Warning Signs When Buying Used GPUs: How to Detect Defective Video Cards
We're going over the most common defects with used GPUs, hopefully providing a roadmap for how to look for warning signs when buying a used card locally or online. Comment w/ your own!
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This video is following-up our guide on preventative maintenance, dusting, cleaning, \u0026 re-pasting video cards: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7NMe...

We know a lot of people are eying both the second-hand and new markets right now, hoping to land whatever is available and sensible for the rest of the build. Because of this, we've had an influx of viewer emails about eBay scams and broken GPUs sold "used" to unsuspecting buyers. You should always pre-test a card before paying if buying physically in the same area as the seller, or if you're buyer protected, test it immediately on receipt from an online seller. In that process, you can use this video to help identify some of the most common used GPU failures. Those often include clock locks, overheating / dust build-up, dead fans, broken fans, physical card damage (like missing capacitors from a bad disassembly), bad GPU sag, and the like. Many of these are resolvable or, worst case, identifiable so that you can return the card or pass on the purchase. There are many more -- please sound-off with your experiences in the comments!

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00:00 - Getting Ripped Off
01:25 - Things to Look For in a Used GPU (Quick List)
03:09 - Human Factors \u0026 Judging Character
04:42 - Our Defect Pile
06:00 - Frequency Stuck Way Below Boost
07:00 - How to Validate Basics with Software \u0026 GPU-Z
11:10 - How GPU Artifacting \u0026 Bad Memory Can Look
13:23 - Identifying GPU Sag \u0026 Fixing GPU Sag
14:21 - Broken Fans, Capacitors, Warped PCBs, \u0026 Physical Problems
18:28 - Additional Thoughts \u0026 Warnings

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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    We'd love to hear more about our community's experiences with either buying used PC hardware components (GPUs, CPUs, etc.) or helping friends fix their own. There are probably a lot more shared experiences that can help other viewers of the comments section learn and protect themselves from bad purchases. Post them below! This video is following-up our guide on preventative maintenance, dusting, cleaning, & re-pasting video cards: isnets.info/main/oWiysZWrlIHLkNE/v-deo.html Grab a GN Toolkit, Mouse Mat, shirt, or GPU anatomy poster here: store.gamersnexus.net/

    • Stefan L
      Stefan L

      @Tyler Schifler My take on this is that gaming may actually shorten the life of a video card much more than mining. Why? because a mining card will run at a pretty much consistent load and temperature, A gaming card will not. It will be loaded when the gamer is gaming but at other times will not. That creates temperature cycling and temperature cycling induces physical and mechanical stresses because differing substances expand and contract at different rates with temperature fluctuation. Because of this, thermal cycling is often far worse on electrical components that running at consistent loads, even if that "consistent" load is full load. Think about it. There's a reason why light bulbs often fail whenever you flip the switch to turn them on.

    • Frosty Streamz
      Frosty Streamz

      Getting ready to buy a 1080ti from facebook market place, wish me luck

    • Christian Tönnies
      Christian Tönnies

      what is that Nitrogen tank for ?

    • Steven

      I've had good luck buying "junk" GPUs as long as they're detected / power on. Like you mentioned in the video, repasting can often fix these. Or if you're lucky, it's just a BIOS flash issue. More and more it seems like cards used for mining are being resold on ebay with modified BIOS for mining that are unsigned, requiring either something like amd pixel clock to make them work in Windows, or a BIOS reflash. If they state the card powers on but it's showing an error 43 in Windows device manager, it's probably fine but just a BIOS issue.

    • Satellite Jim
      Satellite Jim

      @Melona Novak High risk,normal reward ..i guess ?I can't find a better way to describe it..

  • Glitter Fart
    Glitter Fart

    @8:20 idle temps are VERY important,

  • Glitter Fart
    Glitter Fart

    I bought a used gtx 760 for a 1055t system to upgrade then mothball, and a gtx970 to use with a new r5 3600 late 2019, both work perfectly and i personally thanked the 970 seller for such a great deal.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    I did this to myself. Sold my RTX3070 at Auction (starting at purchase price), and put in my old GTX780 [until the Ti version appears for sale verrrrrry soooon] to try run PUBG (test). Sadly as I played the 2nd game of PUBG, and the card went wonky (shutting down etc). I thought I had done a thermal past update a year or three back; sadly it appears I didn't and I repasted it and tried again. This time, when it crashed again I checked the GPU and found a couple of resistors (very small brown ones [on the back of the board]) had melted/fried. Not sure if to try fix (from bits off an ancient motherboard), or bin it.

  • Micah Tonnessen
    Micah Tonnessen

    11:46 im waiting for linus to comment

  • Tom Svabauskas
    Tom Svabauskas

    should i also test brand new laptops for defects or is that not really worth it?

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    Looks liked Linus handled this one😂

  • Jacob Pegelo
    Jacob Pegelo

    Day 1 of asking you to sell me a card at MSRP, I cant afford these scalped out prices. im currently running a 1050 ti in my first ever build which I overpaid for. Not looking for best card out there but would like to have something I can play games at 1080p high settings

  • xXBam BamXx
    xXBam BamXx

    Send that 1080 to me 🥰

  • Nagy Attila
    Nagy Attila

    You can also get artifacting from micro cracks in the solder points, i had this back in the day with my gts 8800, disassembled it, stuck it in the oven at around 180 C for about 10 minutes and it would work again for about 3 months, i have repeated this process 4 times until i got a new card.

  • TrantaLocked

    "hopefully youve got some skills there already" lmao

  • Sand bread
    Sand bread

    i bought a use 970 ssc for 10$ im not sure if it works or not but im not gonna pass such a good deal

  • K. Fani
    K. Fani

    Have bought a lot of used gpu online since btc crash on 2018, few of them are ex-mining card. Only 1 card I bought was defective. An RX 480 8GB at $70, it was overheating even at 100% fan speed. Only about 5-10 minutes gaming and it crashed. Forget about stress test, it will BSOD in an instant. From the look of the card it must be used for mining for sometime and the owner never do any maintenance on their rig. There was a lot blackened dust and rust on the heatsink when I took it apart to clean it. Soap bath and repaste did not help all. All other card I bought works like it should, some of them even in pristine condition, very clean like new, especially NVidia 20xx and Amd 5000 series card, because most of those card was from post mining crazed era. Advices for who are thinking to buy used card, ask as many question as you can, ask for specified and detailed photos of the card so you can know it was the latest condition of it not some old photo they have on the listing, and only buy from a good rating seller or someone who only sell few item and sold most of them. Never trust seller who have a lot of listed item at low price but only sold a few or using stolen photos.

  • Rubuk

    Wish you showed what the vbios problem was like you said at the start.

  • Olly Lappage
    Olly Lappage

    Opposite happened to me. Sold a card which was fully working. Packaged very carefully. Buyer complained that card was bent and no worky. Sent photos. My guess is they had the same card which was faulty, bought mine, then sent photos of their broken card. Didn't even bother getting them to return the card. I didn't sell it for much and couldn't be bothered with the hassle, but it's sad there is so much dishonesty... They also sent pictures of the packaging, which was completely intact, so how did it get bent?

  • My name Is zae
    My name Is zae

    Pls buy a 1080ti people the msrp vs scalp pricing is very reasonable i have seen them up to $800 which for how great if a legend it is is very reasonable. 1080ti can still do anything a 3090 can do with only about %40 performance drop. If going for price to performance i have not seen a 3090 anywhere below at least $3000 dollars that is almost 4x the price for performance that is arguably not even needed


    Send me a gpu please :(

  • c2nah

    First-time watcher. Who is this Linus? You're treating him like Rick treats Chumlee on Pawn Stars.

  • Chris Panton
    Chris Panton

    Good information. Locally isn't a tale sign of a good person. If anything worse, since you're provenly dealing with cash. Bought a whole PC, guy had 2 hdds installed with 2 ssds. Ssds were recognized but hdds weren't. Not knowing whether the drives, cables or mobo was bad, guy knocked off the price of the motherboard. Come to find out the drives don't power on at all even in a different system. Never buy hardware without validating before exchanging of money

  • Ostfriese93

    The viewer bought an RX 580 for 700$? Are you kidding me?! Who the f*ck is this desperate to get a GPU?

  • dtiydr

    Today you just cant get any card from 1080 ti and up for less than $500+ and even broken ones!! Half a year ago I got a broken for like $200 with shipping EU which was a steal and I'm using it still today, although have slowly got some issues since but think/hope I know what it is.

  • Reply

    Had someone offer me $1200 for my vega 64... I'm considering taking the offer, just have to give up gaming until prices correct D:

  • khun ruk
    khun ruk

    I managed to get a GTX 1070 looked mint, guy had cleaned it up. Took it apart Yep thick dust under fan blades Starts of corrosion on the fins of the heat sinks and near the edges of the heat sink. "2 hours later" Removed all corrosion, rust and used rust preventer Mint card end of the day - given age of it. Had to stop the rot from getting worse. Tested before taking apart further, temps fine... leave it alone leave it alone.. dont replace thermal paste if you dont have to or for 3-5 C improvement.. if its not running to hot.. its really not worth.

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran

    Unfortunately, if buying in person, you're lucky to even be able to post the card. Sometimes you have to bring your own tower to boot it. Still good info to detect an ebay card defect.

  • Kim Jonasson
    Kim Jonasson

    you didnt do the 3080 that fail in boot just before post? ive got that similar issue with a used card i bought at a fair price but they said it had some issues but it did work and post but well, when i tried i get nothing.. all look good on pcb nothing broken no visible issues checked with microscope entire layout of it and all seems good no knocked of components no burnt nothing. i do want to get it working if it is possible.

  • B9Bot 1
    B9Bot 1

    Don't buy off of Craigslist! You will get ripped off!

  • C-Note Gaming
    C-Note Gaming

    The didactic ounce approximately trick because planet sicily sip beyond a enchanting plaster. husky, shy run

  • Bram vandenbroeck
    Bram vandenbroeck

    For gpu sag, i routed my cables from the top of my gpu, making sure its quite tight but i can still unplug them easely, this eliminated my gpu sag issue i had with my 1660 super oc edition, my gpu is still straight after 7 months of use

  • Briggie

    :30 fuking hell, $750 for a used GPU that was $250 when new. Was he that desperate?

  • DeusKDuo

    To be fair 1 slip and those dam screws fall into another dimension never to be seen again so you end up having to put it back together missing a screw. I am a bit forgiving to missing screws.

  • Loony Toon
    Loony Toon

    11:45 The roast, i like it :D

  • sha nur
    sha nur

    Just buy them new don't give the money to them fucking scalpers

  • Andy YT
    Andy YT

    My tip: don't buy used GPU's because you can't test all of this stuff in person when buying from 2nd hand! It's just too risky, better to wait or overpay for a GPU...

  • Muhamad Aswin Subarkah
    Muhamad Aswin Subarkah

    i bring my own test rig when buying used parts

  • RockyTVShow

    My GeForce GT210 had artifacting that i fixed by just straightening a bit the flat cable going from the pcb to the VGA port

  • Shadow

    Bruh.... when you pulled out that DirectCUII.... immediate PTSD, I knew it was a GTX560Ti right away. I've had one... matter of fact, I've had three different variants of a GTX560 and they all had the same issue. The design just developed a flaw after years.... the VRMs would overheat and it would crash/artefact. The only solution I found is baking, as well as cranking the fan to 100%. Hopefully if the design of the card was adequate, that would help with cooling the VRMs... The last thing I did to my ASUS was buy it some new thermal pads. I kept it going that way

  • Dyo Kasparov
    Dyo Kasparov

    i managed to get gtx950 for 100 bucks, its awesome lol i was stuck with uhd630 for half a year waiting for rtx3060ti

  • Zhasurbek Umarov
    Zhasurbek Umarov

    If the person selling a 3060 for 91$ has a 30 day returns policy, should i chance it as i can get a refund and paying with paypal will insure that i can get money back.

  • The Royal Australian
    The Royal Australian

    I service used GPU's when I get them

  • D B
    D B

    I got sent a broken card from evga themselves on their bstock sale a few weeks ago. No way those guys ever looked at that card like they said. They just packed a jacked card and sent it straight to me without ever checking it. As soon as I turned it on and got into windows the red lines started and the OS wouldn't find the card. Not happy with them at all for selling garbage like that at full retail and not refurbing those cards like they claim. At least their RMA was painless but either way I'm out a week waiting for the replacement and they charged me another $650 for a cross ship...

  • Marc Munoz
    Marc Munoz

    I've had some awesome deals(this is 2018-2020 mind you). 2018 GPUs I picked up were all ex-miners and had no issues. GTX 1070's for $200-225. GTX 1060 6gb for $100-125. Later 2020 GPUs were just local pickups from businesses individuals who upgraded to RTX cards (I picked up a GTX 970 for $100 and a GTX 980 for $120). I usually remove the I've only been burned once when I bought an RX 580 for $100. When it came in it was filthy, had rust on the screw heads and grime that I couldn't even remove with a toothbrush and electronics cleaner. When it arrived, it worked initially then died in 2 days. I tried to heat gun it, but it was dead. I was almost burned by a salvager (I think this was around 2018 also) who was selling 6 old cards for $100 shipped (HD7850, HD6850, GT260 x2, X1900X, and some other really old card). He said they all worked, but only 2 worked one of the GT260's and the X1900X. He just refunded the money. I used the GT260 in a build I gave away (ancient Core2Duo). The HD7850 was dead, but I heat gunned it and it was able to be revived. I use the HD7850 in a computer i7-2600 that I use to run Zwift on one of the TVs. The X1900X is too old that I don't want to use it and the other dead cards I keep as spare parts. One of the GTX 1070s had a missing blade, but I just removed the blade opposite of it and that re-balanced the fan. Sure it won't be as efficient, but it works fine.

  • torque app
    torque app

    make a viudeo about dickheads that buy your gpu use it for a couple of months Then get a retail card and try to send it back as faulty but it works fine.

  • Georg Michelitsch
    Georg Michelitsch

    Can we just appreciate that GamersNexus has just a bunch of graphics cards in stock to show us examples of the most common defects? Love that channel

  • Ali Fatih Yılmaz
    Ali Fatih Yılmaz

    i am second user of my mining card . working good but i took big risk

  • Bradly McConnell
    Bradly McConnell

    Must be great to be able to buy and test after the fact.

  • JohnJaggerJack

    Tip number one: Dont buy it from LTT. At some point hey water cooled it with a sketchy rig.

  • Your Average Hikikomori
    Your Average Hikikomori

    Goddamn, how I wish I can live the past one more time.

  • Wilhelm Klink
    Wilhelm Klink

    Dude, gpu prices are so insane, I'd rather wait until next year or even longer. It's not like I'm particularly hurting for an upgrade.

  • FPVquadGuy

    This is also a good guide for presenting your used hardware on whatever marketplace you choose.

  • JeffCollins05

    I sold two GPU's in the past six months. For both, I made sure there was photographic evidence and video evidence with dates clearly visible to show that it was working as intended. Both buyers emailed me after receiving to acknowledge that they were working. If a seller isn't willing to show you both current video and photos of the exact card working, they're sketch. It isn't difficult to create a youtube channel and take video on a phone to show the card in question as working, as well as it running a benchmark.

  • The Keeper
    The Keeper

    5:38 Oh, it could happen on the 10 series cards too. When I first slotted in my Asus Rog Strix 1080ti, it booted fine but after 30 seconds in windows it did that exact thing. I found out the problem was Asus' own fan control program AI Suite. Once I did a clean install of windows it worked fine, and has ever since.

  • Kokainarienv0gel

    Damn, i hated as my Geforce 8800 GT from about died after about 2 years usage. I baked it and it worked again, but it had always so many artifacts and as soon the GPU reached about 75-80 degree C, the whole computer crashed. Turned out it died again some months later and i baked it the 2nd time, again with sucess and it worked even better. But pretty fast it died a 3rd time and i was done with baking my graphics card every 1-2 months and threw it away, AMDs Radeon 6950 2GB way anyways already another league of performance (2GB vs 512MB Vram and about 3x as fast or more idk) And these days i though: Damn, 200 € (6950) to 330 € (6970, the hi end model) for a graphics card, that prices are crazy, but the 6950 was damn fast these days despite its price and it was ok to get the "cheaper" 6950 model for about 220€ and flash the 6970 BIOS on it, unlocking everything AMD has locked only with the BIOS. Nowadays i would wish a proper, close to hi end card for like 200-300€/$

  • Noxious CEB
    Noxious CEB

    16:30 i can fix gpu's that have faulty power circuitry or artiifacting issues, but i still am watching the video.

  • Paul Cosentino
    Paul Cosentino

    700 dollars for a used 580? I don't know what to say bout that. Maybe he shouldn't be allowed to have access to his own money maybe.

  • Travis

    Save your ass!!! ask the person if its ok if u see the card working, when they give u the excuse they dont have a rig tell them u have whatever youd call a really compact computer with a full size slot, idk what their names r, n if the persons willing to let u do it then chances r they at least believe the cards good enough to boot, if they stop replying then youve jus saved urself alot of time n money, n headache

  • Luminous Fractal
    Luminous Fractal

    "it exists also in beep format" 😄

  • Honey Lavender
    Honey Lavender

    LMAO. Love the Linus Drop Tips reference xDDD

  • mintydog06

    I have a GPU, Radeon HD 7870. The HDMI port on it doesn't work, but DVI does. However after being turned on for 10 minutes the screen goes black and it won't come back on. Any ideas what I can do with this? Thanks

  • Jazzmanpac

    The rusty gtx looks like linus tested it inside a bucket of water

  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo

    Especially now I'd never buy a used GPU online, if only because I don't want to help the goddamn scalpers.

  • Mau R.
    Mau R.

    good video, one thing I notice lately on ebay, is people selling the boxes, very good price, but when you read the description is says only box, no returns.. something to look for scammers now.

  • Angel G
    Angel G

    artifacts can be caused by one of the memory voltages gone out of range.

  • daniel cubillos
    daniel cubillos

    obvioulsy you must see where you are buying the card from. if you buy from China or philiphines for 30 dollars then the card is broken . sending the card for replacement might be more expensive that the card itself !!!!!

  • Chris Crowther
    Chris Crowther

    "looks like Linus handled it" *snorts with laughter*

  • no one important
    no one important

    Step1 : Go to his house. Open furmark for 30 minutes. If works buy. If declines, dont buy lol

  • James Newport
    James Newport

    Bought a 980TI second hand a couple of years ago £200, looked clean, got it back put it in my PC, when I powered it on things start burning and spitting out of the back of the card, lucky managed to shut it down and pull the card out before it killed my whole rig, the guy was a scammer who disappeared, bought it off Gumtree, my advice is only buy if they are willing to let you collect from their home address, and be ready for electrical issues.

  • Blake

    I've got an msi gtx970 that refuses to boost over 1000 - 1200 MHz core clock when running heaven or gaming, clock speed also fluctuates much more than it should. The card was tested in 2 different pc's with the same result. I took a look at gpuz and noticed that the gpu chip's power draw never exceeds 12 - 13 watts even under full load. So the card works but no where near its full potential. Have any of you guys seen a card that behaved like this? If so what was the issue?

  • CR Solarice
    CR Solarice

    ....use a solvent rather than scraping with a screwdriver. If you have to scrape then use a plastics spatula because if you use a substance that is harder than the Aluminum then you could easily scratch the surface of the heat sink.

  • TikkaQrow

    My 980 ti just failed today.... I'm hoping a teardown and rebuild will fix it... i doubt it tho.... shortages plz end...

  • headcheesee

    hey maybe you can help.. i just bought a msi air boost vega 56 and then i boot the pc the msi log lights up for a second, then nothing no fans or anything. also when i turn it off it lights up too

  • R4Z0R84

    Soldat was so frigging good back in high school lol

  • Opiniononion

    "Hopefully you got some social skills already" Dude... I'm a nerd... what do you think =D

  • xxvxx

    Whoever painted that dark grey wall behind you needs to get fired

  • madac219

    LOl... this is nuts I paid only $30 bucks more for a 3080.

  • fangzea

    I remember when I bought a brand new 2070 and it had the space invader crap. Such a letdown.

  • Daniel MG
    Daniel MG

    You got the Tarkov GPU

  • Najd Al-Oqaili
    Najd Al-Oqaili

    700$ for RX 580 which in 2019 costs me 150$, i think gamers should start to think about exchange their kidneys for new videocards

  • Alex H
    Alex H

    ahahah...good joke..Linus handled it!

  • ZaneofAustin

    fucking soldat!!!!!! my childhood memories

  • verbalmasturbator

    An electrician who used incompatible breakers? That wasn't an electrician, that was a hitman.

  • jp 710
    jp 710

    that 560ti is the gpu in tarkov lol

  • White mage
    White mage

    5:24 the gpu from escape from tarkov

  • dan4451

    @ 11:45

  • друг

    I got a 1050 ti expedition 4gb for 40$, best thing that happened to me this year so far.

  • WunderOps

    Test the card, test the card, test the card! Low frequency may possibly be fixed with a flash of the card's bios (it's not hard at all but yeah nerve racking). The cause is that miners sometimes use a special bios that limits frequency. This really works AND is the only fix in cases where frequency has been limited intentionally with an alternate bios...

  • Fogolol !!
    Fogolol !!

    why am i looking at this if i can't even afford a gt 710 let alone a graphics card for gaming

  • Jeff Bastian
    Jeff Bastian

    throwing shade on Linus like nobody's business lol

  • Bob Greene
    Bob Greene

    WHEN A PRODUCT IS FAULTY AND/OR REFUND IS DESIRED. 1. When you buy, use PayPal or a similar payment manager to give yourself an interval in which you can test the card, and if the card is faulty, send it back for a full refund. PayPal and Amazon, at least, have buyer protections. 2. As Steve advises, test the card immediately on receipt-- the window of return can disappear rapidly when you put the card on a shelf "temporarily". 3. Always try to obtain a free, prepaid return label from seller by contacting seller. If seller will not issue such a label, contact the payment manager, and explain the situation. If seller is overseas, the cost of return-shipping a properly insured package is significant, even many times what the seller paid. 4. When returning any item, make sure to obtain a printed receipt from the shipper. Emailed receipts are often lost / misdirected. 5. Do not let the seller bamboozle you into paying for return freight or a "restocking fee". Under PayPal and eBay, in general, you can obtain a full refund without extraordinary measures. If seller does not issue a prepaid label and/or make a full refund, he immediately falls into trouble with the payment manager. If that label is not forthcoming from seller, contact the payment manager, who will provide the prepaid label. 6. After the online purchase-- sometimes only hours-- some buyers may discover they made a mistake. Although they contact their seller immediately, seller innocently claims the item is already on its way, and shipment cannot be halted. This, though the seller is in Hong Kong, and promised delivery after only a long interval of many weeks. If that seller explanation sounds bogus, it may be-- seller hopes buyer will give up, and accept his fate. However, with a payment manager, buyer still has all the cards. If buyer is certain a return is desired, contact seller and request a return for refund. If after three days (on eBay), seller does not respond, begin the process of return, anyway, through the payment manager's return-for-refund routine. 7. Both eBay and PayPal have voice / phone numbers. Unfortunately, they make it difficult for buyers to contact a customer service representative by phone. Although the pandemic has reduced call-center staffing levels, this creates a frustrating bottleneck for buyers who have unusual situations and conditions not addressed by the standard website procedure, and require human intervention. With the eBay website, for example, a buyer must run through the usual return-for-refund procedure before additional website options (including voice contact) appear. 8. In all cases, try to remember the payment manager's customer service representative is a human being working under high pressure, and has nothing to gain by frustrating you, as a customer. The CSR usually will try to be as helpful as possible, after you explain the problem / issue carefully and clearly. If the CSR is too inexperienced to help, politely ask to talk with a supervisor (explaining to the CSR "This has nothing to do with you, but my situation is unusual and may need a management decision".)

  • Neo On PC
    Neo On PC

    the guy that i want to buy a 1080 from, says i cannot benchmark it , but i can only test games?? is that a problem?

  • i_inject_ crayons
    i_inject_ crayons

    i once tried to buy a 1080ti reference for $800 aud so like 500 usd i asked the guy for benchmarks and i got "really dude just google it" the listing said like new

  • A9 Ahmad
    A9 Ahmad

    Steve: *shows us his GPU storage room at **2:00* Me: It's beautiful!

  • HCIbn

    That’s why I never buy from Craigslist.

  • Assault Koopah
    Assault Koopah

    So if i buy a used 1060 3gb can i test in only in fortnite and if it doesn't work return it ?

  • Sudigumi

    I enjoyed the video and learned some. But honestly I would prefer to back away from purchase altogether. Its a dead end and takes a lot of effort and money to get the parts required. Gaming leads to nowhere, and I don't need it.

  • LULI Lang
    LULI Lang

    do you teach component repair or have resources, I know the non working cards will come down in price soon and I'd like to learn to fix them. I hate throwing things away.

  • Adam Phillips
    Adam Phillips

    I found a super good deal on an RX 580, paid 275 for an HP system that somebody stuffed it inside. I almost thought I got scammed because it was super finicky and I had to tinker a lot with it to actually get it to work, but very worth it. It's not high-end by any means, but considering the alternatives were either playing games on integrated graphics or paying way too much for a separate card, it was well worth the few hours I spent frantically troubleshooting. Anyway, now I'm selling the rest of the system to get an even better deal out of it and I'm super happy with it.

  • David Tiffany
    David Tiffany

    You know what caught me off guard? My new to me 280x does not support 144hz over HDMI at 1080p. On boot up kept getting black screen.

  • Azad Hossain
    Azad Hossain

    My God you have bunch of graphics card... I would appreciate if you send me one

  • Davide Madera
    Davide Madera

    "24/7 smokes, huh?! How many solders were curved down to earth for stupidity?! Alien invaders? Nice drawing. Mosfit?! Scotch, right? Gaffer is not my best shape. One thing and another? Too 🆒️. Mint syrup? I guess it was really Cougar. Wider temps? I guess I was that slower FR. Smaller strings? There we go with screws mismatches. Wanna ride my cycle or that stupid Mercury lost with Johnson's Jamaica's hammocks site seeing?! Piracy, huh? Upper east side of that same building anyone? I'm not lost at all, sure I wasn't driving your stupid car with a Fuji-Cam out of the window. And that other issue, Dude, that wasn't my CryBaby for sure. Let Midiverb be with us all. It's not always what it seems, I've thought you were arrived. How's your sight, still 99?!" 🗨😤🛡💦🗺⛩♨️🌌

  • D4rkMatter1975

    On point video, especially given the current climate i would assume many people are buying selling used a lot more right now. Thanks Steve great tips!