Testing VIRAL TikTok Experiments ft. PartyShirt (FACT OR CAP)
I invited famous TikTokers @PARTY SHIRT who test TikTok experiments to see if they're fact or cap for this episode and it was LIT
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    You’re subscribed to my channel.. FACT OR CAP?

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    may 4 is my birthday

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    The title should be fact or fact lol there was no cap

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    You are awesome. Faze up!!!

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    Hi-CI fishing

    Thought I could trust u the can one doesn’t work


    I love u bro

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    Surprised he didn’t do the sharpie and can trick with a chug rug

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    Jesus loves y’all

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    Rug opened that pickle jar like a pro

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    14:11 FaZe Rug we can see you from the window;/

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    Snack Or Yack

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    Does anyone notice there are two #3 experiments?? :))

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    its funny how you can see noah in the window 14:12

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    Emran Amiri

    10:15 cap


    Call me a nerd but the reason the arrow flipped is because light travels at a different speed in water than it does in air causing the image to appear bent. Refraction…

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    They started may 4 th my birthday may 3rd

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    Brian you are an amazing person

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    0:36 what is that beat please reply

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      Also the cinematics are 🔥🔥

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    daddy chill

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    Arrow one I knew from the start that it work because of refraction

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    Take the lambo and run😂

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    Broo just imagine being in rugs house😭 thats a dreammm come through

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    Broo their rhymes are legit Snack or yack Fact or cap Edible or inedible They're the goat😌

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    Im X and I'm IV and we're here to test fact or cap of rugz video 😂 this is legit funn

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    love you rug keep up the good work

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    Dude doing it whith the sharpei is way harder

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    Xxxtentacion Fan

    Bro I couldn’t believe that’s accurate party shirt

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    Miguel Andrade

    I learned from my grandpa (RIP) that to prevent a shaken soda from overflowing when you open it all you have to do is flick the top of the can (where you open it from) for about 5 seconds and it'll be like the can was never shaken. It works.

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    WhoShotYa for Rav

    Rug You are an Inspiration Hopefully I could become Like you one day 🙏💜

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    Why is the Australian one so awkward?

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    my youtube channel is: Boss Azaan

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    Who found out cutting a soap bar into 4 pieces then put it in the microwave makes it puff up

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    I really want to win the giveaway for the iphone 12 and ps 5 please consider me 🙏🙏🙏 please please please

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    i wonder if Duracell or tiktok sponsored this video.

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    Yo this video was LIT AMAZIMG EDITS i love tour song to going live I subscribed awesome video FaZe rug👏

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    Rug got the term right. It was refraction. He remembers that term from middle school or 8th grade science lol

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    He wiped his hand on the couch

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    Party shirt: use to sell lip fillers and ballet cars Now they can buy it themselves and drive their own😂

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    I've been sick all week watching your videos helps me feel better

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    I am a big fan of faze since my middle school just that the camera was a lot of shaking and zooming in Noah was better we want Noah backkkkk

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    A collab I didn’t know I needed!

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    Who is your very first ISnetsr?? And don’t lie minesss is Faze Rug always will be cause he has this special heart that no one has it blows me away how great of a person he is I luv his energy his content his love for his fans his family and friends it’s just ugh where can u truly find someone like this man.

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    When they were doing the ivory soap thing I was imagining since that Brian was in front of the microwave the microwave would explode and he would have a ton of soap on his head lol

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    Ahhahaha did anyone else see that they did #3 twice XD

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