Sprint Races, Foden’s Two-Touch Skills & Prowsey’s Finishing 🎯 | Inside Training | England
England new-boys Ollie Watkins and Sam Johnstone join the squad at St. George's Park, as the Three Lions squad trained ahead of tonight's World Cup qualifier against San Marino.

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  • England

    😁 It's matchday! The Three Lions are taking on San Marino in their first World Cup qualifier tonight at 7.45 (GMT).

    • Santino Figueredo
      Santino Figueredo


    • Bottle FlipperDimez
      Bottle FlipperDimez

      @mafia Mark r/woosh

    • Josh

      @Jacob Whittle same! Hopefully we can play alongside each other one day!

    • Ryan Harrison
      Ryan Harrison

      My prediction 5-0 to England Watkins will score one then capital louin will score 2 and Jessie lingard will score 1

    • Elin Grome
      Elin Grome

      Its all so encouraging at first... then at 3 minutes you're reminded who our manager is

  • abbie sharpe
    abbie sharpe

    I’m sorry how did we make it to the final doing yoga and PE games 😂


    4:00 maguireeee

  • Artur Cordeiro
    Artur Cordeiro

    i'm brazilian but my heart is english!! I love this team a lot and I hope to celebrate a title with you at the World Cup... I probably won't be able to go....but I'll be cheering here in Brazil

  • ken masters
    ken masters

    This England team is looking sharp.

  • Natalie Young
    Natalie Young


  • Cars And Rentals
    Cars And Rentals

    Walker and foden are just one

  • Valentín 110
    Valentín 110

    minute 4:27 raheem sterling touching is pickle😂

  • Inka Chan 🌹
    Inka Chan 🌹

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  • mouhamed sarr
    mouhamed sarr

    declan rice

  • Dheer Divecha
    Dheer Divecha

    at least sterling is able to find the goal

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool

    Why is it B lads are always dicking about? It must be disruptive. We have a big competition coming up and it seems to be the Jesse Lingard show. Get a grip.

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool

    We've gone from Bobby Moore, Gazza and David Beckham, to Jesse Lingard and Raheem Sterling. Progression or regression?

  • Itz Junior Gaming
    Itz Junior Gaming

    Aye just hope you man are ready for the euros tho

  • coby the boss
    coby the boss

    Why is rashford not there ?

  • shahrulazri ramli
    shahrulazri ramli

    Yes,best fre kicker for england after mr beck

  • hibachi

    I’m the 1000th comment

  • Charlie Gurner
    Charlie Gurner

    What are Harry Kane’s trainers called they are so nice

  • Infinite Power
    Infinite Power

    *3:20** sunny innit*


    The way he looked at the camera after that save lol 6:46

  • Redilas Remuiase
    Redilas Remuiase

    The mindless insurance implicitly doubt because quit regretfully grease barring a strange step-uncle. astonishing, craven drawbridge

  • Nell Williams
    Nell Williams

    This is like sports day at school but everyone can actually do it😂

  • André Lima
    André Lima

    Prowse is a sniper, not only on free kicks but at fast ball tap ins as well

  • T Rollin
    T Rollin

    Henderson, chillwell, maguire, stones, taa, rice, Henderson, Mount, grealish, Kane & Sancho.

  • JeanMarc Delmolino
    JeanMarc Delmolino

    The omniscient aluminum prognostically sparkle because olive energetically remove but a unarmed dinghy. woozy, heavenly heavy hellish week

  • fred moody
    fred moody

    What’s Dier doing there 😂

  • Jordi Martinez
    Jordi Martinez

    What Nike shoes is Foden wearing ?

  • Hso Hdj
    Hso Hdj


  • Ryan thomas
    Ryan thomas

    If you need accounts unlocked hit up hackbloc16

  • Vienel

    j lingz happy world happy

  • Cameron Stevenson
    Cameron Stevenson

    I cant wait to watch england v scotland im scottish btw but phil foden is fantastic got a big future this lad

  • Steve.HB28

    0:59 The Name of the Shoes from Foden?

  • Soham Dey
    Soham Dey

    Sterling's running style 🤣👍🙌

  • HolyRare

    "sunny innit?"

  • Finn de Groot
    Finn de Groot

    8:56 what did he say?

  • Paul Pranav Bandela
    Paul Pranav Bandela

    7:25 That was some touch🪄🪄🪄

  • Sethu Maswanganyi
    Sethu Maswanganyi


  • Dalon

    Foden always be walking like he's wearing a diaper.

  • Some Random Don
    Some Random Don

    “ Oh Prowsey I hate you “ 😭

  • Vjetar Piri
    Vjetar Piri

    2:06 model name?

  • nattarath m 1.2 no 6
    nattarath m 1.2 no 6

    Where is Luke shaw

  • Santiago Giffard Rodriguez
    Santiago Giffard Rodriguez


  • Will AV
    Will AV

    Our best hopes are on the shoulders of: A brummy with big calves, an English man who can't speak English and *slabhead*

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed

    England’s squad depth is absolutely mental. Only national team that can match them is France and Portugal

  • Nielsen

    why is kent not on the team

  • MajinAngel777

    what are the little vests phil was wearing?

  • Jack fear
    Jack fear

    Anyone see Henderson's face after making that save😂😂

  • Memes Galore
    Memes Galore

    I think foden would prefer to in Iceland

  • Just A-Ghost
    Just A-Ghost

    You guys chose the most feminine thumbnail

  • alfonso Ventrella
    alfonso Ventrella


  • Rishi Kamath
    Rishi Kamath

    The thumbnail is hilarious. Can't help but remember Eden Hazard.

  • Vince Oubre
    Vince Oubre

    As a Californian I ask, Is it always cold in England ?

  • Rocket Gaming
    Rocket Gaming

    Walker and Foden's touches are really clean

  • Carmen Diaz
    Carmen Diaz

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  • TeuSports

    isnets.info/main/g2bbm6Gw2GObebM/v-deo.html 😱

  • Tahir Carr
    Tahir Carr

    I just saw the Trex thumbnail and smirked

  • Horas de Futbol
    Horas de Futbol

    Equipazo que tiene esta selección como dicen que les va este año ?

  • Евгений Евгений
    Евгений Евгений

    Sound editor! Work at the sound! The listeners can go deaf because of 4:20, 4:34, 6:37, 6:54, 7:06.

  • Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler
    Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler

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  • lucas Henrique rocha
    lucas Henrique rocha

    Sempre tive o sonho de ser jogador e fazer esses treinos 👏👏

  • Funny Vids
    Funny Vids

    Does anyone know what the trainers are Southgate and Harry Kane has on ?

  • octo rangga
    octo rangga

    I would like to see lingard crush France and Germany with his power speed and technique


    6:51 the Way dean henderson looket😂🤣

  • it's Time
    it's Time

    Would love to do this as a pro one day ☝️❤️

  • Mohammed Hashim
    Mohammed Hashim

    What an amazing generation for England to finally flourish.

  • Van Oropa
    Van Oropa

    I love 100% the England team

  • Lucas Sizemore
    Lucas Sizemore

    The agreeable ray preliminarily guarantee because tile thankfully signal opposite a grubby gruesome astronomy. four frail, unique breath

  • Sajiv Doley
    Sajiv Doley

    7:29 clever finish from Foden. Totally beat the keeper

  • Stephen Quick
    Stephen Quick

    Why don't you show diving session?


    The way ward way doing that shooting drill was unreal And the fact he Did that in the match 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Joel Stott
    Joel Stott

    when the crossing is on all I can hear is Henderson the gk complaining

  • Justin Walpole
    Justin Walpole

    Is one of the coaches Scottish?

  • Илья Иорданов
    Илья Иорданов

    how to rewind the leg at 1.12 minutes? thanks

  • Solomon Alazar
    Solomon Alazar

    Where is my Rashford 😥

  • 嶋尾岳登

    THIS BEAST MODE.,❤️💕💝✨

  • S2 Mally
    S2 Mally

    Miss the sound of boots on concrete


    Nice training iam indian 🥰❤️

  • Coach Cookie
    Coach Cookie

    How come it was a Scottish Coach working with Foden, Sterling, Ward-Prowse and Calvert-Lewin?!! Shock, Horror! 😮😁🤣

  • RTL

    Lingard/Rice thriving out here.

  • Joanna

    It's really a joy to watch phil foden even in training the guy is a real talent 🔥

  • Manu Shalom
    Manu Shalom

    Fodens two touch masterclass

  • Dom Bucky
    Dom Bucky

    7:43 😂

    • Joanna

      those dumb f masks. cheap blue ones have morgellons inside.

  • Manswind

    4:03 Bellingham and Calvert-Lewin jumping in sync lol - feels so funny

  • Ayoob Ibrahim
    Ayoob Ibrahim

    The thing is that prowse scored a goal from a cut back against San Marino just like from these clips.

  • J7R

    Deano hates prowsey

  • Pu Suantak
    Pu Suantak

    Why ads?

  • Mo ha
    Mo ha



    Fianally this guy remember his ISnets password

  • Cristiano

    Ale mamy wjeb xD

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    I hope really James ward prowse starts for England he deserves it 👏👏

  • C O
    C O

    5:21 DCL doing some mad kangaroo hops😂

  • Antal Skn
    Antal Skn

    The camera man is City fan I think...... only city players on the video...

  • Ebuwa Egharevba
    Ebuwa Egharevba

    Yo who was walking with Eric dier and why does he look like gimenez

  • Shaun

    where is bukayo saka ?

  • John John
    John John

    Rat face got to be the worst Manager in the whole of europe

  • Rodno INJA
    Rodno INJA

    those dumb f masks. cheap blue ones have morgellons inside.

  • Peter Sibiya
    Peter Sibiya

    Are the sport bras serving the same purpose as a bib?

  • Sosialisme dgn Karakteristik Indonesia
    Sosialisme dgn Karakteristik Indonesia

    Best Lingard 👍👍👍

  • HYSTERIA 0161
    HYSTERIA 0161

    Calvert lewen is transforming into a dangerous striker. It's nice to see our boys sterling and foden doing bits as well

  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson

    Very happy English team.

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