Mother’s Day Message Cold Open - SNL
Miley Cyrus helps the cast pay tribute to their amazing mothers.

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  • yoongicowboy

    How do they all look EXACTLY like their moms like not like “oh they’re related” but “that’s a picture aged up in a wig”

  • Natassia Rodriguez
    Natassia Rodriguez

    I know I’m kind of late but my mother is one of the strongest people I know. She went through so much with me and my brother. She helps take care of my grandma. She’s taught me not me be ashamed of myself. There’s not enough words to describe how much I love my mom ❤️

  • Backwards Hat
    Backwards Hat

    Miley is an angel. Love you girl


    Finaly she CAN SING . BRAVO MILEY

  • pleromadiscourse

    all night long the solo vox from miley cyrus.. really well done tune- props. i

  • Bunny Lane
    Bunny Lane

    Kyle's mom is always my favorite, shes so cute and tiny, and its sweet how you can see him mouthing her lines lol

  • Chandler M Bing
    Chandler M Bing

    The whole SNL cast looks just like their mothers 😂😂

  • 007coleyfoley


  • RJ Youngling
    RJ Youngling

    Was the acting supposed to be this cringe?? That was painful! (Not talking about the moms obv.)

  • Kevin Jarrells
    Kevin Jarrells

    Check out this teens videos he is going to take his mom on a dream vacation just for taking care of him as a child if he reaches 10000 views

    • Kevin Jarrells
      Kevin Jarrells

    • Kevin Jarrells
      Kevin Jarrells

  • Shopping Balls
    Shopping Balls

    i'm back in the saddle-again sweet-heart

  • Shopping Balls
    Shopping Balls

    "she's got a little of KY behind her, doesn't she?"

  • Anonymous 24 7
    Anonymous 24 7

    God bless! 🇺🇲

  • James Krueger
    James Krueger

    Became Miley Cyrus fan with this one.

  • jessica morris
    jessica morris

    I watch over and over for Miley’s voice and Cecily🥲

  • Mira Batyrkhanova
    Mira Batyrkhanova

    miley miley miley, favorite. all time favorite, ah

  • tomas andres
    tomas andres


  • tomas andres
    tomas andres


  • King KJW
    King KJW

    My favorite part of Miley singing was “Brand new day” 2:11 5:06

  • Alfredo Ramos
    Alfredo Ramos

    MILEY = TALENT. OH GOD ALMOST CRY 🤘🏽🤘🏽🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • madhumur

    Such a beautiful voice 😍

  • SoupySounds dot org
    SoupySounds dot org

    I love Kyle mouthing his mom’s lines

    • Bunny Lane
      Bunny Lane

      Fr you can tell he's protective of her lol

  • Diana Kovalevich
    Diana Kovalevich

    Where are plastic hearts and without you???

    • Bob Miley
      Bob Miley


  • Hey! Soy Jimena
    Hey! Soy Jimena

    Where is Miley plastic hearts song alive?

  • Pangalan Ko
    Pangalan Ko

    This was epic for me. Even now. Everyone who has been blessed with the limitless love of a mother can relate to the joyful afterglow watching this. Beyond words. Transcendent.

  • voicetube

    1:55 Kyle could always get her some Dogecoin! LOL :-)

  • Jairus Otieno
    Jairus Otieno

    Miley sang! 💕💕💕

  • ••• xD35P153x •••
    ••• xD35P153x •••

    I know everyone goes through their little rebellious phases and finding their sexuality and all but when you get past all Miley's naked escapades and attention whoring she's a great singer. When she sings you feel the words and they affect you and that's what only a true artist can do.

  • joey morvant
    joey morvant

    I love the way Chris always rushes his mom offstage, lol! Also, why weren't Alex, Michael and Andrew on with their moms?

  • Trent Light
    Trent Light

    Me just skipping over Miley to get to the good stuff ⏩

  • Francesco C
    Francesco C

    But my wife is 1000 times more talented and beautiful. Then Mily will ever be and thats a fact.

  • Adam Kalb
    Adam Kalb

    2:50 Is it just me, or does Heidi Gardner have much lighter skin than her mom?

  • Molly Taylor
    Molly Taylor

    Holy crap, Aidy looks just like her mom lol

  • winxred12

    Why didn’t I watch this earlier 🥺

  • winxred12

    Oh awkward..😅

  • MsDaniMarie02

    I love everything about this.

  • JAVY624

    Cherish your Mother, that's an unconditional LOVE like no other!!

  • Perry Malcolm
    Perry Malcolm

    Miley thinks she’s more than she is.

  • Winter Rivera Adams
    Winter Rivera Adams

    Why does Miley Cyrus's mom look like she could be her sister like I wish I looked that good at that age 😍😍😍😍

  • Milo Leach
    Milo Leach

    I was never a Miley fan but this song changed my mind. The girl can sing. Brings me to tears.

  • Brandy Agerbeck
    Brandy Agerbeck

    Thanks, Cecily. Now my face is wet.

  • Ms Cool Gemini
    Ms Cool Gemini

    I love how funny all their Moms are🤣😂😏

  • micheburrito

    i cracked up at keenan’s mom. xD this is beautiful. thank you snl and thank you miley

  • Sophie Ghaffari
    Sophie Ghaffari

    The boob covers with the nipple covers that Miley is wearing kinda takes the emotion out of the song...

  • Pixie Bezona
    Pixie Bezona

    I super love this chick

  • 中哲

    Kyle’s mom is sooooooooooo cute🥺

  • P Enright
    P Enright

    And once again Pete Davidsons stache steals the show......

  • Wendy Rathbun
    Wendy Rathbun

    Heidi's mom looks like a very tan version of her! This would be great without Miley Cyrus ....

  • Non-judgemental

    I dont see elon there? Where he is

  • Natalia Stempak
    Natalia Stempak

    Miley rocked!!!!

  • stvp68

    In which I realize that Dolly Parton is not a belter-learn to mix, Miley!!!

  • looney1023

    Lost my mom this year. Couldn't watch this for a while because I was afraid of how much it would hurt, but it was so funny and cute to see all this mom love :)

  • SoulGazer Shayn
    SoulGazer Shayn

    I wish my mother loved me. She only loves my sister. My mother hasn't spoken to me in 8 months, and my sister in 3 years. At least I still have my papa.

  • Terri L
    Terri L

    My mom would kick my ass for wearing that shirt

  • 3star4life

    Aww, are Andrew & Michael the only ones we didn’t see?

  • Mark Mantarro
    Mark Mantarro

    Miley release this as a single, it could be the anthem for this year! GREAT RENDITION

  • Jarred Bradley
    Jarred Bradley

    Miley Cyrus and Elon musk, Joe Rogans biggest guests of the year

  • Jordan Kearfott
    Jordan Kearfott

    that shirt =D

  • ZomBee King
    ZomBee King

    where Is MIcheal's Mom ?

  • María José Perabeles
    María José Perabeles

    I love the way Miley shines USA in her performance!

  • Duchess Of Earl
    Duchess Of Earl

    I don’t like Miley’s shirt, but the performance was 20/10 👌🏻💫

  • Faith Dabrielle
    Faith Dabrielle

    i miss my mum

  • Tony Nay
    Tony Nay

    man this made me smile, feel overwhelmed with joy for these cast members. i guess im trying to live vicariously because as soon as cecily started to cry i just lost it and tears started flowing and was so happy for her

  • mbkennels

    Hey, maybe she just keep her clothes on and sing from now on. Outstanding.

  • Martel Lamar
    Martel Lamar

    I wonder what was on those cards lol

  • Neghie Thervil
    Neghie Thervil

    This sound and style of singing is Miley's bag.

  • samantha Kennedy
    samantha Kennedy

    They need the mothers do a show together and make perks of what they can do . Love to see this happen since there her for one show a year .

  • La Dee Dee La Dee Daa
    La Dee Dee La Dee Daa

    Everyone bags on Miley Cyrus but you can't say anything about her singing. That was amazing!

  • 360DoPeScOpz

    jow mama

    • 360DoPeScOpz


  • Victor H. Lopez
    Victor H. Lopez

    WHAT A GIFT! They all have their moms!

  • Jay Smooyay
    Jay Smooyay

    Miley pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee do this without all the interruptions. It was the first and best part of the show!!

  • Princella Smith
    Princella Smith

    Miley's voice is so beautiful. She should really just sing and cut the publicity antics. She doesn't need them. She's too talented for that.

  • somerset 808
    somerset 808

    The sweetest opening yet. Thank you SNL Kate, Aidy, Beck, Kyle, Mikey, Chris, Heidi, Keenan, Melissa, Chloe, Bowen, Ego, Lauren, Punkie, Pete, Colin, and Cecily (and for Alex and Michael Che’s mommies too), thank you for sharing your mothers with us. After a long pandemic year with most of us not being able to see nor hug our moms, we could sense this palpable moment, especially Cecily’s response. ❤️ I love how all their mothers have that shiny and joyful demeanor and comedic timing that obviously helped nurture their beautiful children who make us laugh each week. (Seriously, there should be open mic night for Kate, Keenan, and Chloe’s mothers for their comedic timing, lol). And I love how especially Aidy, Heidi, Keenan, Melissa, and Pete look their mamas. This made me tear up. God bless all our mothers.

  • A N N
    A N N


  • my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn
    my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn

    I can see the light of the clear blue morning.

  • Ichigo A Panchal
    Ichigo A Panchal

    Oh she's normally now lol

  • English Countryside
    English Countryside

    Best SNL segment ever!

  • Eliana D
    Eliana D

    Miley's shirt..?

  • Anita Backrub
    Anita Backrub

    She has one hell of a voice

  • A Michael Norden
    A Michael Norden

    I almost flip my shit when I saw Miley Cyrus’ mom! I was so convinced that Miley Cyrus actually had a twin!!

  • Urban Pen Diva
    Urban Pen Diva

    I heard Dolly in her voice. Amazing. People can say what they want to but nobody can take away her gift. The girl can sing. Period.

  • ZM

    Cecily Strong and her mom though ❤️❤️❤️ “Honey, say the punchline”. “I can’t. I’m too happy” *chokes up & leans in to hug her mom 😭😭😭🥺

  • Scott Edwards
    Scott Edwards

    Great just skip through the parts of Miley Sinus trying to sing and it's very good.

  • Lori Tracy
    Lori Tracy

    She reminds me of Tanya Tucker.

  • Pete T
    Pete T

    What was her inside out tit shirt a tribute to? Mom's dig that?

  • MR.C&A Video911Game
    MR.C&A Video911Game

    woff !!


    Holy shit. MILEY’S voice is insane 🤯😍😍

  • Shane Patrick Connolly
    Shane Patrick Connolly

    Brava to all the wonderful moms and to Miley Cyrus who is at her best when channeling her country diva.

  • sha11235

    Dumb jokes.

  • sha11235

    Are the cast members playing their mothers?

  • sha11235

    What if a cast member's mother was dead? What would they do then?

  • Aisha Zahir
    Aisha Zahir

    What? Kenan Thompson's mom looks like she's his younger sister. I've heard black don't crack but that woman seems like she hasn't aged a day after 35

  • Always Falling Short
    Always Falling Short

    I bet this meant the world to those moms.

  • Boy George Michael
    Boy George Michael

    That Stephen King cameo tho...

  • M S
    M S

    really!? people like her voice?!! lol...

  • RandyJM21

    That was not humor , SNL is comedy ? WTF was that mess . Atrocious . Love your MOM? Oh my god that is a groundbreaking concept and the way they mined it for those uncontrollable belly laughs as well as clever jokes that make you think . Dog Shit . Just end the show already , it’s not relaxant and written by boot licking ass sniffing hacks. .

  • GamingPhatigue

    Hmmmm weird.... no one had a mask on in the opening scene but the last scene of the night they all got it on. Also why wasn't Elon and his mom shown? -_-

  • Casey Corning
    Casey Corning

    Always my FAV cold opening - I get to hug my mom again in a week.

  • Joshua Q
    Joshua Q

    Miley Cyrus sounds so used up.. Like a dumpster

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza

    In tears right know. I've lost many people with the F virus,but because the lockdown couldn't be with my daddy when he passed away. It's not the best SNL's Cold Open but the must hearted (I don't speak English very well so I don't know if that word exist) it was heartbreaking and lovely. Love you Dad, since 1984 we watched SNL, I still do. Thanks for the Laughs!!😂