Bill Gates gets divorced
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  • Flashgitz

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    • Random Animations
      Random Animations

      i wish for bill gates to see this video🤣

    • Italian Empireball
      Italian Empireball

      @Mango Katt I HAVE NO F**KING IDEA

    • Mango Katt
      Mango Katt

      Who did the voice acting??

    • Italian Empireball
      Italian Empireball

      Friday night funkin' mods there kapi

    • Jarred333 tiktok Viral videos
      Jarred333 tiktok Viral videos


  • TheMooper27

    If they can't make marriage work with all the money in the world, what hope do you have?

  • Colby Lindgren
    Colby Lindgren

    yall threw mole men in this just for hunter didnt you. classic

  • TheModer8ter

    "Whosoever believes on the Son has everlasting life." John 3:36. Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe this applies to you and trust Jesus to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven. John, 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus

  • CantStopCor The Troll
    CantStopCor The Troll

    Immedietly unsubbed the second i got to the end and saw the South Park wanna be scene.

    • CantStopCor The Troll
      CantStopCor The Troll

      This is why i prefer MeatCanyon. more original

  • Zarni Maung
    Zarni Maung

    Weirdest Nord VPN ad

  • skulling reeper
    skulling reeper

    make the guys killing furries please i miss them

  • Eric Heng
    Eric Heng

    Maybe Netflix would be better if we could access other region's versions

  • JKoponen

    Prenups are a thing, I don't get why people don't make them, they can be used to protect the couple as a whole, like in an instance wjere the other goes deep in to debt, the other one cannot be found liable for those debts and they can still function as a family unit. Get a prenup people!

  • Dracke Stalen Torgen
    Dracke Stalen Torgen

    Prenups are important, lesson learned

  • RkSmithers

    Can we get a playlist of all of your advertisements, that shits fire especially your raid shadow legends adverts

  • Cadcuz _3
    Cadcuz _3

    “behold, the underminer!!!”

  • aggressive gamer
    aggressive gamer

    I have a cat who is named oreo

  • Adonis Doxilly
    Adonis Doxilly

    I lost it once he started speaking Taiwanese 🤣

  • Diddler on the roof
    Diddler on the roof

    I like how his voice has subtle hints of randy marsh

  • nandayane

    Bill drinking the ovary juice has a South Park vibe.

  • Miscellaneous Zpas
    Miscellaneous Zpas

    Is he actually saying something in Taiwanese?

  • DanBoi

    Aw- aw god

  • Vanola Ann
    Vanola Ann

    I thought that was the guy from up

  • Screentime

    So, is games workshop ever gonna claim this channel because of your name? I mean, those plastic toting money goblins claim everything.

  • Anonymous LOL
    Anonymous LOL

    the fact that he's using a macbook in front of bill is so funny

  • Tchitchouan Inouane
    Tchitchouan Inouane

    The fact that the lawyer uses an apple laptop makes this even better

  • Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi
    Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi


  • GoodGrief007

    😂😂😂 love the videos 🤣😂

  • Kevin

    Bill Gates sweated worked day and night to build his company, and all it took was one divorce to lose half his Fortune And that why hardly anyone these days wants to get married

  • Roni Hakanen
    Roni Hakanen

    Amazingly entertaining as always :D

  • jonathan point
    jonathan point

    This so messed up lol 😆

  • pain


  • Random Animations
    Random Animations

    the dude's using a macbook in front of bill gates

  • LuckyOctober

    When he opened that jar. I had to stop the video.

  • super nova
    super nova

    Rich ppl are weird

  • Anthony p
    Anthony p


  • BradenF17

    Rip half of Bill Gates’ money

  • Angel Ayala
    Angel Ayala

    What. The. Hell.

  • eddie metcalf
    eddie metcalf

    Not gonna lie, women who helped their husbands with their degrees defiantly deserve something but i doubt its half. That said fuck them both, anyone who diddles kid deserves death row.

  • L C
    L C

    Super unfunny. Flashgitz has gone downhill. Please reverse course

  • Vincent Washum
    Vincent Washum

    Is this episode 72?

  • Saif Qasem
    Saif Qasem

    The fact its a macbook

  • Static105

    You marry someone then years later you feel you dont love them anymore and get paid 70 billion fucking dollars. What-the-fuck.

  • hi

    "I started a business from ground up, sacrificed hours, days, weeks, years building my brand and company, with hard work, and taking risks, that paid off after decades, I made a lot of money" "I'm a woman"

  • Danielle Lite
    Danielle Lite


  • stevensigl

    But "she's" A man baby


    Why is he using macbook 🤣🤣

  • OldTimeyDragon

    The hell.... .... Did I just watch???

  • Ur boy Skinnywinny
    Ur boy Skinnywinny

    “Your one divorce away from being black” - Charles Barkley

  • Mer

    This video made my bones uncomfortable

  • Corum

    No one is capable of defending these insane settlements, yet the law persists anyway. And we live in a patriarchy by the way, heavens forbid we forget that salient fact. I'm laughing else I would cry, comedy is a good medium to channel your despair into something positive.

  • Corum

    Comedy is the greatest of healers, women can destroy a mans life with divorce settlements because of an antiquated system of equity gone past its applicable sell-by date but is still in effect legally. If anyone's wondering why a woman is due half of what a mans worth (non prenup), it is because back when women could not get jobs let alone own property or any form of capital, she was at the mercy of potentially abusive and cruel husbands who could use this leverage to manipulate and/or torment their spouses. "Oh you're upset that I keep assaulting you, or take you against your will when you don't want it? Well you could live on the streets, it's either get abused in comfort or have some dignity being homeless." - for it's time the divorce settlements meant that a woman could have some agency in these horrific scenarios - but now that women can work the same jobs as men, have the same capabilities to act upon the free market as men, can own property, invest capital and live life just as well as any man could, can anyone say with a straight face that such an outdated practice should still be enforced? No one is capable of defending these insane settlements, yet the law persists anyway. And we live in a patriarchy by the way, heavens forbid we forget that salient fact. I'm laughing else I would cry, comedy is a good medium to channel your despair into something positive.

  • mark arnold
    mark arnold

    You guys are blooming

  • Kamikaze Hound
    Kamikaze Hound

    1:24 oh he freaky freaky

  • Tryrex Man
    Tryrex Man


  • Jim Russle
    Jim Russle

    i want to believe bill gates actually has an entire shack of taiwanese ladybois. this is canon. nothing you say will change my mind.

  • Jeremiah Nji
    Jeremiah Nji

    Best Nord VPN promotion I have ever seen #subscribed

  • Ash Kash
    Ash Kash

    Remember kids. Prenups. Can't get enough. Or just not get married.

  • Ghost

    Holy crap.

  • BunkerBomb

    This was way more ridiculous than I thought it was 🤣😂🤣

  • Antoni Jochemczyk
    Antoni Jochemczyk

    1:26 racist af.

  • Michael Alicea Jr.
    Michael Alicea Jr.

    Very awesome, man!

  • Unknown Abuser
    Unknown Abuser

    That ad was CONTENT

  • sir sir
    sir sir

    i still love how flashgitz puts more effort into the ads then the actual cartoon :P

  • Francisco Ramos
    Francisco Ramos

    I come here only for the sponsored segments

  • Lin Dong
    Lin Dong

    Ovaries part got me dead laughing.

  • Grayson Minnie
    Grayson Minnie

    This could be the most fucked one

  • Chuck Touchton
    Chuck Touchton


  • ZaetooOFFICIAL


  • Browngom

    1:24 ching pow huay!

  • Blitz Ritter
    Blitz Ritter

    please do a windows vs linux one or a pc wars involving a lot of different setups


    do the fairy's and what happened to sonic

  • Mark Samenfink
    Mark Samenfink

    The mole people was a flawless twist

  • TheGodFather

    Bill: I want one of her Ovaries!... Melinda: What? Bill: Half-right?

  • Damarcus Zuckerton
    Damarcus Zuckerton

    As a frequent flyer of Epstien Airlines, Bills girls would be a lot shorter and younger.

  • BenL

    he got his hookers from vegas ; at least make it somewhat accurate

  • Bacon.

    Y'all men are so weird in the comment section. You act like she did nothing as a wife for years. Damn weirdos. 🙄

  • Sunbreaker7

    Flashgitz sponsored ads at the end are always a treat worth waiting for and watch till the very end. No one else makes as crazy sponsored ads so fun to watch xD

  • Albert Lopez
    Albert Lopez

    Wow what the doose??

  • Ballystarr

    This video already starts off so respectfully

  • Alpha Noodle
    Alpha Noodle

    that ovary bit made me almost vomit I hope I wasn't the only one


    SHOULDA BEEN RED PILLED. 8))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    remember, you get married you get a prenup... If it's true love it doesn't matter.

    • Vermilion

      @Forever Marked bruh, they work almost 99% of the time 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Forever Marked
      Forever Marked

      They dont work anymore. All a woman has to say is she signed in under duress. It's so pathetic another thing is all she has to say is he wouldnt marry her unless she signed up. Making it unfair. Prenups are useless these days

  • JJ X
    JJ X

    Can you do a tutorial of how u animate?

  • General Username
    General Username

    Alot of divorces favor the wife.

  • Deadpool Xavier
    Deadpool Xavier

    Those look more Thai (not racist just live in Bangkok


    why does bill gates have to pay half of his everthiing while his wife doesnt give anything

  • TheVidNerd

    Remember: Bill Gates was on Epstein's Island. So this isn't too far from the truth.

  • Calin Hirina
    Calin Hirina

    This is one of the most retarded clips i've seen on the Internet .

  • Bergen Ehrlich
    Bergen Ehrlich

    Why would you ever get married 🤑

  • - Beeman
    - Beeman

    What she should have done is deforced him, waited about 5 to 10 minutes, and then remarried him.

  • nathan petrelli
    nathan petrelli

    wow they are not talking about furries for once

  • Dem Beku
    Dem Beku

    Oh. The documentaries are out.

  • Ghastly_Grinner

    Why doesn't he just have her clipped

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson

    So for the next episode have Bill get together with Kim Kardashian on an episode of mtv cribs.

  • Thug_life117

    Will y’all be making a Logan Vs. May ? Vid after Sunday ?

  • Phantom Dragon
    Phantom Dragon

    I don't know, but I have this strange feeling that FlashGitz is going to make a new video of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul :D

  • EagleT Vlogs
    EagleT Vlogs


  • GalacticSheep

    I love this channel and you, please never stop

  • mester Yoda
    mester Yoda

    I hate bill gate's wife , she didn't do anything , but she need everything. Discusting. 🤢🤮

  • A Random Piece Of Cheese
    A Random Piece Of Cheese

    This art style kinda reminds me of the animated Mr. Bean.


    Is that a Ridleymain Quarterchop fish🤣🤣

  • Ronin Yeti Studio
    Ronin Yeti Studio

    If anyone thinks their divorce isn't some theatrical stunt, then you haven't been paying attention to reality for the past 20 years.

  • Just some random anime fan 1
    Just some random anime fan 1

    The fact that she’s most likely getting 60+ billion out of the divorce just because she married the guy is bullshit

    • yonJM1267

      ​@DarkLightKisame just as hard as the co founder and ceo of a multi-billion dollar company?? I highly doubt it.

    • DarkLightKisame

      @Justin Ford Plenty of people work as hard as him and every person has the same chances to create something out of nothing. Conclusion, he deserved his worth.

    • Based Mongoloid
      Based Mongoloid

      @Justin Ford That's interesting. Are they also owners of multi-billion dollar companies? Probably not. He does a job requiring much more technical skill and ultimately provides services to millions of people. He oversees operations and management. He plays a very significant role in our society, and like it or not, he has earned his keep.

    • Justin Ford
      Justin Ford

      @Based Mongoloid Plenty of people work just as hard and never see that kind of return. He's still got more money than he could spend in several lifetimes, so who cares?

    • Based Mongoloid
      Based Mongoloid

      @Justin Ford Bill Gates manages the company. He has a role in every process that goes on. He deserves his worth.