilMoldyPower Drifter
    LilMoldyPower Drifter

    Still can't believe Wilbur let out his inner ghost kinnie

  • Anime Lol
    Anime Lol

    It’s a shame because I can’t watch your most recent video lol 😂 because it has “inappropriate behaviour “ according to ISnets

  • It's Eri
    It's Eri

    More Origins when

  • Ghostbur and Ranboo
    Ghostbur and Ranboo

    Wilbur Soot my sister is a aries ♈️ And she’s annoying like a paralysis demon Edit: not to be rude to all the other aries without anger issues 😂

  • Strawberry

    28:58 - 29:49

  • Melancholy Goat
    Melancholy Goat

    Shawty's like a melody in my head...

  • Nox

    What is it with Wilbur calling people smaller than him “Little baby man”

  • James Parker
    James Parker

    When he was talking about the clay vein I just imagined him ripping a vein out of dreams neck for some reason

  • Sonal Sunyara
    Sonal Sunyara

    Bella porche: makes a song Wilbur: I’m about to ruin this woman’s whole career

    • Typo


  • Precision


    • Typo


  • Sister Charlene
    Sister Charlene

    dream name is Clay 😊

  • Dragon Fruit
    Dragon Fruit

    9:19 Tommy saying the one thing that he'll never get

  • tinx🌻

    "Philza you wouldn't commit a crime would you?" Phil is now a certified dirty crime boy confirmed

  • Greatnova

    Anyone know what that song is at 0:40

    • Rain Man ‘45
      Rain Man ‘45

      Heroes- Sirius Beat



  • Natalie Stubbs
    Natalie Stubbs

    New title: Rambo takes bath for first time 🤣🤣🤣

  • Owen

    25:57 how guys under 6 foot are talked to

  • Sandra Butler
    Sandra Butler

    Wilbur: *talking about clay* Me: thinks of dream😃 (15:07)

  • dirty towel
    dirty towel

    I like how he asks if Charlie is alive after just casually reverse bounce hopping into the wall

  • Leah and Millie GAMING
    Leah and Millie GAMING

    You need more subs.

  • Puteri Hanis
    Puteri Hanis

    When wilbur bites his lips😂

  • Sword BX
    Sword BX

    Wtf desert temple in savannah


    25:10 spelling error

  • Josh P
    Josh P

    Why is literally no one talking about how the title says dream smp

  • Boneshield

    From now on everyone call Tubo Tubby

  • S O U P
    S O U P

    "Now theres a principle of nature" Me: *blow pup skaggs apart with shotgun in borderlands 2*

  • Mochimayz

    I actually used to be in the alliance that was 1st in ranking until my dad deleted the app due to storage issues

  • Eri-chan

    Wilbur please promise me that you stay happy no matter what or how please be happy 😊

  • Clementine Not Found
    Clementine Not Found

    😭 I wanted to watch the Minecraft but we can't say the letter E video but u have to verify ur age and I'm only 10 so I won't get away with it since I have nothing to verify with 😂

  • shanzay waseem 7G
    shanzay waseem 7G

    i have a question which mod/plugin are u using o-o

  • ZanTo 447
    ZanTo 447

    3:10 to skip ad

  • Atle Engstrøm
    Atle Engstrøm

    They should try it with the mod where they can evolve into stronger versions of their origin after killing the dragon

  • ronan katz
    ronan katz

    make a drink honey

  • Carly 404
    Carly 404

    what was jack´s superpower???

  • ploopy

    An idea for the Origin SMP I had (just a cool role play scenario): let’s say the role of ghast was an option. They could levitate and shoot unlimited fireballs. Whoever has this origin pretends they are the human. Because they act they are “normal” for not being a hybrid, they starts a circus that includes some of the people who aren’t humans. It’s like a circus of freaks to the humans. Little do they know, the human is a ghast, and when someone overhears the truth, whoever heard gets killed to keep things quiet. Eventually people get suspicious, and the truth gets revealed. The circus ringleader/ghast goes missing. That’s all I have :]

  • Meo Braithwaite
    Meo Braithwaite

    I ate my friends and that made me funny

  • dead blueberry
    dead blueberry

    Wilbur I look up to u

  • ocean reaper
    ocean reaper

    The fact is that wilbur said he needs hardened clay

  • Klotzy

    I just noticed nihachu has a neko skin. *fills Shotgun with holy essence*

  • li

    bring this series back pls i miss it wilbur :((

  • Sophia Franchesca Cabalan
    Sophia Franchesca Cabalan

    They should have the Yu Gi Oh game he and Slimecicle did during one of Tommy's vid

  • Tibor Toronyai
    Tibor Toronyai

    what mode do you play with?

  • tala wastaken
    tala wastaken

    charlie just needs to go poo

  • JayaChinsamy

    *Rains* Jack and ranboo: *chaotic screaming* Wilbur and niki: *completely ignores the fact it’s raining and everyone else is dying*

  • SnEkö

    for anyone wondering wilburs' star sign is virgo

  • Xhemail Aziri
    Xhemail Aziri

    My lamabur my lamabur

  • Little raspberry L
    Little raspberry L

    Dear Wilbur before I go spam clicking on all the people on the origin server I humbly introduce myself and I really really really really really I don’t know what I’m saying anyway can I join origin/really bad at Minecraft

  • •I_Like_Anime •
    •I_Like_Anime •

    fyi wilbur is a virgo i think-

  • Gachafrog

    My mom says you can’t sing but she doesn’t have good taste in music

  • Sky The Bee Ghost🌙
    Sky The Bee Ghost🌙

    "Tubbo_ was slained by Ranboo" "That's good, already got a bit of hatred." ---- Wilbur 2021

  • Ivan Barhouch
    Ivan Barhouch

    Is the blaze dude still in the nether?

  • Vibe_place

    Me being a leo-🥵💅

  • Thegamingyeet Yeet
    Thegamingyeet Yeet

    I wish when Charlie got really smol he was pocketable that would be funny

  • Pokeart 226
    Pokeart 226

    Is it just me or that youtube put a age restrictions on the "every time we say "E" we die" video?

    • Panani Nanny
      Panani Nanny

      No it’s for me as well