How To Beat The DEATH GOD'S Game In "Death Note 2"
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You're are the deadliest man alive. But someone is following in your footsteps, and every mistake they make could get you caught. You'll have to sacrifice everyone to outsmart the world's greatest detective. And only the most brutal plans will keep you one step ahead. What do you do?
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  • Cinema Summary
    Cinema Summary

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      You should cover the second half of the anime. How to beat Near

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    Rem sacrificed her self to save Misa but ryuk killed light

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    The best part of this version: L lives

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    This guy must be very good at being paranoid and good at solving problems

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    You forgot a point. When misa saved by that demon she got his life span too and she used half of that life span for the eyes then the second time she used that deal again the her life span shortened. After rem killing L to save misa, misa got rem's life span again.

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    Isn't Misa's lifespan like infinite, though? She would have received Gelus' lifespan when he saved her.

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    How to beat coralline

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    how to beat

  • Lady Jane
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    When you said misa taking the eye deal was bad idea cuz she would die sooner you'd be wrong just how every person a death god kills they gain the persons life span whenever a persons saved by a death god the god dies and their life span is transfered to who they saved meaning misa should be able to live at least past 200 or more. This was revealed in the anime.

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    The one thing I don't understand is why L wrote his own name in the death note and gave himself 3 weeks to live. He could've written something like "L Lawliet will die of a heart attack once his lifespan ends or after x amount of years". Why would he end his life so needlessly?

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    Tiya Inko-Tariah

    Actually when a death god sacrifices themself for a human, the human gets the death gods life span so Misa is going to life a long life

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    Rem is prob my Fav Character from this Anime, She cares for Lisa way too much she put her own life at risk while Ryuku(?) killed Mike which is sick. I cried when Rem died because she's amazing...

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    Well since you can't be killed except when and how it's written in a deathnote why not put your name in it starting that you'll live for 1000 years healthy and fully intact, then take the shinigami eyes deal? Best case you will still live for 1000 years and have the eyes, worse case you'll only live for 500 years. Then why only 1000 years originally light wanted to be the god of a utopia that he created so why not 1 million plus years with your youth intact dying in your sleep with, again, a fully intact body.

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