Schlatt's Cereal Tier List
Schlatt ranks every cereal ever made.
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Today Schlatt makes a Tier List! It's been a long time since this has happened. Last time I tried making a tier list video you guys just made fun of my name. But we're back, baby! Schlatt loves cereal (I hate writing in the third person) and decided to make a Cereal Tier List and Rank Every Cereal Known To Man. This is probably quite similar to Moist Cr1tikal Tier List videos, even though I've never watched a single one. Thank you for inventing Tier List Videos. Cap'n Crunch, Oreo O's, Eggo Cereal, Count Chocula, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Krave, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese's Puffs, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes, Cookie Crisp, Trix, and more are featured in this video and also in this description for SEO purposes. We also take a look at some old cereal commercials from the 90s and early 2000s. What rank will Schlatt give your favorite cereal? Watch the entire video to find out (and also to help me make more money!)

  • piero Morante Arenaza
    piero Morante Arenaza

    Am I the only one feeling weird hearing evil emperor Jschlatt (dreamsmp) speak about cereal?

  • Thunder brother60
    Thunder brother60

    I agree on everything that you said

  • [_SLEEPY_]

    8:06 When someone says oops all berries is good

  • Olivia Snow
    Olivia Snow

    Does nobody know what krave is?

  • Chibi Chan
    Chibi Chan

    The best moments 8:17 and 13:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PineHeagehog

    wait is it polish thing or do other countries don't have like cereal in cartons but streight up in plastic bags

  • RegularYes

    I gotta go get some eggo now

  • Yarne Huych
    Yarne Huych

    Listening to schlatt rating cereal for 13 minutes straight and i watched every minute with no regret

  • michael andrews
    michael andrews

    its sad because here in the UK they straight up nerfed the sugar in cereals

  • CorndogsGaming


  • Dream Lord
    Dream Lord

    This is my comfort video👌

  • Will plys
    Will plys

    me whos british :interesting

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Lucky Charms, but just its marshmallows only would be S tier for me

    • Sock

      woah hi man

  • MBP

    when he hit the play button, you could hear that his fear was genuine and then some. also what happened to travis scott reese's puffs?

  • -Charlie -
    -Charlie -

    Schlatt you were hot before you put Reese’s puffs at a C.

  • Pikmin 4
    Pikmin 4


  • Kendall Sinclair
    Kendall Sinclair

    schlatt: “no one abs bad memories with Cheerios.” Me: “I stuck one up my nose when I was 6.”

  • Angeltown

    5:50 *happiness because my favorite cereal is in the s tier*

  • Grognak The Barbeerian
    Grognak The Barbeerian

    Bruh, I really love your work and fuckin' great vid. But I'm sorry, I feel obligated to nitpick and obligated to be a prick in this instance. When you talked about frosted Cheerios/ frosted crispies you kept saying don't include the heart from Cheerios or the pricks from rice crispy's but when original Kellogg's Corn Flakes does exactly what you ask and rebrand totally by replacing their Rooster ("Top of the morning to yah" style mascot) with a kid friendly Tiger mascot marketed straight to children, you still have a problem with it?

  • Tessla Wright
    Tessla Wright

    No one else Jshlatt: chocolate Cheerios? DiScUsTiAnG

  • RunRunFox

    ‘The Cheerios Franchise’ is the best quote that ever existed

  • eiji okumura
    eiji okumura

    So uhm,rip for schlatt that probably spent hours cleaning lmao

  • August Sutor
    August Sutor

    i fucking love Quisp

  • Briana

    You did not just put Frosted Flakes all the way down there...but yeah I have to agree on those maple syrup cereals

  • Orabi The Carnex
    Orabi The Carnex

    Creeper Cereal: "TASTE ME! I AM READY FOR YOUR RATINGS!" Schlatt: *"dude, who tf are you, get back into the box"*

  • -md7oom999-

    Wtf is grain perry?

  • James Persinger
    James Persinger

    8:20 try not to laugh

  • Etta Meister
    Etta Meister

    Not me eating reeses puffs right now 😩

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Well I do have a bad memory of a cheerio, when I was 5 I choked on a cheerio. So yea...

  • littleinit

    Jchallt we have the same tear list

  • littleinit

    We have the same realist shallt

  • RomanEatzRamen

    Commercial: silly rabbit trix are for kids Jschlatt: ya because kids dont know good cereal Me: Carfull what you say most of your viewers are kids 🥴

  • DarkSunday

    His reaction to grain berry is my reaction to joe’s o’s

  • Christian Jiménez
    Christian Jiménez

    I never ate cereal except for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and cornflakes

  • Overload Games
    Overload Games

    I just watched a man rant about cereals for 15 min and it was still more entertaining then anything else I’ve watched today

  • ObamaToes 4086
    ObamaToes 4086

    Didn’t even piss me off, I never tried all of them

  • Brandon Torrie
    Brandon Torrie

    He forgot one of the best cheerios types wild berry


    Flashback to me at 7:00am on a pre-school morning watching Dora the explorer whilst eating a bowl of dry Cheerios

  • Puppy Heart
    Puppy Heart

    My family replaced the GOOD cereals we would get: special k redberries, honey bunches of oats and the trader joes knock offs, etc... With fucking *raisin bran* 😐 The fucking flakey thousand year old preserved hard ass crusty looking grape mush. I disowned them 😌

  • Orion

    where is Raisin Bran Crunch?

  • assasin yt
    assasin yt

    Put like ten pounds of sugar on rice crispys



  • Gavin Games
    Gavin Games


  • Zimore

    the only thing that belongs in s tier is crunch berries

  • Jackie Schultz
    Jackie Schultz

    I eat all the brown pieces out of lucky charms, carefully avoiding the marshmallows. If I accidentally eat a marshmallow i feel disappointment in myself, and my day is ruined.

  • Whtwolfkat09

    That's gay Shlatt, that's gay

  • Janis Steffens
    Janis Steffens

    Raisin Brah

  • ATM

    I purchased a box of Oreo’os with my own hard earned $3 based off of this video’s recommendation, and I am disappointed. There is nothing OREO about them, they are mediocre at best.

  • colin gibson
    colin gibson

    There actually WAS a s'mores cereal and I remember it being my absolute favorite cereal.

  • Ghasty 0213
    Ghasty 0213

    If I’m being honest, pops are my favorite cereal

  • 1tsKatrina

    Idk man, Honey comb is clearly S tier.

  • idiot

    my grandma was getting cereal and i thought she was gonna get me some beautiful frutie pebbles but no she gives me FUCKING TRIX why the fuck would she give me fucking trix just why-

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    He had Count Chocula but not Boo-Berry or Franken-Berry!?

  • Jax En jade
    Jax En jade

    apple jacks are underrated

  • John Johnstein
    John Johnstein

    he did reeses puffs dirty

  • NightmarezYT

    YOU HAD FUCKING 30 YEARS CAPTAIN WHY IS IT STILL OOPS that made me laugh so hard also I agreed with his entire list

  • Francesco intini
    Francesco intini

    Where did he buy that many cereal, i want to do it too

    • Francesco intini
      Francesco intini

      @Arizona Ranger and from where

    • Arizona Ranger
      Arizona Ranger


  • Ellis220

    Schlatt I make maple syrup if you need any. So yeah if you want some hit me up bro!

  • Khloe Olan
    Khloe Olan

    i love cookie xcrisp

  • jimmy blackman
    jimmy blackman

    Fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch S tier

  • S H O O K
    S H O O K

    Im sad he forgot Life. but I agree with all the other Decisions

  • Mr. Grimm
    Mr. Grimm

    Agreed on all the cereal BUT LUCKY CHARMS? WHY IT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE GARBAGE. It’s always bad when the milk is green

  • Hisy Kelly
    Hisy Kelly

    Pov ur Australian and pretty much all these cereals u have never tasted :0

    • JUR.mp4

      Same in the netherlands :/

  • Trent Nixon
    Trent Nixon

    It’s not too bad the one that stuck out the most to me was Cinnamon Toast Crunch in B. Needs swapped with Oreo Os

  • dnf warmachine
    dnf warmachine

    iv never heard schlatt have so much panic in his voice 8:20

  • Isaac Stevenson
    Isaac Stevenson

    Gus Johnson has a VERY bad memory with cereal

  • Silvia Randolph
    Silvia Randolph

    Therapist: "So, just wondering what do you usually eat on the daily basis of your day?" Me: " Oreo O's Oreo O's Oreo O's Oreo O's Oreo O's BREAKFEAST

  • The Edge
    The Edge


  • Greg Rousell
    Greg Rousell

    As a Canadian Apple jacks are HARD to come by they only show up temporarily every once an awhile here, I have my American friends ship it to me It is fire It is the best cereal of all time.

  • Gavin Larson
    Gavin Larson

    Go off on trix

  • GreenBurning

    Corn Pops exist btw, Cocoa Puffs are actually the best, and the second thing I said is actually defined as as “an _opinoion”_

  • Doge Gamer
    Doge Gamer

    When he got to the cookie crisp it gave my grandpa a seizure

  • Wolfie _Cake
    Wolfie _Cake

    I had to watch this 6 times because I forgot what frosted cereals are Im very stupid today

  • mina aca
    mina aca

    I like how he throw the Wheaties mand looks back and starts saying no

  • DragonMaster485

    I don't eat a whole ton on cereal so i feel like big guy is the alpha here. I will take his opinion into account

  • Gabriella Roush
    Gabriella Roush

    When i was little i tried putting the cheerios on my fingers to pretend i was getting married lmao

  • The OC Corner
    The OC Corner

    *Schlatt saying that the quackers mascot is hot* Me: HeHe- that’s the founder of Pensilvania

  • Sydney Butscher
    Sydney Butscher

    2:32 um so here’s where I disagree, I like the brown pieces, the marshmallows are too weird

  • dreipunktekind

    im a 28 year old german dude who eats salad at midnight, why am i watching this? Also 'muricans, wtf is up with your cereal. 10000 types of just sugar and oats. nice.

  • Mistermink 8
    Mistermink 8

    Reese’s puffs are s tier

  • Digital Brokenz
    Digital Brokenz

    Talentless writer made a better cerial tier list

  • The Mad Lads
    The Mad Lads

    They discontinued the Eggo Cereal. It’s gone boys. I shed far too many tears after finding this out.

  • Bill_eh

    Where’s the f-ing super Mario cereal

  • Extremelightning

    Now this is good content right here folks

  • Toast is epic
    Toast is epic

    me watching a grown man rate cereal 3 times and repeat

  • M4GNUS Productions
    M4GNUS Productions

    This was fucking hilarious

  • ktkeyhole

    There got to be a lot of Cereal on the floor from him throwing the bad ones

  • Ethan Maculada
    Ethan Maculada

    Lucky charms is actually is number 1 right ow

  • Hatsune V3
    Hatsune V3

    oh yes me at 7am watching jschlatt rate cereal right before i have to go to online school and present the project i didn't work on during the April break :D

  • moonarchary

    jschlatt: *rates the other cereal* also him: *shows the minecraft cereal*

  • Paul DiGiorgi
    Paul DiGiorgi

    When shatts on the Panama Canal they call him seńor cereal

  • N3kotheCat

    Is no one going to talk about how he just threw the creeper crunch cereal O-O

  • Tim Kolthof
    Tim Kolthof

    i fucking love how he probably doesnt give a shit about the swearing and wen he talked about wheaties XD i died

  • Reece Gentry
    Reece Gentry

    i feel like the best ones to “snack” on dry are the reason he put what he did in S-tier. If he was basing on the whole point of it being CEREAL (aka the milk,) it might have looked different

  • Reece Gentry
    Reece Gentry

    you CAME for me with cookie crisp dude that was my CEREAL

    • Elijah Gerardo
      Elijah Gerardo

      im sorry bro but i had them once and lets just say ive never had it again

  • Royton

    This is just a big ad

    • Royton

      @Leonardo Remmerswaal yes

    • Leonardo Remmerswaal
      Leonardo Remmerswaal

      How on earth is this just big ad. One of the number one things that most advertisers tell you to never do is to to mention other competitors. Not only did he do that he rated a bunch of them S and A tier meaning that they are near perfect.

  • Arch

    Here's where I get controversial. The oats in lucky charms are as good as if not better than the marshmallows.

  • p i z z a
    p i z z a


  • p i z z a
    p i z z a

    i fucking agree with u

  • sascha

    this is the worlds best video