If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos
There's a reason music videos look strange. I could just talk about framerate, cuts and continuity... or I could get an actual music video director. And a leaf blower.
Directed by:
Sammy Paul twitter.com/icoepr
Produced by:
Cambria Bailey-Jones twitter.com/cambriabailey
Guy Larsen twitter.com/thisisguido
Director of Photography:
Ciaran O'Brien twitter.com/ciaranobrien
dodie isnets.info
Deepraj Singh
Annie Fox
Leanne Vincent
Liam Wallace
Production Design:
Guy Larsen
Christine Alexander
Camera Assistant:
Rachel Hutchings
Sammy Paul
Colour grade:
Ciaran O'Brien
Jenna Bailey-Jones
Michelle Martin
Gianluca Suppa
Xina Jailey
Special thanks to:
Grant Stevens
Bob Stevens
Jenny Stevens
Matt Parker
Maths Gear www.mathsgear.co.uk
ISnets Space London and the team
A Penny4 Production www.penny4.co.uk/
Maths Gear didn't actually pay for product placement in this video. The dice were surprisingly painful.
I'm at tomscott.com
on Twitter at twitter.com/tomscott
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and on Instagram as tomscottgo

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    I thought about singing in this, then I thought better of it. Thanks to all the production crew who made this happen: pull down the description for full credits!

    • David Poland
      David Poland

      But what if you win a Grammy anyways for best non music video? I mean, I am Deaf, so it seems legit.

    • Obi One
      Obi One

      Biggest disappointment of my lifetime so far

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      Basmala Alkhalaf

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    Thore Boomgaarden

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    Shadow Soulless

    This video was so deep and meaningful, tom is the next ganhi

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    Now all you have to do is copyright anyone who uses this footage!

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    Andrès 14

    At 0:26 you can still see the red t-shirt under his blue shirt with flowers

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    Estefania Ficca

    It makes me feel so uncomfortable and anxious

  • Sherice Powers
    Sherice Powers

    Auto tune this to the mine song loop and add mine song instrumental audio loop

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    Can someone put a tone in this and then put the video

  • GMB Rich
    GMB Rich

    Can someone explain how videos shot on VHS like Bones' music videos look like they're in a higher framerate than they actually are?

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    mike bar

    I learned nothing

  • whyyoulidl

    Names in the credits: I went to school with Stevens family. I'm older than all of them, but three of them were born before me! I know it sounds weird, but somehow we all celebrated our 10th birthday on the same day. Great guys; pleased they finally made it. Especially the pool scene...

  • Phoenix Downer
    Phoenix Downer

    You're starting to become my favorite goof. Not sure how you pull off the so-serious yet so-casual demeanor.

  • May

    this was the most cryptic video I've ever seen. good show.

  • Dean Saturnino
    Dean Saturnino

    this is very clever

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    sage g.

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    Deian Louis Francis A V N G Mountbatten

    Who on Earth would ever watch commercial music videos from the corrupt criminal music-industry?

  • youraftermyrobotbee

    2:04 "This is the part where we break up the video with a bit of diegetic audio just so people can't rip the whole thing off ISnets." You didn't have to call high school me out like this fam.

  • realvanman

    AWESOME! Gawd I hate spastic TV shows of ANY kind. The constant drama and cutting from camera to camera. NAUSEATING! Thanks for calling them out on how STUPID it really is!

  • Tatiana Alexeeva - Mindful Entertainment
    Tatiana Alexeeva - Mindful Entertainment

    Thank you for a few more tips for my videos! I LOVE to mess up with the playback speed. This was awesome! :D

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    Thomas Right

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    Rachel Holmes

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    Kitty Cake

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    Lauren Dixon

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    Tom Scott - Some Educational video (Official Music video)

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    aroura skeatch

    um, when are they gonna drop the lyric video with the album version? I need to completely legally acquire this!

  • RJ

    Besides the aspect ratio, what makes this video look so "music-video-y"? Like it looks crisp and the lighting is in such a way that only looks like in music videos

  • Uncontrollable Sphere
    Uncontrollable Sphere

    It’s big brain time because it wouldn’t be marked for kids

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