Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather: "I know what you did to your wife"
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  • Collateral

    4:20 “Why are you making this about race?” “Because it’s always about race” Had me weak

  • kat

    FULL FIGHT POSTED HERE: isnets.info/main/hWS9lIRnx5arb68/v-deo.html

  • Guitar Lord
    Guitar Lord

    Floyd just out here asking Logan a real reason to knock him out, Fire needs a little bit of fire to be Fire.

  • Ducktagee

    Logan bringing up Floyd’s stats like he isn’t 0-1🤣

  • ibuildz

    All he could say is “don’t worry about it”

    • SportsInteraction Admin
      SportsInteraction Admin

      Best comeback tbh, like swatting a fly

  • Lul Phay
    Lul Phay

    When Floyd beat his ass it’s over

    • Tarık Yurtsever
      Tarık Yurtsever

      He ended up not

  • Connor Davison
    Connor Davison


  • ItzKeyaan

    Lol we all know this was staged

  • Joseph

    *READ THIS COMMENT * Everyone who believes this fight is a “real boxing match” has absolutely no idea what boxing is and has never been involved to or witnessed an “exhibition” boxing match, the legal rules of from the American Boxing Federation is, “no fighter may attempt a KO or TKO, the fight consists of each fighter displaying their abilities in a controlled manner with no lethal or over exuberant force to be displayed” if any of them even attempt to go hard or go for a knockout (which they won’t) they will get warned and penalised and if it continues the fight will stop, this is all a game to trick young stupid 14 year olds to spend their parents cash on pay preview, your welcome for the knowledge, idiots.

  • James Guarisco
    James Guarisco

    The wife is hilarious and so true damn he didn’t want to acknowledge the truth🤣🤣🤣

  • H H
    H H

    This is so out of pocket I’m so many ways. Floyd shouldn’t even be there. Those who know understand why.

  • Rommel Carrasco
    Rommel Carrasco

    Duele mucho

  • Rommel Carrasco
    Rommel Carrasco

    Sentí dolor viendo esto

  • Alex Froelich
    Alex Froelich

    Don't know why this fight even matters. It's an exhibition so Floyd can't even add to his record when he wins. What's the point?

  • Daivari Jahar
    Daivari Jahar

    Ha Floyd was thinking like all lets make this white boy Rich

  • A51 Chronos
    A51 Chronos

    He gonna fight both pus and sy

  • Seb

    Mayweather is so bad at trash talk

  • David E
    David E

    I was for Mayweather...Till he brought up the race card. Typical ThUg

  • NobleNumenorean

    Hard to watch

  • Camping Outlanders Association
    Camping Outlanders Association

    Ima treat you like I treat my grandkids? Wtf. Im worried about the kids

  • Minecraft Pufferfish
    Minecraft Pufferfish

    I’m not sure if Logan can actually win, but I really do hope he wins. Floyd mentioning the Japan incident and making the whole fight about race is a very dirty move, and I hope he gets knocked out for that.

  • Mikaele Manua
    Mikaele Manua

    Shit grandpa 👴 gonna give him that ass whooping 😂

  • Terraprisma

    I liked Mayweather until he started making it about race. If he loses then he's just gonna have everyone call logan a racist

  • Teame Glwet
    Teame Glwet

    I hope Floyd win Jesus name Amen

  • Isidra Pacheco
    Isidra Pacheco

    this how it's supposed to be now these wana be boxing tiktokera

  • Jay Cash
    Jay Cash

    That wife comment was crazy

  • Jeremy Kyle
    Jeremy Kyle

    Theres trash talking, where you talk trash about the other person, and then there's trash talking, where you're trash at insulting the other person

  • Solitary Crow
    Solitary Crow

    I wonder if this was scripted....

  • your girl
    your girl

    Boring 🙄🙄

  • King Conan
    King Conan

    He killed his wife look into it

  • Jacob

    Why can’t Floyd talk about race?? Yet the moment one of these ISnets clowns say anything everyone quiet and don’t have a problem with it. It’s always been about race. Y’all must’ve been on mute the last couple years.

  • Saad Ahmed
    Saad Ahmed

    Soooooo fake...

  • Mattia Orlando
    Mattia Orlando

    Imagine a white guy saying us “white people “ randomly like he did. He a fkg racist. That's it. Logan isn't.

  • Steven717

    Easy money for Floyd don’t need to train, don’t need to diet damn Floyds daughter would probably slap the shit out of Logan

  • Jean Montenegro
    Jean Montenegro


  • Rich Jageman
    Rich Jageman

    As much as I would love to see FM get his ass beat, I doubt this is the fight where it will happen.

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G

    It's annoying how he brang race into this

  • WonderingSoul

    The fact that dream is taller than Logan Paul.

  • calvin kwadron
    calvin kwadron

    I hate logan Paul but what I rate him for is when he pulled up on floyd about race... 'why make everything about race" so true loooll black people aways make everything about race......

    • Master Mace
      Master Mace

      Yeah he got a bit of my respect for that

  • Marcos Murray
    Marcos Murray

    Petition for one of them to fight Pacquiao

  • Austin Cote
    Austin Cote

    How can he even bring up that last he knocked someone out... he's 50-0 pual is 0-1-1 lol

  • pdowski1976

    I hate both of these morons but Logan Paul got Mayweather in this press conference

  • RealEyesRealiseRealLies

    Let's all appreciate how mature Logan's become compared to his shitty lil bro

  • Flame zodiac
    Flame zodiac

    This is a comedy sketch show 😂

  • RyseFN

    why do i see logan winning?

  • Joshua Stephens
    Joshua Stephens

    Floyd just brought out Japan and race for no reason whatsoever

    • Master Mace
      Master Mace

      Yeah I ain’t a fan of Logan Paul but he earned my respect in this video and mayweather has lost it

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King

    But logan couldn't even beat ksi........twice 🤣 how is this even a thing

  • A Cooke
    A Cooke

    Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and their opinion but cmon floyd wtf has race go to do with it tho? He said race always has something to do with it like is he talking about opportunities or equality or what? Beg anyone try make sense of that

  • Mr Wax
    Mr Wax

    This is like really ... really bad stand up

  • abraham castillo
    abraham castillo

    This was just bad, Conor was the best

  • Love Life TV
    Love Life TV


  • A Hasidic
    A Hasidic

    I hope to meet mayweather one day, dude a walking livin W

  • Love Sosa
    Love Sosa

    Mayweather gone rock they shit 😂

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    For the sake of boxing floyd better make this guy look like a fucking idiot in the ring

  • bhebert62482

    I was behind Floyd all the way till he made it about race. Now I hope they both lose somehow.

  • Jacob Bretthauer
    Jacob Bretthauer

    Why he gotta come out with the it’s always been about race bullshit this fight has literally 0 things to do with the fact one of them is white and one of them is black

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    I can’t believe it took this for me to finally like Floyd.

    • Sean Paley
      Sean Paley

      Yeah, wife beaters are great people👍

  • Donna McZesty
    Donna McZesty

    This is a total disgrace to boxing . Good Health to all. Let's be safe out there EVERYONE.

  • Sneezedonmyhand

    ah shit here we go again

  • Henny Puur
    Henny Puur

    biggest mestake what logan can make "dirty airforces"

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    3:19 “ I was the one who flew here in a chopper “ Floyd: I have a private jet ...

  • DaveDawg 55
    DaveDawg 55

    Would of been funny if Jake said "ha he said dodo"

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      2:25 “should have got a hair cut before that” 😂

  • op_Hokage

    This press confrence was totally different from what I thought it would be like. Apparently it was Floyd who was acting like an absolute dumbass.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Logan: I don't care that you hurt your elbow

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    “You’re shoes are untied bro”💀

  • Strider

    I hate the Paul brothers. Not going to lie though, Logan held his own up there.

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    “You’re shoes are untied bro”💀

  • Frankanthony Montague
    Frankanthony Montague

    This is sad , Very sad ..

  • moneymaster

    What wonder likes of Ali would think of this. Rip boxing it's now a joke

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      This feels like a Dream....

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    “I flew here in a chopper” look Floyd’s car is worth more then that rental..

  • Solitary X Wizard
    Solitary X Wizard

    Logan's size is hard to ignore...

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Most awkward trash talking ever

  • Gee Sevin
    Gee Sevin

    Logan Paul really think he got a chance

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Waryweather sounds like my neighbor a whole nut case

  • JeppeFS


  • Ahmar Azam
    Ahmar Azam

    Tyson even in this age can KO him in first round.

  • BlindGuardian050

    Floyd was somewhat reasonable until he brought race into it for no reason

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    2:25 “should have got a hair cut before that” 😂

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1

    Mayweather will Carry This divvy for a few rounds just so his next fight against the other Paul loser makes the money too. And they want to know why boxing is frowned upon and mocked. Shocker, he made it about race.... never saw that coming

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1

    Sick of hearing a Paul is using his chops to get money but Mayweather is taking the easy fights for cash too, it’s a circus.

  • Patrick Loftus
    Patrick Loftus

    Logan is the Tony Ferguson of boxing.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Manufactured record. His record will always be a LIE. 🤣

  • Patrick Loftus
    Patrick Loftus

    Logan: I don't care that you hurt your elbow

  • Steven Richter
    Steven Richter


  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise

    they are actors and fake, and yet ppl still watch this shit lmao

  • Llo Val
    Llo Val

    This feels like a Dream....


    Floyd is racist!!! I hope he’s the next Floyd that the police 🔫

  • tyler gagnon
    tyler gagnon

    Most awkward trash talking ever

  • Eric Park
    Eric Park

    I feel like Floyd is definitely gonna win but then again Logan is 50 fucking pounds heavier and like 6 inches taller like that’s pathetic 😂😂😂

  • Justice Agerton
    Justice Agerton

    Floyd who’s the last guy you knocked out? Uh ummmmmmm.....😂😂😂

    • El Dadinhio
      El Dadinhio

      It doesn’t matter

  • keira L.M
    keira L.M

    Waryweather sounds like my neighbor a whole nut case

  • keira L.M
    keira L.M

    Why does race gotta be brought into EVERYTHING like omfg.

  • Joshx Hart
    Joshx Hart

    What weight class are they fighting in?

  • John Doe Joe Blow Shmoe
    John Doe Joe Blow Shmoe

    This new celebrity death match is 👌 top notch... love the live action approach

  • OMGFunnyFails


  • Beatnik

    who is that kid he doesn't look like a fighter?

  • Ram Gar
    Ram Gar

    Fought the bum Berto over his mandatory Thurman just to tie Rocky Marciano’s 49-0. And Fought Mcgregor just to break the record. 😂 Now Logan Paul 🤣 Floyd 50-0 record is a Manufactured record. His record will always be a LIE. 🤣

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      said he wasn’t going to say anything about what he’s done, but 5 seconds later he started to list things he did. He’s a joke and a woman beater. Period. 💯💯💯

  • Fear None But ONE
    Fear None But ONE

    Nobody wants to see this. Giving a random ISnetsr a shot at an undefeated fighter, ruins the entire concept of the game.

  • Jason Bond
    Jason Bond

    Literally the worst shit talking on both sides in history. Toddlers shit talk better than this. How cringy

  • Alexander Mutitbo
    Alexander Mutitbo

    This is like if a pro boxer won a world title then went to a class of 5 year olds and fought them.

  • AB7F9

    Is anybody really interested in this fight? Logan Paul is a joke. I'm not paying to see Floyd Mayweather outclass, outshine and outbox an ametuer with ISnets channel a big mouth!

  • Hi people
    Hi people

    Nah Logan can’t say anything about knocking someone out he has never knocked someone out he has never won a fight so literally why he saying anything

    • lamborghini galardo
      lamborghini galardo


  • chosen2kill1

    Which arm do you think floyd is going to tie behind his back to make the fight even worth watching? Left or right. Hell maybe he wont even use either.

  • Sondre_king