Minecraft Hardcore, But It Has Realistic Physics
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In this Minecraft video I play on a world, but physics are ultra realistic. Suddenly mining blocks is different, explosions have changed, and gravity affects blocks. This is a great mod, and I'm going to beat Minecraft on Hardcore Mode with these crazy physics.

Realistic Physics Mod Download: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/...

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    Me : looks at my pojav launcher with 89 fps Pojav and phone: Oo help Me : $u$)

  • Mayur Patel
    Mayur Patel

    Dantdm used this mod for a video

    • Mayur Patel
      Mayur Patel

      Good job SB737

    • Mayur Patel
      Mayur Patel

      This video is cool

    • Mayur Patel
      Mayur Patel

      DanTDM shorts

  • Lucinisia Fernandez
    Lucinisia Fernandez

    He didn't even see a stronghold

    • Ayoub

      It's drowned ruins

  • Synatica

    The amount of dedication shown here is unmatched by any other ISnetsr I have ever seen. Give him some love.

  • Geometry wolf
    Geometry wolf

    Lol I just released that I Wasn’t subscribed lol now I am

  • David Vyšňan
    David Vyšňan


  • Greg Lyons
    Greg Lyons

    Better than ever,btw best video I have ever ever seen ,in eternity

  • AJ

    Education edition should be like this

    • AJ

      & Normal

  • Tim Duarte
    Tim Duarte

    Sb: finds loads of diamonds me: where the hell is a treeeeee

  • Virigel Lewies
    Virigel Lewies

    Bruh everytime he's about to die he's always calm

  • Ronin Hudson
    Ronin Hudson

    Sb: finally minecraft is realistic . Proceeds to punch tree😂


    He found more diamonds in one day then I’ve found in 100 days

  • Sajuraj Sajuraj
    Sajuraj Sajuraj

    It crashed my Minecraft mobile world

  • S Lohith
    S Lohith

    SB : let's play minecraft realistic Also SB : choping trees with bare hands 😂

  • Umar Farooque
    Umar Farooque

    Know do physics and texture pack

  • Burrito Gaming
    Burrito Gaming

    No one: Him in the Nether: I'm got everything I need

  • ประธาน มาพบสุข
    ประธาน มาพบสุข

    So cool

  • Fire lord
    Fire lord

    Even less realistic When you break something it get turned into shatters still we can pick it up in one piece

  • Jhonny Mcbob
    Jhonny Mcbob

    semi realistic physics. Sheep dont break into irregular pyramids when hitting them with an axe

  • Roblox Addicted
    Roblox Addicted

    im not sure if it safe it says it could harm my computer if i download it

  • TheGeminiMonkey

    I think his favorite thing to say is one million peices

  • Ed Walker
    Ed Walker

    i thought he said shitwrecks

  • Judy Hillary
    Judy Hillary

    SB: “These diamonds will come in handy” Me thinking: “Diamonds are for peasants” 🤦‍♀️

  • Joshua corbin
    Joshua corbin

    Yay. I love sb737.

  • Aiden Cerda
    Aiden Cerda

    Nice beard sb:)

  • DinoBat Warrior
    DinoBat Warrior

    You should of made TNT underground

  • Buff Kirby8878
    Buff Kirby8878

    The tree breaking is not realistic


    its called physics mod btw

  • TW11SVE559

    My minecraft will CRUSH

  • Hobo Dood
    Hobo Dood

    If my pc _attempted_ to run this, it would basically be my new microwave and toaster.

  • Avery Mentoni
    Avery Mentoni

    Your absolutely awesome

  • Red Master Chief🐺
    Red Master Chief🐺

    The ender dragon is a girl. She is the queen. 🐺

  • LegolasWatersheep

    This is cursed kill it

  • Abigail Saddler
    Abigail Saddler

    Hi sb I love your vids

  • Shadow Midnight
    Shadow Midnight

    These actual are different kinda cool and broken and satisfying

  • Elizabeth Winer
    Elizabeth Winer

    Teach me how to play Minecraft but I like to play get in creativeAnd my dad like it in hardcore

  • ChipsBlox

    Shark did this too.

  • Shroom

    6:14 Wait- Did he just find the fricking stronghold or is that some other structure I’ve never seen before-

    • Ayoub

      It's drowned ruins

  • Daleina Powers
    Daleina Powers

    It’s a ruin

  • Daleina Powers
    Daleina Powers

    I saw a strong hold

  • Lee Broomfield
    Lee Broomfield

    Your the best

  • Basab Behera
    Basab Behera

    I know him as my hardcore man

  • Skylight Bmgo
    Skylight Bmgo

    Hey SB i Am Back i Watched You like 4 Years ago But I Stopped Watching for 2 Years Well Now I Am Back. You Changed a Lot

  • PurpleHappiness


  • Brandon Louie Bajo
    Brandon Louie Bajo

    if gravity exist on all blocks on minecraft it means you cant build a house

  • Louise Hellawell
    Louise Hellawell

    SB is amazing

  • YouTube Premium
    YouTube Premium

    realistic physics doesn't make sense lol

  • Ane Spangen Hustad
    Ane Spangen Hustad

    The tidle should ben Minecraft but its all satestfing

  • Ramesh Vala
    Ramesh Vala

    You also find stronghold

    • Ayoub

      It's drowned ruins

  • Potatoes_ Avocados30
    Potatoes_ Avocados30

    Am I the only one who heard “💩 wrecks” instead of shipwrecks

  • Ozren Cupac
    Ozren Cupac

    Me: i want this mod My pc from 2010: i dont think so

  • Bethany Cha
    Bethany Cha


  • My channel is dead
    My channel is dead

    I would rather have non realistic Minecraft physics than lose all my blocks

  • Elsie Pancho
    Elsie Pancho

    Hes making like an earthquake from the deep caves. (Diamond level)

  • Julie Schwerke
    Julie Schwerke

    When did you craft a shield

  • Catherine Zhang
    Catherine Zhang

    he be like: ik this might break my pc but i dont care

  • Aamir

    the intro song is epic

  • kieran 31
    kieran 31

    this is just vein miner with a texture pack

  • Jacob Roozendaal
    Jacob Roozendaal

    this is a real pain to look at, and btw this are so not realistic phisics so yeah

  • Masa Sem
    Masa Sem

    Did anybody notice the tree in the beginning

  • Priscila V
    Priscila V

    This guy has made alot of minecraft videos for a long time now and he only has 2 million subs he deserves 10

  • Minecraft is god
    Minecraft is god

    Mincraft but everything I look at turns to bedrock

  • Wolf Star
    Wolf Star

    Dude, his videos are amazing. Keep it up!!!!!👍💗

  • Ruv

    Pretty surprised your pc didn’t collapse but the caves did

  • Elegance SUS Dark
    Elegance SUS Dark

    Your thanos

  • Ray

    Minecraft but anything you craft is op and super super good

  • Howl_z

    If I had a penny every time you said 1 million prices I would be a millionaire

  • Chill •-•
    Chill •-•

    I have watched you before I had mc nice vid

  • aarav patel
    aarav patel

    No one; Litterally no one: SB in his thumbnails: *covers mouth with hand*

  • Lauren Firth
    Lauren Firth

    Uhh in nine and the killing is brutal

  • 《°•Lexi demon•°》
    《°•Lexi demon•°》

    bro I- cool idk what it say no more- And did you know BEDROCK CAN BE BROKEN IRL (don’t mean to be rude 😇)

  • Liu xiyang
    Liu xiyang

    Wow SB You Are OP!!!

  • Spensis

    realistic physics even though everything is still a block and he takes no fall damage from jumping down like ten feet and takes no damage when a cave fell on top of him but still good vid

  • GoldenEagle

    this is how i found you

  • Yohachi kaiaba
    Yohachi kaiaba

    congratulations for 2 million

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    Gabriela Garcia

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  • Wyatt Carlson
    Wyatt Carlson

    2:36 wow that is cool

  • Eboni Caprice
    Eboni Caprice

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  • Sebastian Sklerov
    Sebastian Sklerov

    8:21 *This is fine.*

  • Grass Block
    Grass Block

    Tell me you have a god pc without telling me you have a god pc:

  • Marco antonio Patricio
    Marco antonio Patricio

    Yeah mining is so easy when it has real phisicsy

  • Heather Engram
    Heather Engram

    How long doses it take you to find dimons sb727

  • WaitThat'sCopyrighted

    It realized something: you hit 2 million Subscribers! Great job sb

  • Salmon

    add the circles mod

  • •_•

    Oy vey

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay

    I think he dropped a diamond in-between 7. 30 minites ans is 7.40 minites!!!!! 💎💎💎🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr Bladerz
    Dr Bladerz

    6:44 Discombobulate

  • Tbonetommy69

    Gg on 2mil

  • Winston Wenas
    Winston Wenas

    Trivia. Notch has confirmed that the ender dragon is a female and even nicknamed her "Jean". Once the ender dragon is defeated in Minecraft, her egg spawns on top of the end portal, and only female creatures can lay eggs and give birth

  • tommy25 eu
    tommy25 eu

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    kitchen simsclub

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    Tallat Shaban

    I love your videos so much I like How you play minecraft and every video I watch you are playing Minecraft hardcore you are such a lucky and fun player :)

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    Pranaya Karki

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    No RickRoll

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    Realistic physics: Gold floating in water

  • Roycedog Gaming
    Roycedog Gaming

    This reminded me of a world I got tons of ores in in like 30 mins

  • Tarkesh Chaudhari
    Tarkesh Chaudhari

    Finally there is some respect for PHYSICS

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