Elon Musk On The Big Bang Theory
Elon Musk On The Big Bang Theory.

  • Cecilia Cute
    Cecilia Cute

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    Cristiano Souza

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    Rashid Hussein


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  • swethakanigiri

    Gud to knw that Howard thinks abt his wife .even now .he never wanted to abandon her..no matter wt..!!!!!

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher

    Those days people don't believe what was happening in movie , now the reality is unbelievable

  • Hava Arifi
    Hava Arifi

    I really want Elon to adopt me too.

  • Karl Dilkington
    Karl Dilkington

    His acting is utter shit

  • jacob singer
    jacob singer

    Lots of young babes are fan of him 😏😎 i know a barely 20 yo who would marry him. Shes a model

  • Shadiya Muhammed
    Shadiya Muhammed

    I saw this episode. But I didn't know Elon musk then


    Everyone is here in 2021 xD

  • Twenty 1
    Twenty 1

    He's the future -

  • Abhishek

    2:06 at this moment he looks like sheldon

  • Freddie Sandra
    Freddie Sandra

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      Gorge Rose

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      Gorge Rose

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  • chaitanya velamala
    chaitanya velamala

    Someone : Elon is not good at acting Bill burr : one being himself is not acting

  • Randy

    Funny he looks like a Deepfake...

  • Night vision
    Night vision

    2021 😇

  • Goodnight Capsule
    Goodnight Capsule

    1:19 did he just reference yugioh

  • Swagata Das
    Swagata Das

    How many famous people did they manage to get on the show?🥺🥺🥺

    • Fubuki Shirou
      Fubuki Shirou

      Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkins ,Stan Lee, Steve Wozniak, Stars from star trek and all ,Some Actual Noble prize winning scientists..Thats it ig.

  • Dqj Fjjd
    Dqj Fjjd

    Whats the joke when he says there's nothing better than helping people and talks about being an mit graduate

    • Fubuki Shirou
      Fubuki Shirou

      Because he was forced to go there..by his wife and not on his own will.

  • vvthrhteygru gamer
    vvthrhteygru gamer

    Omg its funny


    Don't you know!! He is Elon Musk.

  • deazhawk

    That guy seems chill maybe he should start a company

  • Luka Jóse
    Luka Jóse

    I think Howard got wet upon seeing Elon. 😂

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo

    “I love helping people” Audience: funniest shit I’ve ever seen

    • Fubuki Shirou
      Fubuki Shirou

      That is what happens if you watch just clips. If you had watched that episode you would be knowing why the audience laughed.

  • Knots For Dads
    Knots For Dads

    Generous with that lsugh track

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross


  • diamondcomlink

    no how

  • Menna Elaqbawy
    Menna Elaqbawy

    01:27 all of us

  • Sue greenmeadow
    Sue greenmeadow

    Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

  • Osirion

    I thought I'd hear Elon Musk's take on the big bang theory, oh well I was wrong


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  • Jun Pineda Jr.
    Jun Pineda Jr.

    The guy is in the wrong place,he should be doing the dishes on "MARS".fyi,i actually meant the factory that makes the chocolate candy you really think ?,imeant the planet MARS,not in a billion years,that would never happen,bec,if it does?,then all arid regions in this planet of our could be turn into tropical forest,teeming with flora and fauna ,keep dreaming ELON MUSK,that is the closest you will get to MARS.AND SINCE YOU ARE OBSSESSING WITH THIS PLANET,WHY DON'T YOU AS EARLY AS NOW CHANGE YOUR NAME FROM ELON MUSK TO ELON MARS?.🤢🤮🤧🥵🥶🥴😵

  • Anna's Life
    Anna's Life

    that elon guy is so cool , he should make a rocket

    • Anna's Life
      Anna's Life

      @foodisnice obviously i’m joking …

    • foodisnice

      Are you joking or not?

  • Santi Juan
    Santi Juan

    When a robot is an official human......artificial intelligence at its best ha!

  • Red Saber
    Red Saber

    this is so me to be honest. (If i ever saw him, ok dont judge me im a stan.)

  • Jirapron Wldn
    Jirapron Wldn

    Where did u see me first time? This u go uk?

  • Ksum Nole
    Ksum Nole


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    Flareon Pizza

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  • iShoe👠👠

    If you think about it every character got to meet their idol. Howard- Elon, Leonard-bill gates, Sheldon-stephen Hawking, raj-does buffy the vampire slayer counts?

  • TV Tesoro
    TV Tesoro


  • James Christopher
    James Christopher


  • Harshad Lalye
    Harshad Lalye

    Where's his characteristic stutter which makes him THE ELON? Guess they wanted to portray him as someone perfect

  • Ahmed Sharif
    Ahmed Sharif

    Musk is real-life Tony Stark. I love him..........

  • Manny Poco
    Manny Poco


  • Frank Esposito
    Frank Esposito

    Elon Start the Revolution !!!

  • Funny Creations
    Funny Creations


  • GenericJoeKid

    I wish elon musk can be my godfather and give me a million dollars per christmas

  • Kenneth Piguez
    Kenneth Piguez

    Elon Musk acting as Elon Musk.

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    Sallai Zoltán

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    humilde el pana

  • William Sanders
    William Sanders

    Bro let the people get some extra gravy from there boy Elon

  • letthem eatcake
    letthem eatcake

    Fun fact he only plays a part on a TV show if he can actually play himself.

  • Ajay K S
    Ajay K S

    Funny how Elon is helping the homeless here when in real life he made millions loose their homes by crashing the crypto market.

  • yi zhang
    yi zhang

    Keep washing those dishes and stop spreading FUD on BtC🙈

  • Alaxandra Rase
    Alaxandra Rase

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  • Deepak Maan
    Deepak Maan

    I really want you to adopt me 😂

  • Garrus Curiosity
    Garrus Curiosity

    He is much better at acting here than on SNL

  • Akshat Monga
    Akshat Monga

    Elon musk is a god. Even his acting is good! Not bad! Wow!

  • 999 Nava
    999 Nava

    What episode is this?

  • priya sharma
    priya sharma

    Am I the only one who found the other guy to be a look alike of Ross (friends).

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  • Rahan M
    Rahan M

    I wish Elon Musk would see this

  • Prakhar Prasun
    Prakhar Prasun

    Which season is this?

  • alamin nxt
    alamin nxt

    Wow so nice cocking video and I've some cocking videos

  • terror goat
    terror goat

    i didnt realize the big bang theory was so progressive to have a gay romance on national television :D

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar

    You are nice


    gosto muito deste video meu

  • mohit bendale
    mohit bendale

    This Elon musk guy is so cool maybe he could manipulate whole crypto market one day.

    • Cool Gamer
      Cool Gamer

      @Akash oh so that's were the allegations are coming from

    • Eric Shillaker
      Eric Shillaker

      or maybe one day he might become some rich billionaire

    • Akash

      @Daym complete wrong....the basic elements used in batteries like lithium and all are mined by companies which use child labour and Tesla buys those elements from them...this is one of the reason Elon is busy developing new battery tech

    • Adithya Danaj
      Adithya Danaj

      @Daym what?

  • Doan Tai Duc
    Doan Tai Duc

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  • Samaresh Karmakar
    Samaresh Karmakar

    You can not judge Elon Musk

  • Patricia Mallon
    Patricia Mallon

    O piss of Elon musk

  • Popeyes Biscuit Faze
    Popeyes Biscuit Faze

    elon musk is so rich he is on the big bang show

  • Halit Ekmekcioglu
    Halit Ekmekcioglu

    here the manipulator comes

  • cattus lavandula
    cattus lavandula

    I think Howard should have gone to work at SpaceX in the last season.

  • andrea renee smith-hall
    andrea renee smith-hall

    OMGosh, it's 2021 and I just saw with today. I peed.

  • User EisNünElf
    User EisNünElf

    gaybang theory

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C

    "It's just you're you, and I really want you to adopt me" Same, Howard, same.

    • Matt

      Same, Howard / Sarah / iye_Viking / zeynep and lachimolala haha, same

    • lachimolala haha
      lachimolala haha

      Same, Howard / Sarah / iye_Viking and zeynep, same

    • zeynep

      @iye_Viking Same, Sarah and Howard and iye_Viking, same

    • iye_Viking

      Same, Sarah and Howard, same

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    Aarav NotankieBaaz

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  • MachineGunGaming

    What episode is this my dad will freak out

  • Tiktok PUB
    Tiktok PUB

    Which season/Episode?

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} aaahh yeah!!!!!

  • Electron826

    Elon & Sheldon would have been interesting

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Elon musk know acting very well😎



  • Sunman

    I have seen this episode but when I watched the episode I didn't know who he is.

  • Akram Alhinnawi
    Akram Alhinnawi

    You know what, he's not bad at acting too 👍🏻🏆

  • adad

    I would have asked about his cryptocurrency investments..

  • Sarala Rojal Shrestha
    Sarala Rojal Shrestha

    Which season which episode?? I never watched it!

  • Neil Gerace
    Neil Gerace

    2:00 now who's laying it on thick?

  • Neil Gerace
    Neil Gerace

    He looks like he ought to sound exactly like Kripke

  • ranvijay mehta
    ranvijay mehta