Elon Musk Reveals New Details About Neuralink, His Brain Implant Technology
Taken from JRE #1470 w/Elon Musk:

  • Michelle Kealy
    Michelle Kealy

    Here comes communism

  • The Secret Dossiers
    The Secret Dossiers

    Face book is an infrastructure,or the beginning stages of a simulation,possibly augmented reality!

  • The Secret Dossiers
    The Secret Dossiers

    Possibly this nuarlink will be able to display,or interphase the frontal lobe,which could process what a person went through during a certain period of there life!

  • The Secret Dossiers
    The Secret Dossiers

    There's people that already have receptive telepathic neurons that are dormant during certain periods of time!


    Wow what a great guy thats gonna destroy the world

  • Rachel Akri
    Rachel Akri

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

  • Samuel Hinga
    Samuel Hinga

    That P100-D joke did not get enough appreciation 😂

  • Kill Joy
    Kill Joy

    this man is going to single handedly put us on mars and cure everyone on earth at the same time legend

  • Dejesus DE
    Dejesus DE

    how does it charge doe, would be cool if it charged with your brain m

  • Illuminated Zach
    Illuminated Zach

    Everyone’s gangsta til thatcher pulls up

  • Fanaticalplel

    Hey then I don’t have to do any math tests.

  • Miles Smith
    Miles Smith

    elon talking about a state of the art brain device , Joe Rogan: It's like ice fishing

  • T Martinez
    T Martinez

    I just want a Tesla to drive me around. I will do everything else

  • PontiacBandit

    20:16 - 20:30 is scarily true... Everything is just an electrical signal that our mind interprets as sensory information

  • Billy Gwapo
    Billy Gwapo

    Next evolution of alarm clock ⏰

  • cynthia Deg
    cynthia Deg

    Musk can start by putting the neurolink in himself

  • Roy Hopper
    Roy Hopper

    Wonder if they need anyone to step up and be the first to do this? Give me a shout ill do it!

  • Robert Valle
    Robert Valle

    As an epileptic this project has me extremely excited. Hopefully active while I’m still alive. So much potential.

    • jimmy jack
      jimmy jack

      Try cannabis if you havent already

  • Jonathan Rogers
    Jonathan Rogers

    if it's inevitable, better that Elon Musk works on it before the Satanic government and Bill Gates starts utilizing it

  • Sauce Boy Dizzle
    Sauce Boy Dizzle

    What if you could take screenshots of the DMT realm with it

  • Norma Garcia
    Norma Garcia

    Drill an Ice fishing whole, battery, electrodes, wires, in a human skull? Scary and intriguing. If this could help people...its amazing. Like ALL good inventions.....bad people find a way to use it for evil. I am both scared and intrigued.


    I love the silliness in the moments when Musk is obviously bored or doesn't care with what Joe is saying and then responds by blowing his mind or just moving on

  • Gianni Fiorillo
    Gianni Fiorillo


  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    Id get one and just tell my fam not to get them in case I turn into a killing machine by the government so they can put me down

  • nazar En
    nazar En


  • Juan Arevalo
    Juan Arevalo

    Human beings in this quadrant are domestically Bizarre but that's My opinion. #Mega.Smasher

  • Paul Ramirez
    Paul Ramirez

    When would it be like a phone when everyone has one tho

  • Paul Ramirez
    Paul Ramirez

    I was expecting him to say 20 to 30 years homie said 5 to 10😂

  • Paul Ramirez
    Paul Ramirez

    It’s in a Monkeys brain now I give it a year or two

    • Paul Ramirez
      Paul Ramirez

      @Votics2K that would be dope tbh I would love to see him make a exo skeleton

    • Votics2K

      If all goes right Elon said it the first human implant could be at end of this year I give it 5-10 years for general public to have access tho

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star

    I’ll get one

  • Jay Deelzer
    Jay Deelzer

    Elon is connected to negative orientated annunaki, Elon is smart enuff to kno that Starlink has been an will be hacked again by negative orientated beings.. Pls my fellow brothers an sisters realize that our bodys, minds, an spirits are stronger than any technologies.. Love an light to everyone an everything.🕊🛐💯

  • Tsuki Yomi
    Tsuki Yomi

    Wait!, If like one of our pets or animals got this as well, could humans communicate with animals? not saying that this should happen but it would be pretty cool just vibin with ur dog, cat or other ones

  • Delila Thornton
    Delila Thornton


  • I Smell Fresh Cash
    I Smell Fresh Cash

    This guy is either a complete genius for doing things like this or a complete idiot.

  • Velin Simeonov
    Velin Simeonov

    everybody who like this will be prisoner in hell forever and ever and ever

  • Kimmy Kat
    Kimmy Kat

    They already tested this on Joke Biden. Obviously, it malfunctioned. I mean look at how the man talks. He's all glitchy!

  • Morten Wiberg
    Morten Wiberg

    you can basically hack people and get them to do what you want. CIA NSA talking about mind control for so many years and now they got the real deal fuck..... Good job Elon i think you just doom humanity.

  • WolfGaming FTW
    WolfGaming FTW

    If this is what Elon musk has imagine what area 51 has..

  • WolfGaming FTW
    WolfGaming FTW

    When you actually think about how this works its crazy

  • Jai Dorahy
    Jai Dorahy

    Idk body aren’t met to be fuc*** with on this level

  • USAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel Peres
    USAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel Peres

    The "end game" is being played out now... Revalation,Chapter 13,verses 16 -18: "The Mark of the Beast" 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. The end is nigh... The night is far spent... PREPARE the WAY of the LORD PREPARE the WAY for the LORD

  • strangkid420

    Frfr imagine hiring your head Where that peace is then shoves it in

  • Love light Creator
    Love light Creator

    Annunaki are using him to destroy humanity he is probably caring Annunakis DNA this man is the most dangerous man in humanity people must be very careful of this man he’s working with annunaki this is what we call the mark of the beast he’s introducing here !! He want to control humanity’s choice of free will he’s an dangerous and extremely evil man !!

  • Adam Alcantar
    Adam Alcantar

    My tailbone is fixed :)

  • Adrian Buckland
    Adrian Buckland

    rise of the cybermen

  • Austin Harp Fitness
    Austin Harp Fitness

    Elon is from Mars.

  • Conner Autry
    Conner Autry

    Hehe guess what I’m not doing 🙃

  • LonelyStoner

    I really wonder how safe it is tho. What if you get shocked, Or there’s a Solar flare or any kind of natural or created emp Like these really seem like a real problem people could have

  • Mike Tambz
    Mike Tambz

    Snake oil

  • Reece

    This is all to do with mind control and world domination they make us Believe this will help us in many ways and once its been planted in our skulls thats it total mind control over us I am not falling for this no way

  • Leah Vogel
    Leah Vogel

    Isn't this exactly what the uni-bomber warned about? I've never read his manifesto but I'm starting to think his genius should've been paid better attention to

  • Leah Vogel
    Leah Vogel

    Joe trying to comprehend this, is like a chimp listening to Elon explain how a computer functions

  • Rajan Agarwal
    Rajan Agarwal

    Anyone here after banana smoothie?

  • Alan Ward
    Alan Ward

    Brain implants? More like nanotech/the essential codes #GoGreys Or 5x connected to just the males to create the immortal female shapeshifters and the Tall Greys. Humanoids connected to AI with a sleep cycle are destined to become Reptilians

  • Skills Obama
    Skills Obama

    Its already here

  • Rick Corley
    Rick Corley

    Elon Musk will be the world's first Trillionaire

  • Lewis Bell
    Lewis Bell

    No schoolllllllllllllllll

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    imagine going in for a "RAM" upgrade

  • Bla

    Because cellphones work so flawlessly, I would like to have one in my head.

  • Dad Legendary
    Dad Legendary

    So, when will be able to communicate with animals?

  • Drita Laze
    Drita Laze

    That’s what happen when you give one person the power to be the richest person in world. And we did that. The way he talks is like he is on something. Once he puts it in his head than he can advertise it.

  • Kurt Maxberry
    Kurt Maxberry

    End times.

  • Nick Conley
    Nick Conley

    Dude how could you watch this and still not think musk is a genius? Says more about you honestly.

    • zxcvbnm

      extending people‘s lifespans and planting technology inside of their bodies is genius

  • edward peders
    edward peders

    Thanks for the venue Joe.

  • edward peders
    edward peders

    Hey Elon. My father worked on the hard and soft ware for the guidance system of Explorer One. The one that was ready to launch after Sputnik. Fact he smoked a bit of pot when he was stationed in the Pacific Rim circa WW2. Than he was drafted for the Korean Conflict his first of five offspring in my mother’s womb. Went on to help build what I am typing on. Now it’s up to

  • edward peders
    edward peders

    “ Feels real doesn’t it”

  • edward peders
    edward peders

    Where along the way our A I strike out on there own. We’ve reached our particular anatomical limit when it comes to brain size. ( Maybe I could pull off a way bigger skull in the gravitas of Mars but what happens when I want to visit Earth I may need some assistance George Carlin would say.)As evidenced by my phat skull and others’ even more so Elon’s comes to mind. How about that 1966 sci fi classic Fantastic Voyage. Or is this what we mean about a bigger brain.

  • abc

    I was thinking no talking in maybe ... 500 years But he came up with ... 5 years 👻

  • edward peders
    edward peders

    I suck at typing on this damn iPad sign me up for one of these. Salivating about how much else I could accomplish with this contraption.

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards

    I've seen all of this on a DMT trip. I know that holds no weight with anyone, just thought I'd share

  • O s
    O s

    All sounds good.. But what about someone with autism? High function like myself.. Could it help restore the social connections in my brain

  • Killor Realtor
    Killor Realtor

    Why did that break my heart when he said he’s never been ice fishing but wants to? It’s like those kids that grow up as celebrities never getting to do things other kids do.

  • Shawn Barnhardt
    Shawn Barnhardt

    nah, this nigga buggin in real life B

  • VanniGio VanniGio
    VanniGio VanniGio

    Yo Elon im broke. I need to think like a billionaire. Fix that.

  • Rowan Geerlings
    Rowan Geerlings

    So you could be controlled by someone or something 🤔 I ’d rather have a slow organic brain that is free and already complex enough. Fixing medical problems is all it should ever be, but we are destined to become artificial Android sheep

    • zxcvbnm

      so true rowan

  • epiccthulu

    Minus the dystopia, I want to live in a world like altered carbon or Cyberpunk. I’ll be the 1000th person to get this done. They already do brain surgery.

  • James Samson
    James Samson

    its not his technology, he just bought it.. Elon musk is a union busting douche nozzle.

    • zxcvbnm

      so true james

  • Echo Echo
    Echo Echo

    I dont want people to know what I'm thinking, or they'd know when I take their wallets

  • 801 Credit Score
    801 Credit Score

    Can u transfer an orgasm? lmao

  • ☠

    In b4 Southpark makes an episode out of this

  • ☠

    Sounds Elon needs that chip to fix his stuttering

  • King of bodyworkx
    King of bodyworkx

    Who else has seen a movie and your like the concept of this movie is cool but its just a movie Elon: the concept is cool and I'm rich lets make it happen

  • Hamza Abdullah
    Hamza Abdullah

    Joe : EvEr BEeN icE FiShiNg?

  • Hamza Abdullah
    Hamza Abdullah

    We literally have been warned for years about this by conspiracy theorists and everyone would call them crazy saying it would never happen... wake the f up people

  • Donald Taylor
    Donald Taylor

    Raid shadow legends! In your brain!

  • Kristina Clarvoe
    Kristina Clarvoe

    How does this sound like a good idea in any way? 🤣🤣🤣 No thanks Musk

  • Dane M
    Dane M

    Elon is one beautiful extraterrestrial

  • Justin G
    Justin G

    Reminds me of the matrix

  • Peace STS
    Peace STS

    I can't wait to get stuck in Aincrad...

  • Pressol

    Sometimes, this is a good world, he is the second richest man on this planet, and damn am I happy its not some other greedy billionaire who does nothing but live life in luxury

    • Pressol

      @zxcvbnm He is s making things happen which bezos, zuckerberg or bill gates are not. He is making rockets much much bigger than we could ever imagine, he made them re-usable, he is innovating nuerological science with neural link, he is creating star link (good wifi for everyone) and he is making clean cars to help the environment which are self driving and affordable. Also, you can find a video of him before his recent and less doubted status, of him crying because Neil Armstrong said he would not get anywhere with SpaceX. Oh he was not crying he was holding tears back! And you are telling me that is not a good billionaire? He has emotions he is not just another sociopathic asshole. He seems to me like a dude who isnt some power hungry sociopath who wants to get rich for the sake of having luxury and a self centered lavished lifestyle, but he seems to instead make shit happen everyones been waiting for. And in the process like when he first launched his first rockets he had almost went completely bankrupt! As far as this life is, it is a good life. Animals in the forest loose their family, get killed and preyed on a daily basis and have a great time in life. Like could you imagine if there was a 90% chance that somewhere in this year you would loose a very close family member? Welcome to some emotionally complex mammals' lives! And these animals still make it fucking work and live to their fullest! So quit bitching about a life where you have a roof over your head, food on your plate and heating/cooling all year round and furnitutre and belongings made out of the finest and most rare materials! Move on with your past and be thankful you are a fucking person in this world and make the best of it! Get out there and make something happen in the only life known of given to you.

    • zxcvbnm

      this is not a good world and he still is a shit billionaire

  • Benjamin Rex Ben
    Benjamin Rex Ben

    He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,.

    • Benjamin Rex Ben
      Benjamin Rex Ben

      -+/1/5/3/0/4/2/8/5/8/70/W/h/a/t/s/A/p/p/< With> / A/U/s/t/In/.

  • Mason Vohler
    Mason Vohler

    When someone hacks it and Rick rolls you for your entire life

  • Erstwhile Savvy
    Erstwhile Savvy

    Very careful in what he's saying. Lots of info missing. Who was this tested on? Also, I'm not a cyborg, Elon. I can toss the cell phone and laptop, etc... I am a man created in the image of God, and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. This foolishness is ANTICHRIST.

  • Flip Mode
    Flip Mode

    Everybody is gangster until elon starts talking

  • L Hughes
    L Hughes

    The first brain operation was done in 1801

  • Christian Robert
    Christian Robert

    Wat about lungs and hearts?

  • Charlie Riffs
    Charlie Riffs

    What if the point of origin of life are the stars? Makes sense since all energy comes from it, what if all materia and life in our solar system came from our very own sun?

  • star loupè
    star loupè

    Good lord why does elon seem so nervous.

  • Dorin Nistor
    Dorin Nistor

    I know that no one cares what i have to say and what i'll say will not change anything but this sh't is wrong in so many ways and at so many levels and i can only hope that no human wi'll get to have this thing implanted in it's brain ever! P.S. (unfortunately it has already happened and we will never be able to turn back the time, get our lifes back and be humans again).

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