NEVER TOO SMALL 44sqm/452sqft Multi-purpose Small Apartment - Departamento Del Signo
Once a cramped, dark and fragmented space, this tiny 42sqm apartment in Buenos Aires was extensively re-designed by the talented team at Fallone. Unifying the separate kitchen, laundry and living room into one larger space and enlarging the only existing window to its maximum extent, creating a brighter, more spacious living space. The addition of a floor-ceiling storage unit with a built-in fold out bed and a central multi-purpose counter height table; maximises functionality for day to day use. Every finish and material has been meticulously chosen to create a simple aesthetic with a sense of continuity and warmth.

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A New Deep by Dear Gravity
Produced by
Creator: Colin Chee
Camera: Fernando Schapochnik
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

  • Ani Skywalker
    Ani Skywalker

    Wood color is ugly. Make it white and cement gray and we're talking.

  • Waldemar Brauer
    Waldemar Brauer

    BsAs es mágico. Este departamento tmb.

  • Brave Soul
    Brave Soul


  • princess Israel
    princess Israel

    Beautiful space

  • Tomás Quiroga
    Tomás Quiroga

    El libro de Martín Garabal en Never Too Small, no lo puedo creer

  • TD B
    TD B

    It's very cool that an Australian channel took it upon themselves to show modern Argentine design. Very cool :)

  • Kent CS
    Kent CS

    Everything but that wallpaper...!

  • pjeff30

    Lovely. Was there a shower in the bathroom?

  • Maria Victoria
    Maria Victoria

    I don’t know why but I think it’s a great idea to make playlist of the videos depending where the homes are located

  • Linda James
    Linda James

    Nice apartment but I'm a professional cook I could do better

  • Emiliano Campos
    Emiliano Campos

    Vamo loco aguante Argentina!

  • Jaggy Nettles
    Jaggy Nettles

    Another excellent video thank you for sharing with us 👍

  • Breadfan

    I have the same square footage, yet feel like I have loads more space in my apartment. Wanna feature? :D

  • Lyon Halo
    Lyon Halo

    This looks good

  • That Girl
    That Girl

    There is barely any storage in that space, for stuff other than clothes, nothing for hobbies or for books etc. Quite impractical for anyone else other than the occupants. Not a good model for people looking to redesign their space, but good if you want to design a hotel room.

  • Alicia Mok
    Alicia Mok

    5:10 balcony and bathroom is so pretty

  • School of Alchemy Clips
    School of Alchemy Clips

    The kitchen looks nice, the balcony is lovely, but the wooden shelve with pop-out bed looks weird. They should have painted it white and use a pull-out sofa bed instead. Thanks for showing your design.

  • I.a.m. G.
    I.a.m. G.

    Just can't get over the fact these places are called 'small' when their double the size the place I can live in. This is still a normal size house for a couple where I live

  • Yamit V
    Yamit V

    Can i ask, what did you study?

  • Nowshin _A
    Nowshin _A

    the kitchen dining area is so beautiful and large

  • Amador Makabenta
    Amador Makabenta

    The absent ounce hooghly harass because shears biomechanically whirl below a grateful gratis shrimp. warm, elfin slice

  • LaDonna Washington
    LaDonna Washington

    Wonderful use of space. A bit stark though.

  • Luciana Lang
    Luciana Lang

    Beautiful! I love the fact that you don't have move around the furniture to use thr apartment. The only thing seems calls my attention is the tini tiny sink for the dishes.

  • M Q
    M Q

    Im in love with the pink tiles omg!!!!

  • pax und peace
    pax und peace

    I would have gone with a fullsized induction cook top.

  • Sebastián Lezcano
    Sebastián Lezcano

    I love it, and what a beautiful city is Buenos Aires

  • warious warious
    warious warious

    that neighborhood is the pinnacle of peace

  • Maddison Haan
    Maddison Haan

    Do you have information on the artist of the print at 1:02?

  • Maurício Estrela
    Maurício Estrela

    It would be cool to know how much these projects cost

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown

    Very nice looking kitchen area.

  • Ton Ray
    Ton Ray

    Just beautiful and very inviting

  • juintt

    Love it! but imagine in the living room: no conference table. The storage unit is always open, but the mattress is tucked under (you can use now-shelf as a little table to place a cup of tea etc, otherwise keeping empty) and from the top shelf there is a floating tv that goes down (eye level of the person sitting on the couch, in front of the white board) but when a guest comes in, it can slide back up and the hidden mattresse gets placed as shown on the video. space looks more open and dedicated to use while keeping that extra function of a guest bed.

  • Andrey Guyda
    Andrey Guyda

    That damn fridge Is crooked

  • Lindy Lund
    Lindy Lund

    Beautiful. I could definitely live there. Love everything but black in the bathroom...but that's just me. I'm sure others love that too.

  • Owen Music
    Owen Music

    the accent is so relaxing :)

  • Mike George
    Mike George

    Is this building back better? (Or Argentina's way to keep you childless?) So Americans can rest easy on its minorities living in government housing?

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    Love the apartment but also love the lady's hair.

  • lisichora

    The wallpaper in the bedroom is horrifying.

    • lisichora

      @Barbara K I understand, it's just completely not my taste. Too eclectic:)

    • Barbara K
      Barbara K

      Well, it is not white or gray, which I know is taboo today. At least it has some character and they said the people living there chose it.

  • Jonathan Leonard
    Jonathan Leonard

    I am sorry to see that an inductive burner(s) was not used. We have one inductive burner and keep it in a cabinet when not in use. This gave us more countertop space. We have approximately 50 m. You did a good job anyway.

  • Jennifer N
    Jennifer N

    They designed it for someone else right? But the lady architect walking around cutting bread and opening their closets to take a purse to demonstrate an imagined everyday living made me laugh

  • Anne Dwyer
    Anne Dwyer

    Couldn't get a complete view of the bathroom. Is it designed as a "wet room"? It looked like there wasn't an enclosed shower.

  • Let

    muy lindo, especialmente la cocina

  • wassim abd
    wassim abd

    42 sqm is a luxury here in Paris 😅

  • Celina Nacach
    Celina Nacach

    I'm more than happy to see an apartment from my city Buenos Aires! It's beautifully designed and decorated! Congratulations!!

  • Joaquin De Leon Tagorda
    Joaquin De Leon Tagorda

    I'm telling you guys, this costs an arm, a leg and a head. BsAs is soooo expensive.

    • Vishaal Kalwani
      Vishaal Kalwani

      How much is it?

  • Emil .Beckman
    Emil .Beckman

    Plywood in a bathroom?! With the exposed sheets on the sides/door facing upwards towards the sink?! Well, that's gonna age well...

  • A M
    A M

    Quedó muy bueno! Felicitaciones

  • Robertus Alexander
    Robertus Alexander

    Shout out Hey Studio

  • F355

    boooriiiing, they studied architecture and interior design for nothing

  • Manassés Martins
    Manassés Martins

    Excellent project - something I would totally go for in my apartment!

  • N Inconnue
    N Inconnue

    Trying to figure out where any food storage would be. 🤔The tall cupboards in the kitchen were just laundry/mops/etc from what I could tell. Do the residents just always eat out?

  • Ignacio Villanueva
    Ignacio Villanueva


  • Angela Reimer
    Angela Reimer

    Thank you


    WTF that’s not even small I live in a 325 sq/ft apartment in Waikiki. GTFO

  • Facundo Ruiz
    Facundo Ruiz

    Yey! Glad to see some sth from my city :)

  • Florencia Piaggio
    Florencia Piaggio

    no lo puedo creeeeeeeeeeer VAMOS ARGENTINA EN MI CANAL PREFERIDOOOO

  • Franco Vanella
    Franco Vanella


  • Franco Vanella
    Franco Vanella


  • Well Hello
    Well Hello

    Interesting, but looks a lot smaller than it is..

  • Mehenkuuk

    Encantado de ver profesionales argentinos en este canal que amo tanto. Admirable lo que hicieron, los felicito!

  • cnan34

    Very well done!

  • Юлія Julia
    Юлія Julia

    Yeeeey, new video 🥳

  • Kichana

    Yo sabia que me resultaba familiar ese acento argento

  • Mauricio Foffano
    Mauricio Foffano

    genial!!!! 👏👏👏👏

  • Nihar Mehta
    Nihar Mehta

    Brilliant use of older/existing elements into modern design. Super functional, not at all pretentious. Just lovely...

  • tans1gg

    This is a decent size for a one-bedroom apartment. It's nice, i would love to live here, but this is definitely can't really be considered a small space.

  • Luis Imarisio
    Luis Imarisio

    I ❤️ BA

  • Lu Zhou
    Lu Zhou

    Congratulations! Good job! Great video as well.

  • Carla


  • Ann-Marie King
    Ann-Marie King

    Though this is a complete remodel these collaborators managed to maintain the best architectural features and the nostalgic sprit of the space. Hope to see more LATAM spaces on the channel. 😊

  • Derek Britton
    Derek Britton

    Always love these different design solutions. My only critique (with out knowing the objective of the client) is that seems a shame to lose the extra storage for that tiny murphy bed. I feel like that's a permanent solution for a temporary inconvenience like house guest.

  • Thijs

    Really nice. They should get a TV fixed under the pull out bed.

  • Olivia Co
    Olivia Co

    Nicely done

  • Jose Miguel Reyes
    Jose Miguel Reyes

    Finally Latin America. Great!

  • membear

    That wall papers is not only hideous, but too dark for a small space.

  • Barry Doyle
    Barry Doyle

    Architects must be the most irritating people to listen too. They are the politicians of the creative world.

  • pablo emanuel
    pablo emanuel

    Yaaad my country featured on this channel 😍😍😍😍 Also amazing design

  • Carlos Eduardo Cancado
    Carlos Eduardo Cancado

    Isn't there tv?

  • Walter Cunningham
    Walter Cunningham

    i love how they kept a lot the same but updated it- very sustainable

  • Bo Shek
    Bo Shek

    Nice but nothing special to make a video about

  • 04beni04

    Serious question from someone looking at redesigning a small kitchen: what are they doing for ventilation? I don't see anything over the cooktop.

  • Kid Vinie
    Kid Vinie

    Layout looks good but I don't like the storage area in front of the sofa or the finish of the kitchen and I think the picture on the wall needs to make a bigger statement. Just my thoughts.

  • Black Arab
    Black Arab

    They both look like Messi

  • Sergio Enciso
    Sergio Enciso

    Can you please do an episode in CDMX? I've seen some awesome spaces there

  • Kaksha M
    Kaksha M

    This was great for someone who doesn't cook a lot, I wish there's an episode for this where the focal point of design is the kitchen.

    • Kaksha M
      Kaksha M

      @Елена К will check this for sure, thanks!

    • Елена К
      Елена К

      You'd better have a look at tiny houses, living big in a tiny house for example, many of them have generous amount of space dedicated to kitchen

    • Luz Helguera
      Luz Helguera

      then maybe this is not the right channel for you. Very few people would give up living space in a small apartment to have a bigger kitchen

  • Anushhka's food world
    Anushhka's food world You will love this one

  • RosamarOR

    Quedó super lindo y muy cálido.

  • Zulema Vázquez
    Zulema Vázquez

    Qué bonito lo dejaron, chicos!!!! Me encantó!!!!

  • Franco Caporalini
    Franco Caporalini


    • Fallone Studio
      Fallone Studio


  • phyllo

    I love the way the light bounces off the white wall.

  • Kolby Dave
    Kolby Dave

    they voice was so relaxing

  • Carles Solanes
    Carles Solanes

    The kitchen cabinets with glass are pretty horrible. The glass magnifies all the mess inside!

  • Ritchel Macapagal
    Ritchel Macapagal


  • Audrey Dozeman
    Audrey Dozeman

    ohhh that balcony is so lovely 😭

  • Prince Murli Sarikonda
    Prince Murli Sarikonda

    How do you charge

  • Jakub Janiszewski
    Jakub Janiszewski

    I don't know, my apartment is 42 sqm and seems to be much bigger that this one. Why the reclining section is so small? Why sitting on the couch you have to admire the wardrobe with a hidden bed? Does it look good to anybody? I have no idea what the budget was and how far could they go with changing the functionality of the spaces, but if there was a possibility for the bathroom and kitchen to swap places ... Who knows maybe that would give more opportunities. I wouldn't call it disaster, but its just not my taste. And Father, forgive them that plywood in the kitchen.

  • Mark Ames
    Mark Ames

    Love that kitchen!

  • Katherine

    I love that they kept the bedroom features much the same, but added the gorgeous wallpaper. It's such a cozy space yet full of personality, and the doors to the balcony are gorgeous!

  • Alejandra Lojk
    Alejandra Lojk

    Buenos Aires!!!!! Al instante lo reconocí!!

  • Patrais S
    Patrais S

    Wow the original layout was terrible, one of the only windows in the laundry room!

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