UK vs US McDonalds
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UK vs US McDonalds

  • Ivxn.OFツ


  • Anthony Navarro
    Anthony Navarro

    Simon is hating on america tobi ethan josh like it


    Do the kfc one

  • Chickenwingdooda

    USA literally made McDonald’s so they can’t be complaining that they made something different

  • Zaman Hussain
    Zaman Hussain

    1:56 Josh you probably have a small coke (if you guys know what I’m talking about)

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer

    The thing is though, they fill the cups with a bunch of ice, so depending on how much ice there is, it might not be a huge difference in size. I got one the other day, finished it, then grabbed a 12oz can of coke from my fridge and it filled it up most of the way.

  • Joseph Ragosta
    Joseph Ragosta

    If they think McDonald’s fries are any good they have to try Wendy’s from a decade ago, and Chick-fil-A now

  • Faisal Saifi
    Faisal Saifi

    Me from India watching like 👁👄👁

  • Bernard TheOfficial Drummer
    Bernard TheOfficial Drummer

    GO US Hah We've Got Big Stuffs Here Lados! 0:50

  • Awesome Tubing94
    Awesome Tubing94

    Doubt they will see this but to Ethan and Tobi the Mcgriddles are made by syrup crystals inside of the pancakes so when they are heated up the syrup melts without making the sandwich too sticky and/or too moist.

  • Awesome Tubing94
    Awesome Tubing94

    Tobi: if the US doesn't have the McGriddles ima be pissed Me: uh yeah it was invented in America u lot are just lucky we allow u to have it.

  • Jeremy Thiessen
    Jeremy Thiessen

    I think McDicks here in Canada is more similar to the us

  • Faisal Abdurrahman
    Faisal Abdurrahman

    go usa, even though on the same page I hate the us

  • Khalid Bin waleed
    Khalid Bin waleed

    It’s because of EU food laws why we have smaller portions

  • parth mehta
    parth mehta

    i live in new Zealand have we have every thing us have

  • Sage Saks
    Sage Saks

    As of July 2021 to US McDonald’s DO have 20 piece boxes and a 40 piece bundle for nuggets

  • parth mehta
    parth mehta

    McDonald fries have beef in it

  • AlexPexle_yeet

    U should react to USA vs USSR

  • GNX_Se3ker

    So what did we learn. America is confirmed the fattest country

  • Visual_vacs

    Name one person who eats salads from mcdonalds

  • 。Name 。
    。Name 。

    Obese restaurant vs Obese restaurant. What gives you a heart attack the quickest?

  • Ethan Filmer
    Ethan Filmer

    Do the one about kfc

  • Sublime Wins
    Sublime Wins

    Brits get super defensive when compared to the US because they know we’re a superior country, stay mad

  • Finkinator

    Replace Josh with harry and it would be the best ever

  • The Unknown Guy
    The Unknown Guy

    I am glab i live in Saudi Arabia where its aame as America

  • Bianca Wright
    Bianca Wright

    The USA things you can only get there you can also get in south Africa

  • Leseli Mohlokaqala
    Leseli Mohlokaqala

    They bambuzald the uk

  • Leon _
    Leon _

    Can I have a bo‘‘le o wa‘er. I literally don’t understand you lads. It’s not possible

  • Winter's Angel
    Winter's Angel

    It just goes to show how much healthier Uk MacDonalds is than US MacDonalds.

  • Trenzy

    This guy is Callux

  • Griffin Mo
    Griffin Mo

    U guy have sugar in your burgers too

  • Sunset_Evenings27

    I live in America and I didn't know we had a few of these items.

  • Yujiro

    Mcgriddle.. da best

  • jomar flores
    jomar flores

    Philippines McDonald’s is undefeated they serve rice

  • Skeptical

    USA McDonald’s hits different though

  • Viper Viper
    Viper Viper

    Josh suyar ar baccha hashbi na..

  • Viper Viper
    Viper Viper

    I hate josh

  • MRbananaman

    Did you know that in McDonalds in America they can't hold as many people as one person needs two seats

  • Reina_Kousak.a

    Imagine you Having a serious talk and hearing *"They see me-"* Lmao

  • jesus renteria
    jesus renteria

    The reason I stopped eating fast food years ago it hurts my wallet but I'm not trying to die of diabetes.

  • Lil Zyro
    Lil Zyro

    God bless spread the word of god

  • Yusuf Patel
    Yusuf Patel

    Tobi: WE'RE GETTING SHEGGED! Me: No, Tobi. We really aren't. Just cuz US has more litres and calories don't mean they're better.

    • Khalid Bin waleed
      Khalid Bin waleed

      @Yusuf Patel I would

    • Khalid Bin waleed
      Khalid Bin waleed

      I agree I’ve been to America 3 times and used to live in Dubai it’s definitely better then the uk

    • Yusuf Patel
      Yusuf Patel

      @Sublime Wins im sorry but why tf would u wanna drink almost an entire litre of coke from mcdonalds. 500 ml is enough

    • Sublime Wins
      Sublime Wins

      He’s talking about the portion sizes, which you are being shegged

  • Toxic

    We have Mac Arabia in the Middle East

  • Evan Huntley
    Evan Huntley

    The southwest salad at Chick-fil-A is bangin

  • Chris Townsend
    Chris Townsend

    Jesus the American was annoyin

  • Parveen Kashif
    Parveen Kashif

    1 word for you ......Whaaaaaaaaaat

  • Duck_yuckington🦆

    US fries can last a really long time without molding. Yeah, they might be stale but they won’t ruin the floor of your backseat because someone dropped a fry 10 years ago

  • Terribia Walpurgia
    Terribia Walpurgia

    weird not seeing spaghetti in mcdo menus lmao

  • Yod Yodhi
    Yod Yodhi

    Buttermilk is also in singapore

  •  Lando Calrissian
    Lando Calrissian

    I like space food

  • Dalyn DeCosta
    Dalyn DeCosta

    they need to their own version of this video if they plan on going to the states

  • HandyPython

    Im in Canada

  • Sinister Blues
    Sinister Blues

    in the mcdonalds i go to in america, we have a box of 20 as well as a box of 50 piece nuggets. yes they do all come in one box.

  • Peter Fus
    Peter Fus

    40 mcnuggets is 5.99 or some were around that Some year they threw all the other boxexs and just do 10

  • Michael Hyatt
    Michael Hyatt

    Ray Romano aged lol, love you sdmn

  • ParkourGamer 9
    ParkourGamer 9

    Complaint for the actual food war, a lot of the “USA Exclusives” are in Australia

    • ParkourGamer 9
      ParkourGamer 9

      @Chris Dechane Your probably correct

    • Chris Dechane
      Chris Dechane

      I think rather than exclusive they’re talking in terms of exclusive as compared to the UK

  • xd Steadyy
    xd Steadyy

    how has this been out for 6 months and i’m only just watching it

  • SSJ Marksman
    SSJ Marksman

    wait those 20 boxes are for sharing?

  • Alexander Smejkal
    Alexander Smejkal

    Think I found a new way to kill death row inmates. Cause of the chemicals. How can you serve fries when what could be plutonium for all I know. UK doing it right with the chips

  • l e w i s
    l e w i s

    I went to KFC in America once and got a biscuit thinking it would be a dessert thing… then I bit into it and was very disappointed

  • Lauryn H.
    Lauryn H.

    wait ?! so british people don’t have RANCH?!

    • Tepid

      you can get it some places its just not common

  • Jordan X3 Horodecki
    Jordan X3 Horodecki

    The uk biscuit is a cookie for us and Canada, the us biscuit is what we call an “English muffin” in Canada

  • Luis Aguirre
    Luis Aguirre

    Stop hating on the U.S.

  • ZeleBigz TV
    ZeleBigz TV

    The US Big macs are moving like Mondo Burger

  • Christopher Rogne
    Christopher Rogne

    Me, an American watching the boys freak out over cup sizes: *Signature look of superiority*

  • Jake Peralta
    Jake Peralta

    That american guy pisses me off

  • Mr.GanjaMan 420
    Mr.GanjaMan 420

    They see me

  • Zahoor Uddin
    Zahoor Uddin

    The American guy raid McDonald's

  • Zahoor Uddin
    Zahoor Uddin

    American guy saying what's under the hood , ohh v10 engine UK guy whats under my , ohh v8 engine Us, ha I won

  • Mahdinul Islam
    Mahdinul Islam

    dissapointed on uk. theives

  • Jackaroo

    Compare Australian Hungry Jacks and UK Burger King maybe

  • James ¿
    James ¿

    They put the uk camera farther back

  • Azrin Harith
    Azrin Harith


  • Azrin Harith
    Azrin Harith


  • Jace Shikany
    Jace Shikany

    The shamrock shake sucks it made me sick the one time I had it

  • Indigoed

    sugar in your burger

  • Olus Nowak
    Olus Nowak

    UK McDonalds slogan: I'm lovin it US McDonalds slogan: I'm lovin diabetes

  • Chidubem Duruibe
    Chidubem Duruibe

    Jesus loves you all!

  • Mr Calf
    Mr Calf

    The Shamrock Shake is also in Ireland but only for Paddys Day and its peng

  • Nick Newport
    Nick Newport

    Thats nothing they use 2 have “super size me” meals at McDonald’s here in the US but they got rid of them because fat people started blaming McDonald’s for them being over weight. Like it’s McDonald’s fault that they can’t control how much they eat.

  • Dutch she was 14
    Dutch she was 14

    The veggie dippers are in the veggie deluxe burger😂

  • JXSN

    As a fellow American the breakfast burritos are 🔥

  • Ivan 2beast
    Ivan 2beast

    we do it better in the US

  • buddy_K9

    The shamrock shake was in ireland for a while

  • Julian Mora
    Julian Mora

    As an american i feel ashamed when he read off the ingridients in the burgers 😭

  • Mansoori Clan
    Mansoori Clan

    The American guy happy that is country is obesity

  • Erick Marcelino
    Erick Marcelino

    In the us they give us hella ice the cup is like 64% ice

  • TheGreatestNoob08

    i like how humble and not so like thingy the uk dude is compared to us one

  • Lucmx

    Literally don't the Americans realise that cookies are a type of biscuit 🤦‍♀️ if you don't believe me search it up on Google

  • Myst_ Desendant
    Myst_ Desendant

    It’s cheaper to buy 20 or 40 than to buy them individually

  • Layth Lawson-Whitear
    Layth Lawson-Whitear

    “Thanks Vik” hahahaha

  • blackcrampons

    Funny how simon says the veggie dippers are dead, when the veggie burger literally has 2 of those dippers in there along w/ the chicken sandwich mayo

  • 7Fears

    The obese carnation worryingly name because train prognostically hug but a abashed fox. different, panicky france

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma

    I like how many outrageous chemical ingredients are on screen but natural flavouring like _Sugar_ and _Turmeric_ are the ones to point out

  • Saniity

    10:43 🤣🤣

  • Instagram Instagram
    Instagram Instagram

    The undesirable sunday behaviorally snow because deborah topologically skip regarding a hilarious crack. acrid, upset dimple

  • Ski Monkz
    Ski Monkz

    If your supporting Palestine I wouldn’t get McDonalds because they give their money to Israeli military

  • Brianna Dominguez
    Brianna Dominguez

    Yo 🇺🇸 are much better than 🇬🇧 USA USA

  • Gian


  • Crystal Denee
    Crystal Denee

    I have a stomach ache from this